July 03, 2015:

Cyclops and Rachel are joined by Nate. Shortly after Deadpool attacks. Ampere and Lynwen teleport in to help. Scott is wounded by a bear. Rachel is shot. Nate takes off to distract the helicopters closing in on them and Deadpool flees.


Appalachian Mountains


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Pennsylvania, Appalacchian Mountains

Scott and Rachel had bought some breathing room after their last encounter with the authorities in Virginia and the thing that will not be named.

After over a day of travelling on foot through the wilderness the pair had managed to make their way through into the mountains.

Their trail had not gone cold however, no matter what they did it seemed like their pursuers were only a few hours behind.

It wouldn't be long before the Blackhawks damaged by Fenris were back up in action either.

Resting under a small cave entrance as the rain poured down, Rachel looked to Scott and asked, "What do you think will happen when we get to Captain America?" It would have been nice if they could have contacted him.

Nate rarely pays much attention to the TV, so he didn't find out about Rachel's troubles until he visited the mansion. He had wanted to talk with the redhead since she got back from the Middle-East. And now this?

Of course he didn't believe a world of what the news said. But he didn't bother either to talk much to the other X-Men. Instead he went looking for Rachel personally. He is not a mutant tracker like her, but he can generally find a known mind by looking for its psychic signature. That Rachel kept moving made it harder, but Nate is a nothing if not determined.

Rachel can feel him coming, his presence in the psychic planes is unmistakable and quite overwhelming.

The whole ordeal had fried Scott's comms, and all of his gear, save for the digital recording device he hasn't yet revealed to Rachel. They were truly out here in the wilderness, without any way of contacting anyone, save for Rachel's telepathy, a thing he has no control over. The ley pendulum, now tucked away inside of his utility belt, had been drained of its magical power. They were stranded and alone.

All the better. He'd hated the situation in every way, and this bought them both some time to prepare for what was expected next.

"Well, when I told him how we were related, I also explained to him about the future, where you come from. I think he understands the struggle that we're dealing with, but he pointed out that, to the world we live in, those Sentinels are heroes. They saved innocent people from slaughter. And they did, Rachel. Like it or not, what those machines did was a good thing for the world. They have no idea what we know those machines could become. So, what we did? It's understandable for it to look like terrorism."

He takes a long, deep breath. "We'll be charged, federally. But Steve says he's got allies in Chestnutt, even Upton. The President doesn't care much for Traverstein, and I'd love nothing more than an opportunity to go toe-to-toe with that bitch. You'll need to explain your actions. We can get SHIELD scientists on board, see if they can't confirm that you come from the future, and perhaps there's a chance that we can turn this around."

~Nate? What are you doing here?~ Rachel sent out a telepathic message to her brother upon sensing his approaching presence, he would be able to sense that she was physically exhausted and trying to avoid using her powers as little as she could.

She doesn't seem enthused about her father's explanation, pursing her lips as she listens, "They're going to think we're crazy. This is just going to be another notch in Traverstein's belt, another reason for her to push this."

"What do you think?" Replies Nate, not bothering with telepathics. He has abused of those enough during the last few hours. Besides, he gets to the cave's door in fifteen seconds. "I came because you… wait, Scott?!" He sensed the presence of the elder Summers a second before hearing his voice. "Well… now it is a family meeting, uh?" He adds with a smirk, running a hand through his wet hair.

"Okay. Hello to you both. And I think the question is what the hell are you doing here? Why aren't you at Xavier's, where it is safe?"

"Maybe." Scott had already taken some time to clean off his uniform. People often joke about the spandex, but the weave is far more sophisticated than that, and while capable of keeping moisture away from the body, the effect wasn't indefinite. The mud would have eventually soaked through and become quite a burden. First rule of survival and all that.

"You'll have DCI's lawyers on your side. I don't know too much about law, but I've been reading up ever since meeting with Matt Murdock. There are ways to spin this. Now, recount for me, step by step, what -"

However, he's cut short when Nate arrives, and cannot help but conceal the surprise from his face. He's tempted to ask what the man is doing here, but stops short because really, that's a foolish thought. Nate came for the same reason Scott came, after all. The same idea, at least.

