Magical Basement Conduit - Stand Ready

July 06, 2015:

Hoggoth makes another appearance - this time to Rain through the magical conduit in her basement (Emits by Fenris)

Moontree Manor - New York


NPCs: Hoggoth



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Fade In…

Rain's basement has a rather unforutnate quirk: It's the site of a rather severe dimensional instibility. It brings all kinds of things into her basement. It doesn't usually bring her basement to other things but it has today. Someone might go tell her that the entire place has turned into some kind of primordial woodland. Not a soul in sight. Her booze is all still there though.

It is an unfortunate and a fortunate quirk. It does mean more visits from friends, but sometimes it also means necromancers riding zombie bears. That's life, right? It seems to defy most study, as it sits. It is simultaneously magic and quantum. One of the servants brings it to her attention, as he was fetching some wine for the staff to enjoy while they watch their favorite cooking shows. Rain and Captain come to investigate.

"Oh geez." Taking a deep breath, Rain and Captain go forward. Though, they do make sure to give the servant a bottle of wine before the careful exploration starts.

The stairway down to what would have been the floor of the basement is all there. As are the racks and crates of various kinds of alcohol. The walls though? Those are gone. And the floor has been replaced by a grassy expanse. The direction Rain takes winds up bringing her toward a stream and… was that a flash of a tiger up ahead. It looked like a tiger. A big one. In these woods? Kind of odd.

Huh. That's odd. Rain looks puzzled. That is definitely the first time the scenery has changed versus something drops in. Captain's tail flicks, mostly staying in a ? shape as they walk. His triangle nose wriggles, freckles on his nose and ears. Rain looks around. Her violet eyes are wide. "It's beautiful, but I can't help but wonder if I should be worried." She looks to the grass and the stream. Wait, a tiger?

Captain's ears shift and flicked. The witch mumbles something, turning herself into that immense, white Godbear. "Okay, now we fit in," Captain remarks, hopping onto the bear's 'shoulder'.

There it is again. That flash of striped orange and black. And its getting closer. Winter Moontree. Harken unto me. The voice sounds in her head. It thrums with power. Undeniable. Inescapable. It seems to permeate the very air around Rain. Something big is coming her way.

Captain's ears flick again. Rainbear turns her head. She closes her eyes at that. Something big is coming her way, yes. She decides to go towards where she saw that flash of orange and black, dropping to all fours to travel more easily. Captain stays riding Rainbear, his tail curled up. Sometimes animal senses are handy, and something feels like it might be wise.

She finds the tiger. It's at the center of that feeling of power and its even bigger than she is. Which is Cheating. Tigers aren't bigger than bears. Nor do they typically wield this kind of magic. This one is and does though. Winter Moontree… Yep. It's the tiger talking to her. You are blessed with the power of the earth and feel the flow of magic. You are being watched. And judged.

"Wow." Captain quips. Cats cheat? Never! They simply adjust the universe to suit their feline whims. That's what he thinks, anyway. Rain is curious about this tiger, although she as a bear has no right to call anyone for wielding magic. And it's using her real name, which makes a little of her neckfur stand on end. Thankfully, it omits the middle name. She's still got an odd relationship with her name, ambivalent and uneasy.

Blink. Blinkblink. A paw scuff. Shybear is shy. « Alright. » She has to use magic to talk in bear form. There's limits to such things. The universe likes power balance. « … watched and judged, huh? » A glance around. « Might I ask what for, exactly? It's hard to fulfill a criteria if it's an unknown. Unless this is one of those super abstract kind of things… » Freaking engineer bears.

The Powers declare that a new Watcher must be selected. Those who wield the power of magic will be judged to see if the qualities of a true hero and consummate magus beat within their hearts. We. See. All. There's finality to those last three words. As if they were somehow an immutable property of the universe.

Rain blinks owlishly (bearishly?) with Captain atop her shoulders. The two listen, her heart feeling a little more intense and thundery at that. True hero, huh. Goodness. Her ursine brows furrow, as she considers that. What really makes those things? She seems uncertain, watching in turn. « I see. » Her heart thumps quietly, violet eyes glowing as she looks around. « Well, I don't. I mean, I think I get the idea. »

It's not like they're making a request. Which is very feline. The Tiger (Hoggoth, if Rain's ever done any reading. A Very Big Deal) turns to leave. Gird yourself for the time ahead. It will test your very soul. And then he's gone. And the forest is slowly fading back to her cellar.

Rain is pretty alright with feline ways of doing things. And then the alarm bells ring in her head. OH SNAP. A Very Big Deal indeed. Her eyes widen considerably. « … you got it, » Nod. The bear nods as best as it can, though her neck is more limited. For now, then, she's left to contemplate that. Captain's tail flicks. "… well, let's put more faith in you than your family does, huh?" A patpat. « … » The bear looks a bit glum at that prospect. "Okay, so anything times zero is still zero… buck up."

The bear straightens and Rain shifts back, Captain riding her shoulders. "We'll - just have to be mindful and stay with our eyes open."

In the wake of Hoggoth's departure the dimensional instability seems calmed a little. As if, perhaps, it were afraid of drawing the god-being's attention again. Beneficent or not, god beings are not things that one converses with lightly. Or, sometimes, safely.

That is unusual. Few things can influence it so. Rain takes quiet notes, scritching Captain. "I really need to sit down and study this thing," Rain admits quietly. "I know that the backlash from sealing it would be too much, so it's some sort of valve kind of thing but-" She trails off. "Let's just get some tea and study a bit." Yes. She is duly, quietly impressed by all of what happened.

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