The Manhunt Begins

July 01, 2015:

Martian Manhunter pursues Rachel Grey as she escapes Washington and then, ends up buying her time to help escape

District of Columbia

The Sky


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July 1st, District of Columbia

It had been less than half an hour since the incident at the Russian Embassy in Washington when the entire nation was put on high alert for domestic terrorism.

No group was deemed responsible. An individual was, Rachel Grey.

Every Law Enforcement Agency in the country known and unknown had been mobilized to catch her. It was on the news, it was on the internet, it was anywhere and everywhere you looked.

Throughout the city, lockdowns were being issued in the schools, streets were being cleared. Military forces had surrounded the White House in case of a potential attack.

Whatever this woman had done or intended to do, it had to have been terrible; at least the way the situation seemed.

At present, mutant terrorist 'Rachel Grey' was trying to lose a pair of F-22 Raptors that were in pursuit of her as she tried to fly out of the city. She made an easy target with the ethereal flames that surrounded her body and massive psychic signature.

To someone like J'onn, she would stand out like a candle in the darkness.

Indeed, J'onn had watched with some curiosity as the events unfolded. He wasn't sure who Rachel Grey is- but he means to find out. Surely the Government wouldn't label such a person so very dangerous if there wasn't some inkling of truth to it.

Intangible, he appears along side of the 'terrorist' keeping enough distance so he might overcome those 'flames' that seem to surround the woman's body. He might not be the best choice for this- but no one else seems to have stepped forward. The duty fall then to the Martian Manhunter. He speaks loudly, his voice carrying over the sounds of near super-sonic flight. "I respectfully request that you land, so that you might be taken into custody." Perhaps an odd statement to begin with, but J'onn prefers to begin with a 'peaceful' approach, when possible.

Rachel used a series of illusions to make the F-22s pursue her in another direction after screwing with some of their equipment via telekinesis, up here in the sky they didn't have the advantage of numbers. Fooling a pair of men was easy, in comparison to fooling hundreds or thousands in the city that she was fleeing from.

That voice.

It fills her with dread unimaginable, a terror that she couldn't escape. She was so afraid, that her fear was unguarded causing her to lose concentration for a brief moment.

Turning to look over her shoulder even as she reached out with her telepathy, her eyes opened wide.

Speeding up even though she knew she couldn't outrun him, Rachel screamed back, "Peacefully? You're a tyrant and a murderer! I would sooner die."

"You are mistaken." J'onn replies simply as he flies closer. "I have murdered no one. Please, Rachel Grey, land. I would prefer this not fall to violence." The Manhunter states, as he looks back to see the planes fly off in a different direction. Sensing the telepathic differences as they float through the aether. "You are frightened, which is understandable, given the situation. Please, I wish you no harm."

"Not yet you haven't." Rachel replied back at John even as she strengthens her telekinetic and telepathic shields in preparation for what she thinks is an inevitable attack, "I didn't do anything, except try to prevent what's going to be a massacre." The fear has not dissipated.

And yet, that attack doesn't come. They continue to fly, "What massacre?" J'onn asks, as he watches carefully- listening, feeling. Watching. He does not seem afraid- the Manhunter never seems to show fear. "By your own words, I have killed no one. Your fear is misplaced, Ms. Grey. I have no ill-will towards you. I wish only to protect the people of this Earth. What massacre do you speak of?"

"The Registration Act and the Sentinels." Rachel responded, "If you wish to protect the people of this Earth, you should make sure neither ever happens here in America. It's just another excuse to hate those who are different."

Rachel sends telepathic images to Manhunter of the future she came from showing the world falling into ruins, as registration against mutants and metahumans leads to atrocities similar to those committed at other points in human history.

Manhunter sees himself in one of the visions, helping to round up metas and mutants, some of them heroes he knew in this time to be placed in concentration camps which later became death camps.

Grim silver and purple humanoid robots patrol the skies, hunting down all who defy the 'law'. The Sentinels.

No stranger to Telepathic communication, J'onn allows the connection as the pair fly. His red eyes darken, eyebrows knitting together as he searches for 'mistakes' in the memory vision- there are none. This is unadulterated memories from a terrified mind. "A most disturbing vision." In particular his part in all of this- it seems, honestly, unlike himself. He has no trust for the American Government- or any Earth Government. He knows what they would do to those they consider different. Fear is at the heart of all of this. "You are not from this time, your very presence will change the course of history." he notes, "For good, or Ill, remains to be seen. However, I will have no part in such a future- You can be certain of that. Do you know the history? How this comes to be?"

"It started with the assassination of an important political figure. I came to prevent that and the Sentinels from being created. I thought I did." Rachel stared at Manhunter, she was still afraid of him but not as much as before, "Now it's still happening it seems, even though my future no longer exists."

"That must have been the president who was recently assassinated." J'onn replies, "One event of many. This can yet be changed- a new future can yet be forged, Rachel Grey." The Manhunter states simply. "And, I imagine a military contract like that would have been in the works for a very long time. That sort of technology takes decades to develop." J'onn frowns inwardly, his outward expression as unreadable as ever. "I will endeavor to discover more." He sends then a vision of a place to Rachel- a place that's not far. "This is a safe place. Hide here for the afternoon. I shall distract them." His form changes, and he is the spitting image of Rachel herself- he then zooms off- clearly he's going to create chaos.

"I feel like I am trapped in a cycle, but, you're proof it can be broken." Rachel was surprised at how this had turned out, "Thank you for your help." She offers a small wave to the green-skinned hero as he flies off with her visage, it would buy her time; time to get out of D.C. at the very least.

She would not forget this.

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