"Well, don't just stand there, come join the party." He scoots over a bit so that Nate has some room. Good timing, as well, for a thunderhead on the western horizon claps, a sign that the cool air will soon be filled with rainfall.

"The situation isn't… exactly.. that simple," he answers Nate.

"Well, in a minute Dad."

Nate's arrival doesn't catch her off-guard, but she didn't expect it so quickly. Maybe she should have warned Scott.

Stepping forward she reaches out to clasp her brother by the shoulders before hugging him tightly, even though she was worried he had come; she was glad for the company.

She just had to hope no powerful metahumans or mutants decided to side with the government, that could turn badly for them very quickly especially if they were telepaths or had the potential to be used as a 'hound' like she once was.

"You shouldn't have come but I'm glad you did." She steps away and looks between the two men, a weak smile on her features, "Dad has a plan. He can fill you in on it first or I can start from the beginning. Your choice little brother."

"I want to know everything," states Nate. "But you two should be talking to the whole X-teams. The base under Xavier's is safe, it is shielded and it is where you should be hiding if you need to hide. If you are caught here…" well, he has no doubt Rachel would die before talking, but it is not beyond possibility the US government won't have their own telepaths, be mutants or meta or aliens. Xavier's secrets are important, right? Particularly now the Sentinels might be used against them. "What happened in Washington anyway? Those terrorist charges are rather vague."

Nate's concerns were valiant, and Scott recognizes that. However, without the full picture out in the open, it's hard to explain just why they aren't back at the X-Men Base. Looking toward Rachel, Scott gestures. "Why don't you tell us, blow by blow, what happened after I sanctioned your operation, Ray."

Scooting back, he tucks his knees under his arm and tries to grow comfortable on the smooth rock beneath him.

"After we spoke." Rachel stares at her father unlikely to admit that Scott sanctioned this in any court of law, "I got the contacts for the Russian and Chinese embassies from Brinley from X-Men Red. Using the contacts I arranged a meeting with both ambassadors and asked if they had seen the aftermath in Bahrain including a folder with pictures which they didn't care to look at."

She sighs, "After that, I tried to press them on the issue of the Sentinels and realized the embassy was being bugged. I destroyed the bugs but they freaked out when they noticed I was a mutant and from there, security was called and they alerted the American forces as well. I probably shouldn't have but I also messed with the memories of the ambassadors before fleeing to make them less anti-mutant.."

"So, it was the act of destroying the recording devices?" asks Scott. "I'm guess that is what they will utilize to claim that this was a hostile act on foreign territory. Thing is, how could someone even prove your citizenship, Rachel? Do you carry photo identification? If you do, is it from the future? Logic would state that there's absolutely no record of you ever existing here, in our world, which would further support your temporal displacement claim."

He really has been reading Professor Xavier's books on law, hasn't he?

"Destroying a recording device doesn't become an international incident until citizenship can be proven," he repeats. "So, there's one notch against Traverstein's argument. What else? You modified someone's thoughts? That's not going to be something that can be proven in a court of law, especially if you keep your mouth shut about that."

Nate remains standing, impatient as usual. When being soaked by the rain begins to bother him, he just pulls the water out of his outfit and hair with telekinesis and throws it outside. He frowns at Rachel story, first at the ambassadors racism, but doubly so when he hears she tried to alter their beliefs, not just their memories.

"Yeah… uh. Let me see," he request for permission to directly see Rachel's memories. "It is suspicious they had so many armed soldiers so close by. Messing with their minds might get you in big trouble, Ray. Although I have no idea if the American law covers that as a crime. I also suspect it doesn't matter much. They will make up crimes of all kinds to nail you."

Rachel allows Nate to access her memories pertinent to the situation (-Feel free to read the log!) and looks to her father, "I don't really carry identification, no. Not having identification doesn't make it more believable I'm from the future any more than it makes me any less believable as a terrorist. They might be able to stomach aliens and mutants, but time travel? That might not be as plausible."

"Yeah," notes Scott. "Except… Steve admitted to me that his girlfriend was sent forward in time from the year 1945. There are, apparently, two of them here. One young, and one very old."

