JL:Avengers? New Directions

November 08, 2014:

Superman and Wonder Woman open Justice League doors to the Avengers Initiative. (Half of) The Justice League commits itself to the aid of the United Nations and SHIELD. Batman completely dissolves his connection to the League and their new allies.

The Watchtower

Orbital satellite circling the Earth that has been re-modified to house and operate as a command post for the Justice League.


NPCs: SHIELD Director Nick Fury (emitted by Hawkeye), Unnamed SHIELD Sci-Tech Agent (emitted by Batman), SHIELD Agents


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The whir sound of a suspensor chair announces movement in the center of the Justice League Watchtower. The Monitor Womb, the hub of intelligence and data collection for the entire League. The individual zipping around on the chair? A figure in a SHIELD uniform. Not a person who had ever been on the Watchtower before. Nor even conceived of.

Once upon a time this was the Dark Knight's favorite location inside of the orbiting satellite station. Now, the grim visage of the Bat is exactly that. Grim.

"This is just amazing. Absolutely amazing, Kryptonian tech, Amazonian… a collection of others, who is? Huh?" The man goes silent as he looks over his shoulder at the dark clad vigilante who stands there stone cold and quiet.

That long expanse of silence finally breaks, "Don't bother digging. There are fail safes in order to obscure and protect some of the Justice Leagues previous benefactors. " A fair enough warning. Who knows what the fabled Bat of Gotham has installed on these systems. SHIELD will find out later no doubt.

"Power Annex online and in full energy circulation. Optimal performance. Scanning hangar. Scann… " The list goes on as the Watchtower computer system is swept by the newcomers. "We're SHIELD, we're not the bad guys. You don't need to hide them fro-"

"Save it. I know exactly who you are."

The man with the spectacles goes quiet and glances around for a superior before continiung what he was instructed. This is a monumental leap for SHIELD, the UN and the world itself. The SHIELD tech is just excited to be a part of it even if the black clad nightmare behind him is just stoicly standing there. No sounds. Nothing. Just staring. Watching.

"Creep." The tech whispers under his breath.

"You get used to him," Superman says with a bit of a chuckle as he looks over his shoulder towards the SHIELD worker. His head turns back, spit curl dancing upon his forehead, and looks towards the view port; the expanse of the Earth, sitting out in front of him. He's not entirely sure this meeting is a good idea. He is pretty sure that Bruce is entirely sure it's a bad idea. But since the latter's leaving the triumvirate-the old guard of friends, things needed to change. He had enough faith in Diana that all of this would be fine in the end. Finding their way, however, might be difficult.

It's actually pretty damned easy to notice the SHIELD contingent. It's led by a large black man with a no-nonsense expression on his face, and a black leather eye-patch covering one eye. The dark leather long jacket billows as he walks in purposeful strides, looking unimpressed with the layout and the tech that had to be in place to build such a wonder. Doesn't mean he is actually unimpressed- he just isn't showing it.

As Director Fury approaches, he's got his sight set on Superman first, Batman will be second. A hand extends in greeting to the Kryptonian, professional manner in place. "Thank you for hearing us out. This is Agent Barton, whom you may have spoken to before, and Agent Prince."

Clint Barton is part of the retinue, though he appears to be currently bow-less. No arrows either. While the Director may seem blase about the place, Clint is looking around, wide-eyed, and more than one whistle escapes the archer. "Man… could practice zero grav archery. That. That would be fun." When they do finally get to the Womb, he stops when the Director does, offering a smile and a wave to the famous Superman.

Superman says, "I've never watched psyche."

Earlier, before this was set to be in motion Wonder Woman brought Hawkgirl up to the Watchtower. An area set in space, a place likely held closer to home to the woman save the heavy reinforced walls that kept the vacuum out, the only nature that of potted plants, though some Amazonian to survive the severe atmospheric changes. Strong people and strong life. Also marking this as a 'home' of the woman's.

Leaving Hawkgirl to her devices and to wandering the place she is now newly welcomed to Wonder Women went to greet the newcomers…

…and join them.

