Time Out In Neverwhere

July 07, 2015:

Zee slips into Neverwhere for some time out… but just thinking of her friends draws them to her



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Fade In…

Life is never dull for the Mistress of Magic and these last few weeks things have been moving quicker and quicker. With the HYDRA threat gone, Zee had hoped for a little peace and quiet but then Master Darque happened and the quest for a new Sorceror Supreme….

The fact that Darques people had attacked Shadowcrest has unsettled Zee, for obvious reasons, and as soon as her magical energy was replenished Zee disappeared to Neverwhere… somewhere Fenris had taken her before, somewhere which might be dangerous, but Zee had found a level of comfort there.

Sitting in a clearing, on a log, Zee has legs outstretched and is leaning back on her hands. Eyes closed, she's simply listening to the environment… seemingly relaxed as her mind wanders, thinking about friends… those she would like to see soon, and one in particular who she hasn't seen in a while.

She's also thinking about Kane and Fenris, two men who have had a large impact on her life recently.

Pepper Potts has just finished her last task for the day, told her assistant to go home, and stepped into the elevator. Glancing at her watch while waiting for the doors top open, she finds herself idly wondering how Zatanna has been. She's not talked with her for quite a while now.

Phone in hand, she's in the process of pulling up Zee's phone number to call and say hello when the elevator doors open and she steps out…

…then gasps in surprise and stumbles as her heels sink into leaf litter instead of landing on marble flooring. As she compensates and straightens again, her eyes look around the forested and she can only sigh. "Not again."

And then she's checking her phone to see if might possibly have any signal here. Because she knwos JARVIS saw that and she doesn't want the AI raising the alarm if there's no reason for it. That's not saying there won't be reason for it, but at least the last time she was here there was nothing threatening. Well, other than Fenris.

There's a similar noise of surprise not too far away. When your glowing stag jumps and winds up landing on a hill and not a rooftop that had been there a moment before, it's forgiveable to make unmanly noises of surprise. Which is what the Fox has just done. At least Zee will likely know his voice. Pepper not so much perhaps.

Opening her eyes at the noises, Zee snorts softly… isn't it always the way? Stretching as she stands, the young mage turns in Peppers direction and waves to the redhead "Hello Miss Potts, I was just thinking about you. Sorry about that…" The unmanly yelp has her wincing. She had been thinking of The Fox… maybe he might like Miss Potts, heaven knows he doesn't like many of her other friends. "Over here, Fox" He should be able to follow the sound of her voice, or maybe Stomper will find her.

Pepper Potts turns to look at Zatanna. "Oh. Hello. Thank goodness I didn't just end up here randomly. That would have been awkward." She glances over toward the other new arrival and his… glowing antlered horse kind of creature? Looks like something out of a video game. She shakes her head slightly and dismisses that train of thought while digging those emergency flats out of her bag and dropping them on the ground to step into before scooping up her heels.

What does it say about Pepper's existence that she's actually prepared for this kind of eventuality?

The Fox, the man on the glowing elk, looks like a guy out of a video game what with the masquerade mask and the cloak and the various and sundry medieval armaments. It's… definitely a striking look. Fortunately he doesn't spout out any thee's or thou's. "Zee? What on earth… where are we?" And then there's a business woman who- wait. Is that Pepper Potts? Of Stark Industries? Who you know, sometimes makes business news? He keeps up, being something of a small time business man himself.

"Fox…" Zee smiles at the masked man "We're in Neverwhere. I came to do some thinking, particularly after the house was targetted the other night." She looks a little sheepish "I was thinking about people I might like to see and both you were at the top of that list. Oh, have you met Miss Potts? Miss Potts, this is The Fox… my …. friend." Petting the elk as it draws closer, Zee nods to it "And this is Stomper."

Given Peppers changed her shoes, Zee motions back towards the clearing "Shall we go sit and talk? Or did you have something pressing, both of you?"

Apparently, working for Tony Stark either makes someone completely immune to weird, or weeds out anyone who isn't. Pepper steps over to stand next to Zee with her heels held in one hand, and as the glowing elk and its rider approach she takes a step forward to meet them. "Hello, Fox. And Stomper. Good to meet you." She even goes so far as to offer her hand up for the druid to shake. She'll wait for the pleasantries to be done before grilling the young mage about the attack on her house. Why is she only JUST NOW hearing about this?

