Saving a Gemworld Crystal

July 05, 2015:

On patrol, Zee and The Fox find something unusual… Misfit is despatched by the all seeing eye and things… go from there

Otisburg - Gotham


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What does a teen mage do to relax and unwind? Well, one might think manipedi's and massages and one might be correct… except when said teen mage decides she that she really wants to spend more time with her man, who is also a supernatural crimefighter. Which is why tonight, on a rooftop in Otisburg, Gotham, there's a silhouette of a women, with long hair, peering down at the street.

"Do you see that, Fox?" she speaks to her companion "somethings happening over in that building… I'm sure of it."

Indeed, security feeds from the building will show that there are armed people, hard to tell but maybe 8, making their way to a storage area on the 2nd floor at the back of the building. In their wake, security guards lay beaten and bloody… they seem to be still alive, but it's hard to tell. Fox and Zee can't tell that, but somebody who sees all can.

"Yeah I saw it." Kane murmurs, peering through a crystal so he can see auras. "There's something wrong there." Not because the auras are flaring, which is the usual case, but because they're dead. As in, nothing seems to be alive down there which means either something is interfering with his sight or… nothing is alive down there. Either are problems though they're problems of different stripes.

Well Charlie gets tipped off that something is afoul in Gotham from the All Seeing Eye. She steps out of a slash of pink and purple smoke near Kane and Zee, suited up and looking spiffy. "Let's get dangerous." yes she just quoted darkwing duck, god.

Zee starts reaching out with her magical senses as Kane says there's something wrong… feeling… the dead, the dead walking, just as Misfit bounces in and Zee jumps. It's unusual any of the Bats appear to them… well to Zee. Kanes mentioned fighting with Batgirl at his side a few times, but Zee's only ever seen the woman once.

Regaining her composure she glances at Misfit "Titans tell you something was going down?" Because that's more plausible for the young mage. "Walking dead" she summarises for Misfit "Can't tell how many, necromancy's hard that way. Can't tell what they're aiming for." Maybe Misfit is being fed other information though that she can share.

Glancing at The Fox, Zee offers a tight smile "How do you want to do this… fire will kill them, but inside the building, that's a problem."

"Fire will kill them, but fire might spread and its noticeable… and we don't know who or what they are." The druid looks up as Misfit appears. Hrm. Teleporter. This might work out well… quite well.

"Misfit, I don't suppose you can get down there and listen in on what's going on? Zee, we've gotta get down and get closer."

Misfit taps her goggles and squints at the HUD. "Hum… no burning .. security guards beat down and may be alive still yeah." she pauses "I could bounce in and try to see what they are saying other than oooooOOo braaains…"

Zee smirks at Fox, just a little "As I said, inside a building…." nodding to Misfit "Do it. I've got the Titans teamspeak app open" Not realising that Fox and Misfit are conferenced by something far more all seeing "Fox has the lead…" Zee knows that she doesn't have the experience and really? This is a side job.

Wrapping her arm around The Foxes waist, Zee focusses on the one open space she knows exists inside the building, the reception area, and murmurs the words of her spell…. they'll be instantly transported to the open area. Through her teamspeak app Zee speaks "We're in."

Fox will see the unconscious or incapcitated bodies of security. The eight infiltrators … continue to the storage area on the 2nd floor. They're nearly there.

"They might not be zombies." The Fox murmurs knowing Misfit will hear him. "Been hearing rumors of Russian Vampires moving in. This is about the right neighborhood." Once they're in the lobby area The Fox motions Zee to the stairs. They'll do this the old fashioned way. If they can figure out where the hell those infiltrators are going.

Misfit bounces when they teleport, vanishing from the rooftop as well. She is using the security feeds being bed for her goggles to get up near them in the corridor they are in, but around ye olde bend. Trying to hear what they are saying if anything.

Stairs? Well… they're good for her physique. Zee looks at Kane… no idea where Misfit is and starts to take the stairs two at a time…."Really Fox…" she grumps as she follows him up.

When Misfit teleports in, her observation will highlight the storage vault, there's something in there, emanating power. The beings, could be vampires they speak rather coherently, look between themselves… "Blow it and we can be out of here."

The Fox doesn't know what they're saying but he figures Misfit will report in soon enough. At the moment he's more worried about getting into position to act when she does report and not being detected while they do it. The not being detected part is a real challenge with most supernaturals because their senses are so much keener but he makes a go of it, motioning to Zee for silence as they creep along the interior walls toward the second floor.

Misfit subvocals to her comm, looping it to the titan comm as well 'Mayeb vampires. They plan to blow the vault. Something super magic inside, going to look." she bounces into the vault now. Ah yes the wonders of >convincing< reality you are really somewhere else.