Behind that of Nick Fury the staccato of heels comes across the flooring, the pace kept easy with the other two men, though her height easily peaks over theirs, the typical flow of long noir hair held up in a loose bun, purposeful in the fall of a few waves from its hold, all the while her figure is bound in that of black and white. A white button up beneath a black blazer, left open but not to take away from the crispness of the imagery. The pants fitted at the hips but beginning their trouser flare mid thigh down. From behind glasses that familiar cerulean gaze peers, upon introduction one hand rises and she steps forward to shake their hands.

No introduction necessary, even the light flash of vambrace beneath the sleeves of the suit will tell much more if they catch it.

Earlier in the day, her own abode within the Watchtower was bombarded with visions of human living left upon the large cot of the bed that she would be sleeping in. Various arrays of looks; ranging from jeans to feminine trousers, and lady-like shirts all designed to leave the back out so that her natural appendages would have room to breathe.

None of these were taken up, save for the pair of socks that tickled her toes and made them feel loved and hugged by a mother who wiggles the phalanges of a newborn babe.

Helmet was forgotten, allowing brown tresses to flow free from their bondage, dancing along exposed shoulders to cover exposed back of the halter she's forced to wear. Though she does not look as professional as Diana, she attempts an appearance as a regular Jane complete with riding boots that envelope black leggings.

There were no introductions for her, not that she was known, but none were going to be given in this instance. Each person present, however was looked at, examined, crossed over and promptly passed by with a flutter of wings that took her to the closet screen so that she could admire the stars, just as she used to do. Anti-social and introverted, at its finest.

"Director Fury." The technician addresses respectfully before floating in that chair off towards the left bank of monitors. "This is just… I'm… " What is that a tear of excitement? That SHIELD Sci-Tech agent is getting worked up so much he's flustered. Best to hide his face and look busy!

The Dark Knight turns and gives Superman a passing glance of annoyance before his cowled gaze settles upon Nick Fury, 'Agent' Prince, Shayera and Barton. "Whats to hear out? Is this where you thank them for selling out to SHIELD?" The words selling out emphasized as he looks at Diana's attire.
Preparation to evacuate the Watchtower and scrub all traces of Wayne beyond a citizen supporter, finance and resource backer (which is not unheard of - the League had/has quite the list of them) already completed.
The Bat seen to it himself.
Bruce was given a heads up this was decided and happening by Clark and Diana a while ago before he even went reservist for the team, now, he won't even be that. He doesn't like this, not one bit, it's obvious to the two who know him best by his entire demeanor. That under the surface simmering rage isn't exactly easy to obscure even for a man with almost supernatural discipline and composure.
Superman gives a nod and a smile to Fury. "Director; it's nice to meet you and your allies. Thank you for offering this meeting. We're eager to talk about your ideas." He shakes Fury's hand with a firm grip and gives another nod. "Welcome to the Watchtower."

As Diana enters, Superman's parted lips grow a bit wider as he gives her, too, a nod. "Good evening, Wonder Woman. Looks like you've brought a friend."

"Hello to you too, Agent Barton." Looks like everyone is here and ready to begin-and then Bruce starts pissing on the parade. Superman's smile fades just a touch and for just a split second, he closes his eyes to regain his own composure. To Superman, Batman had already quit. What he wanted would matter little; it was Diana and Superman would need to ensure the future of the team.

One of the myriad techs under his command, the Director nods at the excited tech, finishing it up with 'Son'. The placement up here is both a blessing and a curse; added responsibility to go with the fun of discovery.

It's easy to see, to feel the anger at the thought of 'selling out', and the Director looks directly at the cowled Batman. "We're not the enemy here. I thought you didn't have to have that spoken out loud." Pointing to the Earth below and then to the stars past the glowing planet, he continues, "There's a lot of bad people out there, and I'll be frank; the SRD can't handle it, and SHIELD can come up short. So far, we've been lucky with random superheroes to save the day, but I sure as hell can't bank on it all the time."

The purpose of the visit laid out right here. Now, Fury finishes the warm handshake and retrieves his hand. "I figured it was high time that we pooled our resources and got something that we all could agree on."

