Seeds of Smallville, Part Two, Finale

November 08, 2014:

The stunning conclusion of the Seeds of Smallville plot. /Will/ Kenny Braverman kill Superman? Or will he be brought to justice for his crimes in unleashing all of these villains and for the terrorist attack nearly one week ago?


One of the shining beacons of light in the world; Metropolis


NPCs: Conduit, Chloe Sullivan, Silver Banshee, ToyMan, Titano, Slug Kelly


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Metropolis is under attack!

Though the heroes have been instrumental in helping prevent some major supervillains from destroying the city as a whole, there are more. So many. Hundreds of convicts at one of the world's highest security prison have escaped and have gotten to land.

To add to the terror, Superman is nowhere to be found. After chasing the Royal Flush gang he seems to have disappeared entirely. Chloe Sullivan, watching from afar, followed him to a rooftop, but the angle of her cameras was not able to follow where he went. Barbara Gordon, known in these events as the mysterious Oracle, has hacked into Sullivan's systems and has seen what she has seen as Oracle's are wont to do.

While Bizarro, Metallo, Solomon Grundy, and Manchester Black have been taken care of, there are others: Silver Banshee, the Prankster, Titano, Loophole, and Slug Kelly are all out on the streets, among others, terrorizing the public (or at least those who haven't followed the evacuation notice.

The heroes here all seem to be huddled near enough together, as Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl have made the trek from the nearby Island, now that the prison is mostly taken care of. The question is, what will they do now?

Gar Logan: Changeling, Titan, and currently Green Rhino Steed for Hawkgirl, yells out, "We need to shut down the rest of the escapees! Anyone know what's going on? Where they are?"

This is a key contribution, as everyone knows that talking green rhinoceri are the natural leaders of the animal world. Hero world? We'll find out!

After getting a heads-up from Oracle about Superman being taken down, Booster Gold is up in the air, looking for where he has gone. Unable to spot him, he says through his communicator, "Oracle, I can't see any sign of Superman." He starts to use the other sight-modes available to him via his goggles, utilizing x-ray and infrared mode in the hope of getting better intel.

Skeets, Booster's little droid pal, is flying up overhead and using his future tech to send a three dimensional real-time feed of the situation going on in the city below. That is to say, anything that can be seen by him, or any security camera in the area that he is 'borrowing' to do this little trick.

Vorpal is taking the fleeting moment of calm to take stock and catch a breath. There's the wound he took from Metallo on his leg… but the energy cauterized it, and right now it's mostly an annoyance. "I think they might have escaped to the mainland," He says, running his hand over the tear in his costume and the cauterized wound. Wince. "Oracle, anything on the streets that you can tell us?" he says, tapping his comm.

He gives Hawkgirl a look after Wonder Woman helps him to his feet. "… hey, remember that guy you left in a balcony a few weeks back?" He grins at her, waiting for Oracle's answer.

Lunair was really more messing with the villains than fighting. People seem to make frownie faces when she murders things. But it seems that force may be warrented. Especially now that she's mostly been dealing with small fry. Her boat is safe, too. And - is that a green rhino? Huh.

Lunair is ground bound, but she is going to stay near her boat, watching for a fight. She has an immense 50 calibre rifle and her dubstep gun now. She's weighed down a bit, but is watching, staying near enough to shoot something. Just in case.

Wonder Woman looks over the group of them from Stryker's, Hawkgirl upon the Jolly Green Rhino, Vorpal who seems to be still able to function as she knew he would, and Lunair with her large firepower getting a sidelong glance from Wonder Woman as they stood upon the mainland ground now and taking one step forwad she takes one moment to lean over and utter to Lunair.

"Can your gun get any bigger?" True inquiry or a nudge of warning for the girl, it remains unknown as her few steps forward upon th concrete begin to lift into the air - hovering and taking that moment of silence to truly /listen/.

Upon the green steed is where Shayera sat, her staff held out with one hand, wings arched and ready for battle. "I don't know, green one." She states cooly, surely she was not nervous or at a state where she would potentially go berserk, but the line was /there/. Vorpal's words were noted, a glare soon hitting her features as she points the staff in his direction. She will deal with -that- one later.

