Part 1: We Were Setup

July 14, 2015:

X-Red follow a lead on the Purifiers and find themselves… face to face with Taskmaster, Deathshield and Jagged Bow

Bronx - New York


NPCs: Jagged Bow, Deathshield, Grunt purifiers



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Fade In…

Current Location, hidden in the Bronx NYC an old warehouse. The security is little more than guys at the door giving patdowns. Why this place has become a location of notice for X-Men: Red? Leaked intel that the Purifiers had set up in this location. The Purifiers have grown drastically over the past two years. Graydon Creed ever the spokesman with an army of political supporters at his back has found new connections and benefactors in the droves. Most notably the weapon and training upgrades.

The outside of the building is a rather boring rusted to brick warehouse that has newer cars parked within the chainlink fence around it. There are lights within and the security company that runs the gates surrounding this particular block doesn't seem to be investigating it.

Well something is happening there, that much is sure. The Intel had come from a source in M-Town that's… well he's not exactly what Bobby would call grade A, but he's a bit spoiled in that. The X-Men have excellent sources sometimes.

Part of being a very public hero means having to toe the line legally. Self defense is all well and good and X-Red actually works with the police when it comes to M-Town. Good Samaritan laws count for a lot. But this kind of thing? Well, there's nothing particularly illegal about looking. And because it might be purifiers Bobby's decided to bring backup. Brinley is always solid and when it comes to the talking and feeling people out she's better than most. Lunair? Well he'd called Lunair because there are few better people to have at your back. Though he did give her a 'no disintegrations' instruction. With the Vader voice and everything.

Anyway he's just pulling up and parking a bit back. They'll make the approach on foot. He's not allergic to walking.

Brin might be good with talking and people, that's true. Her skill with weapons and self defense? Not bad, but… not great, which is why she's very happy to have Armory along with them today.

Reviewing the information on her tablet as Bobby parks, Brin looks over "I would have been happier if this lead had come from a more verifiable source." Justifiably, she looks apprehensive "Just recon, right? As we get closer, I should be able to get a better feel for the place."

Slipping from the car, Brin slides her tablet into her backpack. At the very least, there's data on it that may help them when they get closer. "Ready when you two are."

For better or worse, Lunair has politely declined to go public. That's kind of what happens when you're someone's lab experiment. There's more than a little grumping about rogue sexy librarians now and then. She also has few to no qualms about wiping an entire base of Purifiers out. She doesn't really talk about it, though and she's not been a frequent visitor to campus lately. She does turn up to feed Pinchbro and keep Sir Cheepington fed.

For now then, she'll ride along with Brinley and be mindful that some people do get upset when you explode people (even if they are purifiers and doubly so if it's ironic and hilarious). "I am ready when you are, too," Nodnod.

It is not every day you get to just roll up in your car and thwart some crime and evil doings but today it might just be such a day for the New Mutants team of X-Men: Red.
The time and graffiti stained warehouse and it's amazing amount of traffic right now from an outside view doesn't at all look guarded beyond cameras and security. The security consisting of armed men who carry little more than handguns, billy clubs and cameras. Possibly a taser.
The bumper and voters stickers on the cars announcing political stances and little slogans like keep America clean, deport your mutants. Shows just what kind of people have gathered here.

Bobby looks over at the cars as they walk by. Yeah. They're in the right place. Or maybe the wrong place. Okay… cameras. Guns. Tazers. Brandishing like that isn't strictly speaking legal but Bobby's neither a cop nor a vigilante. He does have an idea about how to get into the place, though. In the badly mangled scottish accent of Mel Gibson 'I'm going to pick a fight.'

"Brin, eye in the sky. Maybe see if you can make it to the roof unnoticed. Arrows might be needed. Lunair, I'm going to walk right up to those… fine gentlemen and see if they recognize my rather public mutant face. Things might get interesting. Try not to kill anyone though, and let them hit first. I like rubber shotgun batons and stingball grenades, by the way." Just some ideas for the very creative mutant. He's looked into suggestions of less-than-lethal munitions for Lunair. She has a deadly talent and it might be necessary but with its versatility he figures she can 'scale' her threat to what they're dealing with. Thugs with guns won't be too bad. Right?

He's so getting shot.

The ice nerd rounds the corner on the gate and walks up to the folks at the door. As he does he makes a little 'half dollar' of a ice and flips it a couple of times for show. Yeah. He's a mutant. "Hey guys!" Cheerful.

Rolling her eyes at Bobby's plan, Brin murmurs "You know I've at least got armor, right?" She's seen how Bobby's wounds ice up, and it concerns her. Still, dropping her pack from her back and holding it in her hand, she concentrates as a pair of glowing green and gold wings appear on her back and she nods slowly "Rooftops, unseen, arrows. Comms che…" but Bobby's already moving.