Clint offers his hand briefly to Superman before he pulls back and gives a wave to Hawkgirl. Though, Superman's greeting to Agent Prince brings his attention around, brows rising. So as not to interrupt the proceedings, or rather, the Director himself, he mouths the words to the other SHIELD agent beside him. 'Wonder Woman'? Really? Now the battle begins; exactly what did he say on the trip up into orbit? Uh oh.

Superman gets a small smile in response to his look and then words to follow. This is a planned meeting where a few secrets will be revealed to very few people, and those present are those chosen. Though, one thing will not remain on the /hush/ and that is the merger, eventually the people will see and know.

Batman's reaction is what makes Diana's brows furrow, she knows that look, and the feeling of his rage is palpable, making her keep her hand extended a moment longer before she drops it and iped palm along the outer thigh of her pants.

The look to him only left quite a bit more open, but at least it is there for the taking should that seething shadow choose to… Ever.

Stepping back beside Hawkeye but now between the two obvious groups, Diana nods and folds her hands neatly in front of her, clasped. "I want to know both sides. It's only fair." As she says as much she shoots Batman one last /look/, Superman already understanding, and then Hawkgirl, who is utterly new and thrust within their path.

It was hard for Shayera at least, to pay attention to these proceedings. She really had no stock in the people of this Terra, only for the fact that they are hiding a beast amongst men, and were in danger for it. So selling out? What was it and what did she buy?

Waves, smiles, and other forms of greetings ill or ignored were met with a simple nod, a swift turn to plant her bottom against railing, arms folded across her chest to watch from afar of those speak of matters that she knows not of were going to be watched, studied, and analyzed.

Aside for holing up at the Embassy, watching reruns of Cosby Show and Facts of Life, this ought to be a bit more interesting, and telling. Keeping quiet is much more proper than blurting out the obvious.

"No, you're not an enemy. Not directly." Batman admits as Wonder Woman retracts her unshaken hand. "I also understand the appeal this has to the Amazon and the Boy Scout." That doesn't mean it has any for him. He's done with the League after all. This just drives the nail in further.

Lifting up what looks like a small tablet the Caped Crusader begins issuing orders throughout the Watchtower. "I have relinquished all of my command codes to Superman and Wonder Woman. SHIELD should now be capable of remote interface and access under their authorization. Where you wish to begin that is on the rest of you."

"Also I am taking a Javelin."

A second later a string of words in a robotic voice transmits at a frequency so low only Wonder Woman and Superman would be able to hear, "Like fire, a dangerous servant and fearful master." Apparently Batman's being a cynic and that is the new master command key also a warning message of his own. Who can blame a guy who spends most of his time in a cave for harboring some conspiracy theories.

The tablet is tapped on as Batman makes himself busy near the Monitor Womb again. Checking things over for the hundredth time and then some.

Superman ignores Batman's comments and barbs. For Bruce everyone is an enemy. That's why he struggles to get control of one city. But there not here today to talk about one city; they're here today to talk about all of them.

"Director Fury, would you mind giving us some details on how you see this working? Obviously Wonder Woman and myself will have some questions and obviously there will be some things we need to hammer out. At the same time I want you to know that I feel very strongly that we have a lot of potential to make some really helpful things happen by joining forces. I don't want to speak for Wonder Woman; those are just my feelings."

The Director looks out over the expanse of the world below, and he begins, ignoring for now the tirade of the Bat. He's been to Gotham. It needs all the help it can get, and it may yet receive help from this fledgling group.

Linking his hands behind his back, Fury looks to Superman and seeks to make direct eye contact. "I started something last year, was supposed to work. The Avengers Initiative. Sad to say, it didn't make it out, but not because we didn't want it. There were elements missing, and now, I think I can say that pieces are beginning to look like they could fit, if the other players would share their parts. And that's exactly what I mean. Partnership. All this would be virtually autonomous, but there has to be accountability."