She places a hand upon the rhino's back and leaps down, her staff clad hand clutched tight and pounding against the ground at a certain cadence, ready for battle. This was her war song. And it was about to go down.

That hand soon lifts, staff brought across her chest to tip tap hard against the emblem upon her chest, the Nth metal within flaring to life, extending with loud clicks and clacks to cover arms, leg, neck and face and chest. Everywhere. Wings were not spared from this terrible visage, metal extending to each leaf and feather, providing razor sharp assistance in the throes of battle.

This is her supersuit.

It's not meant for fun.

"If she gets any bigger, we'll have to carry her."

Ms. Marvel comes to a landing near the other heroes, taking a look around at the group. "We're missing someone," she observes, brows furrowing behind her mask. "What happened with Superman?" She's taking stock of what she knows and doesn't here, tracking the available forces.

Now Oracle is busy. Superman's missing, there's a young woman hacker and our heroes are disorganised. The redhead in the Clocktower, takes a deep breath, stretches and flexes her fingers before leaning forward in her chair. Thanks to Skeets, she really must meet this marvel, she's got an excellent visual of the the area.

Conferencing Vorpal and Booster through her comms systems "Vorpal, Booster, keep it quiet for the moment, but Supermans missing, Skeets and I are trying to locate him. Vorpal you have at least 5 guys to take out. Relay these details." and provides Vorpal with the locations of the 'bad guys' she can see. "Skeets, what can you see on that rooftop? Do you have I/R or any detection facility. WHERE DID THEY GO?"

With that information delivered, Oracle returns to that young blondes computer her eyes narrowing and activating the hack she just installed. The Oracle avatar will appear on Chloes screen, and the microphone and video start. "Ms Sullivan" Oracle has found out that much "This is Oracle. Superman is missing. Tell me what you were doing observing him and trying to access my systems."

After help to defeat Livewire, Ozymandias makes a quick count of his remaining arsenal. "I might modify strategy a bit." Ozymandias pulls his Zulu traditional style shield from off his back along with assegai, and heads towards some citizens that still have not evacuated from this area.

Up in the sky, it's a plane, it's a fridge? It's a massive red and white metal man, with a yellow visor, and a hammer sickle combo on his left breast. Dmitri's pager's been going crazy all day with this breakout business, and he's not quite sure where he's supposed to even start. This hero of the union rockets over the city at Mach three keeping in a bit of a holding pattern over the city. There's so much to do and so little time, though he does still have the time to watch a bit of his favorite American television show playing on his visor with the rest of the usual heroics info.


Just before Conduit is about to pull the trigger and unleash another, perhaps deadly, blast into Superman's head, he stops. Something outside, some sound of battle, makes him think otherwise. "We'd better get you down somewhere where we can do this a bit more quiet-like, Clark"

He grabs the Man of Steel by the scruff of the neck and begins to drag him into one of those open elevators, where the large, armored man begins to fiddle with the controls.

Superman looks up at him, confusion in his eyes. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember, Clark? All those birthday parties. Playing with the Star Wars toys out on your back porch? You don't remember?"

"Kenny?" Superman says, incredulous. "Why?"

The elevator begins to drop downward, bringing them lower and lower to some floor of the Conduit's choosing.

"Simple, Clark. All those years you masqueraded as my friend, you never let on that all of my problems-The seven times I had cancer. My mother's death. The intense and excruciating pain. It was all our fault. If you'd never landed on this planet, my mother would be alive. I'd have lived a happy life. And now you're going to pay, Clark. Not just for what you've done to me, but for masking your guilt and trying to pretend that you were my friend."

"I was your friend," Superman responds, gaining a bit of strength back.

"Shut up," Conduit says before letting loose another blast of kryptonite energy to a shuddering Superman.