Nodding to Lunair, Brin finds the most sheltered part of a building and lifts up to the rooftop (hopefully unseen). Once there, dropping to a knee, the wings disappear and her pack is dropped to the roof beside her. Soon, a glowing green and gold bow appears in her hands with a quiver of arrows on her shoulder and the brunette watches as Bobby approaches the door.

Lunair looks to Bobby, and quirks her eyebrows. "…" She frowns faintly at the try not to kill anyone part. She would rather just wipe the warehouse and its inhabitants off the face of the planet, call it a day and make sure her homework is all done. A part of her is concerned that this no longer bothers her. And then a part of her shrugs, smiles and accepts it. But she's going to be politely respectful of his request. For now.

She has that eerie camouflage armor and seems to vanish, sneaking in behind Bobby. She'll be thinking nonlethal for now. No one can say she's not well mannered at least.

"I will tell you ladies and gentlemen, I detest and despise everything about the Progressive Party. They wish to advocate and preach a better safer tomorrow when we have walking weapons… walking UNLICENSED WEAPONS carrying on day to day. We need permits for our firearms right? Damn right we do. It's time we got Traverstiens Act approved, tell your family, your friends, your country club companions, your gun range buddies, your golfing pals. Get them all on board. This act doesn't need shut down YET AGAIN. It's only sensible, its only safe and smart. Do you care about your childrens safety? Well we worried about nutjobs with machine guns attacking our schools what happens when its another kid with the power to blow up an entire classroom? Now yes, I understand these poor mutants don't know any better, its just you know puberty or social angst inspiring them to lash out or just let go but it is DANGEROUS very goddamn dangerous… " The speech carries on and it is obvious the man giving it is one Graydon Creed. A very proud member of the Tomorrrow Party, supporter of Robert Kelly and a man who claims he will be running for Mayor of New York City in the near future perhaps even more. Brinley can hear this from the rooftop where an uplifted section of it allows for open slits that a bird could get through but not quiet her. She'll have to pop one of the vents and hope for an opening below. No guards seem present on the roof fortunately.
"Again!" Another voice shouts just a step quieter than the loud blaring Creed and his anti-Mutant, pro-Reg speech.
A resounding chorus of "HAI-YAH!" sounds out.
"Holy fuck you're kidding me!?" The security gaurd to Bobby's left exclaims before reaching up to thumb his walkie-talkie, "We got a party crasher in the front. It looks like uhm… a mutant." A camera above the door flips with a whir sound and turns to face Iceman and Lunair. The second security guard is going for his sidearm in a fumbling attempt.

"Woah woah woah!" Bobby puts both his hands up as one of the guards goes for his gun. "Dude, you don't need to do that. I was just walkin' by, so the block party or whatever it is you got here and decided to say hi. No need for-"

Anyone who knows Bobby knows that his having his hands up doesn't make him less dangerous. As that gun comes up Iceman points at it. This close, fouling the barrel shouldn't be a problem. Of course, he wouldn't recommend shooting that thing. Might get unfortunate.

He's kind of counting on that. Sure, he'd prefer if this could be solved with talking but it's not going to be and he more or less knew that going in. People who drag mutants out of their homes and try to shoot them on the street are not reasonable people. So even as the gun comes up a baton of ice is forming in his right hand. Escrima sitck. He's not an expert but he's not a novice either. The ice nerd tries to control the weapon. The barrel is iced and it probably won't fire. It may blow up though and having it not near the man's face when that happens may save his life.

As the weapons are pointed at Bobby, Brin nocks an arrow and brings her bow up but she doesn't focus on the humans. Drawing a bead on the camera above the door, she draws her arm back and lets fly. With any luck, she'll take out that surveillance and give Bobby and Lunair time to deal with the guards at the door.

Lunair is totes sneaky and stuff. Except, the sight before her is… more than a little uneasy. As things escalate, there's a little throwing gesture. Sleeping dust. She'd really, really prefer to just wipe them out but valuable evidence is valuable and she does value her friend. So perhaps it is time for the guard(s) to sail the seven Z's.

Sleeping dust? Ice clubs and jammed up guns make relative short work of the two security guards up front. Neither man prepared to deal with actual mutants. Theory and fantasy are fun up until reality smacks a person up side the face. An icy nap for one and the other is getting Tinkerbelled by Lunair. The security camera fizzles with an arrow sticking out of it.
The door behind them had already been opened however and reveals a wide open room with catering tables set up along the entrance but beyond that are mats, large mats like one would see in a gymnasium and upon those mats is an assembly of Karate Gi anti-mutants in mid katas. A makeshift stage has been set up in front of it where a projection screen hosts Graydon Creed's preaching face. It is clear he isn't here. The American flag is on one side and a large symbol of the Friends of Humanity the opposite with a thin black strip running parallel. Thats strip of death black represents the more elite smaller and violent faction of the FoH for those who know to look out for such things, the Purifiers.

