Oil In The Bay

July 09, 2015:

Venom is paid to sink a ship… The Water people decide to intervene



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Heavy lidded eyes open, and a suntanned neck leans to the side, taking in the view. It's another beautiful sunny day in the Caribbean. There are only three clouds in the sky. Two to the left, and one to the right. They seem peaceful enough.


The man stretched out his arms, muscles rippling, and sits up on the beach. He gently plays with the sand against his toes. There is the noise of a ship blowing its horn as it approaches the nearby harbour.


Every fifteen seconds or so, the man seems to emit that sound, breathing our a sigh as all his troubles seem to wash away under the hot tropical sun.


But then, he does have some work to do. The swimming shorts, black with three white Adidas stripes, and a little white spider symbol in place of the usual Adidas leaf motif, grows, becoming shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt. The sandals are brown, the shorts turn a whitish grey, and the shirt is a darker, almost charcoal grey. It can change colour, it just doesn't do it very often.


Rising to his feet, he'll begin the slow but casual jaunt towards the pier. The ship should be close enough to catch anytime now. And then, with absolutely no fanfare, his hand seems to emit a beam of some kind, almost like a cable made from many threads. He latches onto the side of the ship, and uses the beam to swing Tarzan style. Another one is fired off, hitting the bridge's window, and as he does this, he begins to transform yet again.


Where a tourist had been quite theatrically swinging onto the ship, now he appears as some kind of costumed freak. It's almost all in black, but there is a bit of white accents. The spider that runs from front to back, lined by the legs, two strange white squares, with black circular dots on his wrists, and of course, those big white eyes.


Landing on the window, his feet sticking to it, he announces to the crew, "sorry to bother you folks, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to sink this ship. You might want to consider running for the life boats."

Not too far… ok, maybe it is, from that pier in the Carribean, two women are exploring an underwater city. Ulani, Envoy of the Blue, is showing Mera, Queen of Atlantis, around one of the outpost villages. They've been there for a while and Ulani has just shown Mera one of the Blue artisans… and is examining a piece of jewellery for herself.

Mera is openly admiring the artisan's work, though she's being very careful to not be TOO enthusiastic about it. She will insist on paying for anything she chooses to purchase. Because. She sticks out from the Blue all around her, considering her choice of attire — she's dressed … restrictively compared to everyone else.

Venom was quite reasonable. He arrived, announced his intentions, and suggested an exit strategy for those affected by his actions. How was he to know that the crew would fight back? But fight back they did. First, it was name calling and swears, but it quickly developed into a shooting situation.

One gun was raised, and then another. A bullet was put into the bridge's glass, though it didn't shatter. Those things are built to take quite an ordeal, given the winds that can kick up on the open water.

Venom moved, evaded, webbed a few sailors, and tossed them effortlessly into the water. Hopefully they can swim while webbed up. "Come on guys, I'm being good here. I'm letting you leave with your lives. But if you want to die, it makes no difference to my fee."

Some call the symbiote the monster, but Mac Gargan has no qualms about killing people in the course of a good contract.

The percussive force of the shooting and those show get thrown in the water, is just enough to alert the Blues to something amiss… and Ulani receives a communication asking her to investigate. Explaining quickly to Mera, in broad terms "Would you care to accompany me, Your Majesty?" If Mera agrees, Ulani will open a Hydraport to a location near to the disturbance.

Mera can't help but notice when things change around them, and when Ulani invites her along she nods readily. "Yes. I might be able to help." She, sure enough, follows Ulani through the hydraport, as do their still ever-present guards assigned to them by Arthur. If anyone else had set guards to trail her everywhere, she would have protested VERY decisively.

The noise also gets the attention of someone above. Or it should perhaps be said… something above. There's a loud cry from the sky as something, something high up but fairly large turns in their direction. Is that, uh, a dragon?

With a few sailors overboard, and a few others with battered and beaten bodies, the crew seem to accept their fate. A few of them are going for life boats, hoping to avoid drowning if Venom was serious about his threat.

Holding a rifle he took from one of the guys he threw overboard, Venom takes aim, and fires… missing horribly. "I guess marksmanship wasn't a feature of the symbiote. I'll have to have a talk with designer, or zoo keeper, or whoever." And that gun is tossed overboard.

