Healing Black Ice

July 11, 2015:

Wanda, Brinley and Jean combine forces to remove the corruptive energy from Bobby

X-Red HQ - New York


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Finding Wanda… can be challenging. Brin knows this and knowing that she and Jean could use the assistance to remove Bobby's affliction, she's been out looking. It's taken several days but finally, Brin has encouraged Wanda to join her at X-Red HQ, along with Jean and Bobby

"Now Wanda, you told me that Bobby had to be sedated." Brin blows out a breath, it's likely Wanda doesn't remember this "Dr Grey can do this and believes she can guide me through what needs to be done, but really, if Mimic's correct, you're the best one to do this." Brin… does not want to be messing about in Bobby's head.

Wanda nods solemnly to Brinley. "That would make sense" she notes about the sedation, "That is good thinking. It would break the bond…for a bit. The infection only works when it can feed on his emotions and thoughts. When that is not there, it sort of…" She purses her lips as she tries to think of the word. "…hovers. Waiting. That is when we could get it." A smile for Brinley. "You are very smart."

A deep breath as Wanda offers Jean a wary look. She doesn't really know who she is but can guess her presence here means it is serious that she is. "Do you want to do this, Bobby?"

Brinley had quite firmly told Bobby to sit down. So he looks at the three woman nearby with a small amoutn of trepidation. "Do I have a choice?" He murmurs. "Yes it should probably be done. I don't like blacking out and losing time. WHo knows what I'm doing?"

Jean was there waiting, cup of coffee in her hand, idly sipping as her gaze fall towards the ceiling. In that moment she looked a little bit like a space cadet, even swaying left and right until she finally focuses in upon the conversation, a smile of warmth given to the three. "You do have a choice, Bobby. After its done. That is." Connundrum of words. Just like the rest. The last of the coffee is sipped as she places the cup down, approaching Bobby from behind as she glances towards the two women, her fingers raising to sink against his scalp to give him a quick scratch. "You'll be alright. Ready, ladies?"

Poor Bobby. Brin can be quite insistent when needed. Wanda's words get a small and a smile, Brins not going to try and explain it Wanda's suggestion. Sitting in front of Bobby, taking his hands - just like the last time "You get a choice, like Dr Grey says, after we've done this."

Glancing between Wanda and Jean, Brin nods "I'm ready. Dr Grey, if you will… " knock Bobby out, is what she doesn't add.

"I know what you were doing" sniffs Wanda about Bobby's blackouts in a 'not jealous in any way' manner. She could add a bit more spice but this is serious as she raises her hand, scarlet energy forming around it before she places it on his forehead. "Do you want a choice, Bobby? If you said 'no'…would that be you talking?" A nod to Jean before she glances to Brinley. "Make sure he doesn't die, Brin."

Jean waits ample time for goodbyes, looking in between Brinley and Wanda as she herself powers up to lightly touch Bobby's head. "Or get brain damage.." Jean idly comments in a murmur, a slight teasing smile drawn upon lips as her eyes close, fingers pressing a little hard against his scalp..

..he could possibly feel her seconds before he's out, the tickling crawl at the base of his scalp that radiates to his forehead. And then he's gone. Outcold. Much as he was before. But this time? She does not pull herself in. Being in Bobby's head was dangerous for her.

"Establish a link between all Brinley. Start slow."

Bobby's head slumps forward. He's out. For now. It remains to be seen how he reacts to the 'treatment'.

Brin swallows as Jean and Wanda make their suggestions, and squeezes Bobbys hands. "It'll be al… " and then Bobby's out. Drawing in a deep breath, Brin closes her eyes, and lets her mind reach out to Bobby, then Jean and finally Wanda. She's done exercises like this when she was younger, but hasn't really practiced them at this level.

Slowly, the bridge between the four minds is made - Brinley acting at the centre.

"Be careful, Brin" Wanda whispers in their linked minds. "Bridges work both ways." Wanda closes her eyes and concentrates, her power seeping into Bobby's mind and beyond. "At least he wasn't hit as bad as Nyx" she offers as she searches for her own darkness. "But it is deeper than I expected…did Bobby like being a good person?"

It was a gentle nudge, the bridge fortified by Jean's own mind.. but kept in the background so that Brinley could maintain control. It was like a hand upon their shoulders, not an overlapping comfort but a notice that they all were there. "She is right." Jean replies quietly. "But I will pick up if it gets too dangerous. But now you must lead. Be our guide and our light. Help Wanda find the inner torment, and if you have to, coax it out.."

She didn't have to think about Wanda's question, a slight nudge of the women given. "I assume so. But I have a feeling you can ask him that yourself soon enough."

