Breaching The Wards

July 05, 2015:

Water, Plague and Eclipse come at Shadowcrest…

Shadowcrest - Gotham


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It's probably not a great idea to say certain names out loud. You never know who might be listening. After dinner and Wanda's visitation Fenris had taken his leave to return to his house in New York, presumably turning in for the night. It had been about an hour when it came out of nowhere. A blast of magic splashing against the wards. A very powerful one. It rocked the whole house, seemingly. After about fifteen seconds, a second one followed. There's no way it could be anything but an attack.

Zee looks up from her meal as the first blast hits Shadowcrest… Wanda had left about the same time as Fenris, Zee giving her a token to access Shadowcrest if she ever had the need. With Kane out on patrol, Zee's there… not alone, there are the staff, but she's the only magic user in the house.

Thinking to her pendulum … and triggering a charm that she'd set in the access tokens… the Mistress of Magic sends out a distress call «Shadowcrest is under attack. Assistance would be appreciated.»

The Shadowcrest staff, alerted by their mistresses sudden movement and Richard speaks up "Ms Zatara?" Zee grimaces "We're under attack Richard. Get the staff out. You know the drill. And yes, alert my father."

Messages sent, Zee takes up position at a central point in the house, where two glowing marks appear on the wall. Putting her hands on those marks, Zee's eyes glow bright blue…. and she murmurs the words of a spell… she's reinforcing the wards, getting a flavour for the attack… once she has that, she'll know what to do.

It looks like Wanda is wanted back where she just came from. Not that she can't feel the magical winds of change herself. "That is not good" she whispers to her invisible friends before looking back in the direction of Shadowcrest. Her eyes narrow. If people are attacking Zatanna then they've made a big mistake. The witch starts sprinting towards the manor some blocks away. Scarlet energy builds around her fingers as she runs. Ancient words slip from her lips in whispers. And the she is a blur of motion…rising from the ground to streak through the air towards Shadowcrest. Close friends in peril always seem to bring something more out of Wanda.

Melinda May receives the message and promptly excuses herself from the training exercise she'd been observing. It takes her a few moments to get to her equipment locker and 'suit up', but then she pulls out the token Zatanna gave her and activates it the moment she's out of the building and away from the wards placed on the building.

That kind of transit is never going to be NOT disconcerting, but May puts up with it as best she can, arriving in the Shadowcrest entryway with weapons already in hand. The message didn't specify if the enemy had already made it past the wards or not, after all.

The house rocks again. The wards ripple with power. It's like being on a Star Trek set. Fenris tears a Way open and arrives next to May. "What's going-" And again the house rocks. Zee has a sense of the power. Necromatic. Three magi involved. They're trying to breach the wards which is bold. But they might have the juice to do it if given time.

"May, Fenris" Zee's still got her hands on those glowing circles… "That Fenris… Necromancers, three of them. Trying to breach the wards. I'm holding them for now but…" It's tapping her directly and not letting her work strategically.

Not unexpectedly, the Shadowcrest staff have remained in the house and Richard has actually folded his arms and is tapping his foot. "The drill, Ms Zatara…" He speaks in that british manner of his "is to ensure you are safe. That does not include leaving you here alone. The staff all have charms and will assist with maintaining the wards… and tea is being prepared." Because obviously, tea always makes things better. "Your father has been notified."

Wanda is surprised by how quickly she got to the manor. Was she even flying for a bit of it? Though these are questions for another time as she spots one of the necromancers attempting to crack the wards. She has no idea how many there are and she's still unsure if Zatanna is safe, so she won't stop to fight. Well…other than the blast of scarlet energy that knocks the evil wizard off his feet. Wanda runs for the manor, trusting in the access token she recently received. Thankfully it worked and a slightly panting witch finds herself inside. "I came as fast as I could."

Melinda May looks up at Fenris. …what? She's not intimidated by taller people. "Can you get me behind them?" They're busy attacking the house, will they think to look for an attack from outside Shadowcrest's walls? Well, maybe they will now that Wanda blasted past them, but May has no way of knowing that. This has to be dealt with, and fast, so she opts against her preferred weapons and pulls the two pistols she normally carries. ICER in one hand, the 1911 that Partisan made for her in the other.

