Inevitable Futures

July 07, 2015:

Dario Agger goes to Mutant town undercover to meet with the famous geneticist Doctor Hank McCoy to offer him a job taking the first step on a path to the cure for mutation.

//Mutant Town - Clinic //

The mutant town medical clinic is a free clinic for the mutants and the families of mutants who have chosen to live in M-Town. It's crowded, the equipment is slightly out of date, and the waits are long, but it's funded by donations and mostly staffed by volunteers. In M-Town, you take what you can get.


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Fade In…

With everything going on in the news, Doctor McCoy knew that his visits to the Mutant Town clinic would be as important as ever. So, he's notified them of a schedule and has arrived, precisely on time, for the first of his appointments that day. Even if they don't have anyone for him to see, he'll gladly volunteer where he can. Even if he's not feeling as useful elsewhere, he knows that he can be useful here, even if it just means filing.

Granted, he certainly doesn't -look- like a mutant on the outside…wearing a button-down, slacks, and a lab coat and his brown hair maybe in need of a haircut. But mutant or not, he's going to help those mutants living in the city as best as he can. The clinic needs all the support it can get as rumors are flying.

Dario is a human, well as far as anyone knows, and he is one of the most wealthy humans in the world. He doesn't fit in at mutant town in any way, shape or form. Rather than bring his amazingly obvious entourage of guards and cars and the media that has followed him everywhere since the announcement he made, he dresses up like a normal person… ok.. well, he dresses in brand new two hundred dollar plus versions of pre-faded, pre-worn looking clothing that is still brand new. It's not like he could be expected to wear common clothing after all. Of course he still has his signature sunglasses on and he's wearing a baseball cap with the green-leaf logo of Roxxon Green, his bio-development division on it. He wore it to a company softball match once and it was still in one of his closets.

Waiting at the clinic like everyone else Dario sits and smiles an oddly happy smile as he looks at all the mutants around him. All the freaks and sick people make him feel so much better about his life and his life was pretty gosh darn terrific to begin with. When he filled out his paper-work for the clinic he used a fake name and put down as the problem he needed help with 'Head keeps falling off.' thinking that might get him to the front of the line. He specifically requests Doctor McCoy.

The wealthy man is kept waiting for a little bit, especially with what was written when he signed in. It's eventually brought to McCoy's attention and Dario is called in by his fake name. One of the Nurses will bring him to an exam room and take his vitals before she tells him that Dr. McCoy will be right in.

There's another ten minutes of waiting…because it's a doctor's office. Waiting is included in the exam time and cost! Finally, Dr. McCoy walks in, holding the chart with the vitals and the fake name. "So…your head keeps falling off, hmm?"

Dario looks over at the doctor as he enters the room, sizing the man up for a moment.. he looks so… normal. Must just be a human who likes helping freaks, "No, my head is firmly attached, though some of my board of directors might want to fix that." he says taking out his card and offering it to the doctor, "It's your head I'm after Doctor McCoy, or rather, what's inside of it." well, that came out more creepy than he expected, "I need your help, Doctor. I would like to create a temporary metagene suppressant."

"You do realize that your baseball cap helps to give you away," Hank points out, gesturing with a pen to the Roxxon hat. He tosses the folder onto a counter and takes a seat on the doctor's stool. "I was wondering who would ask for me specifically. I'm not a M.D." There's a pause there, "And just why would you like to do that, Mr. Agger? It seems that might be dangerous for those with any sort of meta-genetics."

Dario takes off the hat and looks at it "It was the only hat I had. Not much of a hat man." he says then answers the other point, "I'm more of a live and let shop kinda guy. It never occurred to me that we might need a meta-gene suppressant for public safety. Frankly, it's just not something that was even on my radar but because of the new bill being proposed, it is more important than ever that we are going to need alternatives to make the public feel safer. " Agger explains.

