Making Amends

July 09, 2015:

Zee catches up with Kara, May joins them

Central Park - New York


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It's been a few weeks since Zee has actually spoken to Kara. The last time the two women had been speaking to each other was at Shadowcrest, when things had got rather heated.

Not withstanding the fact that Zee had been rather hurt by some of the comments made, she'd also been very, very busy… but she's carved out time to catch up with the blonde Kryptonian - she wants to smooth things over and see if things can be repaired.

Contacting Kara via the Leyline network, Zee's arranged to meet on (mostly) neutral ground - Central Park, close to nature and theoretically, peaceful. Zee's there now, dressed as she usually is, sitting at a bench with two cups of coffee… waiting for Kara to arrive.

Kara was luckily close enough by after the fire, snipers and general chaos in Mutant Town that she didn't have far to go. Except she didn't want to go covered in black soot, which presented a problem.

An idea strikes her and Kara flies out of the city using supersonic flight until she is away from the dirty harbour waters and dives straight into the Atlantic ocean.

By the time she reaches Central Park she's all dried off and her hair looks freshly blow dried. It would be a picture perfect image except for the piece of seaweed sticking out of her hair.

"Hey Zee." Kara smiled genuinely at her friend as she set down near the bench.

Reaching up to remove the seaweed from Kara's hair, Zee reaches over to give her friend a hug and then offers the cup of coffee she's bought. "Hey Kara, thanks for coming" Giving Kara a quick once over "How have things been?"

Kara returned the hug and laughed as Zee pulled the seaweed out of her hair, "Oops. I was trying to get some soot off and uh - nevermind, it's not important." She took the cup of coffee and took a sip before sitting down on the bench, "Good except the stuff on the news, how about you Zee?"

"The thing down in M-Town?" Zee had heard it through the Titans channel, but had been otherwise engaged… she's becoming increasingly worried that Jes and Kitty are still in hell. "I'm sorry about the JL:A stuff, Kara." Zee tilts her head "It can't be easy for you." Though she still doesn't know the half of it with Kara.

Considering Kara, Zee chews her bottom lip "Pretty busy, really. Tracking down Darque and avoiding his people is pretty much a full time job at the moment." pausing again to sip at her coffee "I thought you and I should talk. There were some things said that … I think we should address, if you like." It's an offer, to smooth things over between them.

Kara couldn't help but shrug a little, "Yeah the thing in M-Town." There was a soft sigh that escaped her lips as she looked towards the sky, "Whatever happens with the JL:A happens. The entire country is falling apart right now, the world is in danger. The JL:A is an ideal, even if they disband us we'll continue to do what we can."

Taking a sip of the coffee, more of a gulp of the hot beverage she looked over to Zee and smiled, "It was a misunderstanding. I'll do whatever I can to save lives but if some members of Primal Force want to kill I can't stop them."

Smiling a little softly, Zee cants her "Alright then, a misunderstanding." The words Kara uses still makes Zee flinch a little… it's not a matter of want, most times, but she'll let it lay. She's learned some lessons this last few months and she's still processing them.

"The initial reports from M-Town sound brutal. Are you ok?" Zee does care, the fact she couldn't get there weighs on her. "I'm really sorry I couldn't get there. I … was in the middle of a large spell." Dropping her eyes to her coffee she sips at it slowly…

Kara hadn't meant it that way but hey, English wasn't her first language and sometimes she screws up what she means, "If there's no other way, you should know I'll even do whatever it takes. Darque needs to be stopped." A soft laugh escapes her lips, "You don't need to be sorry, you can't respond to every problem and you need to focus on the magical threats anyways. Fires and snipers are things lots of us can do, magic, only you can do."

Zee looks up as Kara and smiles, in relief really, "That's kind of what we were getting at. And it's not an easy decision to make, certainly not a decision I want to have to make." Moving on "Well I'm not the only one, but fighting Darque… I need you all perhaps more than my magic. Have you been keeping up with the developments there? I know I haven't been in touch much."

"Fenris has been keeping me up to date mostly. I'm here whenever you need me as always, I know I can't help with some of the more magical stuff sometimes it's fine." Kara didn't seem bothered at all, "What's new with it all?"

Sitting back, Zee takes a sip of coffee and thinks for a little bit. "Fenris interrogated one of the necromancers I captured. I …. watched." That had been an interesting experience for the teen mage. "We're starting to track down some of their higher level people… it's going slowly but we're getting information."

"And Shadowcrest was attacked by three of his more powerful people during the week." Zee pauses at that "The wards held and May, Fenris and Wanda responded. We're not sure what they were trying to prove though."