Barton's looks impressed; who knew? He didn't, and he knows things! Now, he looks across to Agent Prince, and looks as if his hands are about to move, but they stop. Wonder Woman… would she -really- know sign language? Really? Instead, Clint stays quiet, his hands stay quiet, or rather, they're shoved into his pants pockets.

Every one of them has their own personal struggles, and that is why they are here, right now. Or pulling out. But not completely, not fully, even taking a /piece/ says otherwise. It is hard to let go of what you helped create and you can never truly escape it: Human, Alien, or Superhuman.

Ever the peacekeeper it always ends in bruises but never regrets for Wonder Woman. "Take the Javelin, then, if that is what it takes." Diana states evenly, no spite in her tone, only an evenness and perhaps somewhere in there a bit of loss at the former team member and friend. At least the latter will not end, hopefully, and that holds more weight here on a personal level.

Batman has reason for suspicion, reason and logic that puts her in a power suit instead of her typical Ambassador regalia of comfort. Though, the passes of tense looks and unspoken words Diana is taking a step towards Hawkgirl - neutral ground still placed between the two and on the opposing side of the brooding Batman.

"Potential is the perfect word, and we share what we are comfortable sharing. That being -one- goal in the end. Am I correct?" Though the final question did not need to me such, it was a statement as well. "We keep the people safe, we are the response higher threats receive when all they expect utter domination and victory. We stand sentinel and move when we need to."

Pausing she looks over at Batman, though now silent and busying himself, she knows he is listening. "We exact justice."

Behind the glasses she blinks, catching the motion from Clint, a dark brow raising with one corner of her lips and a light tilt of her head. Do go on Agent Barton…

To protect a world that she really has no stake in, save for one, even that is on shaky ground and not contested as of yet. Their intentions seem noble, that is something she could admire and see herself joining in the future, but as always, one has to look out for themselves first before attempting to fix others.

Once Diana makes her approach she stands tall, arms still folded, yet on the defense. She wasn't worried about being attacked, no, but she was going to speak. She wanted to know.

"And what does he think?" She finally pipes up. During her time, little factoids and tidbits of the caped crusader, dubbed as the worlds greatest detective was spoken amongst the watchers of her people. Eyes gone to Batman now, seeking an answer that she possibly may not get and have to seek out on her own time. "Why is he so against this union if the goals.. your goals, are all the same?"

"Holographic projection technology, PODS backup power system, hydrogen generator, training room has VR capabilities, I wonder how extensive… arboretum has segregated micro-ecosystems with… a list of plants not native to Earth? Outstanding. Absolutely just… " The tech continues to ramble on as he maneuvers that 'hover' chair around. "Teleportation system!? Oh… it doesn't work. That is sad."

"It works. As long as you have regenerative capabilities." Batman corrects.

The Sci-Tech officer envisions that then marks it as not functional, "That doesn't sound like it works to me. Does it work for inorganic material?"

No answer on that one Batman is already absorbed in something else, his fingers sliding along the tablet in front of him not looking up at the Themysciran, "I've already moved it."
A pause has him actually moving to stand over by Hawkeye (a bio read later) and that earlier light smirk appears across the Dark Knight's features. "Not very impressed by my replacement. I expected someone… taller." The tablet disappears inside the cape he is wearing and Batman is actually extending a small satchel to Clint. "Take these. You may need them at some point."


Superman raises his eyebrows. "Accountability is a catchphrase conservatives use to talk about power. I'm not interested in power or politics."

"Because he doesn't trust what he can't control," Superman says towards Hawkgirl. The words didn't have the same caution and tranquility as Diana, and for that he kicks himself inwardly. Quitting was one of the biggest swear words in the Kent household. It's not how he was raised and he would never understand it. Obviously there are some hurt feelings, or lost feelings.

An exhale is given after Batman talks of his 'replacement'. Clark is very sure that there is no real replacement for Bruce, in more ways than one.

Fury isn't ignoring Hawkgirl, he isn't. He's bringing her in with the one-eyed gaze at the gathered as he speaks. "I mean exactly that. Accountability. No 'oh, sorry, we just blew up New York City, you're welcome'. Means that there's an answering authority, and in turn, there's someone to cover your asses as well. Everyone has a boss." Even Director Fury. "I know that I can trust a group like this not to do something stupid, but unfortunately, people still surprise me."