"So far the idiots in Washington think that giant robots are the answer." Dario says reaching up with his free hand to rub the bridge of his nose, "Idiots aside, they have a valid point. There are some metahumans who are just dangerous and often when metahumans powers first present, they are a danger to themselves and others. " he says as he sits down in a chair and looks at the doctor, "I want to create a treatment, a gas or liquid which can be used to neutralize powers temporarily so that Roxxon can offer this as an alternative to giant property destroying robots running around the streets of America like this is a warzone."

Hank McCoy doesn't speak up immediately. He takes a moment to remove his glasses, rub the bridge of his nose, replace the glasses, and still consider the statement. "First of all, I appreciate that you are looking for alternatives. I'm also not a fan of giant robots stomping about the world, policing the population. It sounds like a bad Science Fiction movie. However, I don't think that such a thing is even possible. While science has been able to isolate one gene that causes meta-like abilities in some, there are countless others who, for some reason or another, don't have that gene and yet are still considered 'meta'. Perhaps they come from lands unknown to us. Perhaps they were exposed to chemicals and were given powers. Also, such a thing would take years of development and research, not to mention FDA approval and testing." Blue eyes are steady on the gazillionaire as he says this.

There is another pause, "Perhaps education would be a better use of your resources. Education that shows that those who are metahumans and act as vigilantes on the side of good are not to be feared. They're here to protect, not only from any meta-humans meaning harm, but from the crime that we see in every city every day. You read about them in the paper…Batman in Gotham, taking down Crime Lords there, for example. Why would you want to stop him from doing that work?"

Dario agrees saying, "That was my point! Why would you want to wage a war on the 98 percent of metas who just want to live life or even help by being heroes just to capture the 1 or 2 percent that cause trouble? It's a complete over reaction. " he says then he suggests, "Tell me, though, wouldn't you feel safer as a police officer if you knew your Pepper Spray had at least a chance of neutralizing a meta's powers? If we can give the police a reason to go for their non-lethal weapons instead of their guns, wouldn't that be worth it?" he asks then adds, "and think about schools. If a new meta erupts during a school day all they would need to do is turn on the sprinklers and that gene you talked about could be turned off. It's not a perfect solution but it would help. It would give people more of a feeling of safety." Dario says.

"As for the research, I'm prepared to dedicate a division to it. You're right, it will take time, but it would go a lot faster if you were consulting with us. That's why I'm here, I wanted to ask you to help. You'll have to sign some legal forms, non-disclosure and all that, but in return I'll grant you full access to the new divisions work, we'll send you reports, you can verify their work as an independent outsider. " he offers as he slides his hat back on.

"What makes you think a bullet will stop a meta if they're bound to cause trouble?" Hank offers with a chuckle, "Yes, I'd like to see less lethal force, but I also don't want to see the police attacking peaceful metas and blaming them for made up crimes. Haven't we seen enough of that with racial profiling recently? What would stop this from becoming more of that?" He stands then and moves to the small counter to tear up the false chart on the fake name, "Wouldn't it be better, if a new meta's powers erupted during school, that this child could learn that he or she was all right…that he or she is still accepted instead of making them hide who they are?"

"I appreciate the offer and I would be willing to help you with your educational efforts, but I'm afraid I can't condone the creation of some…power-blocking formula. It just…it's doing the same thing as the robots, only on a quieter level. It's not teaching the population that these people are just like everyone else. It's forcing them to be set apart, feared…" he gestures about, "Even segregated."

Dario stands up and says, "That is where you are wrong doctor. They are not just like everyone else. No amount of telling someone how normal they are is going to stop them from burning down a school when they uncontrollably burst into flame for the first time or their skin starts secreting acid, or they start exhaling toxic gases. The fact of the matter is, young metas are dangerous."

Dario turns his hat backwards so it isn't as much of a dead giveaway of his identity, "Some of them will need to be segregated to a special school where they can learn to control their powers. No amount of touchy-feely-education is going to bring people back to life if a meta kills them by accident when they lose control. The public will never, ever, accept metas in their schools or in their day to day lives as long as there is no kind of control." the rich man says, "It's happening. The people will demand some way to neutralize metas. With or without you, it's going to be happen. Deal with it." Dario promises as he walks out the door disappointed in McCoy's unwillingness to give him what he wants.

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