- - - -

The Oracle? Chloe has heard of her. To be honest, she didn't know if it was real or an internet myth. "I…" she stammers. Lois Lane's cousin had had a long history with Clark and when he was in danger, truly in danger, it was terrifying. "The last I saw him he went up to that rooftop. If he's not in there, he's got to be inside the building."

If Oracle and the others wanted quiet, they're soon to have a very rude awakening. A huge, echoing blast of sound attacks the huddled group, with a painful blast. On the other end, Silver Banshee means business and is looking to take them out in one fell swoop.

It's almost enough to prevent anyone from noticing the small, toy remote control car that make its way out towards the group slowly.

Oddly, there's also a simian ape-like creature making its way slowly out towards them. Something isn't right here.

Something very loud … Good thing Rhino hearing is protected by the tick-eating birds that hang out in their ears! Wait, no tick eating birds… OW! Gar shakes his head, turning into a giant clam to block the sonic assault. A giant green clam. Sorry, Hawkgirl.

Booster Gold and Skeets are sweeping their gazes around, up in the air. A lot of things get spotted, such as errant pigeons and hero-spotters who have poor self-preservation skills, but no Superman. Penetrative vision can help but there is a big downside to it; if there is a lot of stuff in the way, there is a lot of visual noise and it is therefore useless. Skeets says through the com-channel, "Oracle, I am using only outdoor security camera feeds so it is possible he is in a blind-spot."

Booster gives a frustrated punch at the air and he adds, "I copy that, Oracle. We'll have to narrow things down if—" Although he is not gathered near the other heroes, he has super-hearing and the Banshee shriek causes him to clap his hands over his ears and abruptly stop flying. He smashes down onto a rooftop a moment later, breaking some of the concrete slightly.

Vorpal is trying very hard not to look in Wonder Woman's direction, because of awkwardness. Really, he's trying to play the competent hero- ahaha that laser blast? Did NOTHING to me, see how I walk it off! Totally ready to take on the worst Metropolis has to offer-

But that's when the Banshee screams. See, one of the downsides of being a cat? Very sensitive hearing. Granted, with enough warning, he could have created earplug constructs, but this comes out of the blue. Down goes the Cheshire, his hands over his ears as the sonic shriek is particularly painful. His own scream is probably not heard as he takes a knee, his senses being assaulted by the worst kind of frequencies you'd get if you laid down with your ear against a speaker during the last set of the most hopped-up on coke band over at Lolapalooza.

See. The thing is. Lunair has been flash banged enough time to figure out she should sound proof her helmets. Or at least program them to do so at the signs of noise. Seriously. She's gotten hit with regular ones (thanks, certain russian assas— wait, how many assassins - Are those a national export for Russia?) and 9 bangers and - really. She also works with guns. Lots of guns. Enough guns to make Michael Bay high-five Liefield, then go blow up a shoe store. So logically, she programmed hearing protection into her created helmet. Go Team Liefieldian powers!

She looks up to Wonder Woman, pausing. "Well, technically, yeah. But …" A giant laser cannon seemed unwise, really. "And cool!" She's getting to meet Wonder Woman! That is pretty nifty. But she's a bit overwhelmed. So much sensory inpu— is that an ape? And a small remote car? She trundles, dragging her large gun along to see wtf is going on. Time for a banana gun maybe?

The nosebleed from the attempted mental attack from Manchester was enough. Already gone and the headache dissipated, but when she stops to /listen/ truly hunt for those that had escaped the gathering amount of 'heroes' the scream omitted from Silver Banshee makes her shudder in her flight, legs tucking upward as if she would curl in on herself while clapping her hands over her ears.

The assault makes her lower, rapidly, hitting the ground and remaining in that bent posture with her hands over her ears. If anything could put a damper on the moment it is just that.

The exo-suit that Hawkgirl wears comes with many advantages. But not one being against sound. So as the first sonic waves hit, her arms immediately lift to shield her head; that was until Gar turns into a giant clam. That was enough for her to actually turn into a mountain of rage, forget the gorilla in the back or the little tiny car that was scoo-scooting it's way into the foray of the team, she was going to deal with the noise-maker that took down the.. well, most of the team.

