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July 14, 2015:

Another skirmish in Limbo and Jericho asks Zee to help identify a flag



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This time there was an invitation. K'nert was sent to go find Zatanna, whom Jericho hadn't spoken to in… well a few days, earth side. From Jericho's perspective it's been upwards of a month. This is what happens when you spend a lot of time Limbo side and with the present troubles there, he has been. Still, at least there are no stepping disks opening up to swallow Zee whole.

At the moment Jericho is returning toward the green from the Badlands. He's got a few burns from fighting which indicates that the fight was fairly big. It must have been over for a bit now though because he's not leading a small army of demons. Meaning they've dispersed or he's sent them on to other tasks.

Zee steps off of the disk that K'nert had summonsed for her, nearly gracefully…. just in front of Jericho. She's getting used to the mode of travel, now she just has to practice the dismount. Eyeing the burns and where they are, the Mistress of Magic raises an eyebrow "Another attack?"

"Counter attack in this case. It's over. Got it handled. Called you because there was a magic angle." Jericho's eyes are glowing rather brightly. His blade is out and its stained in black blood. At least he's not in a huge hurry in this case. "We got word of a gathering outside of the Green. I went to go stomp it out before they got too big." He hold sup a tattered piece of cloth in his right hand and hands it over. "They had this."

Listening as Jericho explains, Zee nods slowly "Seems like a good plan, stopping things before they start, particularly here." The mention of magic has her interest, of course, and she looks at the cloth intently before taking it. "What is it?"

"Something I'm hoping you can get a bead on." It's a flag. The flag of a stylized X is a circle. The circle is embriodered such that it seems to be made of steel. The Xes themselves are adamantium bones and there's a skull behind them. It looks like a corrupted insignia of a certain heroic group. "That's someone's banner and not one I've seen before. The whole group was flying them."

Zee holds the flag and looks at it, turning it in her hands as she looks at it. "I'm sure you know what the design reminds me of…" she murmurs before looking around where they are. "If what Kitty saw in that egg was true, and those bones were what she thinks…." Zee lets the thought fade as her eyes start glowing with her power "This will take a couple of spells… "

~~ wohS sU ohW sihT galF stneserpeR ~~

That's a start a least, a flag typically heralds someone… represents their cause… without know where to begin, that's what she chooses to know.

As perhaps expected the answer Zee gets isn't clear. The nature of Limbo is such that it touches all times and places and multiple versions of people are certainly present. Still, an outline emerges. A silhouette. It's that of a large, muscled man. Bulky. Powerful. He has a sword in one hand and an axe in the other, though his features and indeed anything about him are unclear. The profile though, does look a lot like someone Zee's seen recently.

Zee sighs, Limbo rules make it difficult… and she cuts a look to Jericho. He will be seeing what she's seeing. "Tell me about Piotr, what Illyana meant… I don't know how to clarify the spell." Yet, she's got another spell ready as she waits for Jericho to explain

~~ wohS sU ytcaxE esohW senoB esehT erA ~~

She's trying to be as precise as possible, but with the overlap of the realities, it's kind of difficult.

That gets an image. A skeleton. It's short and the bones are made of metal. At the moment it's just laying all there but Jericho remembers a time when they moved with vicious purpose and murderous intelligence. "Depends on how you mean. He's her brother. From our world instead of some other like the last one you met." Jericho murmurs as he watches.

The only other Piotr can remember meeting had been dead, with the Soul Sword in his hand, in another version of Limbo. The time that Limbo had claimed her as its Queen… and she'd given up the power to the alternate Darkchilde.

"I've not met another living Piotr, Jericho." Zee murmurs as she frowns at the skeleton and then looks at Jericho, he seems to know something there "You know that skeleton, what do you know?"

She'll try again to get more detail on Piotr, she just has to focus…

~~ wohS sU chihW noisreV fO rtoiP sihT sI, ekaM ehT egamI eroM raelC ~~

To a degree, Zee is going to try and refine the image much like anyone would refine a digital photo….

"Wolverine. Limbo has lots of alternate versions of people." Jericho explains. "We've met a double of yours for example. There's probably more out there. The X-Men it seems to like a lot. Or they're very bound up with it, because they tend to be bound up with Illyana. That was a man who went by Wolverine. Belasco animated his bones to fight us." He was tough too.

There's something in the way. The picture won't get any clearer and here in Limbo Zee might not want to try drawing the power necessary to break through the shroudning. If at all she can.