And then he sees it. "Woah, is that a dragon?" And he remembers how he just threw out the rifle, "damnit, and I just threw away that gun!"

The Hydraport opens and through it arrives Ulani, Mera and six of the Tide (Mera's and Ulani's assigned bodyguards). Quickly assessing the situation, Ulani glances at Mera "I'll gather the Surfacers who are under attack, Your Majesty."

Without waiting, Ulani moves towards those still in the water… as she finds them, she'll shape water to lift them into the life boats.

Mera nods to Ulani then moves to get the… really large and aggressive variation on a sea cucumber to leave the Surfacers alone by getting its attention. She's relaying information to her husband at the same time, so he can respond accordingly. But, she thinks she can handle this well enough on her… okay, with Rowan's help it should be little to no trouble.

The dragon comes in close. It's an odd dragon. Red scales. Horns… six feathered wings. And it's crackling with electricity and just kind of staring at Venom. Something feels off here. He's met odd surfacer champions before but the way that everyone is looking it him is not the awe and mild adoration he's seen before. It's more like fear…

"What's, uh, going on here?" He rumbles.

Aquaman frowns as he listens to his wife's thoughts, his mind trying to place… the symbiote. Oh no. «Mera! Whatever you do, don't let that thing touch you!» his recolection of the files is somewhat… questionable, but he doesn't want a living goo infecting anyone he loves. And the thought of one getting the power Mera holds at bay is somewhat alarming. He turns 180 from the direction he was going, flipping upside down, and blasting back towards the nearest watergate, his powers reaching ahead of him seeking allies of his own. Sue him, he's been stressed as of late.

When half a dozen merpeople show up to Venom's party, he complains that "this sounds like the start to a bad joke. Who invited you?" One of them seems to be using some kind of magic mumbo jumbo to save people, which is fine, but they're probably going to make it hard for Venom to sink this sucker.

So naturally, he does what comes to mind first. He runs towards one of the doors, "you deal with the dragon, I'll deal with the ship." He begins making his way to the lowest deck. If he can make enough holes, or a big enough one, it'll sink, right? That's the plan anyway.

But little does he know that the merpeople and the dragon are in cahoots.

Ulani scoops the last of the surfacers into the rescue boats and, placing her hands on the back, looks up "Get ready, you'll make land soon enough." and shoves the boat back towards the pier and the shore.

Looking up to the Dragon, the Blue female gives a small nod "That creature was throwing surfacers into the water and shooting at them." Not having heard Arthurs admonishment, Ulani will make for the ship … but wait just by its side till she knows what he is planning.

Mera is already creating a solidified water 'wall' around the ship to keep it and the giant sea cucumber thing from trying to flee, and then she startles at Aquaman's VERY insistent message, which she promptly relays to both Ulani and Rowan. « Ulani, we need to trap this creature and keep it from destroying anything else. » With that in mind, she's encasing even the bottom of the ship's hull with solidified water. Ship in a bottle, anyone?

Don't let it touch you. Interesting. The dragon's form morphs and warps and shrinks until it's not a full sized dragon but something that looks a lot more like a velociraptor with feathery accents… or perhaps a DnD dragonborn. Either way, the creature makes a fist and an energy sword appears in it. "I'll go see where it's gone then. Your Majesty?" That to Aruthur asking if he intends to do the same. If he does, he'll follow. If not, Rowan's still going down there. Ulani he assumes will do whatever she thinks will be most helpful.

While the merpeople and the feathery dragon debate ways to capture the 'creature' that is Venom, he's found his way to the lowest deck, and is currently using his might to peel open the ship. Except when he does rip a hole in it, he's confronted by solidified water. "What's going on here?" He stabs at it with a clawed hand, trying to figure out why it's not rushing into the ship.

This process is repeated three more times in different areas of the ship. It's a big ship. There's a lot of oil in it, and not the symbiote kind. Someone paid him a lot of money to spill it. Could it be a rival company? Maybe it was someone who stands to benefit from heightened regulation and what have you. But whatever the reason, Venom's working on earning his pay.

He's not hard to follow. He has a certain scent. He's making sound. But he's pretty quick, trying to find ways out. When that fails, he decides to go for the oil itself, and begins ripping holes in the cargo hold, getting himself coated in oil, but really, who would notice?