And being in the middle of the street? There were many things that she could use. Take for instance, this car.

It would have been something Hawkgirl would have admired in a flyby, a 2014 Chevy Camaro, chocked full of bells and whistles. It was already bent and smashed to hell, and Shayera would have had a time fixing it.

But maybe later.

The end of her rod was jam-pierced into the side of the door, brace put in upon herself and the suit, with a loud.. screaming grunt, she hauls the pretty, red Camaro over the green shell and towards the sounds of the piercing scream.

"Take that, you mother of fucks!"

Television has been good to this one.

"So, that's a nobody knows?" Ms. Marvel starts to take a head count, stepping forward as though to start issuing orders just as the scream assault comes. She has super powers, but super hearing isn't one of them. In fact, thanks to plenty of time around fighter jets, she's at least a little more used to loud noises. Enough that, while she ducks down with one hand to her ear, she also raises her other hand and fires off a blast of energy toward the source. "Shut UP!"

Master of witty repartee.

Ozymandias is not with the group either, deciding to try to help the people that having evacuated to move to a safer location. As he ordering people towards safer locations, he happens to look over his shoulder and captures that there is a toy remote control car has appeared from behind moving away from him. Ozymandias peers at the people, and then back at the car and lets out a frustrated sigh as he thinks, "I should have bought the bow and arrows this time."

He turns to citizens and barks, "Just keep running in that direction, and don't look back." He puts his spear back in his shealth and pulls out his pistol as he takes after the toy car.

The banshee wail filters through Oracles audio systems, but the loss over the waves makes it not as effective. Whilst Booster and Skeets have been talking, Oracle has pulled up the schematics of the building they're on and accessing the building management system. The BMS gives direct access to the elevator controls and shows which lift just left from the roof. She won't stop it, but it will tell her where they are going. Looking at her downed team through the screens, Oracle scrubs at her forehead in frustration. "Booster, they're inside the building in the elevator, I need you to intercept. Vorpal, Superman is in the building two to your left. They're heading to the 4th floor." Leaving the others to work out how to address the menace rampaging the street.

Switching to Chloes link, Oracle frowns "I believe I have located him and have requested assistance. Don't leave Ms Sullivan, you may be required."

One minute Rocket's trying to fly a bit low so he can try and sweep a villainous woman off of her feet the next he's taking a bit of a tumble into the ground. That scream still hurts him even through his suppressors, and even as he slides into a tumble crashing into the foot of a building he's already trying to work out a way to fix this design flaw. His ears are ringing and he can't really hear the amazingly fun antics of Rocky and Bullwinkle, but he's at least still able to focus enough that only a few cellphones go off randomly around him some lights dimming and brightening themselves.

Silver Banshee is feeling pretty proud of herself as a near legion of superheroes are bowing down before her screams. This was easier than she thought. Surely she will defeat them and th-OOF!

Banshee gets thrown across the street and into the far building as Miss Marvel decides enough is enough.

Of course, there isn't a whole lot of attention paid to the ape or that pesky little toy car that's making its way out towards them. Toy? In Metropolis that can only mean one thing: Toyman is up to no good. The little red blinky lights turn on where the headlights would be begin to go faster and faster.

It's clearly an explosive.

Meanwhile, that ape keeps coming and his eyes begin to glow a fluorescent green.


Conduit is indeed heading to the fourth floor. He drags Superman by the cape out into the middle of the floor, ready to finally kill him. He lifts the gun to Superman, eager to end this once and for all, and he pulls the trigger.


"I wouldn't just leave Superman," Chloe responds defiantly. "Whatever that thing is that has him, it's powerful. Whoever is working with you needs to get him and get him right away.

Clown car? Ape? Banshee? Banshee be banished, so Gar the Clam digs his siphon deep into the ground and aims at the Ape. A Geoduck clam his size can shoot like a fire hydrant, and he does, blasting slimy water at the incoming Ape, because he doesn't want to get into direct Ape to Ape confrontation yet; he's attempting to disgust and debuff the animal first.