Fury doesn't give the tech a glance. The younger man should know what he's doing; it's why he was chosen.

"One goal in the end, Agent- Wonder Woman. You keep the world safe from threats that the normal agencies just can't handle properly. And the United Nations gives you the benefit of the doubt that you're acting in the world's best interest and leaves you alone. Or, in a perfect world, actually -helps- your mission." Accountability is a two way street.

Barton's brows rise and he slides his hands out of his pockets, blue eyes on this 'Agent Prince'. Fingers move, Seriously? Wonder Woman? We were working with Wonder Woman? Colour him impressed.

Batman's approach brings the archer's attention around, however, and he watches Batman's approach. He's puzzled at the offering, and will dig into the bag later, but it'll be hard. Kid. Christmas. The unknown hidden away. "Your replacement? Pretty sure you don't shoot archery?"

"I'm an ambassador for my people, a warrior for my people, a champion for them, and I desire to be what it take to bridge the gaps in between and be a hero for all. Politics is at home, power is sought by the weak for compensation and often abused." Diana states as she gestures a hand towards Superman, assigning with his statement. "This is not meant to be something I already do. This is not my job, this is my passion."

Pausing she watches and listens to the exchange between Hawkeye and Batman, her lips drawing thin as she looks away, and intentional gesture to not even partake in it or acknowledge it for the moment.

"If we answer to anyone, we should answer to ourselves." Though, easier said by the avatar of Truth, as she finally speaks in response to Hawkgirl, and interrupts.

"Because something like this before has ended badly. Trust is earned, not given. Am I right? Though you are capable of peaking for yourself while you attempt to check out and fail horribly at it."

A derisive snort now escapes Wonder Woman as she looks away again and then looks back. Deadpan and resolute. "Your seat will not be occupied, nor will Hawkeye's if he left, but they are not the same seats, nor will they ever be. You'll be back for yours.." Even if in brevity.

"Yes, we're working together. Pleasure Hawkeye." Despite the moment of strain she smiles, a genuine gesture.

Shayera understood, all sides it seems. If people were all agreeable to it, it warranted an investigation. If even one person were against it, it warranted an investigation. There were now two shakes about anything here, she was going to dig, search, find, and make her own choices right then and there.

Piece was spoken, questions asked, and she settles back into that same relaxed state. Nothing more to say at this point, unless more questions were needed.

"I can, I don't. Just take it." No more words or explanations for Agent Barton. Batman's shown about as much politeness as he usually manages to any random.
Looking between Hawkgirl and Superman the Batman's tight smile fades completely, "If a fear for lack of control was my chief concern I would never have been a part of the League. No, this is much more than that. This is an extension of trust in to dangerous directions, directions I am unwilling to venture."
All further evidence and justification to Batman's choices being the right ones. This encounter is helping him sort all of that, every time SHIELD
Director Nicholas Fury opens his mouth he feels more at ease with his decisions, accountability, authority, greater good… the man may have once been a soldier and a hero but he's a politician now.
The Dark Knight does not engage in politics. A realm where there are no true heroes.

"Hope is Superman's thing. Stick with peace, Wonder Woman."

"I have more questions, Man-Bat… er sorry, Batman." The tech says, one hand lifted in to the air with a pencil in it. Like a student awaiting acknowledgment from his professor.

"It's designed to be rather intuitive, you'll figure it out." Batdickery is a service with no smile.

"And I presume you'd decide that it would be you to be our boss. Who is your boss, Mr. Fury?" Superman folds his arms, "And why would Wonder Woman and I want to work for you? There are some who would argue that it should be the other way around. That you should have more accountability. Maybe to us, maybe to the American people or the people of the world. Pardon me if I bristle at your idea of accountability. That's never been a strong point of your organization."

"What do you care?" Superman asks Batman. He's not as hopeful, despite hope being his thing, as Diana is that the friendship will last. "I thought you quit."