Silence for Zee means no spells, but she quiets and mimics Fox by creeping against the wall. Not drawing power, either, she's keeping her presence as quiet as possible, never know what they can sense. As her teamspeak app sounds off, she grimaces, hopefully that wasn't so loud they could hear her.

Inside the vault is a crystal… it pulses slowly… seeming to resonate with the Chaos muppets own magic…

One of the beings looks and cants it's head "Did you hear that?" Gesturing for two of their companions, they head back towards Zee and The Fox. The remaining five, set a charge on the door and take cover "Blow it now…"

Robbery. Figures. The Fox motions for Zee to take up a position on the other side of the door they've just come up to. Okay. Sword slowly drawn, keeping things quiet. Yep. Here we go. Three… two… one…

The druid of Gotham kicks the door in and moves right on into the attack. Regular steel is no good for killing vampires but plenty good for keeping them busy so someone else can deal with them. And he has backup>

Over the mic Misfit makes a happy noise "Shiny!" … that can't end well. She reaches out and snags the glowing crystal.

As Misfit takes the crystal, the door is blown and she's met by the five remaining vampires…. "What.. how… did you get in here…." But they're quick and they're drawing guns as they rush her.

As The Fox kicks open the door, the three vampires, coming towards them are momentarily shocked but they raise their weapons, only to be met by the Druids sword.

Zee draws on her power and pauses a moment… not fire in here… that'd be bad. What else works? Oh! She knows… this'll be messy.

~~ ekaT ehT daeH ffO tahT eripmaV ~~

Decapitation by magic - lovely….

There's a slice with no blade - which might go missed among all the slices that have a a very large blade associated with them but for the fact that it takes a Vampire's head clean off. The Fox is in the middle of two of them now, deflecting blows and… what's Misfit doing? Isn't that thing charged with blood magic? "MISFIT NO!"

Well no Fantastic Mr. Fox that crystal is not charged with blood magic. Well maybe a smidge of blood magic. Still that crystal is primarily a huge Magic Ruby from Gemworld full of Chaos Blood Magic <tm>.

Anyhow Misfit has closed her gloved hand around it and there is a flash of red light outwards from her "Woooooosh…" and she laughs manically there as the vampires lift up their guns. "Really." well damn Misfit's eyes are glowing red. She holds out a hand not holding the crystal and a ruby shield, like dark ages style ruby shield appears between her and the oncoming vampires and their bullets. She is still laughing like she finds them hilarious "Vampires…." lol "How… bloody quaint … see what I did there… "

The decapitated Vampire falls to ground, and unlikely some TV Series, it does not turn to dust… instead it lands with a wet thud.

The five Vampires on Misfit all open fire, only to have the bullets deflected that the gem shield… "Get her…" all five rush the maniacal young woman… Where bullets failed, they'll try brute strength and speed.

"Misfit?" Zee gasps in surprise as the crazy laughter is heard over the comms. "Not blood magic really, Fox… It feels like it's from gemworld…. oh dear… Go help her? I've got these two…. " The young mage yells at them to get their attention before casting again

~~ dniB esehT seripmaV dnaH dnA tooF ~~

Zee's going to try to restrain them and them to talk.

Just as her spell fires, one of the two, takes a dive for the Druid…. "Fox.. watch out."

"Busy!" The Fox calls back. He's already reaching for his crossbow. One of the vampires is struck by Zee's spell. The second takes a crossbow bolt, solid holly, to the chest. No shooting for the knees for this druid. "MISFIT! PROBABLY NOT A GOOD IDEA TO PLAY WITH THAT THING!"

An eyebrow archs as the five just decide to charge her and brute force it. "Manners." she says with amusement, the chaotic laugh still in the undertone of her voice there. She looks sidelong to her gem "But.. Foxy it is so very shiny and is singing to me…. it is tainted with some blood working… … mmm right.. blood." she points the crystal at a vampire and then jerks it back yanking every ounce of blood out of him in one explosive fine mist. "Blood!"

The chest of the Vampire that The Fox shot, explodes as the holly shaft hits it. No questioning that one for sure. Zee's vampire, bound hand and foot struggling against the teen mages restraints. "I think he's right, Misfit…. put it down." Zee's heading towards Misfit now. "Fox, five… uh no four on Misfit… are you able to…." Zees foot hits a pool of blood and she crashes to the ground "Owww…"

One Vampire turns towards Zee, the remaining three focus on Misfit trying to crash through her shield and grab her.

The Fox spins around as Zee goes down and fires a second crossbow bolt. No drinking the mage's blood! Also, this is why he doesn't usually go for explosive results. Too easy to slip. Though it's hard to argue with the permanence it confers upon the unfortunate victims. "Up, up, up! No time!"

