The Terminator

July 06, 2015:

Colossus rejoins Rachel Grey and Scott Summers.



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Almost a day after the whacky events of last night

Rachel and Scott had almost made it over stateliness and into New York where they would hopefully in the next day or so they would be able to rendezvous with Captain America.

For now, the pair was still on the run, avoiding main roads and inhabited settlements.

Rachel was currently leaned against the side of a tree in the woods examining a gunshot wound on her side that didn't look very good. The indomitable Scott Summers was resting a few feet away, still unconscious.

With no communications devices or ways to reach the X-Men, it didn't seem like the pair would be able to make it at this rate; not before they were caught.

Not far from Rachel and Scott, there is a flash of light and Colossus finds himself in the woods in view of the woman. Hopefully his trip to Limbo had went well!

Colossus freefalls from ten feet up, quick enough to turn to steel, slamming to the ground. The impact is slightly asorbed in the knees, and he rises slowly, still stripped to the waist. What happens when you grow two feet and put on several hundred pounds in a second. His hoodie was ripped during the fight, and the bullets and missiles mean that was was left is long gone.

He looks around, trying to determine exactly where he is, and it is then that he notices the pair. "You are mutant that spoke to me by name."

"Well, at least you're not dead." Rachel blinked at the sudden arrival, but tried her best not to be surprised. She was aware of the familial relations Colossus had and she was for the most part scared of the Mistress of Limbo, she had heard stories about telepaths who attempted to read her mind.

Struggling just a little she starts to stand up before pulling her shirt down over the wound and forces a smile, more to hide the grimace of pain on her face than anything else, "My name is Rachel Summers or Rachel Grey, take your pick."

Then again, it seemed like Colossus had been out in the wilderness awhile so she realized she might have some filling in to do for him, "I guess you haven't joined the X-Men yet"

She didn't really know what Colossus had done before joining in the future, the man had never really spoken about it to her, "But in the future, we're really good friends. That's why I warned you last night about the people coming."

"No, I have never been with the X-men." Piotr says as he comes closer, still steel, and still huge. "A few years back, convinced Professor that my sister needed sanctuary and he was kind enough to assist. It is good that Illyana had them, for them and her." He tilts his head at her remark at their future relationship. "I hope then that in this time, we get to enjoy each other's company again." He finally lets his armor fade, shrinking to his human form which is still just under seven feet tall, and offers her one massive hand. "Piotr Rasputin. It is good to meet you, Rachel Summers." He smiles, "I like first name more. I always found summertime most beautiful season."

Rachel shakes the large hand with her much smaller one, "It's nice to meet you Piotr." She was genuinely happy to be reunited with an old friend, even if the Piotr she knew would never exist thanks to the future she came from no longer existing.

When the grip is released she leans against the tree again, wincing in pain before she just gives up on it and uses her telepathy to try and suppress her own pain again.

"I'm sure we'll become friends again but you probably chose the best or worst time to show up." She looks towards his attire, asking, "Watched the news much lately?"

"In the wilderness? No, sometimes got radio to work, but always crapshoot." Piotr says, as he places one hand into the pockets of his pants. "I was always good with time, good or bad." He smiles, but with all the stress she is under, his fades slowly. "Sorry. I am not funny." He looks to the unconcious man and then back to her. "Are you on run from law?" He knows a little something about what people look and act when they're hunted.

Rachel did laugh, the attempt at humor whether good or bad was appreciated in this situation, "Yes. I'm the most wanted person in the country right now, surprise!" She winked at Colossus before sitting back down against the tree, "See, I'm not very funny either."

Looking towards the backpack she had seen him with before she asks, "Have anything to eat?"

"Beans, beans, and — well, you see pattern?" Colossus says, lowering his duffel bag to the ground and kneeling as well as he unzips. "What is it you did to deserve that title? There are many bed men on the most wanted list, you would look strange on dossier next to hardened criminals." He pulls out a can, and then a small pack of jerky that he shakes with a grimace. "Well, is no steak dinner but I do not mind sharing. I know that you are telepath, but you do not happen also be pyrokinetic?" His accent gets thicker on that last word, forcing it out clumsily.