"Wowzer," Booster manages to say, curled up on the rooftop in a shallow concrete crater. Now he has a huge headache. Pushing himself to his feet, he says, "I copy that, Oracle. Do you have a floorplan or something? If you send it to me I can put it on my HUD, if I need to navigate through the building." His ears are still ringing like the Liberty Bell, making it difficult for him to fly, but he can still run. Regardless of whether the roof access door is locked or not, he just punches it out of the way. It could be slightly ajar, he would still punch it out of his way. It is expedient and also, secretly kind of satisfying. When he gets to the elevator, he does not punch these doors, he just wrenches them open with the intention of just jumping down the elevator shaft because this seems to be the most direct way to get to where he needs to be. Also, it might be cool. Booster is pretty big on cool.

Recovering from that nasty sound blast, Vorpal gets up shakily. "Booster… go get 'S'," he says into his comm, since Oracle told him not to tell anyone that Supes was missing. To the rest of the group, though, he says "Oracle confirms at least four other bogeys to… Oh, what the HELL?"

A toy car, and an ape. Gar is taking care of the ape, but that little car is blinking and bleeping and—

"Explosive," Vorpal says in a bored tone. The Rabbit Hole opens up under the toy car- and over the ocean, far away enough that it is a tiny speck. "I've got it. Gar's got Bonzo, we need to find the others… Toymaster is probably one of them, unless there's another toymaker in town that enjoys this sort of crap."

His head hurt. That sonic blast had been more than he had expected. But he couldn't look weak in front of her, nor Ms. Marvel for crying out loud. And Hawkgirl. Because she looked like she wanted to hit him when he revealed who he was.

~Dude, she stole my phone and then Hawknapped me!~

"Oracle, any pinpoin on where Toymaster may be sending these toys from?"

All lectures on stereotypes aside… Lunair blinks. Hopefully no fish were hurt in that explosion. And the ape is still on his way. Lunair kind of blinks at him. A … wave. Then she levels the gun at him. "Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a clean, respectable primate but your face says 'I'm going to knock you back a few branches down the family tree'. Evolutionarily speaking. Even though that's impossible." Pause. "I'm so banned from dialogue again." Wince.

And then the ape is getting Garclam'd. That's the perfect time for the dubstep gun. Oh yes it is.

The sound stops, and Hawkgirl was left to her own devices. And then there was a hole that swallowed a car and.. it was just total mayhem. But at least she knows what to do during mayhem, which was fly.

And that she does, that airborne menace drawing her way straight towards the Ape. It seems that she and Gar made quite the team, so why lose that advantage? While he was busy Garsquirting the ape away, she was coming in low with her good arm ready and prepared to knock the ape off his feet with an all too good Babe Ruth swing.

"What the hell is an Oracle?" Ms. Marvel asks as Vorpal speaks into the comm. "Never mind. If it's someone who can do mechanics, let's get tracking on the radio signal pushing that toy. Who needs a ride to the next bad guy?" Despite the possibility that the ape may explode, she seems extremely unconcerned. She's hard to blow up, after all.

Oracle was already sending the blue prints of the building to Booster. "Booster blueprints transmitted. Vorpal sending location of Toymaster." Superman's location is known and Booster on his way there… Oracle considers. If Vorpal blurts the information, it's likely to cause confusion and distract the heroes from the mayhem. "Vorpal, you need to get Wonder Woman into that building with Booster. Tell her quietly and don't alarm the others."

Chloe's response elicits a raised eyebrow from the redhead "I have people on their way to him, Ms Sullivan."

While working on a plan to handle the toy car, the toy car completely disappears from view. Ozymandias quickly scans the area for the car and sees the simian ape getting sprayed by the GarClam. Ozymandias doesn't know much about simian ape creatures, but he has taking an educated guess that they need to breathe.

He is about throws a couple of knockout gas bombs at the creatures head when he sees a diving Hawkgirl. Ozmandias decides to go back to helping people evacuate.

