Coyote Changed and Returned

July 16, 2015:

Jesana and the newly restored Fenris talk about the changes the coyote has undergone and the realizations made.

Jesana's Home

A small 1992 Gibson 50 Standard housebout. It will be sea or river travel
ready at some point but for now it is docked in the quietest part of the
Gotham dockyard dedicated to such boats. In need of minor cosmetic and
functional repairs the old houseboat suits her need quite well. The interior
walls are a faded wooden panelling and the floor scuffed hardwood. The boat
has a sitting room, galley with an ancient looking full size refrigerator
and stove, a sink and counter top, cabinets and small table with two cozy benches. One bedroom with an attached bathroom containing a shower stall, toilet and sink. The second room is really a large closet but Jesana has had a gateway to Giizhigong installed there.
A third closet serves as a stillroom for various herbs and plants.

The houseboat is in need of some work but its hers and hers alone and she loves it.


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Fade In…

Kitty is resting and getting better slowly and Jes has relaxed enough to venture here to the gift from her father. She's never had a place all her own before. It may not be much to some eyes and surely needs work but its hers. Hers alone, and she loves it. After several hours thought Jes decides to text Fenris and ask him to drop by. The bond is gone now and all the emotions that went with it but she still has the memories. He's good to talk to and someone she remembers trusting. She has a lot of things to figure out and the God-Wolf may be able to help with that.

Fenris appears, as if summoned by her thoughts. Or perhaps he simply sensed her power. A way tears open and he steps through. He doesn't have to say anything. He knows she's literally been through hell and back and can feel the differences and the broken bond.

Jes is standing on the deck, looking out over the water. She can see well enough, a few lights scattered here and there and the reflections on the water. Her long brown hair is braided tightly and she's wearing just a pair of flannel lounge pants. Fenris can see new scars on her back. Long jagged whip marks. She gathers up a sweatshirt and slips it over her head as she turns. He might also notice both her eyes are brown now and her skin is a bit darker, like she spent time somewhere with a lot of sun. Zee might have told him by now that Jes's body had briefly disappeared once she'd brought Kitty and Jes's soul fragment back to Shadowcrest. Where ever Jes had gone, she'd come back different.

Even her scent has changed, infused with the magic of Father and the life she's carrying within. "Fenris." Before she'd have been hugging him already. Now she just stands, not uncertain exactly, but confused. She remembers how she felt, but she doesn't feel it now. It's a very strange feeling and she's still trying to adjust to it along with everything else.

Fenris takes a deep breath and folds his arms. He's had his mantle back for a few days. Feels a bit better. Well a lot better. Jesana, he can tell, is much like him now. Well, in a way. Him in potential. She has a lot to learn and perhaps a lot of questions. "Hello, Young Coyote." He murmurs.

Her nostrils flare and she blinks. She can scent the power about him that had been missing and after a moment she smiles. "Yes. I am. I know that now. I'm glad you got your power back." She considers it for a moment. "I am. Really, Fenris." Jes edges just a bit closer. Shouldn't she feel afraid now? Maybe, but she doesn't. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you like I promised." She'd had more than few problems to deal with herself, and none of them had been here on earth.

"Promises often work out that way. You've had a rough time of it." His nose tells him all that. The hells have a rather distinctive scent and he can smell that she has a guest with the same aroma. He smiles a little as she edges closer. "So, do you want to tell me what happened?"

Her fists clench and Jes lowers her head. Not from a need to be submissive this time, she's trying to hide her pain. "I followed John into Hell. A part of me did. It didn't quite work out how I meant it to. The bonds were already weakening because I spent time in House and nothing could get through those wards. When I split my soul it shattered them."

"I know it was stupid but Zee was closing the gate and I couldn't bear to lose someone else I.." Jes's voice cracks with emotion. "Someone else." He'd understood her in ways that no one else did. Spoke her language just as if he were a coyote and she'd known that everything she felt for him was real, something she herself felt, not something she was being made to feel. "I didn't think I'd be able to come back. I didn't what I was, or who my real father is. I thought I'd be stuck there but it would be worth it if I could help him. He's more important to the world than I am. That's what I was thinking in that tiny moment I had to make a choice."