Standing with arms behind his back on the middle of the dais is a man with a skull mask on and a body suit that consists of straps, bits of armor plating and weapons. Even a large round shield over his back. The Taskmaster, Lunair will recoginize him instantly. Those X-men who have done their research might also be able to pull him up from memory.
"Turn and bow to our guests class." An electronic distorted voice escapes the Mercenary. The class in turn does so and remains that way. Though there is whispering in the ranks. Clearly they're not all pro or disciplined as it would appear.
"Just two of you? That will make this a little less entertaining."

Is it bad that the first thing that run's through Bobby's head the image of a tall, clean cut man in a dojo saying in a drill sergeant's voice "Mercy is for the weak! Here, in the streets, in competition! If a man confronts you he is the enemy!"

He shakes his head at the rather surreal image confronting him. Purifiers in training. Martial artists. Uh oh. He's got no illusions that his middling escrima skill is going to serve him in good stead here. Since no one is attacking he instead looks over to the man who seems to be leading the class. "Nice dojo you got here. Guards aren't so friendly though and the soundtrack could use some work." When in doubt? Snark. Hopefully Brin's getting this.

Bobby snarking… oh goodie. Brin sighs as the bow disappears and her wings appear again. Reaching down to pick up her pack, she lifts from the roof and takes a circuitous route to the building where her teammates are. She'll land, as gently as possible, on the roof of the building and look for some access to the crowds below.

The back of Lunair's head aches for a moment in memory. Not a happy memory, that. She's grown to hate all of this. Just a few explosives, just a few… a railgun and the task'll be through. She takes in a sharp breath. Skelet— Taskmaster. There's an uneasy respect and fear. She finally remembers what Roy told her not to do to the guy. But it's gonna be tough not being seen. There's more than a little aura of wanting to just wipe them off the face of the Earth. But Bobby's here and sinking his rep would be unfair.

Instead of dialogue, she simply shrugs. Well, she's not allowed to just off them. Instead, a staff with a carved cat at the end appears in one hand and an electric whip in the other. She hates melee combat, she does. It would be so, so easy to just…

A thumb just up over Taskmaster's shoulder, "This noise? It's motivational. These saps eat it up. Don't you saps!"

Yes Sensei, Taskmaster!" The chorus of charged yelling there once again.
"I know, I know, a little redundant sounding but I love hearing it." A tip of his head and the skull's eyesockets darken by means of light and shadow plus positioning. "You're not here for any classes are you. Any of you know who this is?"
"Mutant scum!" A shrill woman's voice calls out. "Lee, so motivated, I love it. Show that much enthusiasm next time Alberts is kicking you in the skull. But yes, thats right. Mutant scum… heh… in the flesh. An X-Men… and… oh hey! How you doing dollface? How is the noggin?" A fingertip taps his head as he is now obviously talking to Lunair. "Don't got that thing in ya still do ya? Shit nevermind. That device is in my other pants." The mercenary does stop talking long enough to double-check himself with a pat down.
"Fuck this, why're you talking to them? They're trespassing!"
"Huh? Jimenez, watch it with the lip. Sides you think you're ready for 'em?"
"Yessir!" A chorus of yells.
The Taskmaster shrugs, "What do you think X-Men? My class look ready for you?" The karate gi and normal men and women wearing them look determined, fierce, maybe some fear in there but hatred is very strong. Their fists are clenched, they're all in stances and some of them have even picked up practice weapons from the wall rack.
Brinley still remains unseen. Topside access is a bolted door that leads to a staircase or a covered vent that leads to well who knows.

A bolted door… or an airvent… great. Brin concentrates, dismissing her wings and letting her mind seek out, well anything that might give her an indication on what's on the other side of the door and the vent.

It should also be noted that when the lead came through, Brin had sent a message to Jean - she knows the woman would have wanted to know that they had found something.

"Keep them talking, Bobby." Brin murmurs, he'll hear her "I'm coming in from the top, I should be able to give you extra cover." She hopes that right, anyway.

Tossing a mental coin, Brin opts for the covered vent, and crouches to prise off the cover, as quietly as she possibly can. If she's successful in removing the cover, she'll poke her head in and conduct a visual inspection.

"…" Crap, he knows about the lab thing. That's right. Unfortunately, Lunair doesn't know it's a phrase and not a device. Even just looking at Taskmaster makes her head ache a little. She furrows her brows beneath her armor. "Um. Pretty okay these days, anyway," Lunair replies easily enough. Just because they're about to fight doesn't mean one has to be a jerk, after all. And the skull thing IS kind of cool. She sighs. "I don't know." But somehow, she's glad he forgot his pants. The right pants, anyway. He has pants, far as she can tell. Wait, why look at his pants?