Well Charlotte isn't moving from the spot where she is keeping them at bay with a gemlike ruby shield. No fear of slipping. "Let's see…. that was exciting… oh gosh… " she gets all wide eyed "Boys…. you should really look behind you…" behind them four crimson buzzsays have manifested out of thin air and are starting to spin with dizzying speeds. Of course, who ever listens to the enemy and actually looks behind themselves. "This is going to hurt you nice boys a lot more than it hurts me…." she snaps her free hands fingers and lets them roll.

One Vampire does look behind, eyes widening and trying to evade the one coming at it… taking a swipe at The Fox whilst it does…

The Fox's bolt takes the Vampire rounding on Zee out … Zee's already rising to her feet, a furious blush on her face. "I'm up…." Gaining her feet, her eyes widen as Misfit manifests those buzzsaws.

Zee doesn't stop to think, drawing power to herself, she casts again….

~~ ezeerF ehT eripmaV nI stI skcarT ~~

She'll hold that one for her Druid to handle, hopefully those buzzsaws take care of the rest.

The Fox's blade follows next. He takes the Vampire's head off in two strokes (few blades are so sharp as to take the spinal cord in one and even dead things tend to have one). No dealing with these things in any particularly… wait. Buzz saws? "This isn't good. We're going to have to calm her down."

Charlotte covers her mouth with her hand there as two vampires fall headless to the ground and the blades disappeear into ruby sparkles. She eyes the last one who did lose an arm. "Hm." she points her crystal holding hand at the last vampire "Dagger Crystal Heart Attack" and a stream of heart shaped (awwww) daggers made of crystal blast outwards perforating the final vampire.

There's one more vampire, bound hand and foot… They can deal with that one in a minute. Right now though….

"Misfit, look at me…" Zee's trying to get the younger womans attention "Could I please have that crystal?" There's a level of concern in Zee's voice and she casts a sidelong look at The Fox "That was a lot of magic she just threw around… " and regardless on the fact it came from the crystal, Misfit had to have activated it…. "she may crash…"

The Fox is watching Misfit's eyes most of all. Wary. Worried. "Misfit… you okay? You said that thing was singing to you. You might want to put it down." Singing to her? He's never heard of that but when magical artifacts do that kind of thing it's almost never good.

"Be ready." He murmurs to Zee.

Charlotte gives them both a very skeptical look. "Really I am so like not giving you the top to my wand.. by grimm are you people even hearing the noises from your mouth?" she looks at the crystal and turns it around in her hands "now… where is.. ahah.. shaft slot… but where the hell is the shaft and why in faerie would the top be in this dumb room with a bunch of vampires of all things breaking in to get it." she winces "And .. unicornfarts why do I feel like I drank dwarf thunder last night…" she rubs her temple lightly distracted.

Zee's ready… sort of… and then Charlie speaks and the Mistress of Magic lets out a sigh, her eyes glowing blue "That's an awful lot of magic you just channeled." Zee's well aware of the aftereffects… "Now, Fox." and she murmurs the words to a spell

~~ ekaT ehT latsyrC morF tifsiM, dnA tuP tI nI tahT xoB ~~

It might be a Gemworld gem, but Zee's not going to touch it… not till she can examine it properly.

It looks like the Fox is taking off his belt. In reality his 'belt' is a weighted chain. Yes, he's a small medieval arsenal. And he's good at it. Eitherway the chain whips off his waist and snaps toward Misfit. Specifically her hand. Perhaps if her concentration is broken she'll not be able to hold onto the gem.

Well Charlotte was rubbing her temple because, doh, major totes migraine. She blinks eyes lifting at the spell "waaaiii" and then she gets smacked in the hand with a chain whip and the gem blips out of her hand and into a box. "Give me my wand back you half rate good for nothing jerkface ..vengea…." and she topples over unconcious.

Zee's already moving, trying to catch Misfit before she cracks her head on the floor or something. "Misfit…" Looking up at The Fox, as she lets the womans weight take her to the floor "She's out cold… can't say I'm surprised." Zee looks at a loss "Back to Shadowcrest? She'll have a terrible hangover… " eyeing the box with the crystal "we'll take that too… and that Vampire… need to do something with it…"

"Yeah, lets take her back. And… it back. We need to be careful with it. I don't have anywhere to keep it." Meaning the Vampire not Charlie. He actually hopes Charlie's okay. "Any idea why she reacted to that the way she did?"

Charlie drools on the floor there.. zZzzzzZzzz yup going to wake up with a major headache, though not from doing to much magic.

"The Vampire?" Zee smiles grimly "Seems I'm getting good at these types of things." With a murmured spell, a portal to pocket dimension opens… "If you would, Fox… We can get to it later. It's not going to go anywhere." Zee will hold the portal open until The Fox moves the vampire and wrap her arm around his waist …. "Let's take Misfit and the crystal to Shadowcrest, shall we?" With his permission, she'll teleport them out.

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