Coffee and Converse

July 13, 2015:

Two Lawyers, a Queen and a Magi walk into a cafe..


A small cafe


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An active murder investigation would've been enough to keep Oliver Queen in town. Getting poisoned by the prime suspect does provide a little extra motivation, though.

He's stopped at a small cafe for a cup of coffee and a light snack, but as soon as he picks up his order he glances down at it and gives his head a small shake. Still, he carries everything over to a high-topped table and takes a seat. Once he's settled, he pulls out his phone, thumbs it to life, and starts paging through the notes he's taken thus far. Forgotten, both his sandwich and his coffee are rapidly dropping to room temperature.

Ryden is starving. He's freshly showered and shaved and mostly sober. The drugs he'd taken after the battle near Metropolis have finally worn off and so he's out and looking for food and a place to settle for the day and read. Maybe make some new contacts. Coffee! He heads into the cafe and orders two of the largest most caffeinated beverages they have and three sandwhiches before settling at the table next to Oliver's. He's dressed a bit strangely, designer jeans, green felt boots with silver buckles on the sides and a very expensive looking brown silk women's dress shirt but otherwise the man seems to be pretty normal. Very handsome in a rogueish sort of way with startling sky blue eyes. He drops a large leather backpack onto the table next to his food and then finally looks around with mild curiousity.

It's really quite convenient that one can find nearly anything they want in New York City. It's one thing that keeps people living in the city. It's certainly not the affordable real estate or the greenery. It also means that two lawyers who had just finished up at a courthouse can stop in and get some decent coffee — better than the swill that they had in the courthouse cafeteria. It's a quirk that Matt really only likes -good- coffe…and a quirk that Foggy Nelson, his law partner, appreciates even if his wallet doesn't.

"I'm not sure that it's really an issue of societal acceptance," Foggy seems to be arguing as he walks into the shop. Matt has one hand on the other's shoulder while his red-tipped, white cane swings gently out in front of him, "Sure it is. These people are no different than any other group seeking society's acceptance and inclusion. Why is this any difference than being accepting of different races and genders?" Foggy gives a grunt, "You don't see some guy at Pride also blasting a hole through the wall with his eyes. What do you want?" Matt is brought over to one of the tables near the other two patrons even as Foggy goes to order the food. The sighted lawyer can't help but give Ryden a somewhat sideways glance and as he catches sight of Oliver Queen, his eyes widen some before he continues on to the counter to order.

Matt, on the other hand seems to be waiting patiently, listening to the sounds and experiencing the different scents of the coffee shop itself. It's amazing what one can learn when they aren't glued to their smartphone.

A long swipe scrolls down, down, down the screen on Ollie's phone. When he hits the bottom he frowns and scrolls up to the 3/4 mark. Once he's found the spot he's looking for, he reaches inside his suit jacket and pulls a small notepad from an inner pocket. When it's open to the proper page he sets it next to the device so he can read and compare both at the same time.

It's not until new arrivals start popping in that he tears himself away from his work. He glances up and touches a finger to his brow in a gentlemanly (if lazy) salute to the lawyer across the way. Then he glances over at the oddly-dressed new arrival and shrugs. At close range he seems to be a bit the worse for wear after an encounter with some aconite. Tired, unshaven, a couple of meals away from being properly fed, and a bit red around the eyes. He's still Oliver Queen, though.

Ryden looks up from fishing in his back pack. If anyone were to look down they'd notice the inside seems to be a bottomless black hole. He removes two books and several newspapers as well as notepad and pen and then a brand new laptop. He tosses two the sandwiches inside, secures the lid on one of the coffees and adds it as well. His eyes narrow as he listens to Foggy's speech. Not his conversation though so he says nothing, just drops his pack on the floor. Matt gets a look over as well and then Oliver. Ryden doesn't seem to recognize him. He's been out of touch for quite some time and not caught up on all the things he's missed yet.
Ryden opens the laptop and then just kind of stares blankly at it. "Shit..what was it that dude said to do.." He frowns and starts poking around at the buttons trying to turn it on. Okay, he's been out of touch for a really long time as far as technology goes. Ryden glances around, doesn't see anyone eyeing him now that Foggy is ordering and scribbles on the notepad. -Turn on laptop- He brushes a finger over the words and the laptop comes on. "Yeah!" Ryden does a small victory pump of success.