She shakes off the wandering thoughts and frustration at not being able to just pull a bunch of guns and explosives and call it a day. Quiet curses, quiet plan shifting. "… are you SURE I can't just -" She double checks. For now, electric whip and shockwave generating staff it is. Even if she's really not the best melee fighter around, which is a polite understatement in the way that one might call a co-worker 'slightly ungood' at something. Just a little. Lunair takes a fighting stance then, something that looks a bit more feral than trained.

Anyy tip was a tip in her book; she had already tracked down three and was upon the last when the call came in from Brinley. It was definitely a long day; as this would be her last before she returned to the school to wrap up work and hit the bed to start the day anew. Typical blue and gold outfit was worn, though headgear was tossed aside and into the trash, the stifling thing left behind and promptly burned with a match that was flit into a barrell. Leave no traces.

She takes off in flight, being not too far away from the warehouse itself, spying the car of Bobby and seeing them already gone, yet upon the roof was Brinley who was left to her own devices as she touched down upon the ground. With the two men already laid out, one in ice and one fast asleep, she gives a slight tilt of her head and a shrug of her shoulders, stepping over one of the sleeping men to stand in the doorway, a look left and right given before the door itself as shut behind her with a wave of her hand and an omnious *BOOM* ringing out behind her. While she wasn't a fan of grand entrances, she made one. Slightly.

"No. You can't." Jean answers Lunair right off, seeing the men at the ready, hands pressed behind her back, folded politely as she strolls towards the duo, Lunair in electric-fighting-stance. "But I do have a question.. what is your name? Nevermind…"

"Do your men look ready for her?"

"No fear!
"No pain!"
"No defeat!" A man in the front screams before rushing towards Lunair and her sparkly toys behind him a wave of others join the assault.
"That a trick question? Seriously look at these meat bags." Taskmaster responds to Jean. "They're motivated though. They sure do hate you muties." The mercenary doesn't seem to be ready to engage the trio of X-Men instead he remains standing on the dais.

As Iceman manages to take down a closer moving student with one of those icy clubs in a crushing thud the second and third attackers behind their now fallen companion find themselves flash frozen in place by a wave of the mutant's hand and a blast of his frosty gift. Before Iceman can open his mouth to respond to Taskmaster or toss out commands to his team something in the air by his head makes a popping sound and a small microsized net opens up and closes down on Bobby's face. Mouth and eyes sealed! The mutant finds himself beset upon by a crowd of the attackers now who are all punches and kicks. Where did that trick arrow come from? Above somewhere. In the high above rafters. With Brinley taking a glimpse of the room below she can see who fired it, a man in a crimson outfit with a bow sits perched a second arrow being knocked. Apparently he was lying in wait or was wise enough to climb up out of direct line of sight so he could fire arrows.

Brin might like to say, 'great minds' but she doesn't want to be put in the same category as these jerks….

Lowering herself carefully to a rafter below, sitting astride, with her back against a beam - she's making sure she's well balanced. Summoning her bow and arrows again, Brin draws back, aims at the scarlet clad archer and let's fly, quickly nocking a second arrow and letting loose again. She's no green arrow or Hawkeye, but she's well practiced and might just be quick enough to get the second shot off.

Hopefully Jean picks up on her thoughts as well!

Instead of Moves like Jagger, it's Pants like Taskmaster! If only. But Lunair blinks, eyes widening as suddenly there's a Jean. "… Skele— Taskmaster is seriously scary, but I bet the classes are awesome." Her moral grey area is showing. Oops. Seriously. How the heck did- Nevermind. Jeans works in mysterious, flame inducing ways and Taskmaster is ALSO equally mysterious.

Nevertheless, she's probably only slightly better than these guys in melee. She really is a ranged character.

But with a shockwave generating staff, and that ominously electrified chain whip, Lunair will probably zap a guy and send a few bowling back. Even if she gets a few kicks and punches in turn. "Ow ow, not face, seriously, stop." She didn't put on the good armor because she figured explosives were right out.

"No, it wasn't a trick question." Jean was being honest. Holding a conversation. Was she stalling? Or was she really about the let the two get pummeled to near death. It was almost like taking the training wheels off, only they weren't in training, these dudes probably wanted to kill them.

"Do you know what they say about hate being a motivator?" Jean does, but she doesn't mention it, her hand dropping upright as soon as Bobby was canned by the arrow, eye squinting towards him to surround him with a shield and a chain that was soon yanked back so that the man could rest at her feet.. possibly bruised and bloody as he was. Lunair was handling her own, though kicks were flying in her direction as well as hits.

As a group comes towards her to reclaim their prize (Bobby); her hand drops from her temple to hold upright towards them, palm outward, posture ever so relaxed. Though if any present had ears? Ears well enough to hear the slightest of sounds? Her heart was beating a mile a minute. "Stop right there!" She yells out, and they do!