Wanda's power reacts the instant she touches it, and it does go deep. Bobby wasn't hit as bad as Nyx, but he was infected for much, much longer. It strikes out at Wanda and Brinley and Jean and says the same thing each time. Take what you want. You deserve it. No one should deny you anything.

"Yes… he did." Brin murmurs. She sensed the struggle he put up against the energy the first time she tried to work out what was wrong. Hearing Jeans words, Brin starts to delve into Bobby's minds leading Wanda down.

Not expecting the reaction to Wanda's magic, Brins mind is fairly open but she is wearing the charm, Wanda gave her, and it flares trying to protect her - but a mind to mind connection? This is going to be interesting. "No…" teeth gritted, Brin fights against the compulsion, raising shields as she can to protect the other two women.

"I know I deserve it" Wanda replies to the voice. "That is why you belong with me. Why you came from me. Why you need to be back with me." The scarlet energy seeping into other dimensions to find the darkness in Bobby. His infection is as much in another world as this one. Not so much a physical location by now even though his very cells are tainted with it. The scarlet tendrils start to dig into the blackenss. "Come home and you will have all /you/ desire" she promises in almost a growl.

There was that voice again, the one that somewhere.. deep within the inner recesses of her own mind, longed to hear. She tries her best to ignore it, a quiet chant that often helps her through the bad times spoken in hushed tones as she keeps her fingers pressed upon Bobby's scalp. She couldn't willingly affect Wanda's power, to make it more enticing, but she could add in a few surrounding whispers to the effected areas, urging it to go home. To take what IT wants.. following Wanda's lead as she hides under the protection of Brin.

Bobby arches and his eyes open, glowing red. He's not awake, but there's power near spilling out of him. Wanda draws the power toward herself but it's ripping parts of Bobby out with it. Jean and Brin can both feel his psychey coming apart in bits and pieces, underneath the prevading black of the infection and a sensation of cold.

"Too fast Wanda" Brin cries out "You're tearing him apart." Reinforcing her place in the bridge, the brunette mutant does something she probably shouldn't, she puts her mind into that flow… anything to slow it down and filter it, work out what's Bobby and what's not.

Looking into Bobbys glowing red eyes, Brin squeezes his hands "Fight it Bobby, fight to stay whole, don't end up like I did… " torn and a mess for so long "Bobby, come back to me."

"Don't do that, Brin" Wanda warns, "Don't listen to its lies. If Bobby is out then it won't want to be part of him for too long. He will be too boring for it. You are not boring. If it feels you…" The Witch winces as the cold darkness starts being absorbed by her own darkness. She tries to slow down but surely a vegetable Bobby is better than evil Bobby? Should she have discussed that with the others first? "Bobby! Stop being a coward and fight!"

Jean lets in a slight breath of air, her own eyes opening as she begins to feel Bobby break apart. Its exhale was slow, the chill of his power encompassing Wanda's draws her breath to near frost, her eyes lowering for a moment as she gives a shake of her head. "Stop panicking." It wasn't an order as most would take it, but a cool, calm and collected persons wish who (underneath it all, was probably really nuts) would ask.

"He will be alright, Brinley. Just breathe. Become a picture of calmness and listen to my voice." Cause, Wanda's right. If they looked up 'Boy Scout' in the Mutant Encyclopedia, Scott's name wouldn't be there. It would be Bobby, with his thumbs up and a huge smile.

"Don't filter it. Don't slow it down. Use your empathy to feel out the parts of Bobby that try to escape. Wrap yourself around it." Why isn't Jean helping? Just guiding?

She's probably lazy.

She's about to have more to do. Wanda just told Bobby to fight. Awareness comes into his eyes and his hand snaps up for Wanda's throat, gripping tight if he can get her. "Bobby isn't here right now." A cruel voice says. "You saw to that." The room starts getting very, very cold. Jean can feel the parts of Bobby's mind using his ice powers. This might be bad.

Brin's got an emotional front row seat to everything Black Ice is feeling. It's not pretty. And it's about to be turned on her mentally.

Removing herself as filter, Brin listens to Jean and even as Bobby 'wakens' she's looking for where 'Bobby' is. Black Ice is pretty terrifying, but this is the young mutant who was traumatised by Purifiers, for most of her life. She knows terror, fairly intimately and she's not going to let someone she cares for be lost.

Breathing, deep slow breathes, Brin lets her empathy, her caring, touch Bobby's mind and each time she finds a piece of him, she wraps him in her warmth. That might be awkward later…

For now, Brins just going to weather the storm that is Black Ice and stand against it for as long as she can. "Dr Grey, can you put him to sleep again, please?" Her voice faint as she as focusses on her task. Hopefully Wanda can stop Black Ice strangling her.