Ripping his head out of the foundation of a building Rocket comes back to a full stand smoothing his armor back to normal and coming to a heroic stand. Things look calm on the ground level, so he suddenly rockets back up into the air with a defining crack of the sound barrier being all too suddenly broken. His focus is distracted when he see's someone trying to break into a building. Not really being in on the loop Rocket doesn't exactly know that it's booster. Though in a few second's he's bound to, as he blasts off again headed over towards that building.

First the car is there, and then it isn't. As it explodes harmlessly out over the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, past even Stryker's, the blast can be seen for quite a distance. It was a heavy payload and one Toyman really wanted to work. So as he begins slamming his controller down upon the ground in a window of an office, 23 floors up, he has no idea that Oracle has a bead on him and sending help right away.

Meanwhile, TITANO begins sending a blast of green radiation towards the heroes, but stops when he's squirted in the face by Gar. Soon later he begins to cough as Ozy's gas begins to choke him, and inexplicably, he begins to monkey dance. This means he's completely helpless to prevent Hawkgirl from knocking him straight up into the air with a might smash. Titano is knocked right the hell out.

Silver Banshee begins to stir now, regaining consciousness and getting up to her feet. The ringing in your ears and the pounding in your head are set to return should she get her bearings.


Conduit pulls the trigger but nothing happens. He sighs, realizing that the cord from his body to his gun needs to be reinserted. Overcome by the meteor rocks that poisoned his blood, Kenny Braverman was using his body to kill Superman in what he believed was the ultimate irony.

The cord replaced, Kenny is about to pull the trigger again, but this time he hears something. It's Booster's entrance. He pulls Superman up and holds the gun to his head, even as Booster arrives.

"Don't move. If you move, I'll kill him." Rocket has not arrived to this point, it's just the three of them.

Gar has run out of water and besides it's NASTY water, so he shifts to a larger green ape with four arms, sort of a martian flavor, ready to take the attack to the other simian… but it seems to be down.

"Who else is out," Gar says, and then he spots the Banshee. Four arms are not enough.

The common Jumping Spider is terribly cute, if you don't have the creeping shudders at the sight of a spider, but it's not six feet tall at the shoulder and ten feet long like the cute huge green monstrosity Gar turns into. He leaps for the Banshee and webs her in the face.

"SPIDER GAR, SPIDER GAR, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER GAR…" He also sings. But let's not book a spot on American Idol.

Booster Gold does freeze for a moment, in the act of pulling the access panel off of the top of the elevator car, his free hand held up in a surrender-gesture as he looks down at this little tableau. There is a ghostly rounded rectangle floating by his head, a faint holo-screen that is displaying the schematics of the building.

The subtle, glossy look that always seems to surround Booster vanishes, the subtle sheen instead appearing around Superman. Only then does he say, "No. You won't." Now he does move, extending his free arm so that it points at Kenny, golden stun-energy surging from his wrist-blaster.


"Roger, Oracle." Vorpal relays the instructions that he needs to relay to the specific recipients, when he notices Silver Banshee stirring.

"Oh… I've got a whole lot of-"

And then his boyfriend does something absolutely horrible and terrifying to the Banshee. Without even actually hurting her.

"Yep, that's my man," Vorpal muses with a smirk, and then vanishes into a Rabbit Hole.

There's a Toymaster he has to take care of while his allies do what they're good at.

In a few minutes, there's going to be a lot of screaming. Vorpal may or may not be using illusions to make Toymaster believe the Joker is coming for him.

But he will conk him out before he gets too crazy.

Ape projectiles. That was the business.

But she was done, Shayera had her fill of violence and the icky mess that coated her staff was due for a cleaning. It seemed that all on the ground was taken care of, and there was no need for her to be questioned about her existance just /yet/. She wanted to get out, sight unseen, but first…

She soars in the air at a figure eight before she comes down again, landing upon bended knee by the crouched Diana. Whilst the others were busy, she scoops her up, laying the woman upon her armored shoulder, carefully tucked between wing and neck.

"No more late nights and fruity drinks for you, my friend." Shayera states cooly, before turning upon clawed Nth heels and stroll away before taking flight towards the Embassy.

