Raiding a Research Lab

July 08, 2015:

More lead follow up - XRed raid a University Research in search of data for the meta scanners (emits by iceman)

New York University - New York


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New York University - School of Medicine. This was one of the Universities that Jerichos' data had pointed to. A university that seems to be related to CADMUS (whatever that is), genetic research and the meta scanners.

Brins taken somewhat of a lead on the case.. well lead… she's gathered people together to go investigate. Initial investigations show that the computer systems are simply not connected online.

Stopping her car about a block from the front entrance, Brin slides from the front seat… depending on who turns up, she's expecting to be the distraction.

Audrey showed up earlier, all the better to start blending in. She's picked out a spot on a bench where she can flip through something on her tablet, for all the world just another student studying some summer courses. Except for the well-hidden earpiece in her ear, and the equipment that's no doubt hidden by her jeans and tank top.

Computers -not- on line, in this day and age? Even a network server should have been registering from such a place as New York University.

"That's not possible," Doug mutters, pinging through the network hubs. "I thought he was kidding, but there's absolutely nothing. So we're going in there and trying to physically connect…?"

Nodding towards Doug "I believe so… from what I understand there is still stuff that's not connected. That stuff is normally highly classified." Which means they're on the right track.

Using her own tablet, she pulls up the building blueprints (Audrey got a copy of these as well). and taps her own communicator, to key Audrey in, "It's unlikely they'll let us into the secure areas" she indicates the sections that seem most likely "Audrey, can you get us in? Doug, once we're through you can physically connect." It's a plan right?

Audrey will see on the blueprints there is an entrance on the east wall that seems closest to their targets, likely protected by some form of electronic security.

"If we can get into the building, I can keep us hidden, yes," Audrey murmurs, still making scrolling motions across her screen as she glances toward the door. "So we're looking for electronic resources. Which means they'll need to stay cooled…" She moves through the blueprints, mapping out a route. "Which means access to both main electrical panels and venting and air shafts. Does that look like a likely location to you, Doug?" she asks, highlighting a room on the prints.

"I'm not sure either matters," Doug responds, thinking. "It's not necessarily location as much as where the most power consumption takes place. "Besides, if they're doing what Brin is saying about classified areas, we'd be looking for areas that don't encourage traffic from the student population. Otherwise, that sort of thing would be immediately noticed. It's got to be somewhere that's not so heavily frequented. Still…"

Looking at Audrey's location, Doug nods slightly. "It's a good place to start, at least, we could probably trace from there."

Brin nods to Doug and Audrey "Let's go then.." Falling in behind Audrey, Brin motions for Doug to follow. She'll provide cover to help get Doug in.

Dougs scans of the server hub finds the security system, he'll have to disable that door before they can get in.

Audrey stands up, tucking the tablet away and starting to walk toward Brin. As she does, she slowly mixes illusion and invisibility until an illusion of she and Brin is walking away, while the originals are invisible, ready to move toward the building. Or rather, they're under a dome of reflective illusion, like a cloaking device. "I can make us truly invisible," she explains quietly to Brin, "But you wouldn't be able to see. So for now, let's try this. Just so you're prepared in case we need to do it."

Doug wasn't the hardware techie that Kitty was. On the other hand, he did have a way of 'talking' to machines, and so after a bit of checking into the system, he'd figured out -what- to tell the system to let them in, without showing up in their records. Which was, essentially, superuser ghost mode. Good enough.

"Okay, let's go," Doug responds, as he clutches his tablet closer. "Now if I remember the direction right, Audrey's room is… this way." He points one direction, before blinking as Audrey heads another. Um… RIGHT. That way then.

The corridor is clear for the time being, but someone might want to take care of the surveillence cameras… They soon reach the door to the room Audrey highlighted. It's unguarded and Doug will be able to get that open too.

As Audrey's dome goes up, Brin blinks a little before nodding slowly at the other woman. Shoving her tablet in her shoulder bag, the brunette lets Doug lead the way, letting her mind roam a little to see what she can sense. "There are people on the other side, but I can't say how many. Someone's nervous,frustrated… " She turns her head for a moment "Potentially guards or people who do protection." she shrugs a little.

"Okay." Audrey takes a deep breath, focusing. "Doug, can you get us in? I'm going to let the dome down, but I'm going to take us fully invisible. You won't be able to see, but just keep a hand on the next person's shoulder and I'll walk us through the door. The guards won't see us, and while they're looking into the hallway to find whoever opened it, we should have a few seconds to see what we can find inside. Sound good?"

"We should be good to go as soon as… hold on." Taptap. Since Audrey was going to make them invisible, Doug positions himself so that he has a hand on Audrey's shoulder and Brin has a hand on his. If they had a straight beesline, they shouldn't run into any problem. Taking a look, Doug waits to get a read on the guards' body language until it's clear they're about to head into a different direction away from the entrance. "Ok, go."

