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Colossus, Nightcrawler and Rachel part ways after Cyclops goes to rendezvous with Captain America.

New York City


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The group of Uncanny X-Men had managed to survive through the night without further attacks, but the strange sounds that plagued them all night were best left un-investigated or undiscovered.

There had been something else down there, perhaps a wild animal or something more dangerous but it feared something in the group enough to avoid an attack.

By morning, the sounds had ceased.

Hasty First-Aid had got Rachel back on her feet but she was going to need serious medical treatment when she got to SHIELD, for now painkillers were the first-aid of choice.

Cyclops had gone up ahead, not too far and was arranging the meet with Captain America. There was really, no chance of harm at this point. If it was to happen, it would happen after Cyclops and her turned themselves into SHIELD Custody at the hands of the government.

Rachel trusted her father and her father trusted Captain America.

Looking like crap at the moment, the young woman looked up at the ladder her father had climbed, reaching out to sense what was going on, "It shouldn't be long now." She forced a smile despite the circumstances, "I just wanted to say thank you. Neither of you had to put yourself at risk to help, it would have been smarter not to."

Kurt Wagner has been attended to himself, a large bandage on his shoulder, but he's had worse plenty of times and the pain isn't so very much. The worst part was digging out the bullet, but that was over quickly enough. He's spent some time visiting amongst the homless and the lost, many of whom know him from his charity work at the missions and soup kitchens here in District X. While the outside world might see Nightcrawler as something of a demon, here he has an angelic reputation and his mere presence helps to inspire a certain degree of trust for these wounded heroes in need of shelter.

He takes a sip from a cup of instant soup, smiling his fanged smile at Rachel, a hood pulled up over his head, "I have never been accused of being smart, fraulein. And I could hardly let you be shot in cold blood. This entire affair has gotten well out of hand," he sighs. "Hopefully, Scott can find a worthwhile solution."

Piotr on the other side seems perfectly fine. He's shrunken back to his human form, shirt hanging off him in tatters, ruined. He'll have to make another shopping trip, but at least he doesn't have any open wounds! He leans against the wall, one hand slid into the pockets of his pants. "Illyana would not forgive me if I did not help, and we have business after you get your name cleared." He looks up, "Glad to have some shelter from aeroplanes. Was tired of getting shot at though. How long we wait?"

Rachel looked towards Nightcrawler the smile growing at his quips before her eyes look towards the wound had sustained saving her and wished she could do something more, she would need to work on some medic stuff, "I'm still sorry it had to happen Kurt. I trust my father, if he trusts Captain America that's good enough for me. I'm just worried that this is going to end up out of his hands and it's going to get worse. If it does, well, you will all know what to do."

Her gaze went upwards again before looking at Piotr, "You're going to have shelter and a home soon enough Piotr, a family. The X-Men." She let the comment about unfinished business drift away, she didn't expect to get out of this. No wonder people called her father a Martyr.

Kurt Wagner starts to shrug, and then winces as it tugs at his wound, 'It is not a matter of trusting Cyclops, fraulein. Your trust in him is well-placed, yes, but, however good his intentions, even your father cannot work miracles. The Captain may or may not be able to deliver in the way that he desires. We must be prepared for the worst, even as we pray for the best,' he sighs.

He blinks a bit as Rachel blanketly offers Piotr a place in the X-men, raising an eyebrow, "Such matters will sort themselves out in time. Most certainly, we are grateful for your assistance in this matter, mein herr…"

"Is fine, she is in fight or flight response still." Piotr says with a smile, easy-going. Maybe because he did not get shot. "It is endorphins, big rush, builds comraderie and sense of family. Is why fire fighters marry women that they rescued. Would just slow down group anyway after watching you work." He pushes off the wall, looking up the ladder as well. "I would not offer me deal either. Did Cyclops say how long he would be?"

"He didn't." Rachel replied softly, ignoring the fight or flight line of thought.

She certainly had no right or authority but being both bosses daughters sometimes put a little more weight behind her words, nepotism in the mutant world at its finest, "Well, I mean it's pretty much his destiny Kurt.." She laughed just a little, "..but yeah I'm sure it will all sort itself out once you get back to the Institute."

Stepping forward to clasp Kurt on his good shoulder she stares into his demonic eyes, "No matter what happens to Scott and I, just let it happen. Don't put the X-Men at risk. Tell my mom that if the registration bill passes, the tablet in my room has information on a place the X-Men should go to, that everyone at the institute should go to. It's a place that I know will be sympathetic and will provide shelter."

Being from the future, sometimes had benefits; no matter how hard she tried not to affect things Rachel always seemed to let her knowledge of the future come forward.

