July 09, 2015:

Shining Knight crashes a Meth Lab and Daredevil joins in.

//New York City //

Meth House in NYC. Pick one.


NPCs: Random thugs


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Ten minutes ago, a slight figure dressed in golden armor and carrying a sword strode into a local meth lab.

The sounds of fighting from within started eight minutes ago.

The first person was thrown out a window roughly six minutes ago.

Backup from the local subboss of the big man showed up three minutes ago.

The fight spilled out onto the street a minute ago.

Right now, the golden armored figure is in an all out brawl with five of the mob's up and comer enforcers. They're all nasty and hungry to make names for themselves. And, since they aren't in the meth lab anymore, they're willing to pull out their firearms. Especially since Ystin just ran one of them through with her sword.

So, now there's four of them.

This seems to be happening more and more of late — although not necessarily with the figure in shining armor. That's not often one sees, even in New York unless it's Halloween or Pride or a movie filming. This, however, doesn't seem to be a filming and those aren't stunt-men getting beaten up and skewered.

He heard the start of the attack and smelled the blood that was recently spilled. All of that served to speed up Daredevil's arrival at the meth house — one he's been wanting gone for a while now but other events have kept him away.

With the figure with the sword at one receiving end of the backup, he'll start at the other, punching one guy and kicking the gun out of his hands before moving to intercept another.

Four thugs left. One unarmed and focusing entirely on Daredevil. One of them, in fact shouts, "It's the damn Devil!" and two more thugs turn their attention to Matt.

Which leaves one for Ystin. He figures he has it made. He's seen Indiana Jones, right? Gun to a knife fight, the gun wins. He shoots. Ystin bats the bullet out of the air with his sword. He shoots again. The bullet is cleaved in half. He begins pulling the trigger wildly a Ystin stalks closer. One bullet hits Ystin's shoulder. Ystin grunts as it bruises - the armor is bullet proof but it still hurts.

With the distance closed, the Shining Knight slices off the thug's hand. He's effectively disarmed. Also? Screaming.

"Enough with the…" is that a sword? Really? "Enough with the amputation!" At least it takes the guy out, but the screaming is really annoying to Daredevil's ears. One against three. With guns. Typical Thursday.

He tries to keep only a 'peripheral' view on the Knight as he works on disarming or just knocking these thugs out. Surely they saw their buddy's hand get cut off and another skewered through…maybe it's time to make a morale check?

In fact, one of them realizes they're dealing with… some crazy… something and the Devil. He turns and runs. Better to be alive and face his boss's wrath than be dead. The one without his hand is on the ground, screaming as he bleeds. Which leaves just two. Both of whom attempt to be the one to bring the Devil's head to the big man. Because that's an instant promotion.

Ystin stops to watch the man in the mask fight. He smiles grimly, blood still dripping from that ancient blade.

Damn…one's gone. Daredevil will try to track him down later but right now he has two others to deal with. "Getting a good show?" is asked as he lays on another punch to one of the thugs — he's not going to be brought in by the likes of these two!

They're certainly giving him a good fight though…he's going to be bruised and banged up at the end of it. There must be a lot of money in that promotion to be spurring them on like this.

"You fight well." Ystin says. A casual swipe of his sword to the back of one thug's knees sends him spiraling to the ground. And likely not walking again for a while. If ever. The last won't be much of an issue for Daredevil. He's had karate lessons and is used to his size giving him an advantage. He's sloppy.

Ystin seems content to let those show brought down bleed out. In the distance comes the sound of sirens rolling closer to the scene. Cops. Won't take down a meth lab. Will show up for blood on the streets.

It seems to be a popular assumption - that martial arts is all about the strength. Daredevil aims a solid kick to the man's solar plexus and then to the back of his head to knock him out before he tilts his head at the sound of the sirens. "Come on…" he reaches to usher the Knight off and away from the scene, "We're leaving. Now."