"I didn't know Kitty would follow too. I did my best to help her there but I couldn't save him. I failed. All we went through and I failed. It would have been for nothing, only now I know who and what I am. The things I've wanted to know all my life and now, I'm not sure I even care. I'm all alone again. My family is still dead. I only have the memories of how I felt for you and Zee and Nick. If it weren't for the healing I received in Giizhigong I'd be so fucked up right now in withdrawl from the bonds being broken. I was addicted to you all in a way and then it was suddenly gone. I thought this was what I wanted, but I had no idea what it really meant."

Well, she already knew it was foolish so there was no point belaboring the point. Fenris nods a bit. He's familair with some of the outer planes but he's never been to that particular one. "Makes sense." Is what the God Wolf murmurs. "So now here you are. Constantine's sitll on the other side, your friend over there is… recovering." He'd offer healing but… perhaps not right at this moment. Maybe later. Or maybe it'll do Jes good to care for her. Or let her friends come back to get her. Magic isn't the answer to all things.

"SO now what?"

"I'm helping Kitty get better. Coyote is grieving her..our losses." Jes runs a hand along the wall of the boat. "He gave this to me. My father. A place of my own and a way to get back to him. I can visit. He won't always be there but I can go and see and learn. Or just sit. It's different but not bad. Not like Hell was." Jes looks back up finally and there's another smile on her face though this time its much darker. "Some of those I met there will be sorry for it. Someday. I know their names and I took a piece of them with me. It might have to wait a very long time but they'll regret meeting Coyote's daughter." And not taking her seriously. "I owe the demoness Satana and one other and then I'm truly free. I don't think I'll ever let someone put their mark upon me again. Not if I can help it."

"I need to find some teachers I guess. I want to learn more of the magic the elder was teaching me before he died. How to strengthen herbs and plants with power and make medicines and salves to heal. Maybe I could learn some native american magic beyond what I have now. I've found a boxing instructor. I wish to learn to use a weapon as well. Those last two are going to have to wait awhile though I think." Jes sighs softly and hugs herself. Now she seems a bit frightened, frightened and worried. There's something more but she hasn't quite brought herself to saying it aloud yet.

Fernis nods slowly, considering. "There are not many practitioners of the old ways left. Not here. The war against them was fairly complete." And not enitrely mundane. THe Old Wolf senses that extra bit. And waits for, going so far as to motion for Jes to continue.

Several emotions travel across her face as she struggles with it. Fear and worry yes, but also awe, and definitely confusion. Still trying to prod herself forward she answers the first part though rather absently. "Some i can learn from books and maybe.. maybe Lynwen could help with the magic part." Then she rocks a bit on her heals. "I was told, told I'd never be able to have another child. I never asked the name of the reason why, or the details. At the time I didn't care. But I thought it to be I haven't really been very careful. I can scent if someone is ill with something I could catch..beyond that.." SHe cloeses her eyes. "You know what the worst part is? If I'd known.. I'm not sure I wouldn't have followed him anyway. What kind of mother will I make? I never had parents. Not real ones. I have no idea what to do. I'm dangerous and risk everything for the people I love.. that doesn't.. I don't even know who the father is!" She shudders with emotion and turns to look over the water again.

"The same kind of parent that all parents are. New. Some people have parents to show them but everyone is new the first time." Fenris has been there perhaps a few times himself. "All the same…" He says quietly. "Try not to jump into any more hell portals. Most don't get off quite so light."

"I have no plans to go back there." Jes turns back and looks at Fenris with the slightest bit of hope. "You really think that I could do this?" She might be starting over her relationship with the God-Wolf but he already knows her and knows her well. If he thinks she has a chance.. it would put her slightly more at ease.

"I think you will find that a child changes the rules. Most find that they can do things that they could not fathom just the day before." Now the God Wolf moves to sit down, find a place, a creaky old chair, but he does seem rather at ease. "What more?"

Jes is about to sit on the deck at his feet but stops and frowns. That was before. Now she considers for a moment and then shrugs and decides its alright, at least with him. She settles at Fenris's feet and looks a bit more relaxed. "There's a closet inside. It's not a closet anymore. It's a portal to Giizhigong. My father is Old Coyote. I've changed some. I'm not quite the god he or you are but someday, I could be something like it. If I want it bad enough, if I work hard and learn and get stronger. I won't ever forget who I am again, knowing and the time i spent there resting has changed me. Coyote is bigger too. I'm not supposed to shift too much right now, until after the baby is born. I can do it though if necessary. Not like a werewolf." This seems to interest her but also terrify. "They cannot ever know that."

