A Night at Verdant

July 07, 2015:

A night at verdant


Verdant Club


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Morien enters the club with a small entourage about six people. Even though the members of the entourage are in casual dress, each member is part of his security detail. An auburn haired woman, who appears to be in her mid-thirties and extremely fit and wearing dark navy blue party dress pulls out the VIP pass for the group. She motions the different members of the security detail to mingle around the room, before join Morien and two others at one of the booths.

Mikial looks down at the VIP pass, then at the reszt of the crowd, which is well dressed, and down at his own, basic, at home clothes, and sighs, turning to Rain, "I should invest in some nice clothes, turns out, I /do/ have use fo it…" he says, escorting Rain wherever she wishes to go.

Rain blushes, looking a bit unsure, herself. There's a polite smile on seeing Morien. "I suspect we both would have to invest," She agrees. "We can go later. Another day, then," She promises Mikial. "Where should we go…?" Rain has a pass, but this clubbing business (and it doesn't involve real clubs?) is not her shtick usually.

Sip beer. Yep, sip beer and watch the people. Wendell does his best to -not- be involved in any of the jerking about, bumping and grinding. He does find his ears under assault though, and it is rather evident should anyone be looking his way, that he's not really enjoying that auditory assault angle.

Sip beer. Yep, sip beer and watch the people. Wendell does his best to -not- be involved in any of the jerking about, bumping and grinding. He does find his ears under assault though, and it is rather evident should anyone be looking his way, that he's not really enjoying that auditory assault angle. (repose for Spearhead)

Morien returns the wave to Rain as he settles in his booth. He leans over to auburn haired woman and shoos her towards the dance floor, "Aileana, I know this is feckin Gotham, but I am sure you can step on the dance floor without some crazy psycho killing or maiming me. A sly smirk appears on his face, "Well, okay because this is feckin Gotham the odds are probably 50/50, so perhaps make it only two dances." Morien lets out a soft soft chuckle as he continues to shoot to her the dance.

After a reluctant sigh, Aileana does a quick security check to make sure everything is okay and makes her way towards the dance floor. On her way towards the dance floor. she passes by Wendell and asks does he want to dance.

Mikial looks at Rain in her dress, "What do you mean? You look Great! It's me who looks like a bum…" He chuckles, "Not to say that if you want something, I'm gonna stop you from getting it, but you do look good, so stop fretting…" Then someone waves to them—-Her, He doesn't know the man, "I need to get out more…" He says as he escorts Ran over.

As the final set of music from the current DJ fades, the lights go off and a petite girl known as Thea Queen took to the stage patting the DJ gently on the back as he walked away. She was dressed in a gold-sequined minidress with several necklaces and bracelets worn who spoke into a microphone, "When my brother opened this club the first time, he got Steve Aoki. I love you Steve, but I've got something better for you all here tonight!"

The lights turn back on and being lowered from the ceiling is a DJ wearing a gigantic mousehead; deadmau5 himself.

Music immediately begins to blast through the club again and servers start to pass out a round of complimentary drinks to anyone lucky enough to snag one.

Rain blushes. She's in a suit. She probably isn't so sure about dresses just yet. "You look fine. And you shouldn't fret," She offers. "I think - have you two met?" She asks Mikial. There's a polite smile to Morien and she'll bring Spearhead over to meet him.

Aileen decides to dance near the wall while she waits for Wendell to decide if he wants to dance. She waves off the complimentary drinks, because she is on duty, but sends the server to Morien's booth. Morien makes room in his booth for Rain and Spearhead as members of his detail stand up. One of them points at Rain and in thick New Jersey accent, "She is the woman who does the talking cat trick. Dude, you got to see this trick. It is unfeckin believable. We were at the jazz club with the boss, and the boss… I just thought of something it is like she has her own puppet, a pu.

" Morien glares at the young man cutting him off, "Rick, stand by the bar, and that is not permission for you to drink either!" Morien furrows his brow, "Really, he is got to be most unprofessional person I have ever met."

Morien extends his hand to Rain, and then to Spearhead as the server brings the booth those complimentary drinks.