The Fox climbs off the elk and gives it a slap on the rump, sending it trotting away after Zee's done petting it. Which may take a while. "Nice to meet you Miss Potts. Your reputation precedes you." And she does indeed have a hell of a reputation.

"Wait. Your house got targeted?" Beat. "Since when?" Clearly he hasn't heard of this either.

Oops. Zee gives Stomper one last pet as The Fox slaps him on the rump and winces at The Fox's words. "Uh yeah… " Walking back to the clearing, she settles back on the log… there's room for two there, whilst another log appears out of nowhere.

"Night before last… I think, maybe two nights? It's been a bit of a blur. You were patrolling, Fox and didn't come home and …" chewing her bottom lip "It took the rest of the night and most of the next morning to rebuild the Wards. They held but were severely compromised… and Fenris and I were totally drained. We had to resort to ritual." Clenching the hand she had cut to bleed for the last spell, Zee glances between Pepper and Kane… "I've slept a lot since then."

Pepper Potts follows Zee over to the clearing and settles gingerly on one of the logs. She lets the mage complete her story before asking any questions. "Is there perhaps a way to have additional wards prepared ahead of time?" She's thinking about how Tony makes multiples of some of his prototypes for testing purposes, but that's kind of the same thing, right? Maybe?

Smiling faintly at Pepper, Zee watches The Fox prowl… she hadn't expected him to be happy about it. "All my staff have tokens they activate to reinforce the wards during an attack. They're well trained and they did admirably, given we had three of Darques strongest hit us at once."

Nodding slowly, Zee continues to explain "Wards… at Shadowcrest… are multilayered. Under one, there's still more to do, but eventually, with enough smarts or brute power you can get through them all. It's really only a matter of time." She pauses a moment "And the amount of effort and skill required to build wards? It becomes a return on investment… how much do I / we put in to them, before they're just too damned expensive?"

"Really, the wards did what they were supposed to do… Told me we were under attack and held… more than long enough for me to call reinforcements."

Pepper Potts ahs and nods. That is, after all, really what matters. "Do you think they'll try again?" She sets her shoes down and then rests her bag against the long she's claimed as a seat. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to help." Not that she's sure that she would have been any help even if she had been there. It's the sentiment.

Zee shakes her head "Goodness, Miss Potts. I appreciate the thought, but I'm glad you weren't." Considering Peppers question, Zee makes a face "Perhaps they'll come again. It's hard to say what they wanted. To scare me, to test our response, to actually take me… " Zee's not so vain to think the last is really a thing "We just need to keep on our guard."

Watching The Fox, Zee's face softens a little, before a look of concern floats across it "Do you remember, Miss Potts, the last time we were in Neverwhere together? What Fenris told us about the Watcher of The Veils going missing?" It seems like the mageling is leading up to something.

Pepper thinks about that for a moment, then nods. "I remember. Is the Watcher still missing?" That just sounds bad. Oh! Speaking of Watchers, she glances at her phone again, worrying that JARVIS is already raising the alarm back at the Tower.

Seeing Peppers concern as she looks at the phone, "Do you need to head back, Miss Potts? If not, I might be able to do something" Zee waggles her fingers "to get the signal through. Not so much still missing, but again…" The raven haired mage sounds less than impressed "He came back and then disappeared again. Anyway… his role is to watch over the magic of earth, and with him gone and Fenris affected" Zee's assuming Pepper knows about that "the Vishanti, elder gods if you like, have decided to find a replacement. That person will be come the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth" Zee pauses, she's not told The Fox this yet… "I was visited. They're going to be testing me… see if I can take this on, I suppose."

Pepper Potts blinks at that. "That sounds… like an awful lot of responsibility. Do you want to be the Watcher? That's really the only question that matters." She glances at her phone again. "Oh, and if you could maybe get a text through to JARVIS, so he knows I'm all right. I don't want him panicking." Not that she can even imagine the AI panicking, but that's probably the closest human equivalent.

"Watcher of the Veils." The Fox murmurs. "Ah, the Sorcerer Supreme." Even in his lowly mystic circles the Fox has heard of such things. "I'd not heard that anything in particular had happened to him though. That's not good…" He pauses. "Wait, so they're visiting magi and…" Wow.