Rachel looks beyond grateful for the offered food, trying to send out a telepathic nudge to wake her father up but it's of no use, "I wish. If Cycl-" She pauses and reconsiders, she had no reason to mistrust Piotr and so for that reason she just gives the truth, "If my dad was awake, his optic blasts could heat up the beans nicely. Sadly, pyrokinetics is not one of my abilities big guy."

A sigh escaped her lips before checking her father's temperature with a hand to his forehead, "Well, do you want the long or short story why we're on the run right now? I suppose we have time for the long version."

"Good thing, I can make fire real way." Piotr says, "I want the story you want to share, of course. Here, speak while we gather some fuel for fire." He'll offer his hand to the kneeling woman to help her stand, then turn to pick through the wilderness. "I understand what is like to be on the run… do not worry, you will get used to it. The hardest part is deciding who to trust." He collects a few branches, shoving them under his arm.

Rachel keeps an eye on Cyclops telepathically while taking Piotr's hand to stand up, doing her best not to have to use her powers as she follows him.

"Well, there's a bit more to it then what happened this week. Your sister lives in Limbo, so I know unusual things don't startle you but I came from the future."

She laughs a little, "Corny right?"

"It's true though. In my future, a mutant registration act passes after the assassination of a major politician and soon after mutant and meta hunting robots known as Sentinels are unleashed on the world. Pretty much everyone dies, all the X-men." She bit her lower lip and decided not to tell Colossus how she saw HIM die.

"I was sent back by something called the Phoenix to stop my future from happening and we did with the help of the X-Men. I left after that and I came back less than a month ago and found out that the United States president had been assassinated and a member of the Justice League: Avengers initiative had committed genocide on enemy forces in plain sight of the public. Things were getting bad. There was talk of registration and I found out, the Sentinels I mentioned? They had been created here as well, despite us stopping their precursors before, the Centurions."

She looks up at the bigger man and asks, "Questions or you still following? I know it's a lot to digest."

"You give me too much credit. It is not that things do not startle me, just that I am becoming numb with how wierd life has gotten." Piotr says, listening as Rachel explains. Yep, about right, leveraging more oddity on a foundation of what the hell, man? Timetravelling is bad enough, the concept of inevitable fate being thrown in as well has him furrowing his brow in thought.

"Meaning that things, they are on road to repeat your future-past?" He exhales, "I think that I follow. So, what now? What is the next step on the way down this dark road we must avoid?" He seems satisfied with his collection of twigs and sticks, turning to face the woman

If only Colossus had known how much Rachel had been suspecting that all of this was inevitable in one way or the other. She was beginning to think by coming back to stop it, she was directly helping to cause it, she would not voice that though.

"I thought the first step would be awareness. My father, the leader of the X-Men." Boy did she have a big mouth sometimes, "Authorized a mission for me to meet with the Chinese and Russian ambassadors to try and get me a meeting with their countries security council representatives in the United Nations. It all went awry from there. Somehow, I ended up declared a terrorist, the ambassadors were anti-mutant and I've been on the run the past few days."

She looks over her shoulder to where her father was prone, "He spoke with Captain America who said he can clear this up if I turn myself in to him and that's what my Dad wants and believes we need to do, so we need to get to New York and to SHIELD before the authorities catch up with us."

A sigh escapes her lips and she rests against a tree for a moment leaning with her arm, "It's a lot to ask I know, but can you help us get there? I'm wounded and he's been unconscious for a day and we have nobody else around."

Colossus sighs, considering the question as he piles the twigs and branches. He places dry leaves and brush about to help burn, and then reaches into the duffel bag to find his match. He lights the paper he peeled off the bean can, and uses it to light the leaves, which cinders the twigs and so on and so forth. "Is a lot to ask."

The silence stretches as he nurses at then fire, finally looking back to the pair. "Still.. if I do not help, then what chance will I have when this is all over to ask you out for dinner and movie?" He nods, "I will help. I don't have contacts with SHIELD but Illyana does, and everyone knows name of Captain America. He is known as good man." Even to a Russian.

"Smooth Piotr. How could I possible say no when you're going to help us?" Rachel smiled up at the larger man before reaching out with her telekinesis to pick up some firewood, "It's a date then, unless they decide to execute me. Then I hope you're ready for a prison breakout first." She wasn't joking at all.

