July 06, 2015:

Tim Drake and Kara Zor-El are reunited. Lots of Dramas!

Atlantic Ocean

Sanctuary of Solitude


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If Kara Zor-El couldn't be found or reached, it was almost certain she was in the Sanctuary of Solitude (or in life or death danger). Even though the structure itself was underwater, quite a few of her friends had found various creative ways of getting here including boating and diving; one someone had even used a submarine.

Presently, Kara is staring at a set of holograms of Superman and Power Girl looking rather sullen before asking, "Sanctuary, why can't you find either of them?"

"<Kara. I can only explain so many times why I am unable to do what you asked. Would you like me to explain again>" A computerised voice meant to sound like her father's responded.

"Whatever. I'll keep looking myself." Kara sighed before reaching out to touch the holograms and deactivating them.

Tim Drake has been here before, and this time he's come a bit better prepared. A shadowy figure slices through the water, propelled at speeds faster than a human can swim by means of a modified SeaBob F7, cuts through the murky water at inhuman speeds, a trail of small bubbles following him.
He's in costume, though it's not a costume she'd have seen before. The full cowl that covers his head is sealed up with a rebreather mask that attaches to it, with twin tanks extending from either side of his mouth to convert the water into breathable oxygen. His pure white eyes have a soft, luminous glow, and the cape that billows behind him waves about like a trailing streak of squid ink.

Once he reaches the airlock, he should have no problem getting in, unless Kara has taken time to change the security measures that had allowed him entry previously. Either way, he's coming in.

The security protocols on the Sanctuary of Solitude have thankfully, never been reset or changed by Kara even when she loses contact with people; which is probably rather foolish of her.

Everytime Sanctuary asked her, she had brushed it off.

"<Kara, you have a visitor.>" Sanctuary was not going to bother informing her of anything else unless she asked, despite being an A.I. it did its best to avoid doing things.

Kara turned around and looked towards the door waiting to see who would enter and boy did she not recognize Red Robin.

Her eyes narrowed and she stared at the man before listening to the heartbeat and other small signs that could help her identify those close to her. She looks utterly confused when she blurts out, "Tim!?"

She had to admit to herself, the costume suited him. She had told him Red was a good color before.

Once inside, Tim leans the SeaBat against a wall. They're small and light things, easily handled and carried about. He reaches up, unsealing the rebreather mask and putting it back in it's place on his utility belt. Reaching up, Tim sweeps back the cowl, peeling it from his boyishly handsome face and letting it rest behind him like a semi-structured hood.

"Kara." He says, his voice soft enough to be nearly a whisper, in part because of nervousness, and also just that it's… well, good to see her.

"I…" And now, the words are failing him. He must have recited how this conversation was going to happen a million times in his head. He had rehearsed and anticipated every reaction she might have, so that he could be prepared. He had treated it, like he does with all things, like a chess match, and he wanted to come into it with every move planned out five moves ahead.

But that wasn't happening. He frowns, his head lowering to spill a few raven colored locks of hair over his face, obscuring his downcast eyes from view. "I wanted to explain things to you."

Kara had gone through a lot in trying to cope with Tim's disappearance, having only been told that the man was 'alive'. Despite her best efforts, she had never found him and had thought it had something to do with her; being an overly clingy person wouldn't have helped that any.

She wouldn't cry, not again, she had done that enough.

Noticing Tim frown, she remembered all of the times she had been down and how he had helped her. If Tim had envisioned this like a chess match, then in Kara's case it was like rolling dice because she hadn't considered any of it before-hand.

Stepping forward she smiles to try and ease his nervousness and wraps her arms around the taller boy in a hug, "I'm happy to see you're okay."

"I…" He wasn't expecting the hug. He expected scolding. He expected hurt and anger. He expected to get kicked out of her place. But not a hug. Not a smile. For a moment, he is caught off guard, left standing stock still, and even forgetting to breathe for a moment. Then his arms lift, but hover in midair as if he uncertain about hugging her back.

Eventually, he relents, and his long, sleek arms encircle Supergirl's waist, his hands resting against the curve of her lower back, and his face pressing in against her shoulder.

"It was my father. I mean…" He starts and stops, still having lost all sense of the neatly organized speech he had planned. If only he could get his heart to stop thudding in his ears like the roar of the ocean waves.

"My father was killed, and the man who murdered him disappeared. I had to find him. I had to confront him, and I had to do it on my own. I… didn't know what I was going to do when I chased him down. But I knew that I couldn't be trusted not to cross… lines that I hadn't crossed before. I couldn't involve you. Or anyone else that I care about. I would have only hurt you or ruined your reputation…"

It's not the most eloquent explanation, but it's not bad.