"Yes. You'll be on your own though. They'll sense me if I go through with you." Fenris opens another Way behind May. One that'll put her in an alley across the street. That'll at least give her some cover."

Outside Plauge gets knocked off his feet as Wanda blurs by but she doesn't stop to engage and is at the house before anyone can stop her. The man in the plague mask (with the unimaginative name) is flanked by two others. One tall thin man in black suit with the symbol of an eclipse on his chest, and the other seemingly entirely made of water.

"Idiot." Eclipse says. "You should have- never mind. Redouble the attack on the wards." Another volley of dark magic strikes the wards which shimmer.

"Alright, enough castles and catapults." Fenris murmurs from the doorway as he builds power. "Zee, let me know when you're ready. I'll give May some cover and these fools something to think twice about. Hello Wanda."

When she's ready for what? Zee's entire focus has been on maintaining her wards but as the Shadowcrest staff activate their charms, she feels them taking the load from her. "Hello Wanda! Good thing I gave you that token…" Concentrating on the power that she's feeling, Zee's eyes widen and focus on Fenris "I recognise the feel of that magic… the ones we met in Metropolis the other day, plus another…. I don't recognise it."

Smiling faintly at the three who have responded, Zee glances at Richard (who beats a hasty retreat to the kitchen, he knows when he's pushed his mistress) "The staffs tokens buy us a few minutes. Please May, do what you can. Wanda, Fenris… if we use their channel to us, we should be able to get them to back off." And maybe May can catch one… or more of them.

"Channel?" Wanda asks, looking a bit confused as she always does. "You know you can draw on my power if you need it, Zee. Just don't let it in you. Promise me that." She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. The energy building around her, stronger and stronger until it almost encases her. Then her eyes pop open and they are now simply glowing red pits. "Take it, Zee" she growls in a voice a few octaves deeper than usual.

Melinda May goes through the Way that Fenris creates for her without hesitation. She takes stock of who's out here and decides quickly that the person seemingly made from water is likely less susceptible to bullets and possibly the dendrotoxin, so she instead focuses on the other two. ICER first. If she can take them down without taking them out, they might be able to use them against Darque. From her vantage point, she takes careful aim. Eclipse first, then Plague. Then hopefully she can do something about the Water Boy.

The one in the Plague mask… seems to be the least err… inhuman of the three. And when shot he does indeed go down. The gunfire makes Eclipse turn around though. "Ah, one of the Wolf God's hunting hounds. You'll make a fine serva-hurk!" As he starts to threaten and monologue Fenris steps out of the house with his Gale Rod in his hand and literally shoves a column of two hundred mile an hour wind down the man's throat. The moment he does of course Water launches a volley of dark magic at him and he's forced to seek cover, but the fight is well and truly on.

All Zee can feel, is the attack start to lessen … as Plague goes down. Fenris's focus on Eclipse…. the raven haired mage feels this… "Got it, Wanda" Zee actually growls as she captures the Scarlet Witches magical constructs and weaves them into her own….

etardyheD ehT egaM woN

Sending her energy out along the sympathetic link, Zee breaths out deeply channeling everything she has into that counterstrike.

Wanda feels the connection with Zatanna and concentrates on giving all she can. Her power is dangerous…she keeps telling people it is dangerous…and it has done serious harm to at least two of her friends. But Zatanna seems to know what she is doing so Wanda does not hold back. The scarlet chaos energy entwining with her fellow mage's to become quite the effective weapon.

Melinda May takes a second shot at Eclipse after Fenris makes him stop doing the cliche villain thing by making him choke on air. She's aiming for exposed skin, like the man's neck or face. She's fully aware that if she hits the man in the face with an ICER round that he'll end up with paintball-worthy bruises at the least, but right now she thinks not shooting to kill him is being about as merciful as she can stand.

The round does indeed paintball explode but Eclipse doesn't go down. He appears to be proof against this kind of weaponry and Fenris' air manipulation gets dispelled with an angry gesture. Enough! He turns back to Fenris now, his back to May. Which is probably a mistake.

Water is much more worried about the Zee Wanda duo. The transmuted necromancer is also charging up. This is probably going to be a hell of a blast.

