Muddy Motives

July 08, 2015:

Kara catches up with Dario Agger after Dario's ultimatum to the U.S. Gov. (+bbread 16/13)

The Golden Leaf Spa - Metropolis

A top of the line Spa for the elite. the mud-bath room where you can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of being filthy rich and still come out feeling clean.


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: 100 minutes of relaxing classical

Fade In…

The great thing about being wealthy is that you can just buy your way to privacy. The Golden Leaf Spa has been cleared out, it's all but a ghost town now with only a few staff in it. Reporters are camped outside and Dario's people are manning the doors which are sealed for his 'Private Function'. However, he does leave instructions to let in anyone interesting.

Supergirl would definitely qualify or she could just come in through the skylight. Dario is the only one in the mud baths. He's relaxing there in the pinkish mud with cucumbers over his eyes and a sea-weed wrap on his face. The spa is playing relaxing classical music and there is a lovely scented candle smell in the air. Overall, it's a very, very relaxing place to be and he needs it on a day like today.

Kara avoided the reporters flying in from above as fast as she could before opening the skylight and zipping in unannounced. Dario wasn't the hardest man in the world to find and after that announcement, she was sure he was going to be popular and unpopular with a lot of people.

Cape still swaying as she lands she places her hands on her hips and looks towards the billion dollar man relaxing in the mud, "I saw your announcement Mister Agger. It was bold."

A hand comes out of the mud and lifts the cucumbers off his eyes. He still looks kind of silly with the seaweed wrap on his face though, "I don't believe in half steps. Bold people change the world." he says smiling at Supergirl, "Besides, it's a fairly safe gambit. Sure, they can charge me with treason or terrorism, they can seize my assets and take me to court, but it will be a long legal battle and very embarrassing to the U.S. Government. Meanwhile Roxxon will still follow my orders. This way they can have the bill, broken down into smaller, less draconian chunks and we can see some justice done for everyone." he says, "But that was my day, how was yours?"

"What about the people who are going to lose their jobs? I didn't see any mention of what happens to them. They should have the opportunity to relocate to another state where you continue to operate, paid for, by the company of course." Kara smiled at Dario now with the cucumbers off his eyes, "Cause if they get fired, it's not right and it's going to make people hate you."

"Lots of people hate me, but I only intend to actually move any of my assets if the bill passes. Which it won't. I won't let it. " Mr. Agger says as if that's just the way the world works. He says it and it is so.

"But of course you're right. That's why I used the term 'phasing out' " Dario says bringing up drippy mud covered fingers to make the quote marks in the air, "in business terms that means it could take years even decades to build new facilities depending on the number of projects in the state. In the long run, I doubt anyone at all will actually lose their job. If they do I'll make sure they find a replacement job. " he assures her, "That's the ~joy~ of politics." Dario says, "As long as it sounds bad to the uneducated, it makes politicians nervous. Would you want to be the one who is seen to have votes to move all those jobs out of your state? Even if it's not reality, the illusion is enough to destroy them politically."

Kara nodded her head before asking, "What if other companies use this as an advantage to offer incentives to Senators who would vote this way? They could simply take advantage of the chaos that could be created and turn it to their own benefit." She didn't doubt Dario had thought of all this, but she wanted to know, "I support your plan, but I'm worried that it's going to provide a vacuum that will be all too soon filled by the opportunistic. Your rivals for example."

In all honesty, he just planned on killing anyone who got in his way but he doesn't say that, "Oh, I'm sure Trask, the people in the security industry, big military, the private prison system, all of them have already paid off the senators. I could have as well, but here is the thing, you can pay someone off and then hey can just vote however they want. " he explains as he sits up in the mud bath, green mud dripping down his chest and abs as he puts his elbows up on the edge of the tub and sits upright.

"That's why I made it an issue for the people, I made it a jobs issue. Americans will always vote to keep their jobs. Those senators know that betraying all the people that Roxxon employs in America would destroy their parties chance for election in 2016. They will have to vote the way I want or have their party turn against them. No amount of bribes or kickbacks will let them escape the wrath of their base if they vote to pass that bill as is. Even the perception of them voting in such a way that it would leave people unemployed is enough to scare all but the most hard core racists into line"

Kara pursed her lips for a moment before nodding, "Well, it sounds like you've got it all planned out. I don't think Wonder Woman is going to want me anywhere near Traverstein, especially not after what happened with that mutant girl. So if there's anything I can do to help that isn't going to get me in trouble, let me know. I want to make sure everyone is kept safe."

Intending to take Kara off-guard Dario says, "Well, if you're keeping a low profile, why not join me? Changing room is over there." he points to the ladies room with the towels inside. "Like you said, without the costume, you're just a girl like any other. When was the last time you just relaxed?" he asks, "You seem very stressed. You could just lay here with me in this nice relaxing mudbath and relax." he motions to the little people sized pool next to him, "If you have the time?" he asks.

Kara seems tempted for a moment, but she decides better of it, "Maybe another time.." She smiled not trying to seem impolite, "I'm on duty right now, relaxing means people are in danger and not being saved. Just think what happened in your childhood, I need to be there for anyone in that situation." Maybe Dario had inspired her a little with his speech.

Notice how he keeps using the word relax, that's a hint, "Let me know when you're off duty. I know this mountain range with hot springs that we could go to. It's at the top of the world and we could just get away from everyone for a while." he says sounding like he needs it too. "Thank you though, from all the little people who need heroes like you, thanks for being there." he says smiling at her.

A brilliant smile is flashed with pearly white teeth by Kara and she does a little bow for Dario, "No problem. Enjoy your spa day and thanks for looking out for all of us to!" In a flash of blue, red and yellow she was gone!

Dario reaches up to tap the phone hidden in his ear, "I just had a visit from Kara. She seemed happy. How is the sequencing going for Project Matrix?" he asks as he turns up the classical music by remote. "That good? Excellent! This is a most wonderful day." Dario says as he relaxes back into the mud-bath. "Most wonderful."

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