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July 08, 2015:

Fenris wants to meet the new Mage in town



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There's been a new mage in town. It has been Fenris' habit in the past to observe and introduce himself at an appropriate point. He's… a wolf. And these are his hunting grounds. He doesn't object to sharing. He has to, really. Can't fight everyone. But he can't abide poachers or troublemakers. Which has made his present difficulties in the Tri-City area has driven him a little nuts.

He's not nearly the intimidating power he would normally be, but he's decided to draw the man out. With Zee and May present to sound him out. So he's come to a particular locus in New York and started tampering with it. Playing with it enough to draw notice.

Hax teleports with AI into a deserted alley-way (can't have too much attention) and per the norm his teleport spell did not work properly. Some days he singes his clothes. Others he gets drenched by water. Today Hax appears to have been blasted in the front by dirt.

AI zips around the alley-way looking for the tampering while Hax casually draws out a lense cloth and cleans off his spectacles ( and his face).

"Damn. AI I thought we had that spell worked out?"

"Apologies, sir, but it appears that we still haven't found the 'bug' so-to-speak." the little orange zips around "Sir, I have found the location of the tampering, but you won't like it."

Hax finishes cleaning himself up a bit "Why?" he asks.

The construct lets out a little shudder "HE's here."

"Did you feel that, Fenris?" After her visit to Neverwhere last night, Zee's feeling a little more chipper. At least Kane has met one of her friends that he likes. The Mistress of Magic stands with her arms folded, perhaps mirroring someone she admires. "He seemed ok to me… " except he'd stolen one of her hostages.

Melinda May stands 'guard', watching the area around them alertly because she's the 'Muggle' of the group and is basically 'deaf' to whatever it is that Fenris is doing to get the other spellcaster's attention. She spots the little orange orb almost immediately. "I have a visual."

Fenris looks over. "That's him yes." May's seen him already. Zee has sensed him. The Wolf God looks right at Hax (well, AI) and crooks a finger. Come here little mage. Don't make us come get you.

The tampering on the ley line stops. There's no need for it now and it might draw someone else. "He did to me as well but I like to make these things formal. These are my hunting grounds after all." If May or Zee think about that they'll realize that what he's saying is that Gotham, New York and Metro are his. Which is quite a claim… for a depowered godling.

AI flies to about 7 feet away from Fenris. Its focusing iris looks Fenris up and down and then turns back to Hax "Sir, I read great hostile intention. But it appears to not be directed towards you. I suggest great caution none the less."

Hax nods and calmly walks forward to about 12 feet away from Fenris. This guy gives Hax the an uneasy feeling. Too much rage mixed with too much power. Not safe. Hax nods to May and beams a smile to Zee. Looking back to Fenris and pointing to an invisible leyline, "Why?"

"Why do you think?" Zee's standing by Fenris' side… arms still folded, a small smirk playing at the corners of her mouth. Glancing up at Fenris' comments about hunting grounds, Zee gives the God-Wolf a small shrug - depowered or not, he's still got a presence.

Melinda May is actually not crossing her arms at this moment. She's letting Zee do that. Instead, she's watching the young man as he approaches them. One wrong move and she'll introduce him to the ground very decisively. So don't give her a reason, kid. She'd rather not have to resort to that.

"Because you're new and I always like to scoupe out new blood." The Old Wolf rumbles. "You're in my hunting grounds. Zatanna speaks well of you. May… is less impressed." May is rarely impressed by anything. Fenris doesn't mention that.

"So, what brings you here? Meddling with dark forces and challenging necromancers is not exactly a hobby even for most magi. You're taking it to a rather interesting extreme."


AI projects a three dimensional display interface. On it are video recordings of some of Hax's previous encounters with Darque's forces along with notes, statistics, spell notes regarding the darkforce and the spells the brethren sling around. It's quite extensive.

Trying not to focus on the two ladies present "Darque is a threat. I believe he is connected to something… personal. I have been researching, analyzing, and formulating ways to counter and combat his forces. As for your hunting grounds, I have no interest in your domain." he takes a moment to fix his glasses "It's my home too. I would like to see it not devoured by Darque."

Maybe it's extensive. Given that the strongest and the oldest mages in the world couldn't give information on the Darkforce, Zee gives Hax a flat look and holds her peace for the time being.

Melinda May remains quiet for now, letting the others discuss topics that would have most SHIELD personnel completely baffled.

Fenris nods and folds his arms. He's going to watch for now. He asked May and Zee along so that they could assess him. Why? Well because he's asked them to protect magic around the world. In order for them to do that they have to be able size up magic uses and decide if they're friend, foe or just lump of magical meat. They're on now. And what they do will tell him as much of them as it does of Hax.