As the door opens, two armed guards step forward, frowning… one raises a gun and the other sticks their head out, looking to see what just happened.

There's a computer system in the corner and various /experiments/ spread across three sections of the very large room. There's no direct route to the computer … and there's 6 or 7 researchers at different tables.

Guards. They never do what you want them to. Audrey takes a breath, concentrating, then sends a flash of illusion at one end of the hall, heading around the corner. Like someone running away from the doors. It doesn't last long, just enough to hopefully draw their attention and draw them out of the doorway.

Keeping quiet, Doug does his utmost to control his body language long enough to blend in. Not here, not here, totally zen… at least until the guards go away. Waiting until the guards leave, Doug leans over to where he thinks Audrey is, murmuring quietly, 'Can you at least make us look like we're from here, complete with badges?'

"Down the hall" The guard who is looking that way motions to the other and both head out the door to investigate.

The researchers continue working - although all glance up as the guards exit.

Brin hadn't expected the lab to populated at this time of day. Whatever they're researching here, has scientists here at strange hours. Not sure of how Audrey's shield work, the brunette mutant remains silent… but she's sure if they get the researchers together, she can hold them with a shield until Doug does his thing.

"I don't know what any of them look like," Audrey whispers to Doug, moving quickly inside before replacing the invisibility with another of the domes, which should at least allow the others to see while they work. "Let's try to go under the radar," she murmurs to Brinley. "We can still do it if we need to, but better none of them ever know we were here."

"Lab coats and they probably won't look too hard if they're busy at work," Doug whispers back. "Just act like you belong there and nobody will notice." Not that it mattered too mucnow, but Doug was keeping to it as he took care of business with a few quick keystrokes, partly cajoling the machine's software to be helpful in cracking itself, partly petting it to keep it from setting off alarms. It was rather like handling a cat, at that.

As the dome appears and the room becomes visible again, Brin murmurs "Keep moving…" Time, she knows, is of the essence. Urging the other two forward, Brin casts a glance around. The researchers frown and then return to their work, they haven't seemed to notice the hidden trio.

"It's the back up plan, got it in mind," Audrey whispers to Doug, concentrating on keeping the trio hidden from view while he works the computers. Turning her back on her companions, she keeps watch for the guards coming back to the room, trying to see what the technicians here are doing as well.

The data on the research screens is… well highly technical. But for those with even a passing familiarity with genetic biology. it's definitely concerned with that. Say… don't things on earth have four bases in their base pair sequences? What's that one screen doing with six?

"Subject Theta seems ready for examination. He'll be arriving shortly. Prep the scanning chamber?" One of the scientists says to another.

The decrypting seemed to be getting more and more secure. Not being a biological scientist, Doug didn't really grok the data. All he knew was -something- was off about the one with the six, something he mentions as a side-note to the others, albeit with a 'I have no idea what that means' tone. As he finishes tinkering with the system, he glances at Brinley, a questioning eyebrow arched. What else would you want him to poke around for?

"Pull and save as much data as you can," Audrey whispers. "We can take it to someone who understands it later." She certainly doesn't understand much of it, aside from six looks funny. Bringing a subject in, though? That's something curious. She stays quiet, keeping her eyes open.

Nodding to Audrey, Brin looks at Doug "Everything you can get, just download it. We can review it later." She has a very basic understanding of genetics but the six pair sequences has her frowning.

As the researcher speaks, Brin moves beside Audrey, to better shield Doug if anything goes down…

One of the scientists opens what looks like a full length cabinet. Which actually turns out to be some kind of chamber. Lit up. Reinforced on the inside. It looks pretty high tech. "Okay, starting up the main scan sequence. This'll be a good test for the Mark IIA scanners anyway. The field teams have been complaining about the Mark I's."

There is some stuff that Doug's pulling that he does understand. Financials. There's a lot of information here on how folks are getting paid and it's all connected to that CADMUS name that X-Red has been hearing. On top of that, most of the genetic reserch is linked to… wait… there's a file in here that seems to be referencing an extra terrestrial vessle. It's labled Source K. And apparently… they've been picking it apart for months.

The door opens at the front of the facility. Looks like Subject Theta's right on time.

No time to really explain, as Doug focuses on pulling down the data as quickly as possible. Focused on his task, he ignores the door opening, leaving it to Brinley and Audrey to handle it, aside from a quick summary. "CADMUS seems to be involved in this somehow, and there's… there's an ET here somewhere. Downloading, and… I need a few seconds."

