October 21, 2014:

Bruce and Diana catch up. Batman informs her he will no longer be a member of the League.

The Batcave

Below Wayne Manor, the Batcave


NPCs: Alfred Pennyworth


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Fade In…

The Batcave…

"Perhaps you were a little harsh with Master Tim?"

"I'm aware of this, Alfred. I was just caught off guard, I know he has more sense than this."
Bruce sits with face exposed and cowl around his shoulders in front of the massive computer interface that acts as a command center for the Batcave. Uplifted the setup sits directly across from the Batwing landing pad and raised above several platforms that lead to the infirmary and across a ledge towards the training grounds.

The man is focused on what he is doing despite his conversation with Alfred. Blue to white illuminated text scroll running up one of the monitors before him…

…Systems update initiated…

Batcave Security Update.

Batcave access reconfiguration underway…

Batcave access revoked: Damian Wayne.

Master security override code? Accepted.

Subject: Damien Wayne removed.

Subject: Damian Wayne removed.

Subject: Damian Wayne removed.

Subject: Alfred Pennyworth updated.

Subject: Cassandra Cain updated.

Subject: Tim Drake assigned administration rights.

Subject: Dick Grayson updated.

Subject: Barbara Gordon updated.

Limited Access Authorized: Subject Damian Wayne.

Security Confirmation accepted.

Subject Damian Wayne no longer allowed in basement or sub-basement levels, correct? Correct.

Command confirmed.

Aux. Batcave access? Granted. Batcomputer access? Moderated.

Batmobile access? Revoked. Prime security protocol three. Security protocol three initiated: Batmobile access: Batman only.

Access restricted Subject: Damian Wayne equipment and vehicles to level 1, correct? Correct.

Command confirmed.


Process updated. All security clearance levels have been reconfigured.

…Session end…

"Does he, sir? You must consider his age and the standards at which you hold him to." Alfred says, "He is not you. He still has some of his boyish dreams and desires left intact."

"No he isn't me, he has the potential to be better than me." The Dark Knight responds while a red light flares up to his left. "They all do."

"All of them, sir? Even young Master Damian? Oh we have company. Who is it?" The butler inquires.

Bruce ignores that final string, "Entry authorized. Open the hangar doors." The voice command accepted and netting above the ceiling draws away and water is re-routed elsewhere, the roar of it heard through the cave as bats flutter and resettle with their brief interruption. The aircraft hangar doors cracking their seal to the outer caves.
"We'll need another cup of tea, Alfred."

"Yes, Master Bruce. I do hope we can continue this delightful conversation when you have suitable time. I'd prefer we do not alienate another of the lads… "

"Even Damian?"

"Ah, a sense of humor does still exist within my ever stoic employer. Yes, sir, even your son."

"Alfred. Tea, please."

"Very well, Master Bruce." A curt spin on glossy heels and the man strides free of the monitor womb. Bruce remains seated there, fingers steepling as he watches the computer screen spam his vision. Eyes getting lost in the glowing wall of scroll as he waits for his guest.

Landing before the hangar doors, those boots touch down with a grace this time, red and gold ascending to knees, pointed just at the top, aiming the rise over bare thighs, the attire of adapted patriotism for this country also an effigy of the Ambassador she is - though the core of it a shining loop of golden rope at her hip, patting over her thigh with each stride that took her within the Batcave, cerulean eyes spanning over the walls riddled with the crawling bodies of the mans mental affiliation.
Coming up along side the screens but not casting a glance to his business she simply waits by claiming a seat on the other side of him, leaning back and crossing legs. Patience is one thing she can afford this man considering it all.

"Diana." Bruce says in quiet greeting. The hangar doors re-sealing once the Amazon was safely inside. A quick security sweep begins as is protocol.
"What brings you to Gotham?" Rotating in his chair so he is looking at her now. At noon It's almost the Batman's bedtime. He's up late. "I hadn't expected company. Dealing with some new… developments lately." Since the man's return he's been rather self-absorbed. He let Gotham slip and he's still playing catch up. It's almost as though the cities state waxes and wanes with the Dark Knight's health. Perhaps it does.

"Bruce." Diana responds in kind to the greeting, the one booted foot that is planted upon the ground aiding in swiveling her towards facing him directly instead of staggered out towards the gaping monolithic cavern.

"That's what brings me here, new developments. But you have your plate full and I am here to extend any aid needed." Concern is there, a fleeting thing on the wing of a bat to flick across her facade, breaking that stoicism and regality within poise.

Here, now, she is amongst one she finds comfort in, and with his humanity bared her own side can come forth.

"I have it handled. My team is all Gotham requires." Realizing he is being hard edged in his tone Batman eases up a bit, "If anything arises I need your help with you'll know." The steeple of fingers falls away as he inclines his head to stare at the woman in a once over. Like his computer behind himself he is updating. "Marl and bog hummus on your boots and in your hair. You've been at the muck farms in Somerset. Following leads on this cult of artifact thieves? I'd heard something to that nature and from the smell you found something. Guessing you interrupted a bonfire party? Would fall in line with occult and pagan ritual. I'd caught rumor weeks ago we have a small cultist problem outside of Slaughter Swamp. I have yet to investigate it. The Samhain nuts are out." A pause. The man forms what could be the ghost of a smile.
"They keep things interesting." Plus Halloween is the man's favorite holiday. Or it would be if so much crazy didn't creep out during it. Then again that could be what makes it so enjoyable.

