Finding Employment

July 15, 2015:

Rowan introduces Ulani to his employers…

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Rowan is taking Ulani, whom he's talked into some more or less business casual clothing, down to meet his friends. The scientific research firm that employs him had fairly jumped at the chance to employ another Blue. Their ability to locate things quickly and efficiently, even as well as they pay Rowan, lets them keep their costs down rather remarkably.

Dressed in a collared T-Shirt, a pair of linen slacks and canvas shoes, Ulani somehow manages to not look uncomfortable. "These are the people you work for, Rowan?" Pacing alongside the Blue Warrior, the Blue Envoy appears to blend in… well she does mostly except for the fact that she has a certain bearing about her.

"Yes they are. They employ me to find things underwater. Apparently their maps and ability to get around down there is extremely limited which makes scientific study difficult." Rowan supports this in general. The more surfacers understand the ocean and its delicate balance, the better they will understand the people who live there.

Waiting for them is Jennifer, one of Rowan's contacts. She's meeting them out on the docks near the Triton II, the resarch ship that they utilize. And apparently she's very excited.

"I can see how helping them understand the Ocean will also help the people of the water." Ulani shifts her shoulders under the T-Shirt. As they approach the woman on the dock, the Blue Envoy looks to Rowan before offering the woman a polite smile. "Hello. I'm Ulani of the Blue." She nearly doesn't offer her hand but remembers just in time, offering Jennifer a Surfacer style handshake.

Jennifer smiles. "Hello Ulani. Wow, look at you. You're fitting in well. Much better than Rowan did when he first came." Of course Rowan didn't have clothing issues. He had dimensional ones. "When he told us one of his countrymen was interested in working with us while learning about the surface we were all pretty excited. You're from… this world right? You know the Blue of this existance?" They're curious of course.

Rowan smiles. "Hello Jennifer, nice to see you. Yes this is her."

Ulani offers another smile. Sometimes she really doesn't feel like she's fitting in, particularly after meeting some of the Surfacers heroes. "Excited? Really?" She speaks confidently, but quietly "And yes, I know the Blue of this world." Not Rowans

Rowan gets a questioning look, he had trouble fitting in? And then he gives Ulani her name.

"Oh how… sorry. Yes, let me try that again. My name's Jennifer and Rowan told us that you'd be interested in working with us. May I ask, are your abilities like his or… do Blue get different abilities like Mutants?" Rowan glances over for Ulani to answer that. Her abilities are different after all.

"Nice to meet you, Jennifer. And yes, well, I'm looking for work. I'm to live on the Surface for a while and I'm led to believe" Ulani glances at Rowan "That employment is required to find somewhere to live. When he told me about what he did, it sounded interesting." and… so… here she is.

Given that Rowans given tacit permission for her to answer, Ulani gives a small shake of her head "Most Blues have the same base abilities, we learn to use them differently. Rowan, I understand, is a little different." Perhaps an understatement.

Rowan is significantly different, but he's also built up a lot of goodwill here, so Jennifer nods. "So there's no real test for these kinds of abilities… but you wouldn't be looking for the job really if you couldn't do it. It's rather simple. We need to find things and having someone who can go down with cameras or equipment is really helpful. Submersibles are… expensive. And not very smart. You could do so much better and with two of you… we'll get twice the work done."

Ulani has seen what becomes of sumbersibles that dive too deep as well, so it doesn't surprise her that someone with their abilities is useful. "Maybe not a first, Jennifer. But certainly, once I understand what you're looking for and how you work, that's true." In fact, if Rowan and she have complementary abilities, they may be even more effective.

"What training will be provided? I'm sure you understand" Ulani gives a small smile "that whilst I may be used to technology, the technology of the surface does differ."

"We can show you how to use the various devices. To be honest it'll probably be a learning experience for both of us. We're still adapting some of our tools to be used by humanoids and not robots." That makes Rowan chuckle. Yeah, he's been in on the learning experience.

"And we'll compensate you of course. Just like we do Rowan and at the same rates."

Rowans chuckle has Ulani looking at him "Oh? That sounds like it's been interesting." and then she realises "Ahhh, I see. Because of your submersibles a lot of your tools are designed for that type of use." That makes sense.

As Jennifer mentions compensation, Ulani's smile becomes a little less confident "Thank you. I'm learning so much about the Surface so quickly and Rowan assures me that the compensation is more than fair." Another glance to Rowan "You mentioned I needed documentation if I wanted to get accomodation?"

Rowan smiles and nods. "I have learned that their compensation package is rather generous." He murmurs."

"We can afford to be. Really, keeping you fed and housed over maintaining a submersible is a lot cheaper. And you do need… some documentation. We had to wrangle a work visa for a foreign researcher for Rowan since you're not from a nation the US diplomatically recognizes… or is on the map. But we did it for him and we can do it for you too."

Nodding, with a soft smile, Ulani listens as Jennifer explains. "Rowan thought that would be the case and I would be most grateful, thank you. I'm keen to be settled on the Surface." Even if she will miss her home, at least the Blue Envoy can go back and she knows that Rowan can't.

Looking up to Rowan, the Blue Female smiles faintly "Thank you for introducing me. Is there anything that I should have asked, that I did not?"

"I don't think so. I just wanted to meet you and guage you. I think you'll do fine. We'll set a time to meet and get all the paperwork settled." Jennifer says.

Rowan smiles. "Thank you Jennifer. Shall we get something to eat Ulani?"

Holding her hand out to Jennifer, Ulani smiles again "A pleasure meeting you, Jennifer. I'm keen to be started." Rowans question gets a considering look "Yes, please, Rowan, as long as it's just not bread alone."

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