Kara holds Tim closely as he explains what happened, she wanted to scold him, she had even hoped it was going to be some kind of lame excuse; but what she had heard made her very sad.

It's almost deja vu for her as she leans down to kiss the forehead of the man leaning against her shoulder, "I'm sorry Tim, I'm so sorry." She squeezes him tightly once more, doing her best not to get emotional as she pulls away, "I would have helped you, but I understand."

She knew something about crossing lines, she even wondered if her reputation could get any worse than it had lately. They wanted to /deport/ her. She was already an alien.

Taking Tim's hand she leads him over to the seating area, making sure he sits down and with super strength she's fairly good at it before she walks over to a food processing unit on the wall and begins to make hot chocolate, "Did you find him?" She almost didn't want to know the answer.

Tim doesn't seem to register the kiss to his forehead. He just keeps his chin tucked in against his chest, keeping his face pointed squarely towards the ground. In truth, Tim hadn't taken the time to just… grieve. He had immediately gone straight into mission mode to avoid it. Now that it's all over, his resolve is starting to crack around the edges. Her kiss and condolences only serve to chip away at the emotional walls he's put into place.

"You couldn't help me. No one could." Well, no one that he cared about, at least. "No one but the League of Assassins, anyway.."

Tim is easily led, and he does take the offered seat without need of super strength being involved. He slouches, sinking into the chair like he's exhausted. His keen, blue eyes watch her closely as she makes hot chocolate, and he nods his head. "I found him. With the help of the Demon. They were looking for him, too. He… had cut in on some of their contracts. Not a smart move. In the end, we tracked him down. I had to bring down an entire League operation in Dubai just to prevent them from killing him…"

A pause, and when he speaks again, his voice cracks, choking on the lump in his throat as he finishes with, "I had to save the man who murdered my father."

Kara listens carefully as Tim speaks, every word is digested carefully by her and she's careful not to interrupt as she is so prone to doing. She couldn't imagine what she would do if she was face to face with someone who killed her parents, she could barely control herself around Zod before who only made comments about her family.

The two cups of hot chocolate are gathered from the wall unit and she hands one to Tim before sitting down beside him.

Drawing her legs up onto the chair and wrapping her arms around them she continues to try and smile, "You saved him though, that's what heroes do even with the bad guys." One day, maybe the world would forget about her destroying thousands of 'innocent' Hydra soldiers with her powers.

Trying to lighten the mood a little for Tim's sake she reaches out to poke at the new costume, "I like the new look. Red suits you."

Tim takes the hot chocolate gratefully, and mostly, just holds it in his hands to warm them. Even though the costume is water resistant, and all, the cold of the ocean still lingers in his bones.

"I wanted to let them kill him." He starts, but immediately stops. Shaking his head, he corrects himself. "No. I wanted to stop them from killing him so that I could do it myself. But in the end, I couldn't do it. I knew that if I did, I'd be no better than him. That if I killed him, I wouldn't just be killing a man, but all of his dreams and aspirations, all chance of a better life he might have. Any chance for good he might bring to the world. I thought about… what if he has a son, himself? A son who would grieve, and go to the ends of the earth to seek out the man who took his father from him."

Tim frowns, his thin, arched brows coming together over his thin nose to form a crinkle. The mug is lifted to his lips, sipped on carefully to avoid blistering. The nudge to his costume makes him form just the faintest hint of a smile, and he shrugs his shoulders. "It was a costume used by a villain. I needed to distance myself from everyone, so that my actions wouldn't blowback on them. I couldn't be Robin anymore. Now.. I'm not so sure what to call myself."

Noticing that Robin is cold, Kara says quietly, "Sanctuary, please increase temperature by fifteen degrees celcius." Kara was so used to keeping things fairly cool in here since hot or cold didn't bother her and she often forgot about the needs of guests.

She nods at his reasoning, rather proud of him. She had matured a lot since they had first met, events had forced that upon her.

Pursing her lips she examines the costume for a moment before exclaiming cheerfully, "Well, you'll always be Robin to me, no matter what. Now? You're just a Red Robin instead of a multi-colored one."

Winking at Tim she jokes, "Now you can be even more mysterious and hard to see."

"Red Robin?" Tim asks, with an uplifted brow. He knows that she's trying to avert his attention away from the more melancholy thoughts of his father, and his time away. He's grateful for the diversion. "I'll get all kinds of burger jokes… But it's better than "Guy in a red and black costume that looks like Dr. Mid-Nite" or just Redbird."