Yet someone from the back threw a rock which cracks right against her fingers. Her hand lowers as she grasps her wrist, obvious pain within her face as someone in the back laughs and the crew rushes forward.

"I said *STOP!*"

And they do, though not of their own will.

'Dude.. I.. I can't feel my legs!'
'I can't move!'
'I gotta pee… I gotta pee..'
'Oh lawd jesus!'

"Crap.. I think my fingers are broken.." Jean mutters, looking at her hand. It was starting to swell just a little.

The crimson archer doesn't seem to realize Brinley is there until it is too late. He was preparing another arrow this next one aimed at the Phoenix. His grin disappears when an arrow hits him in the side yet he pulls off a rather fantastic aerial move that absorbs impact to send him spinning and landing on his feet an arrow instantly launched back in Brinley's direction (it is not accurate it is covering fire). "There in the rafters!" The man shouts.

The horde of evil Karate students are either paralyzed by psychic powers or ice those who are not are being jolted by electricity.
"Goddamn novices. All you idiots are so fucking dumb if you were locked in a room with nothing but a stick and a rock you'd break the rock and lose the stick. I just… grr. " Taskmaster's obviously irritated voice sounds almost dubstep like when he growls like that. "Jagged, keep it tight and remember what I told you."
"Death, get out here!" A door in the back of the warehouse creaks and a loud belch is audible, "Sorry boss, I was just hanging back until you wanted me… I figured Bow could handle them."
"Figured wrong, get yer ass in there."
The man Taskmaster is calling Death is powerfully built individual with a half helmet on and a large shield just like Captain America and Taskmaster.
"So if you haven't figured it out yet… you're here because I wanted some do-gooders here. We figured that M-Town snitch would send someone our way. Lucky us it was X-Men." The Taskmaster taunts.

Brin … has a small problem with her powers… it's one construct at a time. Easily dodging the poorly aimed arrow, the brunette mutant swears quietly to herself. It's too high up for her to jump, she's no acrobat (time to add that training to her very long list of things to do), but still, it's time to move.

Nocking one last arrow, drawing back and aiming at Scarlet down there, Brin lets her Bow construct disappear. Concentrating, this time the wings take just that little longer to appear, she jumps from the rafter to the floor… letting her wings slow her descent as she lands, one knee and hand touching the floor.

Not the face! Lunair's melee talents are… okay. But she really really should go find someone who does melee one of these days. Nevermind. No time to think about it. A wince at the belch. "No offense, Mr. Taskmaster… but ew." Just totes grody. "Wait, Death? Seriously?" There's Deadpool, Deathstroke, Lady Death, Death— so many freaking death based codenames! She tries not to think about it, even if the sight of another shield provokes a faint ache from the back of her head.
Shehe's looking to the Taskmaster, perhaps weighing her options. "Are you wanting people to come here so you can pin things on them?" She asks, perhaps weighing the options. "Or I guess testing your dudes. That's a harsh final exam…" She considers it. Taskmaster's electives must do a number on one's face and GPA. She looks worried, within her armor.

'Jim, Jim! We're not going to get out of this alive, this crazy bitch is gonna kill us!'
'I know! Augh!'
'Jim, just want you to know, I'm in love with your wife and we were gonna leave to Cancun man.'
'I said I slept with yo—-!'

Jean grasps her wrist, holding her hand close to her chest as she watches the display with an upraised brow. "Dissension in the ranks, Taskmaster!" She calls out over the ruckus, taking a step back which automatically drags the fallen Bobby with, releasing the hold she has upon her wrist to lift into the air to snap her fingers as her little frown crew draws to another stand still.

"GET 'EM!"

The little rag-tag crew turns and begins to run, veering and splitting off towards Death and Bow, each voice a panic and apology of it not being their fault.

Janice, one of the crew, plans to take up knitting after this and selling the little figurines on Ebay, while Rick, is still thinking about Jim's wife.

Jean curls her fingers into a fist as she shakes out the hurt, both hands drawing up to blow force through the gathered few around Lunair and the ones that may approach Brinley after her landing.

"Getting real tired of the games Taskmaster, surrender! You're coming with us!"