He smiles gently.

"If she won't turn herself in, Nate, then I plan to go in her stead. They'll twist this around into an excuse to do… whatever they please. The Sentinels? Who knows. Our fear of that threat may be nothing more than paranoia, in this world and this timeline. If we show the good side, the honest side of our species? We might reverse that tide, or at least slow it some."

Nate frowns, looking at Scott in disbelief. "And if they interrogate you and you lead them to Xavier's?" He shakes his head. "Hell. No. You get no guarantee of a fair trial, you are a mutant and they will treat you as a terrorist. I don't think the Sentinels are just an advanced weapon that will be used to defend democracy and freedom. In fact, I think we orgently need to find out who designed them where are they building them, and what kind of programs are they running. Calvin, Rachel and myself only know them as anti-mutant weapons. It is not a coincidence."

"That's a start." Rachel nods to the news Captain America has a time-displaced Girlfriend, "I won't let Dad turn himself in and if he claims Captain America is trustworthy? I believe him. We still have a chance to try and fix this"

~It's all my fault Nate. I was supposed to stop this and now I was the catalyst.~

She smiled at her father barely believing her own words. She knew what happened the last time she was in government custody, Nate could sense her fear.

Scott looks between the two, not only observing their reactions, but experiencing them. Though the visor hides his eyes, there is clear resolve upon his face, even though it is momentarily broken by Nate's argument.

"In this world," he gently reminds them, "we haven't yet seen any of these things. Our concerns are based on what may be, not what is. If we operate under that assumption, we are opening that door. I can already see it, playing out."

He looks to Nate, smirking. "If they refuse a fair trial, you know that Jean will come down upon them with any force she can. I have constitutional rights, and no law dictates that I don't, simply because I have an 'errant gene'." He glances back to Rachel. "I'm not talking about letting the Sentinel Project live. I'm talking about shutting it down by some method other than violence." A note she made to him, before he sanctioned her mission.

Reverberating through the mouth of the cave, there came a sound. It was repetitive, with a pause between each one. After hearing it a few times, it became clear that it was one note, two notes, three notes. Da dada dadada. Over and over, it repeated. It would almost become annoying, if it weren't so out of place here.

And then, in frustration, came a familiar voice. He formed a cone around his mouth to add weight to his shout, "Yo, Summerses, I'm calling you out!" And for fun, he repeated the song, playing it on what looked like a green and gold sword.

Complaining as he looks around, he adds, "what a rip! I've played this song like fifty times, and no Godzilla Transformer." Then he jumps down from the rock he stood on, doing a somersault in mid air, and lands, sword in one hand, "hi-yah, oh-cha, chimi-chimi-changa!" He's not really yelling out anything terribly consequential, but as grunts, he's doing a few martial arts moves, badly, and begins to do some ventriloquism, moving his mouth, but making his words seem that he was badly dubbed.

"My pain is great. The great blades are gone. Evil Dragon must die."

Edit: Replace bottom with "My pain is vast. The great blades are gone. Evil Dragon must die."

Nate shakes his head. "It is weird you underestimate the racism and anti-mutant current that is right now growing in the US. Hell, there is a very strong anti-alien and even anti-meta movement going since the killing of the old president, and Supergirl blowing up that Hydra carrier. The politicians and the media seem to be encouraging the public instead of doing their jobs of legislating fairly and informing of the truth. And it is not as if they country really respect human rights. To ignore them all they need to do is put a 'terrorist' label on you. Afterwards you no longer have any right of importance. They already did it to Rachel for the 'crime' of talking about Sentinels to a pair of racists that went hysteric when they realized she had superpowers."

Then he notices the voice outside over the noise of the rain. "Uh, that is just one guy. With a weird mind." Before Scott or Rachel have a chance, he steps out. "And who the hell are you?"

"Well—-" Rachel stops speaking when she hears the intruder not far from them and she sighs loudly when she recognizes the voices, "I know who that is." She seems more annoyed than afraid, but considering Nate and her couldn't seem to affect Deadpool with telepathy right now, that could be a bad thing.

