The Family Business

July 06, 2015:

Oliver and Thea reunite at the presently closed down Verdant. Ollie's son Connor sneaks in and the trio discuss 'The family Business' after a challenge is issued by Ollie.

Gotham City

Verdant Nightclub


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Verdant has seen better days and after everything that has happened lately, Thea is pretty sure she is going to have to find an entirely new set of staff to work the club that she can trust. The club is locked up at the moment and Thea was in the basement, formerly known as the Arrowcave looking around at all of the stuff her brother has left behind; some of it useful, some of it absolute junk as far as she could tell.

Looking around with her hands on her hips she shook her head, asking out-loud, "Ollie, what do you expect me to do with all this?" She didn't expect a response though, nobody had been down here in a while.

After a few hours of walking and thinking, Oliver's feet have brought him to his sister's club. Signs of life are enough reason for him to let himself in through a window, so he pockets the odd little keycard he's been fiddling with and makes the climb.

As often as it's been closed and opened, he's not surprised to see the mess. He drags a fingertip through a layer of dust that's settled on the bar, then rubs his fingers together to brush it off. When he hits the door to the basement, he slips through and listens for a moment, then heads down the stairs. "You could keep it," he says, answering the rhetorical question. "Never know when it might come in handy. I took whatever wasn't nailed down, but there's plenty left behind."

That's the truth. The furnishings are still intact, as well as the various storage cases and weapons lockers. Oddball workout equipment. The more stationary elements of the medical bay. It's a skeleton to be sure, but it's a good one. And there's also some junk.

It had been awhile since Thea had seen her brother, in the back of her mind she had hoped he would have replied to her question but the fact that he actually had stunned her for just a moment.

She stared at her brother, green eyes open wide before she smirked at him just a little, "Seriously, last time you disappeared I at least got a souvenir. This time I get your old junk?"

Stepping forward the smirk turned into a smile as she went to hug her older brother, "It's good to see you Ollie."

Ollie wraps an arm around Thea's shoulders and grins. Smiles like that are becoming more and more rare for him. "Good to see you, Speedy. Now what do I hear? A distinct lack of gratitude? I left you this-" he gestures to the salmon ladder. "And this-" a gigantic tire and a huge sledgehammer.

He can't maintain the facade. There's a brief laugh, then he lets go of Thea and steps into the center of the room. "Seriously, though. The space has potential. You could turn it into… something?"

Thea covers her mouth and starts to laugh as Oliver starts showing her the assorted junk like a ladder and a sledgehammer, "There is potential, I won't deny that." There is some hesitation in her voice as she says it.

"You and Connor could totally clean it up together for me and get it back in action. At least, it would stop him from asking me where you are every hour of the day." Thea was definitely taking a jab at her nephew, she had accepted him but it was weird, "Where did you go this time Ollie? And are you back?"

"He's eager,." Oliver agrees, almost ruefully. "As for me, I…" He pauses and wets his lips with the tip of his tongue. "I think I've been spending too much time thinking. About the past. I started retracting my steps and ended up back on the island."

There's clearly more to the issue than even his mysterious response would indicate, but he leaves it there. "Sorry I didn't call," he offers in an attempt to change the subject. "The more things change, the more they stay the same. Right?"

Thea could go a lifetime without ever seeing that stupid island again among many other things so she doesn't push Ollie, if he wanted to explain to her he would in time.

She laughed without even bothering to cover her mouth, "As if I'd expect a call from you." Looking around the Arrowcave one last time before heading towards the steps, she stopped and looked at her brother seriously.

It was time for some sisterly advice, without any snark or sass, she couldn't hold it back, "Ollie? Please, just don't get stuck living in the past. We all need you in the present."

"It's the future that I'm worried about," Oliver replies. He flips the large toggle switch that cuts the power to the cave's various lights and panels, then takes the steps two at a time so he can catch up with his little sister.

Once they pop back out into the club, he waves a hand at their surroundings and then flashes a small smile at Thea. "Speaking of which, I see you're back in business. I think it's a great idea. This city could use a little fun."

Standing in the center of the giant dance floor is Connor. Heaved over his shoulder is a giant duffle-bag that appears to weigh a half a ton. Despite his small frame, Connor manages to straddle the bag as if it were a feather.

He's slowly rotating in a circle, peering about the shadows for any signs of his Aunt. "Hello, Thea? I got those tools you needed. And then some." Despite being related to the owner of Verdant, Connor had never explored much, so the 'Arrowcave' was an unknown to him.


Thea lets the conversation drift away from less pleasant things as they head back upstairs, "It's going to take a bit of work but, what else would I do? Get a day job?" Some community service once upon a time was more than enough for her.

The 'Hello' from Connor catches her attention and she looks over at Ollie and grins, "He's got the same kind of timing you do."

"Hi Connor. You can put the tools down over there." She points, "And when you're not busy later you can start fixing the balcony." Connor didn't seriously think the tools were for her, did he?

She'll allow the father & son to reunite without messing it up, heading behind the bar to grab some waters.

"Thea-" And then she's gone. Oliver turns and nods a greeting to his son. This is one of the rare occasions that he's not the Green Arrow or Mr. Queen. Just Ollie. Long-sleeved t-shirt, comfortable jeans, and a pair of soft-soled climbing shoes.

The eldest Queen might be accused of doing a bit of honest labor, but it would probably relate to catching criminals. Still, he reaches out in a wordless offer to take the heavy package. "Connor. Long time. How've you been?"