Water can charge all they like… Zee casts a glance to Wanda, she sense the momentary pause from the necromancer "Now Wanda…. just feel it…." Zee encourages her friend to strike on her own. Eyes glowing bright blue, the young mage thinks about how the power will hit and speaks the words of her spell

~~ nworD mehT nI riehT nwO rewoP ~~

One of the staff cries out, their token flaring and dying… the other staffs tokens are on the edge of their limits, if they aren't successful at turning the attack about, Shadowcrest could be physically breached.

With a roar that is most unlike her, Wanda's power surges at Water. There are no words to go with her casting. It is pure chaos flowing through a natural conduit. The Witch did not learn this, she was born with it and so it is raw, unrefined magic that, now with Zatanna's own magic and her spoken direction, consumes the necromancer. Reality will never be the same again for Water…if he survives.

Yes, that is a mistake. And it's one that May promptly takes advantage of. Switching out to the 1911, May doesn't hesitate to fire off a round at Eclipe's back, but this time she doesn't wait for it to work. She charges at the mage, the two pistols being holstered and her butterfly swords being pulled as she goes. She's not paying more than peripheral attention to Water, so unless he turns to go after her or Fenris, she leaves him to the tender mercies of Zee and Wanda.

Fenris is squaring off agains Eclipse. Being a big obvious target. He knows that ordinarily someone like May wouldn't stand a chance against Eclipse. But he also knows that May routinely 'blesses' her swords and by the glow of her Pendulum, he'd say that's not all that's going for her right now. Her bullet does nothing. But the blades bite into him and cause him to lurch forward, crying out in shock and pain.

Water gets… just… blasted with darkness. Overload, or close too it. He too cries out and Fenris hits him again. "You won't always be so lucky! The Master is nearly ready! You will all choke on your own bile!" Water summons a portal as he gets hit by Wanda's power as well and the three mages begin to vanish, even the unconscious one.

Maybe they won't… or maybe Zee won't, but for now, they've staved off the attack. Zee sags against the wall and Water disappears and looks over to Richard "They're gone for now…." she knows that he'll report back to her father.

Looking to Wanda and Fenris, Zee breathes out "Nice work, thank you. Is Agent May ok?" the teen mage is already cataloguing what work needs to be done on Shadowcrest… she suspects this is the first of many attacks.

Wanda's power shuts down the moment the danger is passed. To let it continue puts everyone in danger. Sweating profusley, her eyes back to their usual blue, Wanda staggers backwards a couple of steps and then slumps to the ground. Next time she will stand closer to a wall. Sprawled there, her breathing rapid and shallow, she stares up at the ceiling before managing to slowly offer a thumb up to Zatanna.

Zee had better be glad May didn't hear her ask that. Of all of them, the WAND Agent likely had the easiest job here. After the evil trio are gone, she steps over toward Fenris. "'Choke on our own bile'? That is one of the WORST parting lines I've heard since the Eighties."

"Well they have to make up for lost time." Fenris murmurs. "Still, they're not prone to idle threats like that. We'll need to investigate that soon. I need to help Zee get her wards in order. Do you need a lift back May? Wanda you should… rest here."

"Thank you Agent May." Zee rubs her face tiredly as the Shadowcrest staff spill out into the entry. "Richard, show Wanda to guestroom… whatever she needs. Thank you, again, Wanda…" And then a look to Fenris "I would like the help, the wards have been severly tested. The staff tokens will need recharging and…" Zee wonders how long before her father shows up.

Wanda offers Fenris another thumbs up from her prone state. "I like to watch the unicorns here" she mumbles. And she could be the world's magical protector? With a deep breath she staggers up to her feet. "But I should get back home. Nighteyes will worry. And I have to fix Bobby. I can't lie around all day." She starts staggering for the door…'thankfully' it is the door that leads into the manor.

Melinda May seems ready to stand down but when both Fenris and Zee address Wanda by name, she takes notice and starts to stare the young woman down. "Wanda. I would like a word with you after you've rested." She looks at Fenris again. "Let me call in. I want to tell them I'll be staying here overnight in case there's another attack." She suspects not, but she's not taking any chances.

Fenris nods. "Alright. I'll be working with Zee out here for a while." The Old Wolf glances over to Zatanna. "Well, lets get started."

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