Wanda grunts when she is grabbed around the throat. And then she stares down at him with glowing red eyes and a wry smile. "There you are" she growls through the gripping fingers before her energy is swirling around the darkness that has woken and is now in control of Bobby. Her magic enveloping its errant components to draw back into the witch. It is not hiding so well now.

Now that Bobby.. well Mean Bobby was awake, she finally dives in to allow her shields to touch them all. Each part that Brinley wraps up, Jean protects. Each bit that Wanda snatches out, Jean assists with a little push from the emptiness and the void. She was starting to grow cold, each inhale she took stings her lungs, the exhale visible, her eyes darting up towards Wanda as she calls her own power back to her..

"Not.. yet." She mutters quietly, watching.. waiting for the last bit of power to be freed from Bobby.

Wanda's power rips out from Bobby and the ice nerd slumps forward once more. Jean and Brin both feel the attack on their minds halt as the rest of it is drawn into Wanda and Jean mangaes to get that last little bit of the ice nerd safely sequestered. Okay. Now he's not infected… also, just a bit in need of putting back together.

Brin catches Bobby with her shoulder and lets out a long shuddering breath. She hadn't realised how cold it had gotten, she had been so engrossed in protecting his mind. Shivering, with cold as much as fatigue, the empath holds on to what she's found of Bobby's mind. "Dr Grey, can you…" put him back together, Brinley simply is not that strong or well trained.

"Wanda?" Had Brin really heard that deep gravelly voice? Or had she imagined it as Dark Ice had attacked? "Are you alright?"

Wanda reels back once Bobby is clear, stumbling and dry coughing until she hits the wall with a thud. She breathes heavily…desperately. Her eyes still glowing red. An arm rises. A palm offered towards Brinley. "Take care of him" the low voice requests. "I have to go." The witch shivers before pushing herself from the wall and towards the door.

Bobby is out. Like, out-out. Otherwise he would probably try and stop Wanda from leaving. Maybe one of the other two can. He's not going to be doing anything but letting Brin hold him up at the moment.

It was tedious putting a mind together, that blank canvas soon written of what used to be, fit together with pieces that were snatched from his mind in almost a replica of what once was. It was hard work, thankfully the chill had set within her bones to draw away the heat, for as her fingers press and continue to massage, she finally lets go as the final part of what makes Bobby added.

And of course, a tiny suggestion.

That suggestion that speaks the need for him to actually seek her out yet again, because there were still questions that needed answered about his general well-being. She couldn't be the only one who knows that parts of his body that may have been injured started to ice over. But they were going to get to the bottom of it soon.

Pulling away from Bobby now, Jean takes a couple of steps back, her shaky hands finding a chair and with a hint of TK, dragging it towards her just in time for her to collapse against it. Even the nicest of people have complicated minds..

"Wanda…" Brin is still holding Bobby up, as much by leaning into him as anything else "stay… " of course she'll care for Bobby, noone had to tell to her that.

As Jean collapses the brunette can feel the repairs completed in Bobby's mind "Dr Grey, are you ok?"

Now here's a small issue, Dr Grey's exhausted and Brin … well, Brin is going to have to try and move Bobby to a room to sleep for the time being.

Or they could leave him on the couch. Bobby isn't a small guy but he'll fit. He's cold right now. Very cold. And the ice in his wounds is even more chill than usual.

Wanda is doubled over and trying to catch her breath. "I don't want…to be a…danger" she explains as best she can to the others. "I need…to control this…" She must mean the extra power she has just consumed. "Alone". Though the allure of just being allowed to collapse is quite tempting. It can't be that bad if she just took an hour…or two. Right?

It's not that bad. Collapsing. Falling down onto nice cushions. Snuggily blankets and pillows that bunch up so nicely around your head. They.. they even have memory foam. Memory foam that memorizes every hitch and grove of the body that makes you feel like you're being hugged by snuffaluffagus' nose. "I'm fine.." Jean murmurs, a slight yawn drawing upon her lips, her hands slowly lifting as Bobby rises from the chair, Jean pulling his strings like a puppet as she sends him to the back room to collapse on said memory foam, as chilled as he was.

"Stay.. Miss Wanda. We will be alright. We trust you." Okay, Jean does. She doesn't know about the rest. "You won't harm us. Not if you're sleeping."

Get that, memory foam. Jean was standing herself and heading to one of the free rooms to clonk out. She was done.

Brin gestures to one of the spare rooms "Take that one Wanda. You're most welcome to stay, as Dr Grey says" and she follows Bobby to where Jean takes him. Sinking down into a chair, she curls into it. She'll stay with him till he wakes - again.

Wanda stumbles towards the room indicated and she is soon collapsed on the bed, face down and snoring loudly. Will the memory foam remember that. What she dreams about…who knows…but it apparently requires lots of kicking legs, muttered words in a strange language and drooling.

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