"Ew?" Taskmaster questions Lunair then realizes she musta meant Deathshield's entry belch. "Yeah agree dollface, Death needs some house breaking but hes a mean son of a bitch." he Karate crowd who are not blown off their feet or otherwise mind controlled are running for the exits. They're just very eager civilians after all. Some of them quite wealthy. They served their purpose.
"Arrested? Not likely. I'm not your problem right now. Those two are." The skullfaced merc motions towards Deathshield and Jagged Bow.
The crimson clad archer Jagged Bow fires an arrow that actually deflects Brinley's and goes straight for her before a fan of arrows escape him and embed themselves in to the onrushing mind controlled puppets. Some of them taking lethal wounds. "Oh oops. Was I not supposed to kill these rejects?"
"Uhm, well, shit, who cares. They're cowards or something else is going on. Mutants." Taskmaster states like that just explained it. A shrug follows him. "Just kill 'em if they get in your way I suppose. Shield, close your mouth it's not raining dicks! Get in their and beat some heads in."
"Sorry boss, they're just real sexy." That round shield on the big man's back comes off and he throws it through the Karate students and directly at Jean and Lunair. A throw that actually sails with superhuman levels of strength, the first individuals hit by it are knocked aside in to heaps on the ground, moaning and broken. "I got this." He yells.
A chuckle escapes Taskmaster, "Like 'em? Deathshield is an expert in Captain America's moves, Jagged Bow there I fashioned after Arsenal and Hawkeye. They're both legit. You twinky mutants got your work cut out for you."

Her arrow got… deflected? Oh dear, that might mean trouble for the empath.

Brin sends out a feeling of gratitude to Jean before letting her mind reach out to Bows - seeking anything that will give her an edge.

With a little concentration, Brin brings up a glowing green and gold psychic wall / shield thing and starts at a run for Bow… distraction? or is she really going to try and ram him?

"… seems so," Lunair remarks quietly back to Taskmaster. Seriously, Death dude, manners. Lunair isn't going to maim anyone who doesn't have fight in them. And a part of her is making a note to sign up for some sort of kick punch classes later. "Well, that's just rude."

But there's little time to consider it. Brin is trying to ram a dude. "Miss—" Oh heck. Freaking Taskmaster being all smart and Taskmastery. A deep sigh. Lunair pushes herself off to the side, a purposeful throw. She's trying to think how to communicate - when it hits her. Point at herself, then shield guy. And a staff swing, creating a shockwave to knock him back. Even if a rail gun would solve at least a few of her problems.

One little thing about protecting others, there was a chance that you forget to protect yourself in the interim. "You may not be the problem just yet but I will be yours!" That's right, Jean meant business. Aside from her player hating heroic talk and monologuing, she intends to make due with her threat. Lunair and Brinley were protected, Bobby as well, it was time to take on Death until that shield was thrown her way.

One dude.
Two dudes..


Three dudes.
Four dudes.

"Shit!" Jean releases that outward stance to bring both hands to the front, pushing TK force against the flying shield which.. does only a little to temper the blow. Her feet dig into the ground as she begins to slide backwards, her knees at a bend as she feels the hitch of Bobby's body and flips backwards onto her ass, letting go of the resistance she put forth so that shield could fly where it may.

And that fall hurt, but she had to keep moving, bruised bottom and all she scrambles to her feet, one hand gesturing towards the door as it opens and another with a downward swing to send Bobby sliding out to join with the sleeping few. There. One less person to worry about.

With Brinley taking on the Bow and Lunair with Death…meat? Jean sets her sights upon Taskmaster, her hands pressed to her wrist to raise the sleeves of her suit, stalking towards him like a child who had their ball taken.

Deathshield's confusion sets in first when the shield is slowed followed up when it doesn't take out Lunair and Jean. Heck it doesn't even come back to his hand like he planned. A *thwack* sound is followed by a crack as Lunair strikes him hard and sends him reeling backwards which he doesn't go down but he spins out wide arms flailing. "OW!" Escapes the sturdy Captain America clone.

Jagged Bow leaps and prances backwards until he is back to the wall which he flips off of and pounds arrows towards the deflecting Brinley. These arrows all bounce off of her but if she pays close attention they're flickering with their own little lights. Each of them is a concentrated small explosive. They pop off and erupt with about as much damage as a shotgun or a toe popper. "Eat it mutie bitch." All Brinley's empathic powers pick up from the man is a rising fear mingled with lots of excitement. He is enjoying this.

Taskmaster's head turns and he looks at Jean, "Miss, you really need to get away from my stand. I'm playing it real cool here and staying out of this." A handgun (Beretta M9A3s) snaps out and aims at the woman. "Bout you hop your pretty ass down there and help out your pals. Let me do my thing. I'm feeling lazy and generous."

At least he's showing some fear… if Bow could read Brin, he'd know that she knows she's bitten off way more than she chew. Exploding arrows? Against her shield? Come to think of it, Jean should be able to pick up on Brins rising concern "Manners! It's Miss Bitch to you…" full of bravado she is.

Pity Bobby's down, Brins practiced with him, not so much Lunair. Glancing around to find the other young mutant, Brin starts to move back slowly and carefully towards her - trying to draw Jagged Bow with her.

No way is she dropping that shield just yet.

Lunair hasn't been around the X-peeps' campus a whole lot. Not really. She's been doing Lunair stuff, keeping out of trouble and also making sure her pets are taken care of. But that is all dust, left behind as she charges hard and lashes out with that electric whip at the chest and legs while the man's arms are flailing. Eat your heart out, Soul Calibre. But she's surprisingly nimble for who and what she is.