She looks to her dad and says, "We're going to have trouble I think."

Whatever Scott may have said, it falls to the wayside at the unfamiliar voice. He looks up at Nate, then over to Rachel. "How the hell does he know who we are?"

He sighs deeply, then plants hands on his knees and pushes himself upright, turning to face the voice. Nate's taken the lead here, so he just… casually flips his visor to 'active' with a thumb to his palm and two taps.

Leaning back, Deadpool awes at Nate's comment, "I'm so glad you noticed. You know, I thought I might come across as strange, odd, bizarre, peculiar, or maybe even uncanny, but I was hoping you'd find me weird. Either that, or I'd run into somebody with what they call a limited vocabulary. Now see, I know language. I love it. It's fun to mess with. There are so many words that I can twist into a pretzel. Like now, what I'm doing is obfuscating the situation with some colourful misdirection."

And as if on cue, a little gas grenade goes off to the right. Nobody seemed to notice that he had thrown it there. Maybe he teleported it there? Or it could have been magic. He probably just threw it there when nobody was looking at it had a timer to go off. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

"Oh, sorry, distracted myself with the smoke there. Now, um, where was I?" He taps his chin as if he genuinely lost his own train of thought when he went through that tunnel back there. "If I get on a train going from New York, and my katanas were on a train coming from Denver, then Midge," he means the redhead Barbie, but probably gets blank stares, "would still owe me two antique katanas."

Yeah, that's still a thing. He hasn't forgotten about how Rachel broke both of his katanas. Maybe that explains why he's using what looks like the prop flute sword from the Power Rangers TV series. "The cloak's a little too much like the Green Arrow for my tastes, but I love the bodysuit. Too bad I'm going to have to kill you."

And he doesn't seem to be any more concerned about daddy Summers than he is about little Natey Summers. "Now, if it were just me, I'd probably do it for free, but since I've been offered a whole lot of money to do this, I'm really going to enjoy it."

"Dude, you do have problems. But definitely not with words." Weird fits. And Nate might have even found Deadpool amusing, because he can appreciate good banter. But he is not in a good mood today. The grenade goes off and he immediately protects himself with a telekinetic field. He doesn't even bother checking if it gas is dangerous, he sends it several miles away with a glance and a telekinetic push.

Wade just stated his intention to kill Rachel. Not the smartest thing to say in front of Nate. Even if he seems mostly harmless (relatively speaking - from the 'family' perspective). Wait, he is being paid for it? "Who is paying you?"

Rachel saves her abilities when Nate sends the gas grenade away, not erecting any telekinetic forcefields in case it's going to be needed against something more dangerous.

You know what else liked caves? Bears.

A massive bear who was mad at being woken up races out behind Scott and takes a swipe at him, just as Rachel is crying out almost helplessly, "DAD! LOOK OUT!"

Thankfully for Lynwen, as a druid it was easier to find people when they were in the wilderness. When she teleported in, she would find her and Joshua ten feet from a cave entrance in the mountains with Deadpool and X-Man (Nate) looking like they were ready to fight.

Rain beats down on the ground in a torrential downpour and in the distance, a howling wind can be heard whipping through the trees; unearthly in tempo.

"You're not gonna kill anyo-"

Too bad, Scott Summers opened his mouth to talk some smack only to be interrupted by Rachel. He's halfway through a turn when the bear bats him across the face. He ends up face down on the damp rock, with claw marks across his pretty face.

When Nate asked 'who is paying you,' Deadpool's reply was as swift as it was immediate, "Scotiabank, I'm richer than I think." Now that is almost certainly a falsehood, and is probably a corporate slogan, but at least it's an answer, even if it is in no way helpful.

"Hey, Yogi, is that you? I've always wanted your autograph. I tell you what, if you do me a solid, I'll get you all the pick-a-nick baskets that you can handle. We got a deal? Growl and hit people if you agree."

Yeah, it's just too funny when a bear goes and does your dirty work for you. This is going to be the easiest score Deadpool's ever made. He might even have time to catch the midnight screening of latest Twilight film.