"So these bones" Zee holds the flag to display them "most likely belong to that skeleton. My spell… I know this is Limbo, but it was pretty specific." Frowning as the image just won't get any clearer, she looks at Jericho and smiles crookedly "If you want to take me back to Shadowcrest, I can try again. I have my circle and my power is stronger there."

"Is there more you would like to know?" The flag belongs to some version of Piotr, the bones from a version of Wolverine. Zee looks at the flag again and then to the images "Let me try one more thing."

~~ wohS sU tahW ehT elcriC sI edaM fO ~~

A long shot, really, but it looks like embroidered metal - maybe there's a hint there.

"Well a depiction thereof." The bones are a really good likeness but working adamantium into a flag is not something Jericho suspects the demons did. The fact that it took Zee to Wolverine though means that there was intent behind the art. And of course the embriodery is thread, as is the entire flag. Where they got the cloth is a good question but Jericho's not going to ask it right now.

"We can try from Shadowcrest but from there you're trying to piece a dimensional barrier." The hacker shakes his head. "I'll take what you can give me here. Sounds like you have enough problems without drawing that kind of attention."

"Maybe I do…" Zee shrugs a little, trouble seems to follow her around. OK, she probably attracts it. "I can give you answers to questions…. but some of those answers are obviously vague." One more question occurs to the teen mage and her eyes glow again

~~ wohS sU ohW edaM sihT galF ~~

Any lead is good, right?

Ah, that gets a clear answer. A long horse faced demon is shown not… making the flag, per se but definitly directing the production of a number of such banners. "N'astirh." Jericho breathes the word like it's a curse. "I might have known. So this is connected to Belasco, somehow." That's clearly not good news.

Zee's heard the name before and seen the demon and she raises her eyes to the demon tainted hacker. "Let me try one more thing then… it might raise more questions than answers though." the glow in her eyes appears again and she speaks the word of yet another spell

~~ wohS sU woH hritsa'N sI detcennoC oT ocsaleB ~~

Zee holds the intent in her head, but that's a pretty big question.

The answer Zee gets might just knock her on her ass. And serve as a lesson that it's not best to use spells to ask all questions if there's someone close at hand who might just be able to tell you. The mageling gets a rush of horrific imagry. Sacrifices, black magic, warfare. This is a demon of high rank.

Jericho sighs and folds his arms, waiting for the spell to pass. "N'astirh is Belasco's right hand. Serves much the same function for Belasco as S'ym does for Illyana." Well sort of? Jericho serves as a surrogate Illyana in some matters now which has muddied that.

Zee closes her eyes against the rush of imagery… it's horrific and terrifying … and well, she's going to have bad dreams for a while. More importantly, she deserved that…

Hanging her head, and almost scuffing a boot in the dirt, Zee mumbles "I know I should have asked but maybe we would have seen something different. Like if they were alternate Limbo and the relationship was different." beat "Is there anything more you'd like to know?" She's repentant.

"I'd be careful in general about delving to far into the lives of demons." Jericho says perhaps a touch gently. He's got a decent notion what she might have seen. "No, nothing for now. But be careful. N'astirh may have some wards aginst being scried and that might draw something out to you." Probably at a time she'll find inconvenient.

"If he comes, I'll deal with it. And it might give you something to work with." Zee's getting used to being jumped by the things that bump in the night. She's certainly not going to go looking for the demon, though. "What are you going to do with this information?" That something is happening in Limbo is becoming more of a concern.

"For the moment, file it away, discuss it with Illyana. It seems more and more likely that Belasco and N'astirh and the corrupted version of you have summoned some kind of champion. Got to figure out why before they're in their endgame." Which means more digging and more fighting here for Jericho just at a time when his allies are in trouble on the other side. Well, no one ever said this would be easy.

It's something to do with Piotr - whether as a champion, or as Illyana's brother, remains to be seen. Zee knows she's missing something there but she's not sure what. "Alright then." she speaks softly "Call when you need me again, to fight or to investigate." If she can survive Darque and the trials, she'll be there.

"I will. I'd escort you home myself but I'm not done here." They're nearly at the citadel now and K'nert makesh is presence known. He'd been there for a while now but he's finally coming up next to Zee.

"Take her home K'nert. And then get back here. Quick." There's not even the usual hissing. K'nert nods and walks a short distance away from Zee to coax open a stepping disk.

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