Chemical Zombies

July 08, 2015:

Unusual activity in Waynes Chemicals late at night…

Otisburg - Gotham


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Nightime in Gotham is always busy for a certain redheaded Information Goddess. Tonight is not so different… there's the usual larceny and muggings but in Otisburg, something larger seems to be going to be happening. Something in one of the factories. Wayne Chemicals infact… there are vans lined up at the loading zone - not so unusual unless you consider the time and inside, Oracle can see (through the security feeds of course) groups of people moving boxes… all very suspicious, really.

"Welcome home, Red Robin" For Oracle, having her team come and go isn't so unusual. Batman does it often. "Right now, you're needed in Otisburg." Details are sent to the mans OracleCommunicator and she watches his avatar move across her screen. "Looks like someone's moving something elicit… just up alley really."

"What, no, this- argh, Suri, you /suck/," Caitlin complains, shaking her cellphone and trying to resist the urge to crush it. Smartphones are expensive and even working for THINK, a mere intern can't really afford Hulk-proof telephoney equipment. She putters along in her VW Bug, making a left, then a right, then a sharp left, her knees almost touching her ears inside the cramped vehicle. It noticeably leans towards the driver side wheels while she's in it.

She comes around the corner with a mighty 'meep meep' at a fishtailing driver, then slams on the brakes when she finds herself approaching the loading zone at Wayne Chemical Enterprises and seeing it full of trucks and vehicles and people. She glances at her watch. "Man, that Wayne guy must be a real hardass," she mutters.

Unfolding herself from behind the wheel of her little Beetle, she stretches to her full six-foot-and-change and starts walking towards the loading platform, confidence buoyed by her flapping labcoat, which at least makes her look more professional.

"Hi, I'm Caitlin from THINK- I'm here to pick up a case of sodium polyacrylate solution?" she asks the first management-looking type she meets. She holds up the receipt as she draws closer, 'Wayne Chemical Supply Company' written quite legibly on the header. "I think it was Jeanine that I talked to?" she supplies, helpfully.

Tim's barely been back in town, but he seems to be hitting the bricks running. He hasn't even taken a moment to breathe since his plane touched down at Goodwin International. It seems that whatever he was doing while he was away has given him a drive and focus that could either turn out to be good, or could turn out to be really, truly, very bad.

"Good to be home, Oracle." He says, his modulated voice coming through the com system for her to hear. The purring whine of the supercharged engine of his bike bleeds through, as well, as he kicks it into gear. "I'm just a few blocks out. Will be there in no time."

He takes off, the motorcycle lurching forward and almost immediately launching into breakneck speeds. Out of the alleyway, and around the bend, Red Robin comes barreling out, zipping through traffick with what seems like a reckless abandon, though careful observation might suggest otherwise. He's a skilled driver, and even now, he's spending as much time scanning the details on the HUD of his cowl's lenses as he is on the road ahead of him. At least he's not trying to ride against the flow of traffick. Still, a few cars are likely to pull over, simply because the drivers are likely to be wondering just what happened to Batman's ears.


Thea Queen probably really should not have been out, doing vigilante stuff on her own; but after Ollie's challenge to her and Connor she knew it was time to put the training her 'father' had given her to good use.

The young woman has managed to coincidentally make her way through the city not finding much she can deal with outside of a mugger when she spots the commotion going on at Wayne Industries.

She knew a little bit about big companies and this looked extremely suspicious to her.

Dressed in a red hooded costume that covered her from head to toe, she considered her options before asking herself, 'What would Ollie do?'.

Reaching into her quiver she removed a grapple arrow and notched it into her bow before firing it at the roof of one of the buildings near the trucks. When the line is secure, she grabs her bow and uses the line just line a zipline; sliding across towards the next rooftop.

"Oracle, this is the Fox, I'm moving in on Otisburg on the rooftops." Which means, yes, glowing elk with the cloaked, masked man on it. The thing's surprisingly nimble, bouncing across alleys, skidding over tile roofs and somehow managing to do it all at a full tilt. "Any word on what exactly we've got? Or who else you're moving in?" Mostly the Oracle's operatives tend to be okay by the Fox though there have been incidents.

The nearest 'management looking' type in the warehouse at this time of night is … not all that bright "What? You're here to THINK?" the goon blinks a few times at Caitlin and then at the paper she holds up to him. "Nothin' for you luv. Best be off then, yeah?" He starts to walk past her and pick up the next case to load in the van.