The ritual was done and circle created. Then the sound of the wind, roar of fire and flash of light, there is also the faint sound a birds wings beating as the Druid appears not far from the cave with Joshua. She is dressed in a jeans and red t-shirt. Her golden hair is bound up with golden combs and she is wearing a matching heavy gold torque and armband. She lets out a sharp command in tongue language is strange and musical, a mix of Welsh and Gaelic, the bear turns to look at her. Her lip curls and she points to the cave. A roll of thunder echo's off the ridge. She frowns, another sharp command and spear of ice appears in her hand.

The bear roars and she points at it with her spear and then at the cave. She shouts another command at it. It snorts and paws at the unconscious Scott before turning and lumbering at a run towards the cave and the druid. Lynwen the Druid turns her head towards the sky as the howling wind whips through the trees at an unearthly tempo. Her moss green eyes then go towards Nate, Deadpool and Rachel.

People often teleport to escape from tense situations, but when Lynwen warned Logging Master Object that their path led to danger, he tensed like a coiled spring. The pair materializes suddenly in the clearing, with Logging Master Object wearing hiking boots, sturdy blue jeans, and a shirt for cool weather in the cool mountains. lying on the ground behind him, and within easy reach, is a large pack of camping gear.

As soon as he materializes, he glances at the bear and then Lynwen, in time to see her already reacting to the situation. His eyes go to the others, and he frowns. The men are unfamiliar, but a look of recognition flashes in his eyes when he spots Rachel and then the prone Scott. He waits until the bear moves along, and then steps toward the downed X-Man to check his situation.

Nate is not amused by the answer. But Deadpool's mind is somewhat unreadable. Happens to him often. He missed the sleeping animal because sleeping minds and animals are often kind of opaque. When the bear attacks Scott, though, his first reaction is turning it into bear-burgers. He doesn't when a quick telepathic message of Rachel ensures him she has the animal under control.

And when he blinks to the bear, the supposedly insolate cave in the Appalachian Mountains has become rather crowded with more weird people that appear seemingly at random. He is almost tempted to ask for tickets. But he will leave that joke to Deadpool. By the way, "friends of yours?" He asks the mercenary, pointing to Lynwen and Joshua.

The bear begins to retreat as Joshua and Rachel both reach Scott to find that he is unconscious, a bit bloodied but alright for now. Rachel nods affirmatively at Joshua before standing defensively in front of her father and replying to Nate, "They're friends of mine."

~The guy behind me, Ampere is with X-Red.~

~Lynwen, I know this might be easier to understand. Can you help us deal with Deadpool? The jerk with the mask.~ The telepathic message is also sent to Joshua.

Rachel steps forward and ethereal flames flare to life around her along with a blue-gold phoenix symbol. Since Nate and Deadpool are too busy talking she sends a blast of telekinetic energy towards Deadpool, "I broke your swords last time. Next shot breaks your back."

Deadpool decides he needs a theme song, so he shouts, "Yo Wade!" and charges into the cave, "I'll fight for money, where ever there's trouble. Hazard pay is there!" Pulling out a gun to go with his sword, a Power Rangers flute sword based on what the Green Power ranger used to play, or would it be better to said wield, welt, whatever tense it was, it looked pretty cool at the time.

Making his way towards Red Phoenix, he says, "It's Wade Wilson against Rachel the enemy, fighting to earn my pay. I never shut up. I'm always there," he leaps up into the air, doing a somersault, and turning part way through so he's facing Rachel's back, "fighting for money over land and air."

"Wade Wilson - A real Canadian hero. Wade Wilson is here." And he wonders why people know his real name? Guess that thought's gone out the window.

Changing his tone of voice to be a narrator, he adds, "Deadpool is the codename for Canada's daring, highly trained special mission farce. My purpose, to defend chimichangas against Rachel Summers - a ruthless, terrorist determined to ruin le monde." Wait, did he just say le monde? Someone must have hit the SAP button on a universal remote. Either that, or it's just another Canadian showing off how bilingual they are.

"Jamais je tais-toi. Je reste jusqu'a ce que le contrat est fait. Wade seront oser. Wade Wilson - Veritable Heros Canadien. Wade Wilson!" Panting at the end of his song, he switches back to English, "anybody got a cigarette? I could really use one."

