Fallen and Broken

July 03, 2015:

Ivy needs something found. She hires Fantomex

Tin Roof Club roof


NPCs: E.V.A.



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Fade In…

Tin Roof. It was a wonder that Ivy could come all ours and leave unharrassed and unattended. Of course, this was her friends place and yet if an ill eye was turned her way it would have been met in kind. But this time, the nearly green skinned diva approached Tin Roof with a purpose; a briefcase carried within her hand, heels making the woman a behemoth of the green with red curls that dance around suede. The door was pushed open, to not find the temptress in black leathers there but a sleepy crowd and women attending to the men to keep their pockets near empty. The slow stroll draws her towards the bar, the briefcase settled atop, as one hip cocks so that she could rest the curve of her bottom right upon the stool with a slight hitch and bounce that makes the 'tender stare.
Winning smile, winning personality when all is not lost, and a wriggle of her fingers is produced to place her order.
"Bourbon. And the man in white."

Ivy is lucky (or maybe not so lucky) Fantomex decided to stick around a few days since they last met. Staying put in a city for long is a bad career move for the faux-French thief. That is why he is no longer in France.
That said; he is not one easy to spot, not even in the Tin Roof Club. Ivy's question brings a glass of bourbon and a wary glance. "You might want to check the roof," suggests the bartender. "Sometimes he parks there his… hmm, plane. Sometimes one can see IT out of the corner of the eye. But if we look for it, it is never there."

Ivy rolls her eyes, letting out a hitch of an annoyed breath. "The roof?" It was the Tin Roof after all, so it was to be expected that the most prominent would hang out there. "His plane. People are getting fancier by the moment.." Though, that does draw a hint of curiousity as to what she would find once she's up there. Seen and not seen.. something out of the corner of her eye.. that'll mess with her insecurity for sure.
She takes her glass of bourbon and briefcase, drawing it from the counter top to approach the stairs, one glance given around the club area as she makes her way up…
..and out.
The slight chill in the air has her shivering momentarily as she fixes her green gaze upon the surroundings. "Come out, come out, where ever you are.." She sings out, taking a few steps to bring her away from the door and out into the open where it slams hard behind her.

There is nothing in the roof, at least for the first ten seconds. As Ivy moves ahead she is being studied, and someone else gets curious. And so, as if out of a mirage, she suddenly finds herself facing the silvery, mirror like surface of E.V.A. The flying saucer stands on the roof on club on three insect-like legs that seem too thin to support the weight of a metal thing that must weight several tons.
-Ms. Isley,- greets a metallic, feminine voice. -A pleasure to meet you. I have heard much about you and your work. My name is E.V.A.-

Ivy was ready to turn away until she had gotten that glimpse, the glimpse that gives her pause, so much pause that the 'thing' that manifests in front of her nearly sent her into a tailspin. No. Ivy. You came here on business. Keep the crazy in check before you ruin everything..
The little.. thing monster that speaks to her has her stepping back, solidifying her stance as the briefcase was set slowly upon the ground. It knew her name, but that was suspected. It.. whatever it was.. may or may not have been a computer. Or alien.. or…
"Just what in the fuck are you."

-I am a mutant, and a technorganic based life form- explain the ‘thing’. -Surely you don’t have prejudice against non-carbon based life-form, do you? After all you advocate more respect for the vegetable kingdom- and maybe she is teasing Ivy now. That is pretty bold for E.V.A.
The silvery surface of the flying saucer ripples visibly, as E.V.A. forms a screen on the hull. A woman’s face appears on a black field. Obviously not human. Skin is silver, eyes are bright, solid green, the skull is elongated and inlaid with green jewels. -I apologize if I startled you, Ms. Isley. But I had the impression you were looking for me.-

Ivy stares the thing down, her teeth grinding together as she rubs her cheek. This was a point where she was at a loss. She didn't really, really know what to say or do. "I have prejudices against everyone." She confesses, possibly falling into the trap of the tease, though it just may end up bad for them both. The briefcase may be thrown.. Ivy may fall from the roof after an attack..
This is all unexpected really, even more so as the screen forms and just totally weirds her out. But she played it cool, even if her heartrate jumped a few paces, the face forming has her leaning in just a touch, and backing away. "I wasn't looking for you. Eva." She states plainly. "I'm searching for Fantomex. And it appears that he's not here."

E.V.A. seems thoughtful when Ivy admits she has prejudices against everyone. Wouldn’t that mean she deals equally (poorly) with everyone? Technically that is not having prejudices. Oh well… humans are complicated (maybe plants are too).
-No, but we can go to find him- responds E.V.A. -Or if you prefer to wait half an hour. I will bring him back here.-

Ivy is complicated. The epitome of complication.
"I didn't come here to take a field trip. But I suppose I can talk through you to get my point across. There are a few things that I need from our dear 'friend', and he's the only one who can get them for me. And I'm prepared to pay top dollar for what he brings me, and in this briefcase is only a half of what he'll be getting." She thinks a little at this, then shakes her head. "A third. Not half. The half is for someone else.."

E.V.A. looks vaguely disappointed but nods politely on the screen. -Fantomex likes money, he has no choice- comments the metal woman on the screen. -Let us listen what you need. He is listening now. He, hmm… he greets you in… ah, no. I will spare his exact words. But he is interested, indeed.-

Ivy notes this minor disappointment, but there was not a lot of time to play it up. She places the briefcase upon the ground, sliding it forward with the touch of her foot, her hands upon her hips. "Good. Because this is not the easiest job, but I believe Fantomex has the constitution to get what I want."
She begins to pace, her gaze lifted towards the sky. "A few nights ago there was an attack on a flying zepplin over Gotham. And I'm sure that the wreckage has been found, located and carted off. However, I want to know what was on that zepplin. I want whatever was on that zepplin in my possession so that I can salvage and possibly find things that I can use to further my own gains. And if there is nothing? I want to know where the parts have been taken to so I can get it."
She glances towards EVA. "Does that make sense to you, at all Fantomex?"

-Yes, in fact…- but Fantomex is listening, and E.V.A. is told not to give information for free. -I believe we can obtain what you want quite easily, Ms. Isley. Are you staying on the club? Jean-Philippe insists you staying and… he will pick your tab- he will likely use Ivy’s money, anyway. And all stays among friends, oui?

"Good." She states, turning around to make her way towards the door. She stops for but a moment, then gives a shake of her head. "No. If I stay around then something will happen to compromise what I need him to do for me. And what I need him to do is more important than the air that he breathes." She lets out a little breath, then smooths her hair away from her face.
"Besides, he'll be useless afterwards. And I'm sure the Cat wouldn't want to play with a broken toy." And with that, she leaves. And she leaves giggling.

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