In her Clocktower, Oracle actually rubs her brow in frustration. What is it with the Vigilantes popping up in Gotham? As The Fox checks in, the redhead relaxes a little and conferences Red Robin in "Red Robin, The Fox is my left hand… " Things have changed since Tims been away. "Fox, Red Robin was once Robin… he's on his way in." Oracle pauses as she does a quick count. "We've a dozen packing vans, all armed as far as I can see…. a tall woman has just got out of a car… and …. " Oracle sighs "Someone else ziplining in. Potentially friendly, but approach with caution." Coordinates are transmitted to the OracleComms.

Thea will notice that the lead van is nearly full, and someone is slipping into the drivers seat… they'll be departing soon.

Caitlin blinks at the fellow, but steps in front of him. It takes a pretty significant amount of neck for someone to try and bull past her when she sets her weight, and it'd take the Juggernaut to actually move her, in all liklihood.

"Hey," she says, snapping the words off a bit. "Don't try to snow me, buster. It's late, I'm tired, and my stupid boss sent me all the way out to freaking Otisburg to pick up this acrylate. I can't go back to the lab without it and I'm already missing Game of Thrones. Can you at least get me to the front desk?" she asks, looking over her shoulder into the vans with a curious squint.


"I copy." Red Robin's voice comes through to Oracle. The Fox, huh? From the Mighty Crusaders? No matter. He'll find out soon enough. As Tim rounds another corner, cutting it so sharp that the bike nearly tips over to the ground, he spots the vans, the car, and the tall redhead conversing with one of the obvious thieves.

Deftly, Red Robin pushes himself up, standing on his seat. There's no time quite like the present to check out the new cape and see if it works properly. Balancing on the speeding superbike, Red Robin stands upright, and then leaps. His cape is electrified with a small charge, the billowing nature of it straightening and snapping into place like a set of wings. The rush of wind catches that flat surface and propels the lean form of the young vigilante skyward, where he manages to get a bird's eye view of the scenario. From up here, he should be able to spot Thea, and possibly even the glowing Elk stampeding across the rooftops to close in. Now he just needs to figure out the pieces of the puzzle.

"Fox, can you get the girl down there to safety? She doesn't look like she belongs here. Wrong time, wrong place. We don't need a civilian getting hurt." Under his breath, he mutters, "…even if she's built like a brickhouse…."

Red Robin grasps Thea's line, and uses it much as she had herself, until he closes in on her.

"Are you the lookout? Because if so… lookout." Red Robin says in a voice that sounds like it belong to a Transformer, rather than a human being.


When Red Robin arrives at the other end of Thea's grapple line he finds himself staring down a bow and the shaft of an arrow, "You should ask permission before using someone else's toys. It might result in unnecessary sharing if you don't." She winked at Red Robin before turning away from him and aiming her bow at the front tire of the lead truck, "Whatever they're doing, they're almost finished loading that truck. If you're here to stop them, you should stop gawking at me and get down there."

"On it. If she cooperates." If not… er… well things get complicated. The elk taks a leap down to street level, the druid on his back taking aim with a crossbow and letting loose at one of the vans. The tip of the bolt is crystal and fragile by design and a chunk of it breaks off in the van's side. Tracking bit in place. He reports to Oracle. By the way, whatever's in Van number four is throwing off aura's like you wouldn't believe. If I'm not mistaken this is a Macoute artifact smuggling crew. Watch for zombies. He is dead serious. (Ahem.)

There's a clatter of ghostly hooves as the glowing animal lands near Caitlyn and the Fox levels that crossbow in their general direction. "Everything okay here?"

"Does it look we got a front desk at this time of night, luv?" the thug looks at Caitlin with derision "Why don't you just shove off, yeah? Go home, cook the little man some dinner." He sidesteps again, this time intent on avoiding the woman. No physical violence…. yet.

"Woman… Red Robin" Oracle sighs. One day, the message will get through "Fox, potential altercation between the large woman and the others in the warehouse. Deal with it… we need to stop everything leaving."

The lead vans engine starts up and the vehicle starts moving slowly foward. If Red Robin and Thea aren't quick enough, Red Robin is probably going to get an earfull "Stop flirting with the woman and stop that Van, Red Robin."

"Jerk," Caitlin mutters, making sure not to give an inch of deference to the fellow and forcing him to walk around her. She starts trotting along to the entrance to the loading docks, rubbernecking as she looks for someone to talk to about filling this damn order!

She's just about to head inside and start raising some mild Cain when of a sudden that ghostly elk lands almost astride her, and she lets out a terrific warrior's scream that sounds a lot like a startled 'eep!'. It's very much a scream, though, just mostly nonaudible. "Wrong, yes, it's all wrong, who lands a freaking ELK next to a total stranger? C'mon man, that's just… not cool," she complains, putting a fist on her hip and scowling prettily at Fox.