Then he looks to the newcomers. "My mind is a bit hazy, what with everything Weapon Plus did to me, Weapon Minus, Weapon Multipler, though I have managed to evade that pesky Weapon Divider. Thanks George for all your help. Jeb Bush 2016."

He really only wants Jeb to become President because it'd be funny. But he digresses, "now, back to the fight." And he begins a surprising barrage of kicks, jabs, punches, and an assortment of other words that are used to describe attacks, and all aimed at the girl he called Midge. It ain't just about the money, this one's personal.

Lynwen's gaze is still on the others and the bear has made its way to the cave. She tilts her head an nods her head. A Frown touches her lips and she begins to chant. Her chant is low and each word that is chanted in the strange foreign tongue seems to hang in the air. The wind that was howling turns its attention towards verbose man who is Deadpool. It wraps itself around him and swirling around him and slamming at his sides and down on him as if driving him into the gorund. Below Deadpool the earth grows soft and seems to try and swallow him whole. As this happens she pauses, "What he say?" This is directed at Joshua. She then begins to chant again.

Her green eyes go to Nate and she nods her head, then they go back to Rachel. The air around her seems to shimmer and there is a sense of growing power as it is pulled from the earth and air. The flash of blue shimmies around the sky and then thunder rolls.

Joshua rolls Scott onto his back and frowns. Then he looks to Rachel, sensing her as the origin of the telepathic introduction. He nods, and then he returns to the place where he left the backpack. Hoisting the load, he carries it to a spot near Scott and drops it there. While he begins to unpack some items for first aid, he answers Lynwen with a stream of the same musical language that she used to translate Deadpool's almost comedic monologue. He adds in English, "We arrived in time."

Nate seems relieved that the two newcomers are friends. In fact, he seems to remember to have seen Joshua in the school once. Then Deadpool strikes! He got to admit the guy is quick. But Nate has also become pretty quick with his TK. He raises a wall between the attacking merc and Rachel, so his kicks and punches end up hitting the wall. "Well… good to see you. We might be having a little crazy guy problem."

As he sinks, the masked maniac says, "Ooh, I haven't had a sandbath in ever so long. I love the way it feels, going between my toes, wiggling around down there." The wind doesn't seem to be much of a problem either. "Neato, I think we've stumbled across a new kind of massage. If we could patent it, we'd be worth millions!" Where did all this we come from? Deadpool must think he's somehow a co-inventor, since he's the victim of these evil doers.

"But, let's see if I can shoot through air. I'm gonna bet I can." He aims one of his guns at a rock as he continues to sink into the quicksand, and pulls the trigger. Nate's telekinetic shield worked well enough against the punches, kicks, and so forth, but is it an all around shield? Deadpool aims to find out.

The bullet ricochets off of the cavern wall, bouncing off the floor, onto another wall, and seems to come around as if by magic, and if Wade aimed it right, he'll have shot Rachel in the back, while being in front of her. No easy feat. Maybe there is a method to the madness. Or maybe it's just random chance. If you want to know the real answer, you'll have to talk with the executive producer.

Rachel silently curses when Deadpool avoids her telekinetic attack, wondering if she was really that exhausted after the past few days; maybe she had grown a little too soft since her return.

It was time to step up her game.

Except she did not.

Invisible forcefields are raised around everyone except Deadpool and /herself/ in an effort to protect them from the bullet ricocheting around the area.

It was Deadpool's lucky day because Rachel had just taken a bullet in the side, causing her to scream out, "OWWW!" That hurt. She had not been shot in a long time.

With the cry of pain, Lynwen not very familiar with guns frowns and her chanting changes tempo. The ground beneath Deadpool that is now quick sands sucks him into earth until he is up to his shoulders. The earth then begins to hard trapping him. The wind continues to howl around them. The rain is now driving around them. "Sunstone, help her." Her words are garbled by her thick accent. She returns to chanting. She looks to Nate and then walks a few steps closer towards her target. The wind continues to howl around the trapped man She lowers her spear towards towards deadpool and offers him a feral look.