It would be fairly impressive if she stopped to watch it all. "… really?" She asks quietly of her opponent. Just. Really? She doesn't know what to think of him, but it is not terribly highly.

Jean could feel Brin's concerns, but who was the lesser of two evils? Deathshield or Taskmaster? But she wouldn't dare leave the X-Red hanging. Her mind reaches out to Brin, filling her with confidence. She could do this, she's got this. She doesn't have to be afraid because her back is always watched. She can do this, all she has to do is try. And try hard. She's Brinley Fucking Myers and she's got this!

Lunair doesn't have the problem, in fact her opponent is flailing which causes Jean to grin up towards Taskmaster, her hands immediately reaching for the sky as that smile drops.

"I thought about taking your stance." Jean admits. She wanted to watch them work, but with Bobby down? Jumping in his stead was the only right thing to do.

"But you want to put the gun down." She suggests, adding just a hint of power towards her words. However, if he doesn't comply? She'd allow a bit of her TK to push the gun aside as she charges up and at him with a press of her hand to the ground and a sweep kick to his knees.

The first crackling thwap from Armory stunned Deathshield and allowed for the consecutive blows its clear this man may have Captain America's combat style but he doesn't have the same agility and speed. Strength is a different factor. He just isn't going down no matter how hard the young adventurer hits him. Finally regaining composure he drops low and covers himself before lunging at Lunair in a body block tackle. "Gonna bust you up little girl." Deathshield snarls.

Jagged Bow doesn't have infinite arrows fortunately and has to pause to unlatch a second quiver. This one like the first non-standard. He has three of them on his back. During this reload he is ducked down behind a kicked over catering table. His breath heavy as he tries to compose himself. "They fuckin' cheat. You didn't prepare us for this Taskmaster."

"Prepare you? Jackass. You're Hawkeye AND Arsenal what kind of prep do you need stop whining." While lecturing his henchman / student he does put the gun down. It seemed like a good idea. Why the hell is that a good idea? Taskmaster isn't unfamiliar with psychic enemies he was a member of SHIELD and Team 7 after all. "Goddamn redheads. There isn't enough middle fingers in the world to display how much I care about fucking telepaths." Sure put the gun down. Great thought but she doesn't say shit about putting his foot down… on her face.
A quick overstep and Taskmaster evades Jean's sweep kick to lash a nasty opposing foot out at the side of her head. "You fucked up girl. You don't wanna fight me in hand to hand. Thats my jam." That kick, that move, straight rip off of Black Canary. One of the best martial artists in the world. Taskmaster with the perfect execution too because that is what he does.

Of course they cheat. It couldn't be skill, talent or cunning that makes it difficult right? Well, maybe not a lot of skill in Brins case.

Jeans reinforcement has Brin stopping a moment, she's clever sometimes. As Jagged Bow ducks down to reload, Brin turns and runs towards Lunair and the downed Bobby. She's going to start getting them out there (Sorry Jean) - clever means standing to fight another day sometimes.

To be entirely fair, Lunair has never seen Captain America fight. Maybe on TV, but. She manages to move sideways a bit, but that body block tackle is going to knock the wind out of her sails as she skids backwards. "Rude! You brute! Know your place!" Just - rude! Plebian! She growls, throwing another swing at Deathshield. Her ribs are angrier than a kid who missed free candy day. Her heart is in the fight. It's time to - wait what. Brin is running over to them and she's distracted momentarily.

That swift movement was followed through by a connection of air and a near stand. The near stand from Jean was halted by the foot that plants right upon the side of her jaw, the sweet spot that makes her see double and collapses a tooth that was supposed to be gone a week prior. Had people not gotten arrested she would have been allowed to attend to her aching wisdom tooth but Taskmaster, The Dentist did it for her with that one swift kick.

It sends her head spinning as she touches down upon the 'stage', one hand and knee planted as she rises up with a slight dizzying whir, her hand immediately clasping against her face as eyes dart to catch the sight of Brinley running towards Lunair..


Cause Miss Grey is going to get really nasty.

Okay, not nasty? Just a tiddily bit pushy.

Jean spins, but not to issue a kick or a punch, but to direct her TK towards Deathshield, aiming it at his feet to trip him up in his barrage towards Lunair to have him stumble in his run.

And then she runs towards Taskmaster, fists raised and a punch thrown, packed with TK to add the strength to make it crushing. Jean wasn't a fighter, not like Taskmaster, but she sure can at least attempt to hold her own. Or be dismantled.