"In the past, I would have taken to the use of fire to remove this blight." Ystin says, looking to the meth lab. "The buildings are erected so closely together, I fear I risk the entire city to do so. I hope the constables will finish this, then." The accent's somewhat British but not the sort one hears during the BBC news hour. It is richer and thicker, though the voice is light.

"Very well, lead on." Ystin sheathes the blade and seems content to follow.

"Yeah, let's not set fire to the place…besides, the police need to investigate…" but Daredevil will lead the knight to a fire escape and quickly scale it so that they're much less visible to any cops that might be cordoning off the area. "You ok to climb in that stuff?" is asked as he makes his way to the rooftop.

Ystin has no problems climbing. He does so quickly, though not quite with the same dexterity as Daredevil. It does not take her long to reach the rooftops. She turns and looks out over the scene. Several squad cars. An ambulance. The criminals will likely survive, though they'll be forever aware of the price of their evil. Or something.

"Good work done today." Ystin says, satisfied.

"No." Daredevil offers quietly. "Not 'good'. The very fact that some of those men are dead means that they won't be extradited for their crimes. They will be seen as martyrs to their organization and now they'll have even more reason to do what they do. They'll hide deeper…they'll get more guns. They'll make more drugs…as payback."

Daredevil moves to stand at the ledge briefly to listen to what is going on below before he takes a couple of steps back.

Ystin raises a brow at Daredevil's words. "These men create poison that destroys the lives of children and innocents." The sword is drawn and a cloth produces to clean the blood off. "The wages of their sin might well be death. I did not strike killing blows, should aid be granted quickly enough."

The EMTs are applying a tournaquit to the man who lost a hand. One doubts the man who was hamstrung will walk again. The one who was run through is dead.

"The justice of this corrupt land seem unable to properly punish evil. Or unwilling." Ystin sighs softly. "I did not fight the Nazi menace for this."

"The Justice of this land may, at times be corrupt, but the system does what it can to provide fair trials to all. Would you rather have the innocent locked up because the guilty wanted their things?" Daredevil turns to the Knight and listens to those quiet words, "All of the Nazi war criminals were tried for their crimes and righfully found guilty." Except for Trotsky and a few others who escaped. Ahem. "It's no reparation for the tragedy but it's the right and fair thing to have done."

"You killed the one guy…unless you were planning on somehow fixing the guy wound you gave him. Look, I'm not one to say don't beat them up, but I can promise that it's going to do more harm than good when the people who saw their vigilantes as heroes are now afraid of them because they're killers."

"I am not a vigilante. Nor am I a hero. I am a knight of Camelot." Ystin says before tucking away the cleaning cloth. The sword is once more resheathed. "I will abide by the oaths I swore to my King and to the Broken Table." The sword slams down into the sheath with a solid thunk. "Though your assistance today was appreciated, masked one."

There's a moment's pause before, "I hate to break it to you, but you're not in Camelot anymore. While that's great that you have this oath…you might want to learn the laws of the land here. The real ones…not the street laws. Although those will be helpful as well." Daredevil tilts his head some, "Knight or not, all I do is ask you to think about what I said. To the children and innocents who won't be attacked or poisoned by these guys anymore, you're a hero. Might want to think about what that might mean."

There's another pause then before adds, "You seem smart. Just think about it. I'd hate to have to track you down because you killed someone else in my city."

"You seem like a good man. I would try not to kill you." Ystin speaks, honestly. Then he thrusts two fingers into his mouth and rips out a loud whistle. From the sky flies down a winged horse, beautiful and white. Like every six year old girl's dream. Ystin leaps off the roof and lands astride the winged horse. Together, they fly away.

The whistle actually causes him to lift his hands to his ears and the winged horse actually catches Daredevil by surprise when it finally arrives. He takes a step forward as the Knight leaps off of the roof, but then pauses at the edge as the horse and rider fly off. "Why do I feel like I was just in 'The Princess Bride'?" is offered to the air before he also takes his leave of the area.

He still has that one thug to track down.

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