He sips his chocolate some more, savoring it for it's warmth and taste alike. The adjustment to the temperature might do him some good, too.

"So…" He asks, his demeanor seeming to shift to something surprisingly timid. He's afraid of what her response will be when he asks, "How have you been?"

God, that's such a lame and predictable question to ask your ex upon your first encounter with them after a parting.

Kara smirked just a little bit before she took a nice big drink of her hot chocolate before setting it down, "Well, let's see, how have I been."

Now it was time to let Tim have it, just a little.

Her voice was soft as she spoke looking Tim directly in the eyes, "I was dealing with this really serious issue where the government was mad at me, but thank Rao I had this really wonderful and sensitive boyfriend who was there to support me so I didn't totally fly away to another planet."

Pausing for a moment she stared at Robin, "Then he totally disappeared and broke my heart." She made sure to emphasize that last bit, "Oh and The Justice League made me a probationary member and now the United States Government is trying to pass a bill to deport me. "

She wasn't sure if she just should have said 'she's been okay' or not.

He knew that was coming. He knew he deserved it. Still, he winces, nonetheless.

"I'm sorry, Kara. I know you needed me, but… I couldn't have been of any help to you, then." He says, setting his cup aside for now. His eyes meet hers, and they're steady and level. Yes, there's pain there, but it's mostly hidden behind a look of determination that makes those bright blue eyes seem like chips of glacial ice with a fire burning behind them.

"But I'm here now. I know that we can't just pick up where we left off. I've lost that trust, and… besides, I'm… not the same person who left. But I can still be your friend and ally."

A pause, and Tim actually manages a small, lopsided smile that's almost devilish and devastatingly charming. "And I'm still one of the smartest people you'll ever meet, too."

He's already started forming the seeds of a plan. The former Boy Wonder has a mind that just never quits, after all.

"I forgive you Tim, you had your own stuff to deal with and I had my own stuff. I don't blame you or resent you or anything like that, it's not like, your responsibility to comfort me." Kara tried to smile reassuringly at him before punching him gently in the arm, "You're still one of the best friends I have Tim and I look forward to getting to know, the new and improved you."

"You haven't lost your modesty at least." She just shook her head at the smartest people comment, but she knew it to be true.

"Have you spoken to Batman or Oracle since you came back? I was surprised when not even Oracle knew how to get in touch with you before. I mean, she knows everything." Kara didn't know Batman, but she was curious, maybe one day she would finally meet The Dark Knight.

The forgiveness makes a visible tension in Tim's shoulders suddenly relax, his posture all of a sudden melting from something rigid and on edge to a true relaxed slouch. The punch to his arm just makes him wince and rub at it with his free hand, giving her a mock glare and stating, "Watch it, Supergirl. Too easy for you to commit genocide on my arm or something."

As she asks about Batman and Oracle, Tim shakes his head. Staring back at her, he says earnestly, "I just got back into the States. I… came here first. I thought I owed you more of an apology and explanation than anyone, with the way I left things. I'll be speaking to them next, though. As well as reestablishing my ties to the Titans and the Justice Society."

Kara was touched that Tim had chosen to come and see her out of anyone, she didn't even bother to mention the vicious rumor possibly spread by a Titan that Robin had dumped Kara for his ex-girlfriend.

There was no need to bring it up.

She laughs and smiles like she hasn't in months when Tim makes the joke, "So that's how it's going to be Tim. Genociding your arm, seriously? You're such a dork."

Standing up, she sighed a little, "I shouldn't keep you all to myself when everyone has been wondering where you are. You still have my number right? Cause, like, you still owe me a dinner sometime, that last place sucked."

Tim certainly hadn't dumped anyone for anyone else. God, the thought of romance has been completely absent from his mind for so long now. Even if it's only been a few months, it feels like a lifetime ago. So, when she talks about dinner, he's taken off guard for a moment. His brows hike up high, and he sits upright in his seat.

"Yeah. Dinner. I… had forgotten about owing you. We'll get to that. Soon. I promise." And Tim doesn't make promises often. Especially if he doesn't intend on honoring them. Barring catastrophic tragedy, he's a man of his word.

Standing up, Tim pulls the cowl back on, fitting it over his face and letting the fabric seem to seal itself to his flesh. Through the milky white lenses, he looks back at her, his shadowy head tilting to one side.

"I have your number. You have mine, too. Don't be a stranger, Kara." As he walks back towards the entrance he arrived at, and sweeps up his SeaBob, he adds in a softer, more warm and intimate tone. "I've missed you."

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