"Secrets like that are hard to keep. But I won't tell anyone." Whether it happens or not on its own… well… that's her affair. He doesn't seem bothered by her setting down at his feet though. In fact he leans over and touches her shoulder. "I know who your father is. We've chatted from time to time."

Jes tilts her head and frowns slightly, concentrating. "Most of the time I was there I slept and we talked in my dreams. I was weak and my soul needed put back together. I remember this though. He told me. He was only able to check on me once in a while. When I was near someone of great power like you, or somewhere that other magic blocked what his sisters had done to me. Also time is different there and I am not the only child he has." She suddenly smiles. "He said I might be the most interesting so far. In all the stories I heard that wasn't a good thing but I do not mind. As for the wolves..I will be ready. I am going to train and get strong. I'll be able to fight back and not just run." She hesitates a few moments, confusion at her memories warring with indeciveness at how she feels. Fenris is strong though and he's healed her and protected her and guided her. She leans into the touch finally and rests her temple against the God-Wolf's knee. Maybe, this won't be so hard as she'd imagined after all.

"There's more than just wolves out there." Fenris murmurs, patting her shoulder again. "Wolves hunt because they're hungry. Some things hunt because they enjoy it. Or because it is their nature to consume anything in their path. That's what we're dealing with. And it's going to get worse."

"I meant..John and i found out before.." Her voice cracks again and she trails off before picking back up. "My were-father. He's dead I believe and the pack was taken over by my step-father. He's got them hunting for me. If they were to realize I can bring children to them..they'd try to break his hold and never let me go. I was damn careful no one found out about my daughter. Not even my brothers knew." She goes quiet for a few minutes. Her own problems pale in comparison to the threats they face now. "I won't be good for much fighting for a time but I can tend the wounded, perhaps to research. Tracking if I am not alone. Whatever I can do to help I will. I've seen what happened. I'm sorry I wasn't here to help. We'll find a way. I'm sure of it." Jes gently pats his leg, confused but comforted that his presence still seems to calm her and not really caring about the reason why.

"Well…" Fenris considers that for a moment and smiles a bit mirthlessly. "Should that come to pass I want you to remember one thing very carefully. Something that I told you when we first met." There's a long pause. "I can't abide poachers."

Jes does remember that. She smiles. "I will." John had already run one off with a warning and a geas. He's gone now though and Jes isn't so careless or stupidly stubborn not to accept help if she needs it. Not now, when she must be responsible not just for her self but for the child she's carrying. "Thank you. Darque is an idiot you know. He takes all this power and does all this damage but he's alone. The people he has are pawns, minions. We'll win in the end because we all work and stand together. Other people matter to us, not just ourselves and that makes us stronger than he will ever be."

"If we doesn't make himself a god first. The clock's kind of ticking at the moment and we're going to run out of time if we don't act." Fenris is well aware of the danger posed. And it's quite considerable.

Jes nods and sighs. "Yes and if we fail.. I doubt it be anytime in the near future that people would be able to try again but someday.. Nothing lasts forever. Not even a god with the power he is gathering. Sometime, somehow, somebody will stop him. I'd rather it were us, before he ruins our world. I've realized rather suddenly that I'm not quite as ready to die as I thought I was. There are things I want and need to do. Some asshole necromancer with a godcomplex isn't gonna stop me." One hand goes to her stomach. "And this child and my daughter if she still lives out there somewhere..I intend to do everything possible to make sure they have a word to live in. One that isn't over run by the dead."

"Well then we've got our work cut out for us." Fenris rises at this and opens a Way. "It's good to see you again. Call upon me if you need me. I've a world of magic to look after in the mean time though and it's not going to look after itself."

Jes nods and rises to her feet. She should get back to Kitty's side in case she wakes and also think about what's been said. "Thank you, Fenris. Be safe." She smiles a bit. It had helped to speak to him, she'd known it would.

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