Foggy returns to the table with two steaming mugs and a tent card of a number. One mug is set down in front of Matt while he also sits. After a moment, he leans forward to whisper to the other lawyer, "Oliver Queen is in this cafe!" Like he's just seem a movie star. He takes his mug and takes a sip before murmuring, "I wonder if he needs legal counsel on his staff."

Matt merely chuckles, "Well, if he's right here, why don't you ask him? But I thought you were tired of all that Corporate crap?" Foggy then murmurs, "I wasn't tired of the money."

Queen pops the plastic lid off of his coffee cup and gives the contents a dubious sniff. City roast, black, extra shot. He must like what he smells, beause his eyebrows shoot up and he makes a small, approving noise that starts somewhere in the back of his throat. His first sip isn't disappointing, so he takes a deeper drink of the cooled down brew.

While he releases that the look from across the way wasn't coincidental, he smiles and raises his cup to the looker and his friend. Being recognized is an occupational hazard when your net worth is difficult to accurately calculate. All one can do is handle it gracefully. "The things we do for Queen and country," he quips under his breath.

Ryden glances aside at Oliver again. He has pretty good hearing, but still no idea who Oliver Queen is, aside from it must be the man at the next table. He's used to people looking at him too, for one, he never gives a fuck about what he's wearing so long as its comfortable. Two, alot of people find his looks so pleasing they also don't care what he's wearing, aside from how quickly they can get it off of him. The uttered quip gets a charming grin before he eyes his computer again. Supposedly this laptop could tell him who Oliver Queen is but so far it's not doing him much good. Ryden gives the thing a cross look and closes it before tossing it back into the bag. Luckily he knows someone who is good with the damn things.
He'll figure it out later. Besides, food. He makes quick work of his sandwich before looking up again. Lawyers and a mystery man. So far this is turning out better than his last visit to a cafe. The oddly dressed man seems to consider something for a moment and then gazes over at the lawyers on his other side. "I don't suppose you lads have a card do you? Never know when I might need a lawyer or two." He smiles at Foggy and his companion, then seems to realize Matt likely can't see him and blinks. Well, his tone had been friendly, right?

Sandwiches are also delivered to the table with the two lawyers, one set down before each of them. Foggy has his in hand when the strangely dressed man asks about a card. He glances between Ryden and Matt, but Matt picks up the cue and reaches into his suit-jacket pocket. A business card is held out towards the voice, "Sure we do. Always carry those on me. Never know when you'll meet someone who might need a lawyer, right, Foggy?" His grin causes Fogg to sulk into his sandwich. "I'm Matt Murdock and this is my law partner, Franklin Nelson…of Nelson and Murdock." The address in Hell's Kitchen is also on the card.

Now that it's not scalding, it's easy enough for Oliver to polish off his coffee. He looks his sandwich over, but his stomach burbles unhappily. He gives his head a minute shake and stuffs the sandwich into his empty coffee cup, then caps it again.

He stands and drops the whole assembly in the trash. After he brushes off his hands, he moves back toward the table and looks the trio over curiously. "Do you have another of those cards, Mr. Murdock?" he asks. There's a small smile as he continues. "Like you said, never know when you'll might need a lawyer."

Ryden smiles and grins and then laughs a bit as he takes the card from Matt and then grasps his hand in a shake. "Ryden Sable. Say, Hell's Kitchen.. I've been hearing its not such a bad place these days. I've been poking about the city, looking for a place to set up shop." He glances over at Oliver and looks concerned. The man looks ill, or hungover. Ryden is pretty experienced with the second. He reaches into his pack, and the flap falls over revealing strange black pit inside. The man's arm disappears almost to his shoulder and he has an expression of intense concentration. "Where..ahh. Got it." He pulls a small clear glass bottle with a corked lid full of blue liquid out and then leans over to set it on Oliver's table. "It a sortof cure-all remedy." Safer than saying magical potion and the man probably won't drink something given by a stranger anyway, sure as hell wouldn't if he said thats what it was. Even in this day and age most people don't seem to think magic is real. Ryden is quite okay with that most of the time.

There's a movement from under the table and Matt gives out a little yelp before he turns to glare…from behind sunglasses…at Foggy. Needless to say, the glare isn't very effective. He reaches back into a pocket and pulls out another card, "Of course, Mr. Queen. If we can be of any help, don't hesitate to call or email." Or…whatever.