The edge in his tone only has an onyx brow rising along the slope of her forehead, one arm rising to rest bent elbow upon the arm rest of the chair, her hand coming up to form a rest of her chin upon her thumb while fingers curl lightly before lips - lips that curl into a faint ghost of a smile.
"I have not interfered for just that reason, /Batman/…" The chair turns lightly as the tea arrives, giving Alfred a grateful nod as she accepts the cup and sips. Her tone was in no way hard, in fact it lowered only lightly. "But the moment you remove that armor Bruce will collapse. You are beyond tired."
Diana knows better then to show too much empathy to the man, what she does show is a deep concern instead, but more understanding.
"They are not nuts, they believe in old gods…" She states now glancing sidelong at him with her lips hovering just over the rim of the cup. "They're just taking it the wrong direction, perhaps. The bonfire was… interesting enough. I still have yet to understand other versions of ritual…" Even that of Halloween she is finally falling in line with in this world, but she has had a few years. "But I do not feel it is necessarily /them/."

"Debatable." Batman states in regards to the men and women of the 'Grove' not being nuts. He knows crazy firsthand. "I am operational and a warrior like you. I know how to take care of my body and exactly what it's limitations are."

"Yes and I daresay I have ample enough thread to keep you stitched together for at least another month. Let us just hope no one finds a flawed seam." A pleasant smile given to Wonder Woman, "Lady Diana, you look as magnificent as always." A slight bow follows while the tea is taken up.

"Diana, we need to speak about the Justice League… " Bruce adds.

Diana now keeps that hover of lips above the cup of tea, the steam slowly swirling and rising over the surface to lick and curl around her jaw line before dissipating.
Clearing her throat she smiles now, turning her momentary attention to Alfred once more, offering him a smile known to be disarming, mainly in its sincerity. "Alfred, it is a wonder you do not look as tired as him considering the weight you carry as well, far beyond that of my tea. Thank you." Those two final words given a light lift, enough to mean far more then just for the drink, her eyes traversng back to Bruce.
"Indeed, but where to begin since it has been so quiet…"

"Tired is a luxury we cave dwellers of the Wayne Household are not permitted." Alfred assures Diana with another clipped smile, "I am however grateful for your sympathy, Lady Diana."

"That is the thing. I won't be in on those decisions or making it an active force, that will fall on you and Clark. My involvement with the League from here on will be little more than monetary, technical aid and support when and where required. Gotham needs me. It deserves my focus." Bruce swivels in his own chair enough he is looking at the computer again, fingers splaying out as he hits several keys and images begin to project. "I will continue to fund and outfit the League. Here is my projection model, no need to look it over at this moment in time. I'll make sure you leave with a copy so you know where I can be of assistance, it also contains data I have collected that I found of some importance to the League. Prioritized threats, enemies and locations of concern that we never had time to handle directly."
A pause and he looks from Diana to Alfred and back again, "So you can consider this my resignation. But I will always be available to you and Clark should you need me. It is not as though neither of you do not know where to find me." A thumb-drive is ejected from the computer and he extends it to the woman.

Diana's gaze shifts between Alfred and Bruce then, shaking hr head slowly, but none the less the flickering smile of a flame fighting for life remains, simply out of understanding.

"I understand." Those beats of silence are finally broken with those two words, because at the heart of it all, as much as she wants to get him to reconsider, he is right.

Taking the thumb drive from him she taps it upon her upper thigh, sliding it between her fingers to flip it and repeat. "I hope you do not think you are truly free of us that easily, everyone needs you, it's part of being what we are. But we are not without our own needs as well, being what we are."

Diana does not completely let it go, but she quiets once again as she slides the thumb drive into the side of her up-crossed boot slowly.

"Had no intention of being completely done with the League. For the moment, however, I am taking a step down." Batman stands up, his cape drawing in to fall down off of his shoulders as he looks at the woman, "Perhaps in time… " His own tea is taken up and sipped at, lukewarm to cold now. He's used to it. The cup then set back down, "I have a date scheduled with Mitzi Manners as Bruce later. Missing this would get me smeared allover the local television scene. The woman's become rather popular lately."

"Do what you need to, we'll be there and you always know where to reach me as well, though other understanding that I need to gain is pulling me another direction as well…" Diana states, looking down at her now empty cup, seting it aside respectively, her gaze following it and then going upward with Bruce's rise.

"I see." Before his cape even hits the ground from the slide off his broad shoulders she rises to stand before him. "We cannot have yet another reason for a figurehead to obtain a bad name." Lips purse lightly as she tsks and smiles.

"Something like that." Bruce says with a light smile, "Take care, Diana. I will be in contact." With that and a glove guarded touch in farewell to the Amazon's arm the Caped Crusader turns and departs from the uplifted dais that houses his computer systems.

Alfred still stands there whilst his employer escapes in to the recesses of his manor, "Is there anything I can assist you with? Actually, perhaps you could aid me, I recently purchased an imported flower they claim is an authentic Themysciran breed from your isle. Care to have a look, m'lady?" The butler politely offers.

Diana's chin lowers in a parting nod towards Bruce, watching him leave before she turns to Alfred, a brow rising in the obvious expression of curiosity.

"No, it is my turn to assist you, and gladly." Smiling warmly to Alfred she follows him off to the see this exotic flower, hoping that it is not blue…

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