"Oracle, Zipper-Girl here is a friendly… Looks like she can provide overwatch support. Archer. Why are archers so popular these days?" Red Robin says without skipping a beat. If he was intimidated by that arrow in his face, it didn't show. Of course, the lenses of his cowl don't blink or wince. "And I'm not flirting. Assessing potential threats is not flirting!"

Without any seeming hesitation at all, Red Robin leaps from the roof, gracefully swandiving towards the ground, only to catch hold of a power line not far below. Using it, he propels himself into a flipping swing, his lean body curling in on itself, knees folded in. All, just to give him /more/ power to his downward momentum as he lands in a powerful dropkick on the shoulders of the guy who had shoved past Caitlin, only to be stopped by the elkriding Fox.

"Besides, if I'm going to flirt with someone, it's going to be the gorgeous redhead." He says over the comm, even as he pulls out a handful of golden discs, bearing his emblem and sends them launching towards the tires of each of the other vans. "They won't be going anywhere… Zombies? Really?"


Thea rolled her eyes even though nobody could see it, "Some things never go out of style Wonder Boy."

Taking a breath, Thea steadied her aim and fired an arrow at the driver side front tire before her hand reached for her quiver and another arrow was pulled out and fired at the front grill where the radiator would be.

A third arrow is then nocked as she sweeps her bow over the area looking for any threats to the people down below.

The flirting makes The Fox chuckle a bit. Or would if he weren't watching someone he really hopes isn't going to try to hit him. Oddly enough, he doesn't do the 'move along citizen' bit very well. Mostly because when he's doing something typically the citizens are long gone. "Welcome to my world Robin. Voodoo mobsters and werewolf gun runners. Oracle can fill you in on the Macoute if you really want to know about them."

"Okay buddy. Night night." The thug is clearly involved. He recognizes him. So as he moves off the Fox fires at him. The crystal tipped bulb (different tip) shatters and bands of purple force wrap around to restrain him.

"So uh, move along, Citizen?"

Oracle is instantly sorry she made the flirting quip. "Just focus, Red Robin." As she speaks, Thea's arrow hits it's target and the radiator let's out a slow, angry hisssssss "Van 1 down. And you should know Red Robin, that I'm considering archery. There's just something … " well, romantic but O's not going to admit that "about it." and the Clocktower bound redhead sighs softly "Target Van 4. Stop it leaving… Fox, when it's disable, secure the contents." She's worked enough with the man to know that he's not kidding. "The macoute are real business here in Gotham, Red Robin. Whatever they're peddaling, we need to stop."

Now the lead van is disabled, Fox and Caitlin find themselves the centre of attention… 6 heavily armed people advance on them… two opening firing from a distance.

Caitlin is a bit ditzy, but she's not a moron. A bunch of costumed vigilantes, late at night, a group of sinister thugs in black vans?! Clearly villainy is afoot!

But she's also very acutely aware of the legal requirements of being a vigilante, and as far as she knows, these guys are just picking up the morning shipment. So her contribution to the fight consists mostly of just staying the hell out of the way as things start to erupt. "Holy crap," she says. "What's with the archers?"

When the thugs start shooting, though, Caitlin squawks and dives onto Fox. It's not a pratfall. She tries to tackle him and wrap her body protectively around his to protect him from the gunfire.

"Who the hell /are/ these guys?" she demands of no one in particular, ignoring the stinging pellets of bullets slapping against her back.


The Wonder Boy comment just gets a look back up to where Thea is. If only the cowl could show just how far his one eyebrow is hiked up underneath it. "You must have me confused with Robin. He's the one in green, red and yellow."

Reaching into one of the pouches on his utility belt, Red Robin produces a few black colored spheres. They get tossed in the direction of the six people closing in on Fox and Caitlin, exploding on the ground in loud cracks and giant plumes of thick, dark smoke.

"Archer-Lass, make sure the vans are disabled. We can't let them get whatever it is they're after. Voodoo stuff. Zombies." He calls out with that near robotic voice. "Fox, if you're not hit, take the girl and get out of there. I need you to secure any sort of… mystic stuff that I might not handle with the care it needs."

But Red Robin is already marching into the fray. He dives right into the thick smoke cover he provided himself, and his vision mode switches to thermals, so he can see them, but they should be impaired in seeing him. Hopefully, they're smart enough to go firing blindly into the smoke and try killing each other. Towards the nearest guy, he rushes, cutting through the hazey cover like a razor, one black gauntleted fist aiming to catch the guy on the chin, weighted with metal-tipped knuckles. He really hopes it's enough to drop the guy in one shot. He still has five others to concern himself with, after all.

Archer-Lass? Thea groaned, "I wish I shot you already."

Each of the vehicles is targeted with an arrow to the radiator, in the summer heat it was going to be the quickest route to making sure they couldn't make any kind of get-away.