Foggy mutters around his sandwich, "Depends on what your comparison is. Is it a better place than Beverly Hills? Not at all. Is it better than Detroit? Eh. That's debatable." Matt smirks and then asks of the odd fellow, "What sort of shop are you looking to set up? There's real estate to be had, but everything's getting gentrified so it's all skyrocketing. Some people think it'll become the new Times Square."

The Queen in question accepts the card, glances it over, then tucks it away in his breast pocket. "Thanks," he replies. Whatever the man in the ladies' shirt is offering is an entirely different story. He begs off as politely as he can. "And thank you, but I think I'll be fine. Save it for a more dire emergency." That said, he gives a lazy, two-fingered wave and heads for the door.

Ryden half shrugs and waves. He'd expected as much. He drops the potion back into his bag and sprawls back in his seat to answer. "Last time I was in Hell's Kitchen was about twenty years ago. It wasn't a place I'dve considered hanging around in long, let alone opening a store. I plan on selling all the usual books people want but also buying. I'll buy any rare or older books and documents so long as they're legit. Money isn't an issue as far as location goes. I'm sort of considering M-Town but the protections I'd need are gonna be a real bitch. I don't want to end up getting burned out by some ignorant jackass. It's a real hassle."

While Foggy works on his sandwich, Matt sort of picks at his and continues the conversation. There's a brief clearing of his throat before he offers, amicably, "Both Foggy and I grew up in Hell's Kitchen." And they were certainly there 20 years ago. "A used book store? That might work in the neighborhood with all the hipsters around. I mean, you might be better aiming a little more downtown, but it's not something completely out of place."

There's a pause as he finally takes a bite of his sandwich, "Although, I'm sure Mutant-town would appreciate the new commerce. I would bet that if you scratch the surface, you'd find that most people in Mutant-Town don't want to make trouble."

"No, I know that. There are good folks there and they could use the business. Hipsters aren't really what I'm going for, I'm not going to be selling the used books, just buying, as long as they fit my criteria. I'm going to sell new books and hand crafted replicas of famous manuscripts. Like Shakespeare, or Dickens, or old maps and journals and stuff. I can make those things easily and they look just like the real thing. I guess I'm just worried about how much trouble I'm likely to get into over there. I mean shit, people are crazy. I was there last week.. that fire." Ryden's voice goes anguished. "All those kids.." He looks at the table and clenches his fists. If he'd been a little stronger, a little faster, shown up just a bit earlier.. "I can't stand by and watch that kinda thing go down. I've never been able to. Not really conducive to business, but well, shit. It's not like I'm doing this for the money anyway." He thinks for a moment and then shakes his head. "I wasn't dissing Hell's Kitchen back there, i just meant, it was a dangerous place. I'm glad that has changed some."

"I'm not sure that you can actually control who finds your shop interesting," Matt quips. "I just know with the whole 'Renew, reuse, recycle' movement, consignment shops for clothes, books…you name it, are popping up all over and the hipsters seem to like it. If you're looking for a clientele who wants and can afford replicas of classic literature and old maps, you're better off looking at the Upper East or Upper West side." Foggy nods in aggrement. "If you want 'safe', I'd also look un Upper Manhattan."

Ryden nods. "That's pretty much what I figured. I've been looking there too but gods, there are so many zoning laws and building codes and shit. I'm going to want to make changes to whatever building I buy and not all of those changes are something I can easily explain. How do I get a permit for magical expansion? Or a magic-based security system?" Ryden frowns and shrugs a bit. "They looked at me like I was nuts. Which, I get but, it's not helping me find a place any faster. I thought maybe M-Town or Hell's Kitchen, it'd be easier to get people to look the other way, or at least believe me when I ask questions like that and not think I'm some sort of whack job." He looks between the two lawyers. "Would that be something you guys know anything about?"

Foggy nearly chokes on his bite of sandwich and has to wash it down with some of the cooling coffee and even Matt seems startled by the words that the other chooses. "I…" since he still has his voice, "You're going to be suspect to the same zoning laws in Hell's Kitchen as you are in the rest of the city. Zoning Laws are…well, they're just that. They're laws. You can't really get around them that easily." He turns as if asking Foggy for some help, but the other is still coughing. "I mean, even if you were married to the zoning commissioner and had tons of money to throw at it, I'm not sure that 'magical expansion and security' would fly. I…I'm not even sure M-Town would take that. It's still on New York soil."