Connor is dressed in a Queen Consolidated IT Department uniform, appearing to be fresh out of work. When Thea mentions something about fixing a deck, the SLIGHTLY younger boy blinks. "I.. work two jobs, and go to school. I don't really have free-time." Just because his long-last daddy gave him a huge trust fund doesn't mean he's gonna just sit back and take the easy-route. "I guess I could fix it this weekend, but.. I.. had plans.."

Oliver had been elusive in the past! Despite having reconnected with his father, it was still awkward for Connor, "Hey Mist.. dad.." When Oliver offers to take the bag, he smiles, but declines the offer, "I've got it, thanks though!" He didn't want him throwing out his back or anything!

After Connor sets the tools down, he turns back to face Oliver, "I've been good. Like I told Thea, I've been working non-stop and going to school. Can barely see straight! How about you?" Now that he has no baggage, he offers a manly back pat clasp that's probably just as awkward as normal hug.

Thea finished finding the water, setting three bottles down on the bar before giving Connor a /look/, "I know you have plans and they involve fixing that balcony." Taking the cap off of one of the bottles for herself and taking a drink she watches the father and son.

At least Connor had Ollie as a father, instead of someone like Malcolm Merlyn. In many ways, she could empathise with the awkwardness.

The back-pat-clasp-hug is pretty awkward, there's no denying it. Once they're done, Oliver takes a step back and sizes the young man up from head to toe. "You look good, Connor. I'm glad to see that life is treating you well."

That said, he nudges the sack with the toe of his shoe and something inside makes a metal-on-metal CLANK. He lets out a brief sigh and nudges again. "You should ask Thea about the basement. I know you're both busy, but I imagine you two could find something to do with it. Maybe the two of you can keep each other out of my hair so I can get some real work done." The last bit is said in a lighthearted tone and accompanied by a small, crooked smile.

Connor offers a slight smile at first, but it fades after a few seconds, "Thanks! It's.. treating me well enough I suppose." The young man moves to seat himself at the bar, finally getting to relax for the first time all day.

When Ollie speaks about the basement, it truly peaks his interest, and he offers a glance at Thea. The last part of his statement causes the mini-me to tilt his head. Connor was not your average bastard American child. His sense of humor was not the same, and some of the sarcasm is lost.. but he remained silent. Rarely did Connor speak his mind, nor did he hold grudges.. that long.

Thea stared at Oliver in disbelief, had he really just in a single-motion dismissed both Connor and her and put her on baby-sitting duty, "Real work. Is that what you're calling it now? You have a lot of catching up to do Ollie but I suppose I can babysit your kid for you." There are the faintest hints of a smirk in Connor's direction when she says that last bit.

Oliver stuffs his hands in his pockets and gives his shoulders a tiny shrug. His smile widens a bit as he glances first at Thea, then at Connor. "I was actually thinking he could babysit you, Speedy. What do you say? Mind looking after your decrepit old aunt for me when I'm not around? She's getting old, I'm sure she could use the help."

The old Oliver would've laughed. The new Oliver has learned to maintain his grace while under fire. Still, there's that smile, which could definitely be considered annoying at this point. It's not quite the same as blowing a raspberry, but it's close.

The Zinger does draw a grin out of Connor, but it doesn't fix the issue. Finally, he does something out of character, "So, you don't think we are competent enough to assist you? I for one don't feel like seeing you out there by yourself, and I know that I didn't just spend the past seven years of my life having 'ancient Japanese secrets' beat into me just to be doubted. Perhaps you should think about incorporating your family, we're not all talentless hacks." His speech is fairly quiet, not wanting to be overheard. He remains calm, no emotion betraying his cool demeanor.

The smile Oliver has on his face is definitely a little annoying to Thea, but what were siblings for. She was about to reply with something snarky to Oliver when Connor jumps in, she kept it to herself for now; this was going to be good.

"Calm down, Connor." Ollie turns toward him and lets out a short puff of breath as he considers what exactly to do next. "Trust, but verify. Is that not what I say annoyingly often, Thea? I trust you both. I'd trust you with my life a hundred times if I had to. Of course, I'd rather I didn't have to."

He pulls his hands out of his pockets and rubs them together as he does some more fast thinking. "I'll make you a deal. If you two can take me, I'll help you fix up the basement so we can train together." He holds both hands up palm-out toward Connor and Thea. "Doesn't have to be now. Take some time. Get ready. Call my assistant and make an appointment. After that, if you can pull it off, we'll see what happens."

Thea reached up to brush some hair away from her face before leaning against the bar, "It's a deal, but I'm not making an appointment to see you. You're my brother and he's your son." She smiled now back at her brother just as annoyingly as he had been smiling, "One more thing Ollie, we're going to kick your ass."

Telling Connor to calm down is like telling a a coma patient to be quiet. It actually causes him to chuckle, "It might have been fair one on one, but.. I do have to agree with Auntie Thea." Pondering for a moment, "I'm ready whenever, but.. if YOU need to take some time to get ready, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem." Connor offers a wink to his Aunt, while exhaling a deep breath.

"When you puff up like that you make a pretty inviting target, Speedy." Oliver's smile is back, but this is another of those rare, genuine ones. "Anyway, you might discover that an old man like me will just slow you down. Then you guys can take over for me. What do you think? Pipe and slippers before I hit 35?"

That's pretty damn unlikely and everybody in the room knows it. He climbs up on a bar stool and swivels around to face his family. "We're going to stick together no matter what. At least I hope so. That said, I'm definitely going to mop the floor with you guys."

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