Kara and Zee are presently sitting on a bench in central park drinking coffee casually and chatting. The young Kryptonian's eyebrows raised as Zee related some recent events to her, "Darque knows where Shadowcrest is? That's not good. Can you relocate it? With magics?"

Melinda May had heard that Zee would be out here chatting with a friend, and after confirming that it was okay to drop by, she does just that. Aviator sunglasses concealing her eyes, a lidded thermos in hand, she's walking along generally toward where the mage and the Kryptonian are seated.

Zee sips her coffee and watches as Kara comes up with a not too bad idea "Mmm, well for the magically inclined, finding Shadowcrest isn't all that difficult, and really, they know who I am." Zee doesn't seem overly concerned about the attack "The question is really, why Shadowcrest? Fenris wonders if they were testing our response times and responses. That seems a reasonable reason to me.

Looking up as May approaches, Zee raises her hand and waves "Agent May. I told her I was coming this way. I haven't seen her since the morning after the attack."

"Maybe it's an important place and has secrets you don't know about? It seems like a really big place, not saying you haven't explored it all but.. there could be something else or some kind of power or uh yeah." Kara looks up as Agent May arrives to save the day from her limited magical knowledge, "Hey Agent May."

Hey, now. If anyone is the Muggle here, it's May. She nods hello to both young women and moves to join them. The thermos lid is removed to become a cup, and she pours still-steaming tea out for herself. She glances to Zee and asks the obvious question. "Shadowcrest?"

Nodding, Zee smiles a little. "Yeah, Shadowcrest. I was just bringing Kara up to date on the happenings." Another small smile "She and I have spoken about what happened at the meeting. It was a misunderstanding, that's all." Zee's more than happy to put it behind her. "Maybe Kara. You're right that I don't know everything that's in there. I know Dad knows what's going on here… I expect I'll be hearing from him soon. He might know if there's anything."

"Anyway, the other thing that we all need to watch out for are these new guys. There were three the other night." Zee goes on to describe the three who attacked the house, Eclipse, Water and Plague "Two we'd fought before, the third one was new… Darques really starting to get serious though."

"Well, hopefully he can tell you what's going on or help somehow with all this." Kara had no clue who Zee's father was but she assumed he was powerful. She raises her eyebrows at the description of the new enemies before frowning a little, "What's next, earth wind and fire?"

"I wish." Because May could SO handle a little 70s funk any day. "At least the newest one of that group was still susceptible to dendrotoxin. Though, I suspect that'll change the next time we see them." A bit like the Borg, really.

"That's true Agent May." Zee frowns a little "Did we manage to get any ahhh, what do you call them, samples… from them? Maybe your scientists can come up with something…." Magic is all very good and well, but Zee will take every advantage they can. "I guess the last bit of news" Zee looks at May "and I'm not sure you've heard either. The Vishanti, elder gods who appoint the Sorceror Supreme, are looking for a new one. They've visited at least Mages that I know of, probably more…, to tell them to be ready to be tested." There's a flicker of, not quite concern, across Zee's face. "Things… are changing."

Finishing her coffee, Zee crumples the cup, she'll put that in a bin when they leave.

"I'll catch up with you both later. I'm getting a call from the JL:A, something important." Kara would ask about the Vishanti another time, for now she was flyin off again!

Melinda May raises her eyebrows at Zee's news, though Kara gets a nod as she departs. "I take it you're on the short list."

Zee waves as Kara flies off, she'll catch up with her later. Mays question gets a slow nod "I'm on the list, yes. I've been told to prepare." Adding a small smile "There's not a short list, yet, as far as I know. But, Tim Hunter, Wanda and myself have been visited. I don't know who else. I would expect Rain and Lynwen to get visits though. Constantine, if he ever gets out of hell."

Melinda May ahs and nods. "Wait. Constantine is STILL in hell? And are Jesana and Pryde still with him?"

Zee grimaces as may asks that question. "Yeah, they are. Constantine is being particularly difficult to trace." Zee blows out a breath in mild frustration "I was working on a bigger construct this morning to try and locate them. They've been gone for a while… and I'm worried."

Standing, inviting May to walk with her, obviously Zee is disturbed by the fact "Illyana can't go in to find them… which means Jericho can't… getting into and out of hell, is … not easy. But I will, soon, if they're not back."

Melinda May finishes her cup of tea and recaps the thermos as she stands to walk with Zee. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know." Jesana does not deserve what's happened, so May will contribute however she can. "In the meantime, I have a couple of scientists examining the data we've compiled so far. It's slow going, translating magic to science, but I'm hoping they find something soon."

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