A Trident of The Tide

June 05, 2015:

Regrouping after the Lord of The Deep attack, Arthur assigns body guards to those affected



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Rowan has been awake for a couple of hours now. And now that he's able to, you know, move around, he's sure that there's going to be an after action report involving the king and Queen somewhere in the palace. Ulani is the sole other representative of the Blue here - and the only one authorized to act in any kind of official capacity - and that being the case the reports of the Blue squadron that engaged the Lord of the Deep is indeed available to her. The Black, well they remain as reclusive as ever, but one - a being (man, woman, seems unclear) named Xanu - has also agreed to make himself available should the King and Queen desire it as a representative of his people.

Mera has been (hopefully understandably) busy helping Arthur get everything settled again after that really bizarre with a single. giant. tentacle. Yikes. She's finally managed to get enough time to go check on Rowan, and hopefully Ulani is here as well. "Rowan. Did you give the healers any trouble?"

"He did not, Your Majesty" Ulani is most definitely there. "Once we got him onto the bed, they checked him and left him to sleep. He woke up not long ago." The Blue Envoy pads over to Mera "Thank you for your hospitality and care." Glancing to Rowan and then back to Mera "Perhaps though, we should speak. I believe there is a representative from the Black who will make themselves available to you, as we discuss what happened earlier."

Aquaman has been in the Throne Room since his return from his communing with Topo, thinking. He's also been waiting for his nose to stop bleeding. It takes some time, but once he's fine again he pushes himself off of the throne and heads for the medical wing, where his people tell him the others still are. "Have the Tide arrived?" he asks an aide as he walks, "No sir, at last comminique thier forward troops were still an hour outside of the capital, the remainder of their people are still waking or in various stages of preperation. Their armor takes…" the man's words drift away and he makes a slight shuddering face as if something were distasteful. "By the end of the day their strength in it's entirety will be outside of the capital." Arthur nods, "See to it they're divided into tridents, I want one per dignitary present, put three tridents on the representative from the Black." the aide blinks, "That's not very subtle." he points out. Arthur's smile is grim, "I'm not trying to be subtle. I'm making a statement." he nods his dismissal, then adds quickly, "And I want to know how long until the city's defenses are complete." then he's gone, cutting through the water until he reaches the medical wing.

Rowan blinks as they find their majesties. Apparently moving rather quickly in the wake of the attack. The Lord of the Deep. He shudders at the memory. A nightmare made flesh and a legend come to life. It's a moment before he remembers his manners and bows. "Your Majesties." He says quietly. "I see that… things are more or less as expected. I take it the Lord hasn't made any further moves?"

In point of fact the Reacher has withdrawn beyond the atlantic. Exactly where is uncertain but it was headed back toward the Trench last anyone saw. No one really wants to follow it too closely.

Mera responds to Rowan's bow with a nod, then turns to look at Arthur when he arrives. "We should not delay any longer in speaking with the emissary from the Black. We are being afforded a rare privilege." She looks to Ulani then, and it's clear that she fully expects the Blue Envoy to be there as well.

Bowing her head to Arthur, Ulani settles back on her heels "According to the reports I've been getting, it's withdrawn, Rowan. The Blue aren't keen to follow either." Mera gets a nod and she waits for the Monarchs to lead on.

Aquaman frowns slightly at all of this, eyeing the others in turn before listening to the breakdown of Rowan's condition sent to him telepathically by the healers. He purses his lips for a second then turns to go, leading the way back out, "The Tide arrives within the hour, each of you will be gaining a trident of personal guards until this matter is finished." his tone doesn't make it sound like this is one of them fancy 'suggestions'. "The military is being roused from it's all to brief slumber," he adds, "and I'm being bombarded by requests for intel from the rulers of the various city states in the Empire." he shoots Ulani a glance, "Do we trust it?" he asks, meaning of course the Black.

That's Ulani's call of course. The Black are reclusive to the point of being near legend. Their last sustained contact with anyone in this world was thousands of years ago, the last documented instance of their presence hundreds. Their cities, their people, their technology is mostly a mystery, save that they seem to have some interest in the Blue, though even then contact is scant. Rowan knows of the Black of his world but not of this one, so he can't say.

The fact that they'd come out to observe a council and deliver a warning seems to portend dire things though. All Rowan says for the moment though is. "Thank you, Your Majesty." He glances over to the Queen, silently and mentally asking if she was injured in the fighting.

"As much as I trust anyone, Your Majesty." Ulani grimaces "The Blacks are reclusive, they have no need to send anyone. That they have, without being asked…. yes, I would trust them within reason. The Black haven't been active in our world for a very long time… they must think this is important and… that we need help or they do…. " The news of a bodyguard has the ex-soldier straightening her back but she follows Rowan example "Thank you, King Arthur."

Mera sends a negative back to Rowan telepathically. She understands exactly why Arthur is assigning Tridents to each non-Atlantean — it's not just to protect them from any potentially angry citizens, it's also to make a very clear statement. These individuals are under the King's personal protection, and to even attempt to cross them is tantamount to crossing Arthur himself. She very much approves, even she doesn't express that openly.

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