Booster has left the comms channel open, so Oracle hears what's happening "Tell me you have Superman secure, Booster" and the Vorpal, Vorpals on Oracle and she shakes her head. The others seem to have the mayhem in hand, potentially.

"Ms Sullivan, I believe we have Superman secure. You and I should talk, sometime soon."

Ms. Marvel just stares at the giant spider for a moment, blinking. "Sure, why not?" Villains are being seen to, though, which leaves…"Crap," she curses as she catches sight of some impending collateral damage from explosions, taking off in flight toward where rubble is falling from a building to pulverize it with an energy blast.

Finishes making sure that the rest of the citizens are evacuated from this area as the rest of the heroes do their thing. As he makes his escape, he takes a moment knock out Slug Kelly, because someone had too.

Just as a falling concrete boulder is about to smash into an all American looking family, Carol Danvers destroys the concrete with an epic energy blast, turning it into dust. “Thank you Ms. Marvel!” they exclaim and as she flies away Carol can hear the youngest daughter say something about how Ms. Marvel is her favorite.

Faster then a speeding MIG, more powerful then a racing rocket, Rocket red speeds in through the roof entrance using his propulsion systems to quickly descend the stairs trying to catch that costumed criminal before he can hurt anyone. He's not a clue that this criminal might be a hero instead, but then again he's not been too long for Metropolis. Though he's entering a bit faster then he'd anticipated right for the man with the gun with his visor having been damaged in the initial crash he can't exactly tell who he's about to bowl into.

Silver Banshee is about to do another go around before she's completely tied up in fits, webbed together by SpiderGar.

Meanwhile, Toyman is up on the 23rd floor of a nearby office building, shuddering and crying. He yells out, over and over, "ITS NOT FUNNY! ITS NOT FUNNY!" The shadow of a large catlike being is lit up against the wall.


Conduit gets hit right in the face by Booster's and flies back against the wall, losing his grip on the man of steel. The shot short circuits his equipment, and all of the gizmos inside go dead. Including his escape mechanisms. Meaning he's sort of trapped in his Kryptonite powered carcass. Rocket Red IV enters the room, just as Booster is finishing his blast and buries Conduit into the wall in an epic smash.

Superman reaches out towards Booster Gold with an arm, "Booster…" His veins are green and his skin is pale. He's never looked sicker in his life. But he's going to live, and that's the important thing.

In a few hours, many of the villains who have escaped Stryker's are right back where they started. Yet, some were able to get out and lay low. Where will they pop up? That much we don't' know, but what we do know is there will always be heroes ready to protect the people.


"Lois?" Clark asks as he can feel a female presence in the room. The kryptonite poisoning has made him hallucinate. He's never been hit with so much of it for so long with such an intensity.

There's a thwap on the side of his head with a newspaper. "Clark, why would Lois Lane be in your apartment?" The voice is familiar; it's his mother's. Chloe Sullivan is there too and gives Martha Kent a look, before swallowing with some difficulty. She says nothing.

With a struggle, Clark sits up on his elbows and tries to remember everything that's happen. It comes to him quickly. He holds a hand up to his face and rubs it. Groaning, "What about work?"

"I hacked into the phone line for a doctor and had 'him' call in for you," Chloe says with a worried smile.

"How did I get here?" Another question as he tries to shake the cobwebs. "Some SHIELD agents came and took you in. I didn't know they knew who you were, Clark."

"I didn't either."

Martha squeezes her sons hand as she gets to her feet. "I'm going to grab you some fluids. I think you're dehydrated."

Once she leaves, Chloe looks to Clark. "I guess this means what I think it means, doesn't it?"

"That we need to pick better high school friends?"

"No, Clark. I'm being serious. Does this mean you're coming to your senses?"

"I feel like I had all my senses knocked /out of me/."

"Clark, be serious. The bad guys are getting more powerful. You and Wonder Woman can't do this on your own anymore."

"Alright, Chloe, alright. I'll take Lois' advice. I'll call Nick Fury."

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