Aquaman wasn't nearly as close as the others, and gateing, while a faster way to travel then most things on the planet, there are limitations, namely, how close a gate is to a desired target. This one… not so close. Not far, but not close. He pours on the speed and reaches out with his mind, speaking to the Tide directly. They're more atune to the sea then most Atlanteans, having sacrificed a portion of their humanity for the power of the Tide. «Keep that creature contained, but beware, I don't know it's full abilities, only that they are formidable.» The Tide respond as one might expect them too. They land on the ships deck beside Rowan, each of them causing the ship to shudder under the impact. They form around Rowan in a wedge formation, the weapons that are fused to their armor come up wet and glinting, "His Majesty," one of the Tide informs Rowan with a voice that sounds oddly bubbly and garbled on the surface, "says it is formidable." One of the Tide, this one with a giant pincher on the end of his arm, clacks the claw twice in rapid succession.

With Mera encasing the ship, Ulani watches as Rowan alights on the deck and uses water to lift her beside him… hopefully The Tide will give her room. Activating the pendant around her neck, her body is encased in an armour of unknown material.

"I'm coming with you…" Thinking loudly to Mera «Rowan and I go to find it »

« Thank you, Ulani. » She winces once or twice, as Venom tries to get past the solidified water keeping the ship stationary and the oil in the cargo hold inside the ship. Well, some of it IS managing to seep out of the holes torn in the ship's hull, but it's well contained by the solidified water. The only catch? There's a limit to how much time she's capable of maintaining this.

Rowan nods to the Tide and then blinks as Ulani arrives along side him. Well okay. They'll have to work quickly. Quickest way is to go to the bottom and work your way up, he figures. So off he goes, with Ulani and the Tide. His skin is pale, paler than usual and his movements fluid and graceful. This being because right now he's charged wit hthe essence of Air. Which has… well let's just say benefits. "Don't get split up." He advises helpfully. He's sure they already know.

Big ships have lots of nooks and crannies, and the half dozen Tide look at each other then the other two when they all reach the bottom, "There is much to cover." one burbles.

Speaking to himself, or perhaps to the seemingly dormant symbiote, but either way, Venom begins to talk aloud. "Okay, the oil is filtering throughout the ship, but can't get out because of the solid water around it. If I can find whoever's creating the solid water, then maybe I'll be able to sink this sucker, and get paid."

He snaps his fingers, evidentally quite pleased with himself for figuring that out. But instead of attacking directly, he decides to be a little more subtle about it. Using his symbiote to blend in with the ship, he begins crawling over the ceiling, working his way through the ship, and above all, listens to conversation. If he can figure out who's caused it, he can find a weak point.

Ulani casts a glance The Tide and places a finger to her lips… 'be quiet'. Venom speaking to himself has her gesturing in his general direction before guiding them that way… «Your Majesty, What else can King Arthur tell us about this creatures ability. Be ready, I believe he will make an attempt on you, to bring the water shield down.»

As they walk, Ulani forms fists with her hands, although they remain at her side.

Mera relays Ulani's question to Arthur, staying completely still in the water outside of the oil tanker and the solidified water around it. She's trying to stave off over-exerting her watershaping ability for as long as possible. Because she sure as the Abyss does NOT want that oil in the water. « This Surfacer vessel is leaking, Arthur. Some viscous black substance. »

Rowan frowns as he looks around. Yeah there's too much deck to cover… but maybe…

Ships are grounded, they have to be. This low down though, if he starts throwing around lightning, it'll electrify the lower decks before going into the water. And maybe give them a clue of where to look. Motioning to his companions to get off the floor, he starts to crackle with electricity. As soon as they're clear he lashes out in almost every direction, covering the cieling and floor with arcs of lightning.

«Oil.» he says, and his disgust with the substance is clear in his tone, «Hold on, I need to focus…» she can feel him reaching out to the life of his realm. Not just a little bit, but a /lot/ of life. Just very small life. It'll take time, but there are microbs that eat oil and it's by products as a source of food, and summoning at much of them as he can to a single location it difficult. Matter of numbers instead of size. «I don't remember. I think he's a New York villain of some kind, but honestly I cannot remember. I've never run across him, only read the files once. I think he might eat people.»

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