She wasn't about to jump down and get her hands dirty, the less questions she had to answer by the end of the night the better.

Retrieving her grapple arrow she wound it up quickly before firing it away from the Wayne Industries area to prepare her get-away.

As long as there's no major trouble the others can't handle, she is out of there.

The Fox is tackled off of his mount as the gunfire starts and he squawks in surprise. Fortunately it's protective not an attack. Unfortunately…

One of the vans that Thea tags tips over and skids. Two more grind to a halt not too far away. Overheated. The backs of all of them open and… what comes out is more or less exactly what the Fox promised. People. Dead people. Walking. They don't do the arms straight up thing. And they move fast. The ashen skin and dead eyes give them away. And they're moving for… er… everyone.

"Uh, well, can I explain it later?" The druid says to Caitlin. "Oracle! Noise!"

Noise, Oracle can do that. Feedback is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it might play havoc with the audio on the communicators … she hasn't enough time to write the appropriate filter. Turning the speakers in the warehouse up to +11 (yep, they go to 11)… Oracle feeds white noise through… killing comms with the team on the ground.

"Oh, that's not good," Caitlin mutters. She makes sure the bullets are more or less not flying at Fox, then rolls away from him and springs to her feet. She winces and clasps her hands to her hears reflexively at the blasting white noise, but it's more disorienting than painful, and she adapts fairly quickly.

"…" she says, blinking when her words are lost in the white noise. She inhales deeply.

"HEY YOU GUYS. ZOMBIES! GET OFF THE GROUND!" she bellows in a tornado-klaxon volume voice. She looks around at the zombies, then tears off the shredded remains of her labcoat and overshirt, revealing a close-fitting leotard. She unfolds a mandarin collar and zips it up to her chin, and rolls long sleeves down to her wrists. "I am /not/ touching these guys," she mutters, looking around. She grabs the first whacky looking piece of steel she can find- a piece of rebar as thick as her thumb- and charges the first zombie, swinging like a pro batter at it. At the speed she swings, the rebar might as well be a sword. She doesn't stick around to admire her handiwork- like something out of a Kurosawa movie, she slashes, hacks, and smashes clear through the first pack in a single running motion.


Luckily for Tim, his cowl has built in audio dampeners to avoid being taken aback by the sudden noise. It's still not going to help him keep communications open with Oracle, though. He switches his comm off with a few blinks of his eyes, and sets himself to the task at hand.

Alright, Tim, think. Five guys, untold number of zombies, and zero expected casualties. One archer on the roof, one mystic-inclined guy with a crossbow on the ground, him, and a civilian that just got wrapped up in this mess. No Oracle to give intel or call the shots. What to do.

Protecting the thugs so they can spend the next few years in a cell rather than potentially being zombie chow seems like a good start. Grapple gun. It's pulled from it's holster on his back, and a switch on the handle is flipped. With sharpshooter precision, Tim fires a grapple line at two different guys, and tethers them to swing from a streetlight. The next two, suffer a similar fate. There's the downed guy, and one left standing, so he frantically reloads another cartridge and follows up with those two. At least they'll be good to go for the police. And safe from being snackfood.

That being said, Tim doesn't want to be snack food either. Zombies don't like getting headshotted, yeah? That's a good way to start. He comes running out of his smoke-cover, razor sharp discs held between each finger. He follows in the wake of destruction led by Caitlin and leaps into the air, swinging his arms and launching each of those metal shuriken out towards the heads of the oncoming zombies. Hopefully they're not the Elder Scrolls style zombies that can walk around without heads. That would make this night really bad.

Red Robin loses his archer support as Thea mistakes the slow-moving zombies for regular people who won't stand a chance against the folks on the ground. Without another word, the young woman departs from the fight.

It's a good thing she didn't see actual zombies after dying and being resurrected in a lazarus pit. She already knew a zombie as far as she was concerned.


Thea's choice is not unwise. Nor is Robins really. These zombies are being directed… until The Fox produces a sawwed off shotgun from under his cloak and aims at one of the thugs. One with a chicken foot and several bags hung around his neck. There's an earsplitting crack and twin lightning bolts lance out from the weapon, striking the Bocor and hurling him back against his van.

The remaining undead go down fairly quickly between Caitlin's repbasr, Tim's thrown marksmanship and a display of swordsmanship (yes, he has a sword) from the Fox.

It takes a very, very long moment for the comms to the clear as they come crackling back to life Fox and Red Robin will hear "Fox, we need to talk" That's not ever going to happen again.

Being out of the fight and observing, is its only special hell for Oracle. Zooming in on number plates and running facial recognition, against the information she already has on the macoute… "Secure the captives, GCPD are on their way… vacate as soon as possible."

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