"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't you a guest on -my- planet, Superman? You living here, like everyone else in this room is accountable to the people down there." Fury points down onto the planet that revolves below. "I'm having a problem with you not willing to play by the rules. I'm here, offering you all basically a charter to do good for the world, things we can't touch, or in some cases won't, and you're arguing about having to answer to someone? Really?"

The Director looks around at those gathered, including his own people before he looks back at Superman. "Yeah, you're presuming wrong. I'm a coordinator. I'm the one that says, 'This shit just got real and we have to call someone.' And, I'm hoping that it'd be you all up here."

Hawkeye takes the satchel and offers a nodded thanks with a silent 'huh' behind it. Wonder Woman's words gains a nod of approval from the archer, for both messages. Neither of the men are the same; they both, undoubtedly would fill much different roles. "Hate to lose you on this one, Batman. Seriously."

"That's where I come in." Diana states now. Peace is her thing, though hope is not far behind, ever. It comes hand in hand, even if one wighs more then the other as the old adage goes.

Stepping forward from her place near Hawkgirl, she lifts a hand and adjusts the glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. "I don't think it is a matter of who is a guest where. Neither of you would be welcome in my home, but it is relative. If it meant life or death even tense truces need to be made, adjustments. I am just that. I work as an Agent, I gain an understanding of your operations while in your employ and under your directive. I get treated as any other Agent because only you all know who I am anyway, and I expect you to forget this. Because when it is all over and I am called to help on another level, there is a different protocol to be weighed and respected and I will have the necessary perspective."

Pausing now she takes the glasses off, they're highly unnecessary and she thinks her point has been made anyway.

A lift of an unseen brow behind Batman's cowl is given off towards Fury and Kal-El, the dialogue contents is the part that has him intrigued. It looks as though the cats out of the bag on that front. SHIELD apparently knows Clark isn't just an overly powerful mutant or metahuman but an alien. Would only have been a matter of time considering the Kryptonian tech they're all floating around the planet in anyways. Superman is likely prepared. The Boy Scout despite his odd moments of naive is no idiot.

No words are given to Hawkeye's commentary. Batman's silent now as he looms there, quietly watching the conversation unfold. At this point he's done. He's scrubbed the Watchtower clean of his presence electronically and otherwise.

Really he's just lingering to watch it all unfold and to give his farewells? Or he's just waiting transpo. Thats probably most likely. The Javelin he requisitioned is still in transit and he needs it to get back to Earth.

"You are wrong, but I forgive you." Superman responds with a shake of his head. " I'm an immigrant, not a guest. Not anymore than we're all guests on this planet, anyways. And I imagine I will be here long after your gone, Mr. Fury." Superman chuckles at him, "Don't worry, I won't hold it against you."

Superman gives a big sigh and looks over at Diana trying to get a read on what she thinks.

"I'm absolutely going to argue about having to answer to you. Currently we answer to ourselves and have already been able to do some good. Again, I ask, why would we want to work for you, Fury? For me, this is the crux, and if you can give me a reason that makes sense to me, I'd be more than happy to join forces. Getting frustrated is probably not your best tactic, if you're trying to recruit me."

Fury swings around to Wonder Woman and points at her as she makes her point. "And that protocol needs to have a back. Someone to tell everyone else to back off. You get into the mix and the Russkies don't like it? Last thing we need is someone lobbing missiles at New York City or name a city on that damned world because they wanted to handle the problem. You may not like politics, but that planet is filled with it. From little petty dictators to big petty dictators, it's got 'em all." The unseemingly unblinking eye turns slowly and looks at Superman. "Because I can give you the leeway you're gonna need. I'm gonna be able to give you those free passes that the President won't want to give because I'm gonna be covering your asses. The least you can do is to actually take some guidance and coordination."

Fury looks at Superman and he exhales in a long breath, "And I have a feeling we're gonna be needing a coordinated group like this one sooner rather than later."