Joshua is smearing a healing solve on Scott's lacerations when he, too, hears Rachel's cry and then Lynwen's plea on Rachel's behalf. He glances over his shoulder to the woman and stands. He looks briefly at Nate and then to Rachel. He nods and scoops up the medical supplies. "We received a cry for help. We came," he explains simply while he prepares to check on Rachel's new wound.

Nate wasn't covering Rachel's back, no. Ricocheting bullets are not something he would usually consider, maybe he underestimated Deadpool. That crazy chatter is distracting.

When Rachel is hit, though, he snarls in rage. "You son of a bitch!" His left eye glows brightly and he shatters Deadpool's gun telekinetically, and most of the hand with it. Then he pushes down into the quicksands, sparing the crazy mercenary an extra second before rushing to help Rachel.

Rachel was wounded, but in no danger of passing out or dying. Without much regard for her own pain, she screamed out again as she yanked the bullet out of her side with telekinesis; applying invisible pressure to stem the flow of blood, she would deal with that later.

Looking at the bullet she would have laughed if not for the gravity of the situation, "You really are obsessed, you wrote my name on a bullet?"

When Deadpool is immersed in quicksand she takes a moment to catch her breath, but she has no doubt the man is going to escape.

Approaching from the trees was a dark shadow that is noticed by Lynwen.

"No, no, no, that's all wrong, the eye should glow purple, not yellow!" Deadpool says as Nate's telekinesis begins to show. "Have you no decency, there's a lady present, and Rachel too!" Even with a busted gun, and a busted hand, Wade never lets up. He just keeps talking. Though there is a wince in pain as his hand is shattered. That's going to take him a good long time to heal. Maybe even five minutes.

"And for the record, my mother was a queen." No, she wasn't the Queen of Canada, but a bitch is a female dog. A female cat is called a Queen. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

He's now buried up to the shoulder in the quicksand, with a spear aimed at his face. But even worse, Nate's boot comes crashing down to push him further into the sand trap. Coughing as his head begins to disappear, "I'm melting, I'm melting, what a world, what a world." And then..

… for the exciting conclusion to Chatterbox from the Golf Sandtrap, join us in a moment, same Pool-time, same pool-channel.

Teleporting out of the sandtrap, Deadpool appears sitting Indian style, that's red dot, not redskin, oh wait, can't say that anymore. Bad Wade, bad. Deadpool sits in what is known as the Lotus position. Yes, that's very PC, and very Canadian of him.

"Listen kids, it's been a blast. I'd write a thank you note, but some old guy," Nate's got grey hair, so he must be old, "ruined my hand. So you'll have to settle for the audiobook version. Rachel, since you aren't paid up like I am in the Weapon Plus healing factor program, as far as I'm concerned, we're even. But you break my toys again, and the next one won't be a warning shot, capiche?"

"And for the rest of you, remember, I'm a hero now, so no funny business or else. You got that?" And with that, he leaps up into the air, hitting his head on the ceiling of the cave. "Owe, so much for my grand exit." And he begins to fade after hitting the controls on that damnable teleport of his.

Edit: Change last line to 'teleporter of his.'

Standing there with her spear trained on Deadpool, Lynwen goes to stab him but the verbose talker is fading before her eyes. She mutters what can only be a curse when he disappears. She looks over to Nate, Joshua and Rachel. "What did he say?" She knows that phrase well. She keeps her spear out when she feels the hair on the back of her neck rise. The sound of birds wings echoes in the clearing. She shivers and turns towards where the darkness is coming. The hunter is now the prey. She casts a quick look at the others and then she is taking off at a sprint towards the trees away from the shadow, perhaps trying to lure it away. Thunder overhead crashes and the wind turns bitter and cold, a sense of doom washes over the clearing. It is like dark shadow has been cast over the area.