"That… was not my best." Piotr admits, cutting into the beans with a knife, removing the top with a press of the blade. "I will have to work on line when time comes, maybe with Terminator quote. Is my favorite movie." Hey, caring is sharing. He looks over to Scott as he pours the beans out into a small tin can. "What happened to him anyway? When I first met you, he was already injured. It looks like he was mauled by wild beast."

"If Terminator is your favourite movie, pretend the Sentinels are Terminators and I'm John Connor, but a girl." Even Rachel had seen that movie, she would have been a child now if events leading up to her timeline right now didn't have to be 'corrected' leaving her to exist as a paradox.

Checking on Scott again she responds, "Deadpool attacked us. Then a bear also randomly attacked him. It was pretty bad luck."

Colossus turns completely to metal, "Come with me if you want to live." Hey, it even works for their /current/ situation!

He then shifts back with a grimace at the news about her dad, "Animal attacks can cause infection. Have you tended wounds already?" He sets the tin on a small rack, and stirs the beans with a spoon. "Who is this Deadpool?"

Rachel starts to laugh so hard it starts to hurt her side, "Seriously, stop you're going to kill me." Looks like that made Colossus, the terminator except Russian instead of German (Or was it Austrian, what is Arnie?)

Sitting down near the fire and holding her sides a little she explains, "Ampere treated it, the man who was with us before and the woman Lynwen helped. I don't know what happened to them, some kind of shadow was pursuing them. Everyone has their problems."

She could have just looked into Piotr's mind but sometimes it was more fun hearing things from other people, "So you've heard all this stuff about me. What about you? What's with the wandering ronin gig."

Colossus takes a bowl, "I hope you do not mind sharing. Two spoons, one bowl." He gently takes the cooking container, filling the bowl, and moves to join her on the other side of the fire. "I misspent my youth thinking I was doing right thing, fighting good fight. It took many years before I wised up to the matter." He sits down as well, stretching his legs out, listening to the chitter of insects. "You make it sound way more romantic then is. I was lumberjack for many months, and been on the road since I quit. It just seemed like a good time to see the world. Illyana was woman grown now, and clearly does not need my protection any longer. In fact, it is other way now." He smirks, "I think she made deal with SHIELD, to wipe clean my record. Give me second chance. I waste it now, you see, with this as you say, wandering ronin persona. Ladies seem to enjoy it. Bon appetite?" The word, with his Russian accent, sounds off putting.

Rachel doesn't seem to have a problem with the arrangement taking the spoon and smiling back, "Bon Apetite" She eats some beans as she tries to warm up a little near the fire before asking with raised eyebrows, "So what do you mean Fighting the good fight??" She had her suspicions, maybe he meant The Brotherhood; but to her they weren't enemies.

"Brotherhood. They helped keep my sister safe until Xavier agreed to take her to keep safe from some old friends in Siberia." Colossus says, taking a big hearty spoonful of beans. "I worked with them for many years." He finally frowns, expression stormy. "Not all was bad, but when was bad… was bad, yes." He chews quietly for a few minutes. "It was not so good fights." He takes a deep breath, "So, how hard will it be ot get you to SHIELD? You made it sound as if should expect trouble."

Rachel doesn't press the issue of the Brotherhood any further, noticing the stormy expression, "Law Enforcement has mostly setup check points and been conducting searches, but we've been pursued by other people as well. I suppose there are people out there who would rather this simply went out with me as a 'terrorist'" She rolls her eyes at the word, "Then the truth get out. I imagine they know my Dad has met with Cap, you and Aspect taking down those choppers was good for a delay. They had some kind of metahuman and mutant scanner tech inside that was making it easier for them to track us. So HOPEFULLY it won't be too hard." It was probably going to be hard.

Colossus studies her with flat expression, "Dinner, movie, and ice cream after." He now has a fairly good idea exactly how hard it'll be. "We should turn in for night once we finish, put out fire. I have extra blanket in my bag if you need it, and a few bottles of water left."

Rachel takes another spoonful of beans before nodding, "I'll sleep for a bit and you take first watch." The look in her eyes said she was exhausted, she had not in fact slept for the past two days.

Before she stands she pats Colossus gently on the shoulder, "Thanks for coming to our rescue. Next time, before you disappear in a flash of light, try to say something like 'I'll be back'." She of course did it in her best Terminator impersonation, which sucked.

Colossus smiles, and tops off the cornball with one last zinger. "No problemo."

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