Ryden kind of grins. Wow, these guys have no idea. He is soooo not the only person with this kind of thing on his buildings. His is just going to be the only one he knows about open to the general public. "Bah. This is going to be a lot more work than I was hoping. Considering the current climate, I doubt it'd be easy to get offical permission for what I'm going to do." He shrugs. "I'll be damned if I'm going to leave myself open to any kind of damage or attack though. Do you now how many kids died in that building? Forty. Forty children. And those were the ones who died from fire and smoke inhalation. Not counting the ones shot to death outside by snipers. One of them was a human detective trying to help, and this stuff is happening every where. I would rather work within the law but if I can't.." Ryden considers. He's not about to mention breaking it in front of a pair of lawyers. "I'll have to find some other way. It's not just a matter of protection of assests for me. It's more complicated than that. Even if my building were to catch on fire from a wiring mistake or something, I really need that to not happen. I can prevent it, easily and much better than a sprinkler system or fire alarm would."

Both Matt and Foggy are rather struck speechless. Foggy has finally stopped coughing and Matt seems a little more interested in his sandwich. "Yes, it's really awful about what happened to those kids. Horrible. I hope that people see that these were children who were attacked…in their own backyard here…merely because they were different and finally step up and do something about it. I know Foggy and I are trying to help as best as we know how." However. "I do wish you luck on whatever venture you choose to go with and your zoning requests. I mean, maybe someone will go for it. We don't really do Real Estate Law so maybe there's something new on the books that we just don't know about.

Ryden nods, remembers Matt can't see and replies aloud. "Well, research is one of my things so I should be able to find out easily enough. It's good to hear there are people helping, even if it isn't their cause. I know I don't look all that old." He looks from Foggy who can see him, back to Matt. "Around thirty I suppose. Looks can be deceiving. People aren't always what they seem. I've been around a really long time, and I can tell you for sure, when people stand by and do nothing, things like this, they only get worse and just for the victims but for everybody. It gets really old you know? No matter how many years go by, people still fighting the same stupid fights for the same stupid reasons. We're all people, no matter what we look like, or can and can't do. Humans, mutants, gods, aliens, and others. Thats one thing we all share. The rest shouldn't matter so much. But if there is another thing thats a universal truth, assholes are everywhere." Ryden shrugs and gives a dark sort of smile. "That'll probably never change but I can hope I suppose.

Foggy points out, "Technically, I don't think gods or aliens are 'people'. I mean…they're humanoid, maybe, but…ow!" And now it's his turn to get kicked under the table. Matt nods to Ryden, "Well, we can hope with all the social progress we've made in the last sixty years that this transition won't be so difficult as there's already precedent." He quickly finishes his sandwich and his drink, "We should be getting back to the office though. It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr…" he holds out a hand in Ryden's direction and waits.

Ryden gives Foggy a look of disappointment. For a lawyer he'd expected someone smarter. Or at least…smoother. "Sable, Ryden Sable. They're people too Mr Nelson, I can assure you. They think, they feel, they eat and sleep and screw and live just like the rest of us." He gives Matt a firm handshake. "It was a pleasure meeting you too Mr. Murdock. I hope the rest of your day is pleasant." He grins and holds out his hand to Foggy next, half expecting the man to refuse but gods its hard not to mess with narrow minded people.

Foggy's view seems to be similar to most — they haven't seen those who declare themselves 'gods' or 'aliens' act human yet. Maybe that's something that's needed? Nevertheless, he will shake the odd man's hand. "You too, Mr. Sable." He then stands and moves over to help Matt get past the sea of chairs and tables. Murdock, after shaking the hand will also stand, "Good luck with your real estate search. Let us know when your shop opens…we'll definitely come in and take a look around." So to speak.

Ryden nods, a thoughtful expression on his face when Foggy returns the handshake. There's something working around in the back of his mind triggered by Foggy's words and then gesture and recent events. An idea maybe, it'll come forward when it's ready. "Will do! You lads be safe out there and.." He fishes a card with just his name and cellphone number on it and hands it to Foggy. "If you ever need help or are in some kind of jam then give me a call. I might be able to do something for you, or know someone who can." With that he turns and starts opening up his newspapers. He should at least make a token effort to work today.

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