The bodyblock tackle from Deathshield doesn't end his momentum he slams in to her and flips in to a handspring that rolls him over top of his shield. He comes back to stance with it strapped on. Fancy moves for a guy who isn't exactly Cap. It is clear the hit Lunair threw in there he actually felt as his headpiece is cracked and some blood is oozing down over his eye. It doesn't hide his grin though. These guys mean business. "Plebi?!" A pause. "YOUR FACE!" Yeah, great six year old come back from the adult man in outside underwear.

Jagged Bow snaps back out of cover just in time to catch sigh of Mana's backside as she retreats back to Lunair's side, "Aw cheaters and cowards!? I thought the X-Men were big show… WTF?"

"Bravo Death… you're my star pupil." Taskmaster sarcastically claps while taking a few steps back from Jean, he figures he put her out with the kick. "And Jagged you just got docked points for actually saying WTF. Why wouldn't you just say… what the fuck? You ner… whoah she still has some fight left in her!" It's the movement out of the corner of his eye that catches Taskmaster and he spins to intercept but the TK assisted portion of it actually speeds her up and she hits him, hard, hard enough that his armor cracks and he twists at the torso. A sound escapes the mercenary of shock, impact and anger. As quick as he exhales a strike comes in from Jean's left; a healthy knifehand slap to Jean's shoulder.
Arm dislocated.
A smooth transition and Taskmaster's Pencak Silat style shifts in to Muay Thai and three rapid fists pound in to Jean's chest.
Fractured clavical and two broken ribs.
Following that up is a Judo throw.
Bruised tailbone.
"Warned you! Fuck me… I'm screwed… redheads are such bad luck… " All Bruce Lee show-offing and the Taskmaster Jeet Kun Do footwork-dances backwards away from tossed woman.
"Time to go boys before more show up. Blood, you got all that?" A voice responds that no one hears except the mercenaries. "Groovy." Taskmaster replies curtly before clicking his tongue and pointing, "Death, Jagged, lets scatter. We're cutting it close 'ere. Hey X-Wimps, collect your wounded. We're outtie."

Jagged Bow snickers and winks at Mana, "I suggest you watch the news late… "
"Shut up, Jag, you'll give away the plan." Deathshield nags.
"You're both… goddamn… morons." Taskmaster mumbles before racing out the back entrance of the warehouse to group back up with his crew. Mission successful the Purifiers should be happy with the outcome.

Jeans rush and Taskmaster subsequent attack on the woman has Brin wincing, even as she gives Bow a bemused look. "I have to agree, if you're to swear, you might as well do… " Taskmaster calling someone elses name has the brunette looking around. What did they miss…

The Bow speaks up and Brins eyes widen "Dr Grey, we need to go …. now!" She's got damage control to do. "Hey, Bow" Brin winks back "Can I get your number? Looks like I could do with some lessons." She's trolling, totally, but maybe he's just dumb enough to give her his number.

"… seriously? I - YOUR MOTHER WAS ILL MANNERED AND ABSENT FROM YOUR LIFE!" Take /that/, Deathshield. Yeah, Lunair is banned from combat dialogue for a reason. "AUGH. If only I could use a freaking railgun, I wouldn't HAVE this problem." Just a few explosives, maybe! "I HATE THIS." Someone is not taking this well. There's palpable rage at being played, at having to hold back and getting smacked for it, and also she's a teenager and teenagers never, ever overreact and whine like, ever. "And it's /plebian/. Have your boss read it to you!" Grr. "I'm going to /end you/." So. So hard.

"Forget it! Have at you!" She's giving chase. "Please help Miss J. I've -got - to -" KILL THEIR STUPID FACE. "… render them politely unconscious so that they may be gently and lovingly collected as their rights are read to them and proper legal counsel provided." END THEM SO HARD.

Hit by hit, punch by punch, Jean was bricked by boring brick but no one can say that the current X-Men leader was not afraid to *try*. She did her best, landing one hit, fighting was not her fortay but packed with a bit of power she at least gave it the good ol' college try. She was left a broken woman upon center stage, hands pressed to the ground, a heavy wheezes with blood splattering against the ground from a lip that was bitten and injuries that was internal. At least her lung didn't collapse, that was a good sign that she could still move.

Fire licked from her arms as she tries to stand, one foot striking out in a slight slipping stand to try to catch her balance, her eyes narrowing towards the back of Taskmaster's retreating head as she hisses out her words..

"WE WERE SET UP!" She says over Lunair's ranting, arm curling around her stomach as she kneels and leans to place hand upon stage to leap off with a wince. Her ass.. -hurt-, sitting is going to be a trial for days and the kids are going to wonder and rumor.

Now she was in leader mode. "Don't worry about me and Bobby, I'll get us somewhere safe. In the meanwhile my X-Men.." She explodes into a fury of fire and pain, cause.. fucking ouch. "MAKE THEM CRAWL."

In other words, kick their ass. But no killing Lunair! No killing! Hamstringing is okay though.

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