Audrey moves a hand to the tranq gun at her side, loosening it in its holster to prepare herself for a confrontation. The strain of holding the illusion is wearing on her, but she's gotten better with practice. She can hold it for a little bit longer. And she's especially watching where the doors open.

Pulling her phone from her pocket, Brin hopes that Audreys' shielding will let her take photos. Snapping a couple of images of the chamber that's revealed, the phone is pocketed again and her attention turns to Audrey then the door. Brins not armed, yet… and she's not going to take the chance of using her abilities till she absolutely has to, so she waits in tense anticipation.

The door to the main chamber opens and in steps… well he might be mutant but for the fact that he is apparently a test subject here. Six foot four. All muscle. His face and neck seem to be reinforced with heavy bone and he's got some odd ridges along the back of his head. Totally hairless up top. And his nose is slightly upturned.

"Doctor." He rumbles as he takes a step toward the chamber and then stops. And sniffs. And tenses. "There are other people in this room."

Everyone starts looking around wildly.

Doug has it. Source K. It's being held in a facility in Colorado, near the University of Denver. And it's got a huge budget…

Doug's heedless at the moment, his attention quite focused on yanking information as he goes. "Almost," he mutters. "Almost, almost… got it…!"

And -now- Doug looks up, just in time to be re-directed to -somewhere- else. Preferably far away from this person. "Uh… I'm pretty sure I wore deodorant," he mutters softly. "Don't suppose you could do anything about smells too?" he asks Audrey.

"I hate ferals," Audrey mutters. Just wait until she meets Wolverine. "Okay, guys. Hands on my shoulders, I'm killing the lights and we're running." Which is exactly what she does. Letting the invisibility fade out, she replaces it with a cloak of deep, impenetrable darkness. She can see in it, thanks to her mutation, but unless anyone else can see infrared, they're not going to see much of anything.

Brin freezes as the man being bought in speaks. Snapping her hand to Audrey's shoulder, Brins mind begins to reach out, sensing the emotions in the room, anything to give them an edge in getting out of there… of course, with everyone looking around wildly, she's not sensing a lot. Audrey can guide them, out of the room… and quickly please.

The light dies. Arbuptly. There are cries of alarm and consternation, partly at the darkness and partly at a bunch of scientists thinking they've just had a power outage and lost a lot of work. The… subject snarls and charges. Audrey, Brin and Doug can feel him rush by inches from them… and then there's a clang as he hits something a lot of something else goes clattering to the ground. Chaos. Which is the perfect window to escape.

Screw grabbing by the shoulders, there was no way they could run like -that-. Instead, Doug sticks his tablet into his shirt, grabs for hands, and runs, trying to match steps with Audrey's movements, since she was the lead horse for this one. As little noise as possible - hopefully the feral didn't have ears as sharp as his nose.

Audrey keeps the stygian darkness in the lab, though she eases it somewhat once they're moving down the hallways. Right up until they turn enough corners for her to come to a hard stop. "Okay. Okay, that thing can probably track us by scent, which means we still need to move, but let's try not to draw more attention than we have to." Keeping a hand on her gun, she works a few quick alterations to their appearance, blurring their features and turning their clothes to lab jackets.

"Let's go. Doug you got what we came for?" Brin isn't waiting as she see's her clothing blur. Walking briskly down the hallway, to the entrance they came in through. Still no weapons, Brin keeps testing with her mind, she'll likely feel the feral if it comes after them well before they see it.

There's rather more clattering in the back as the scientists and subject fumble around in the darkness. No one seems to stop them though some security does go running by them back the way they came. They're clear for the moment… if they can just make good their escape.

Letting go of everyone else, Doug attempts to shift his body language back to trying to blend back in. Which meant calming himself, and hopefully -not- fuelling more adrenaline that the feral beast could scent. Probably not much help, but they were going to make their way back out quickly enough and Doug was pulling his tablet back out to re-set security as needed behind them… which might result in some false alarms as security themselves set them off.

Audrey walks purposefully toward the door they came in, keeping a hand in the "pocket" of her lab coat, resting on her gun. Get out get out get out get out. Preferably before that thing can smell them and come after them.

Making the door, Brin holds it open so Audrey and Doug can step through. Seeing Dougs tablet out, she cants her head "Resetting security?" Good… very soon the three of them can disappear into the campus.

In the back of her mind though, Brins worrying. How much of a scent did the Feral get of them…. and can whoever that was testing him, use it?

All those are good questions. As they clear the building a gate goes down. The whole place is on lockdown. No alarms though. It's pretty silent. Doug seems to have delayed them enough that they think whomever was in there is still there. Which means if they leave now they're in the clear. The X-Men have done it again though in this case it seems to have left more questions than answers. At least they know that some of them can probably be found in Colorado.

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