"Nothing important," replies Nate, helping Rachel to stand. "He is insane, but still dangerous. We got to disable him quickly if he returns. But first we need to take Rachel and Cyclops to safety." He looks at Rachel « this means Xavier. You two need medical attention and I can't take you to a hospital. I can hide you telepathically for long enough »

Joshua nods to Nate when the man warns about the need for speed if DP returns. He does not sense the telepathic side, but he does offer, "Safe and secretive would be best. The media have been … rather vocal about her," he adds, his English accent now evident. While he speaks, Lynwen launches herself toward the woods. «"Where are you going, Sprite?"» he calls, speaking that same musical language that they seem to share. He cheses after her.

Rachel shook her head at her brother, "I'm fine and we're not going anywhere. It's still hundreds of miles back to the Institute and they will pursue us straight there. We're going to rendezvous with Captain America as soon as we receive word with him, until then Dad and I will continue to keep the authorities firmly focussed." She smiles at Nate, "We were headed to an abandoned mining town not far from here, we'll be fine for the night there. Especially if you can provide us with a little distraction to give us some breathing room before you head back home and tell MOM what happened."

As Lynwen pursues the shadow, it does something curious. It seems almost afraid of her.

In a frightening dash of speed the shadow whisks off into the woods back to whatever hell it came from. No doubt that Darkness pursuing Lynwen was keeping an eye on her.

Rachel smiled at Lynwen and Joshua, "Thank you for coming, I'm not sure what we would have done without the pair of you here."

Several Miles Away

"This is Wolfsbane One to Control. We're identifying at least one contact, omega classification but these mountains are providing a lot of disturbance. Orders?"

The team of DAP Blackhawk Helicopters that had engaged Rachel and Scott the day before were back in the air and hot on the trail, flying just above tree level as they zoomed through the mountains.

"Yeah, but Mr. Crazypants managed to find you," protests Nate. "And now both of you are injured. He grunts. He can read Rachel stubborn determination in her eyes. Pretty much the same expression he uses. "Fine. But I will go with you to that town and make sure you are bandaged properly. Only then I will go back to the headquarters. C'mon, lets move, I'll take Cyke." He lifts the unconscious older man telekinetically and follows Rachel.

The sound of the helicopters is getting closer, close enough that it can be heard now and Rachel points off in the distance for Nate, "We need a distraction from them if we're going to make it there. I appreciate the help, but we're not going to make it if they don't have something else to chase." She hugs her brother, "Good luck. See you soon."

Eyes are bright Lynwen turns around looking but not see it now. She calls back to Joshua. "Coming!" She turns back to run towards him and the group. The group when she reaches him she grabs his hand and moves back to where the others are. The distant strange sound has her looking up at the sky. When she reaches Rachel and Nate she offers a bow of her head. "Welcome." Her words are still heavily accented. She looks to Nate then Joshua and back to him. She looks down at Rachel and then back to Nate. "We help? We stay with them." She tells Nate.

Nate curses softly. "I hear them, yes. Oh… tracking mutant signatures. Bastards." Tracking /him/ is very easy. "Alright, I'll lure them out of here. You hide and avoid using your powers for a few hours." He takes off, but flies low and not very quickly, so he can't be easily identified but chasing him is easy even for a helicopter.

Not a chance they can catch him, though, once he has lured them a hundred miles or so away, he will kick into the hypersonic and leave them eating dust.

Joshua stops when Lynwen swings in a small arc and heads back for the group. He peers into the dark sky as well, and then nods to Rachel. "We could provide that distraction," he offers. "Lightning, thunder, and weather bad enough to ground those flyers." Then he looks to Lynwen. "Those are helicopters, a kind of … mechanical bird. Men are flying them. We need to prevent them from following these two."

Rachel shook her head again, "Save your strength. I could use your help for a little bit while you're here. Ampere, if you grab my dad, I'll lead the way and you and Lynwen can follow. The town I was speaking about is just a few miles ahead. Nate can handle distracting the choppers."

With a thought, Rachel's clothing changed, the bullet hole fixing itself; although the wound was still there; it just wasn't a concern to her.

As the quartet made their way through the mountains, rain continued to pour down on them.

Abandoned Mining Town

"Is this rain ever going to let up?"

"Hell if I know. It's probably some muties fault."

"Fuck yeah brother. Preaching to the choir."

To be Continued

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