Uh.. dance? Swallow beer… Wendell looks to the lady and blushes a bit, "Um. Sorry. I'm not exactly the dancin' sort." He shrugs. Why the heck did he bother coming to the club? He's still trying to figure that out himself. "Sorry." he repeats.

"I could buy you a drink though?" Wendell adds, trying to be a bit less of a buzz kill

"No, I don't believe we have." Mikial responds to Rain. When the man introduces himself, so does Mikial, "Mikial Dimitri, spaseba" he says, thanking him in Russian, and taking firm grip of his hand, and shaking it.

Rain blinks at the talk of her cat and turns a bit red. She looks uncertain. Captain isn't a puppet, but going 'why yes I have a talking cat' in a club might be dangerous. She just smiles weakly. "It's good to see you. How are you?" She asks Morien, politely. She decides not to punish anyone over being in awe of a talking cat. She lets Mikial introduce himself, smiling politely.

"Pazhalooysta, Mikial.." Morien holds on to his drink but does not take a sip, "Seriously, people think you are hanging around playing in jazz clubs with talking cats, and I will have to spend every night trying to dodge TMZ reporters. Seriously, I don't want to be known as one of these celebrity billionaires like Bruce Wayne, or worse Tony Stark.

Aileen declines the offer the offer of the drink with a quick shake of her head, "I am afraid I am working, but you are welcome to come back to my booth. I am sure the wall will not get too jealous if you leave it for a moment. "

Spearhead stands a moment, eyeing the man, trying to tell wether the man was speaking with an edge to his voice, indicating iritation, or if he was speaking lightheartedly as a friend to Rain. Mikial makes notes accordingly, as he is protective of Rain, probably more than he needs to be.

Rain smiles quietly as the two talk. She tries not to laugh at the comment about talking cats. "Sorry, that's my fault." As far as talking cats goes. "Don't worry," She murmurs to Spearhead. "It's good to see you. And yeah, things have been kind of odd since my aunt's house landed. We still get the odd journalism student or occultist."

"No need to apologize.. Morien looks down at his drink as he repeats what she just said in his mind, "Wait, did you say your aunt's house landed? Morien raises his right eyebrow in a quizzical manner. "You make it sound like something from the Wizard of Oz."

Mikial does relax and doesn't worry. ~Down boy, down.~ he thinks to himself. Now calmed, he offers Rain a hand into the booth, if she wishes, and then follows her into the booth. Upon hearing the Oz refferance, he looks thoughtfull fo a moment, then, takes a drink, remaining silent for the time being.

Rain smiles at Mikial and accepts the hand into the booth. She will sit beside Mikial. She nods to Morien. "Yeah. She - had a drinking problem," Rain frowns faintly.

"I am not sure if that explain the house landing; in fact, I am almost certain it does not." Morien peers around the club and turns back to Rain, "So are you a regular here? I must confess I think I prefer the jazz club."

"It's magic," Rain explains. Thankfully, she is not a wizard because then she could use the line she doesn't gotta explain shit. But she tries. At his question, she shakes her head. "I usually go to libraries, study or do math," Dire introvert. "I haven't gone to the jazz club, I don't think."

"I think that was a jazz club where I met you with your cat. At least there was a piano and singer sing jazz and blues." Morien chuckles softly, "I guess it could have just been a piano bar. Morien arches his eyebrow and says, "Magic, like the cat."

"Ah yeah, I remember now," Rain tapes the side of her head. Damn brains. "Captain was pretty alright with the jazz. We just have to be careful. Not everywhere allows cats," And fewer allow /talking/ cats. It's a fine balance. She nods. "Yup."

"I am sure it is, but there are probably a lot of places that do not allow talking cats." One of Morien's security detail comes over to whisper in his ear. A slight frown appears on his face as he lets out a frustrated sigh, "I think I might have to be going soon. I have a business meeting in the morning.

Rain quirks a smile. "Yeah. Or cats in general," She offers. "I will see you around, then? I think Mikial will want to wander off soon. We're not huge club people," Rain admits. Plus, all this cat talk. She needs to go pet her cat.

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