"I'm, uh, not sure that'll work here, Miss Potts. Who's Jarvis?"

Zee's eyes glow bright blue… maybe Pepper hasn't seen this change yet… as she draws her magic to her and speaks

~~ dneS ehT txeN txeT nO sreppeP enohP oT SIVRAJ ~~

Smiling at Pepper, the light fades from Zee's eyes "Send your message, Miss Potts, it will get through." Zee falls to silence for a long moment considering Peppers question "I really don't know if I want it. I also don't know if I'll be given a choice. Gods, particularly Elder Gods, can be funny that way." Looking a little sad, the teen mage gazes out from the clearing "But, if I am the best to do the job… can I really turn it down?"

"Yes, Fox… they're visiting Magi. Three at least, that I know of." Zee pats the log beside her "Come sit with me, please?"

Pepper Potts stares at Zee for a few seconds, then OHs and quickly types a text. 'With Zatanna, back soon. No need to worry.' She sends that off then returns her phone to her bag. She offers Fox a smile, then. She only eviscerates people in board room meetings. And besides, she's not wearing her maneater heels right now so she's essentially harmless.

"Now I know we've gone too long without talking, Zatanna. When did you start doing the glowing-eyes thing?"

The Fox walks over to take a seat on the log near Zee looking very comofortable with it. He also relieves himself of a sawwed off shotgun and a crossbow, leaning those aside. He offers Pepper a smile back while they talk. "It's been a couple of months for you, hasn't it Zee?"

Zee leans against The Fox as he takes a seat and watches Pepper "Glowy eyes?" and then Kane speaks "Oh, right. I think it was when I started closing hellgates… a couple of months back… has it been that long, Miss Potts?" Zee sighs. "Given it probably has been, how have you been? I now feel a little guilty for not catching up sooner." Glancing up at Kane, Zee offers a small smile "I'm sorry I didn't send a message…" about the attack on Shadowcrest.

Pepper glances back and forth between Zee and Kane and a tiny, knowing smile crosses her face briefly. "I guess it has been that long. Shame on us both. I've been busy as usual." She considers telling Zee about the attack on her and Babs in Gotham, but decides that the young mage currently has enough worries of her own. "I won't bore you with corporate machinations."

Why is Kane not surprised that Pepper knows Zee. He loops an arm around her and smiles a bit. "You two should catch up over lunch." Maybe he can come without the mask. Maybe not, but it's nice to know that Zee has friends like this. Which is to say, friends whom he doesn't hate.

There's a little something in Peppers manner that has Zee canting her head. "Is there anything you need help with, Miss Potts" As the Fox's arm wraps around her, she sighs happily "I would like that, Fox… maybe you could come too…" That has Zee sighing, the secret identity thing has her confused. "I did tell you I had friends you would like, didn't I?"

"How is Mr Reha, Miss Potts. It's been nearly as long since I saw him." Zee… as she is fond of saying … gets around.

"He's doing as well as can be expected, considering his current situation. He and Corvinus both have a lot to deal with, and they're doing admirably well. Corvinus has taken up cooking to pass the time. Perhaps I can ask him to cook lunch for us? I know he'd appreciate the company." Pepper smiles at the clear affection between Kane and Zee but is more than tactful enough to not say anything.

"Another friend?" The Fox cants his head. "Someone sick perhaps?" As well as can be expected sounds like sick. "I uh… can probably offer some healing." Zee can too though and if it were her friend… "If you like…" Well maybe not sick. But the druid will look to be sure.

"Another friend…" Zee hasn't caught up on the news of CorvJimus, that's been kept under careful wraps. "I would love to come and have lunch with him" Zee turns her head to The Fox, the invitation evident. "Well, Miss Potts… Fox… maybe I should be getting you back … " Zatanna hadn't meant to disturb anyones schedules but this had been a very welcome interlude.

Pepper Potts nods and moves to stand putting her bag on her shoulder and picking up her heels. "I'm glad we got a chance to catch up at least. And I'll be sure to let you know when either Jim or Corvinus is free for lunch." She then smiles and nods to Fox. "Again, it was a pleasure to meet you." Even if he IS dressed like a renfaire reject.

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