Kurt Wagner smiles softly, "I do not believe in destiny, Rachel. Your future would be pre-ordained, then, and, if that is so, then why are you here now? No, the Lord provides many paths, and each of us must choose the ones we shall walk. And I mean no disrespect to you, mein herr. But fighting alongside us does not make one an X-man. The X-men are a movement and an ideal, not a mere fighting unit. I have fought alongside Magneto, in my day, against threats to all mutant kind, but I would not invite him to join our number. If Herr Rasputin comes to believe in our ideals, to understand the mission of the X-men…then I would welcome him, absolutely. Never let it be said that Kurt Wagner does not believe in absolution…"

He smiles to Rachel as she speaks to him, head cocked, "All due respect, Rachel, whatever I do will likely be whatever your mother tells me to do - she is the leader of the X-men with your father's abdication. But I will tell her what you said and give her the information as you say," he says.

"Da," Piotr says, vaguely annoyed if the wrinkle in his brow is any indication. The desire to speak further is visibly suppressed, as he tries his best to not take the response as a lecture but cherry pick the important parts out of it. That he's not in the X-men. He looks back to Rachel as she speaks, "Er, any application process besides, how long should we wait down here? Blind, deaf, and mute." He seems nervous. Maybe he doesn't like tight places.

"I know you mean no disrespect and I would never feel as if you did, I respect your faith and I wish I had it." After what Rachel had seen, after what she had been, how could she believe in the 'Lord' as Kurt did. To make matters worse as Phoenix, she had been a power that frightened even 'gods', "Just please, make sure my mother acts with her head, not her heart."

Stepping forward to Colossus she gets up on her tippy toes to try and give him a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks for everything big guy. No more waiting it's about time you and Kurt bamfed out of here."

Kurt Wagner smiles, 'Have you tried telling your mother what to do before? I have found that Jean usually knows what she is about - and she is often the wisest of us all, with both her heart and her head," he says.

He nods to Piotr, "I myself do not feel entirely comfortable with leaving you and Scott to take your chances, fraulein, but this seems to be Scott's plan and I am willing to abide it…for now…" he says, "The young man and I shall leave you to it, provided he is willing to come along, of course," he says. Piotr may not openly complain about the lecture, but Kurt's seen enough recalcitrant students to know when his words fall on disinterested ears.

"I am not sure that is wise." Piotr says, looking down at Rachel after the cheek kiss. "You're shot and sending away your guards, with these menhunters hot on trail." He looks back to Kurt. "I will stay. Just in case."

Rachel shakes her head and smiles sadly, "You can't be here when they get back Piotr. You'll end up in a cell and charged as a terrorist, I appreciate your concern. If you want, you can both remain until my dad is coming back, the moment he is though, you both need to go." She looked in Kurt's direction, it wasn't an order but a request.

"I know how Mom is." It was all she could say. The only person who could control her usually was Scott and Scott would not be there.

The young woman sat down on the floor and waited. More than anything, she wanted to run.

Kurt Wagner smiles, "Well, fraulein, one of the benefits of my powers is that I do not have to choose one or the other. I can go for a time and return. I will want to update the X-men on what is happening and make sure that everyone is kept in the loop. But that does not preclude me from returning and making sure things are going well. THey are welcome to try and capture me - no one as of yet has kept Nightcrawler in a cage, ja?" he says.

"You are wanted fugitive. There is video of big metal man helping you publically available. If wanted to charge me, my being here would not matter much, as aiding and abetting and the destruction of private property is already on wrap sheet even if the rest has been wiped clean. Da, blue man, that means even more reason to deny application." Piotr smiles briefly, "I will stay. I have good reason to wanting see this through."

Rachel smiled at the pair of men, "I doubt prison could hold either of you, I'm just worried about your safety, it's been a long hard road and it's bad enough my dad dragged himself into it. He should have just let me keep running." She looked up at Colossus and shook her head, "You're too much and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have made it here."

Kurt Wagner looks over at Colossus, "If anything, a criminal record might just help your curriculum vitae," he smiles. "I did not mean to sound so discouraging earlier, mein freund. You showed great courage - if you truly desire to be one of us, I suspect you are the kind of man whom it is difficult to deny. I simply did not want to give the illusion that becoming one of us was easy - or that it was simply a matter of taking up arms. Sometime, when things are less turbulent, we can, perhaps, speak of idealogical matters," he says.

"And it isn't a matter of being dragged, Rachel - we must work together, if progress is to be made. Sometimes, we have to allow ourselves to be helped. I will be back in time. Stay safe, the both of you - Scott, I'm sure, knows how to get in touch," he says.

"I didn't do what I have for X-men, your caution made sense." Piotr takes a seat against the wall, keeping guard. If not especially good guard. It's one of those waiting periods between times of extreme fear and action. "Good luck."

Rachel looked between the pair as she saw the start of a bond forming, "We'll be safe and back home in no time." She winked at Colossus, "You owe me a dinner and a movie. The new terminator is in theatres, so that is totally what we'll be going to see."

Kurt Wagner shakes his head, "Young people," he says softly and, in a moment, the devilish mutant BAMFs away…

Colossus is blank faced for a moment. Remember he's been stuck in the wilderness for months before helping her.


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