Diana exhales… Slowly. /Grant me the serenity…/ Blue eyes roll upward as she eyes the ceiling in all of its flat metal finery, undoing a button of the white blouse as the density in the room just went up a notch and fresh air is about needed. When Fury agreed with her she raised her hands in the air as if thanking her Gods. But once Fury was done speaking she looks back at them all and folds her arms across her chest, those vambraces now showing fully in the rise of her sleeves.

"We need to meet in the middle though. We run this as preliminary, we test it and make adjustments we can all agree on. Superman and I, as well as Batman have only had to answer to our own conscience, and have done right so far for it. We all need to be willing to open up or return to the way we were."

Hawkgirl really had no place here, as of yet. So hands soon unfurl from their position to rest at her thighs with a light slap, and with a quick lean forward she boosts herself from her spot. She was leaving, really. All this talk of defending folks she has no clue about and still puzzle her to this day already adds a large amount of shit thrown onto her plate. But she doesn't dare speak that out loud.

"With that said, I excuse myself from this little chat in favor of better pastures." There was a few psychological books written by this Terra's top notch scientists she had waiting for her. Along with a program that discusses mechanics and.. cars. Their cars, things of beauties, something that if she's stuck here for a while? She plans to sink her fingers into. "People." She nods towards Superman, Fury, and Hawkeye. She didn't know their names well enough. "Lady." To Diana. "Detective." To Batman. Departures already given and she was crossing the floor towards the elevator that would carry her up.. or down, depending on which way she wanted to go.

In his usual fashion the Batman is already seeing himself out. Now gone from the immediate discussion and gathering he is already striding past automatic doors on his path towards the hangar. He knows the way to see himself out. The Justice League has many changes ahead.

The Sci-Tech agent pushes his glasses up his nose and looks from Wonder Woman to Fury, Hawkeye, Shayera and Superman then after the Bat. He still feels like he is holding his breath though, this is intense! Some of the most powerful people in the world all gathered in one place.

There is a momentary blip on his tablet and he frowns, attempting to trace it before it skips off in to the nowhere realms of lost data. He'll determine what that is later. Lots of new toys for SHIELD to play with on the Watchtower… well, if Superman and Wonder Woman permit them that clearance.

The SHIELD nerd can't help but let his gaze linger on the Thanagarian woman also, whats her story, right? Plus these superheroines always have amazing bodies that any male straight or otherwise couldn't help but appreciate.

Superman exhales and as he does so his shoulders slump a little bit. He genuinely wanted this to work, but he's just not been convinced. Covering for Superman and Wonder Woman isn't something Clark has thought they needed. It's a small payoff for essentially selling out-to use Bruce's words. And Superman is pretty sure that in the end, selling out have a bigger price. He looks to Diana and gives a half head turn. She knows him well enough to know he's not on board.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Fury. I have no doubt that your heart is in the right place on this. I'm just not convinced that this is a good idea long term for me. I'll support you in any way you might need, and you can feel free to call on me. I just don't think this makes much sense from my perspective."

Diana looks at Superman, there is only the same understanding on his stance as she gave Batman on his similar stance. Her own has been made and she is already dismissing herself, the cacophonous echo of heels taking her away down the corridor to other areas of the Watchtower. She has guests to entertain and hair to let down so to speak!

"You all know how to contact me should the need arise."

"Thank you." The words come as an explosion out of the Director's mouth when he swings around to Wonder Woman once again. "And this is why you are welcome in my agency. You talk sense." (In the background, Hawkeye can be seen mouthing 'yes!')

Fury is willing to negotiate, to compromise, all within reasonable perimeters. It's when Superman declines that the Director looks at those gathered, and a nod is given to Hawkgirl's words of departure. "I guess we're done here. I appreciate your time, Superman. Wonder Woman," and here, he pauses before, "Agent Prince." Spinning around, he barks out, "Barton," before he departs the station himself, headed back to Earth to work out exactly how this all can possibly be salvaged.

Hawkeye, who has remained (reasonably) quiet turns about to follow the boss back, and a glance is given to those still remaining. "Hope to see you guys soon." Yes! Working with Wonder Woman!

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