Hax notices Zee's un-impressed look. "S-sorry miss Zatara. I know some n-notes aren't complete. But t-thats because, um, well, these mages use an en-energy that isn't natural. I cant classify it." Turning to Fenris "I-it's this energy that m-mostly concerns me." He walks up to the interface and places a finger on a data sheet that looks very much like a spectrum analysis of a chemical (each bar on the graph represents a form of magic being used) "As y-you might know magic can be" *stutter pause* "classified. Even if, um, a two spells have di-different formulas, as long as they do the s-same thing they will have a similar s-structure." He points to one particularly large bar. "I-I have never seen an energy t-type like this."

"Don't be sorry, just don't be cocky. That will get you killed… or worse. And I don't me and my friends to have to put you down." But they would if they had to. "It's necromantic energy, of course it's not natural." She's not going to give him any free passes here today.

Zee already thinks Hax is alright. She's seen him fight and even if she does unnerve him, heavens knows why, she'll fight beside him. But still… "Will you share what you've found, so far, on countering and combatting?" and then she relents a little "We're calling it the Darkforce."

Melinda May studies the images projected by AI. They really, really resemble some of the things that Simmons and Fitz like to bandy about. In fact… "I'd like copies of all of this data, as well as the dates, times, and locations where you collected your information." No, she's not planning on tracking Hax's movements. She's hoping that this data can help her and her more sciencey assets with tracking Darque himself. She looks at Hax squarely, to see how he's reacting to her 'request'.

Fenris smirks a little. "You'll stutter for the nineteen year old mage but not the ancient predator god? Tsk tsk." Apparently the wolf is feeling impish tonight. He glances over to May and nods. Good call.

"The Darkforce is a dimension of power. It's also sort of alive. Ish. It's hard to explain. Mostly, it empowers people down here. To do things that are generally not good. To the extent that it wants anything it wants the extinction of all life on earth."

Hax looks a little down trodden "I-I'm afaid my counters are nothing m-more than theory. Countering a mage's spell is-is one thing. C-countering an entire form of magic… different. I can provide all of you m-most of the data. I, h-however, won't release d-data regarding my spells. I-its a proprietary… thing." He quickly remarks, "B-but all analytical data, recordings, statistics will b-be shared upon request."

Hax reaches into his satchel (yes he wears a satchel fromm time to time; it generally contains magical tools of importance) and pulls out a stone. He then gently tosses the stone into center of the display, which causes the display to funnel into the power symbol in the stone. He walks over to the stone just as it begins to fall and catches it in the palm of his hand. Hax hands it to Zee "A hard c-copy of sorts for mages." Turning to May "A di-digital copy can be provided. Mm-may I have your contact information?"

Why does he stutter for her? Zee raises an eyebrow at his look, she's been there and very recently. "Yes, I know…" she's been working on how to do it, it's nearly gotten her killed a couple of times. Accepting the stone from the other Mage, Zee looks down at it "And I'll share what I know about it… I just don't have such a fancy way of doing so."

Melinda May simply raises an eyebrow at Hax then pulls a USB memory stick from a pocket in her jacket and tosses it to the young man. "Put it on there and give it to either Zatanna or Fenris for me." It's not that she doesn't trust the kid, it's that she doesn't want to scare him off by throwing him to the big, bad, SHIELD wolves so early on. If he proves to be in collusion with Darque or anything similar, then she'll more than happily throw him to whichever wolves will tear him to shreds the most slowly.

That probably won't be Fenris. Though you know, he has this sister…

Still, the literal wolf at the door nods approvingly. Hax isn't messing with tainted magic. Yet. And Zee and May seem to vaguely approve of them, so all is well. "If you do encounter them again my advice is not to go it alone. They're potent. And dangerous." But you know, magi will do what magi will do. Even Zee, sometimes, though Fenris trusts Zee.

"Anything else, you two?"

Hax nods to the wolf's advice. Although if all goes according to plan, he won't need help. More time. That's all he needs. Then IT will be ready. All he needs is the bait and Hax figures the lowly runner he has locked up won't do. He'll need something more enticing. Hax takes the USB "I-I'll copy it and drop it off with you M-miss Zatara?"

"To the Titans Public Office, they'll let me know to pick it up." Zee eyes Hax, she recognises that look. "Don't do anything stupid, there's enough of us around to help… " Zee glances at Fenris and then to May "You just have to learn to ask for it."

This kid is starting to remind May of Fitz when she first met him. Back then the only female he DIDN'T stammer around was Simmons. She nods her agreement to Zee's words, and that's pretty much it for her.

"Asking before you're tied up and having your soul drained out is the key." Fenris notes and opens a Way, back to the Triskelion first and then back to the front porch of Shadowcrest for Zee. "See you around Hax. I hope."

Hax nods. Need to study. Need further preparation. Hax writes something down on a piece of paper from his satchel and hands to Zee. It's a PO box address. "My co-contact information." and turn to walk away. (Think I'll take the bus today. Had enough dirt thrown in my face for one day).

Taking the paper from Hax, Zee smiles a little "Thank you." she murmurs as she turns to follow Fenris into the Way.

Melinda May waits for Zee to step through the Way first, and then with one last look after Hax, she steps through as well.

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