Cloak and Dagger: LTBD

July 06, 2015:

Follow up to What Mercs Do: Two Directors have a small chat about the package. (Cutscene)

Thames House; England

MI:5 Headquarters.


NPCs: Director Stangard and Director Darby, miscellaneous guards.


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

The organization has been a-buzz ever since the massacre in America upon their designated soil, papers near upon the ground, agents working around the clock as they await the news of the latest happenings through the channels.

The director sits within his office, fingers steeled as he stares at his phone, waiting for the buzz to finally come so that he could learn of the fate of the package that was requisitioned by one of his assets. But instead of a phone call, word reached him by a burst through the door, one of his subordinates looked rushed, alarmed.

'The package is here, along with Stangard.'

The Director stands immediately, buttoning his suitcoat as he ushers his way out of the office and into the foyer that would bring him to the lab, only to be met by the smaller woman, a pixie waif of a lady who's wrinkles embedded around her eyes made her handsome.

'Director Stangard.'
'Director Darby.'
'Right this way please.'

The two prominent figures in the British Government walk in silence down the hallways, security following close behind as the silence was broken by the smaller woman.

'Darby, you've put me in quite the position with your little stunt on America's soil.'
'I assure you, Stangard, that was not my intention.'
'You lying dog,' Stangard hisses. 'You knew damn well what would happen when you sent those miscreants in to the embassy. And you were full aware that the diplomat was my asset and you went and had him killed.'

Darby smirks as he stops in the middle of the hallway, his presence looming over the little woman but she was not deterred. 'Then I reclaim my words, but you knew what was in that briefcase and the effect that it could have upon this nation as a whole. On the entire world as a whole. Nothing like that needs to be in either of our hands, especially not the Americans, if they found out what was upon their soil.'

Stangard sneers a little, turning her head as she begins to carry on with the stroll. Darby follows after a moment, hands pressed behind his back. 'I trust you worked out a deal with the Iranians over the Princes death, then?' He asks.

'Yes. Thankfully he was one of the many princes that were unliked by his constituents. We've brokered a small deal to compensate for the loss and protect all countries involved, and the Iranian government remains unaware that he was a double agent.'

As they reach the room where the device is held, they stand within the window, Darby leaning against it with a press of his shoulders, looking on towards the mechanism with a tense gaze

'Might I ask, Darby, what you intend to do with the device.'
'We're going to dismantle it, and then we're going to hand every piece over to JL:A.'
'Such a waste. With that sort of technology within our grasp, our nation will be at it's peak, even far better than the Japanese and the Americans. Surely we can..'
'It's not worth it, Stangard.'
'And who made you the protector of our nation? Of our world, Darby?'
'The Queen Mother of course! MI:6 is certainly doing a bang up job of it, no?"

The two Directors slowly depart, leaving the device to the care of the scientists.. but upon the table where the mechanical spider splays, a red glow emits from the center where it's heart lays, transmitting a message to the ethers.

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