A Meet of Personal Matters

July 03, 2015:

Two-Face calls out Catwoman's most trusted to schedule a meet.



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Two-Face likes the rain. The rain divides the heavens and the earth. Strokes of lightning split trees and the downpour drives the timid and the weak from the streets of Gotham. Harvey Dent, in either of his personae, has never been timid or weak. His dark hair is slicked back, his skin glistening as his suit is soaked through, finally making his way to the bus stop where he's arranged to meet Catwoman's representative. The girl with the lights in her skin, again. One of Selina's favorite toys, it seems, and a mysterious one at that.

His thugs and molls are nearby, waiting in a warm car. Yin and Yang wanted to stand by him, but Harvey insisted he had nothing to fear. If he constantly shows up with help and backup, he looks like he needs it. He certainly doesn't need it to meet someone barely out of a schoolgirls plaid. He drags on a cigarette, his custom half-Turkish, half-Indian blend, his bisected suit taking on an even more sinister cast in the light from the cascading lightning - the lone streetlamp above flickers occasionally, adding an air of menace and decay. Gotham at its finest.


Melody was none too worse for wear. She's had her few days to mourn and she was over it. Well, not over it entirely, there were still some nights that she couldn't sleep. And when she did, she'd wake up in a cold sweat and tears that Rodaza had to calm her down from. Selina may or may not have been there, it was all a haze. But work needed to be done and she needed to keep up appearances. But the rain was a good cover to hide her tears, so she decided to walk instead of take a ride, straight out into the warzone with thugs at her back to watch until she was safe.

And then she was alone.

Arms wrapped around herself as she strolls down the street, her hair wet and clinging to her face as she finally arrives at the bus stop. She takes a seat upon the bench next to the man, her body shivering just a little from the cold. She really didn't care, obviously, but she did scoot a little bit closer just to feel a touch of his warmth.



Two-Face looks over at the girl. She sits on his right, his 'good' side, the handsome profile that once plastered election posters across Gotham taking up most of the view. His eyebrow is dark and full, the eye clear and blue and direct. "I need to see your Mistress. Soon. I have some information I think she'll find intriguing. And valuable. So she should bring money. A lot of it," he says simply.

"I understand we're in a degree of partnership, at this point ,but business is business. And who knows, maybe I'll feel generous when we get face to face. Stranger things have happened. But she should absolutely bring money. Otherwise, she's just going to have to take her chances."

He flicks his coin in the air, the lightning crashing and reflecting on half of the silver, the rest of it so scarred that it only clings to shadow.

"But chances are just that. Sooner or later, they go bad."


"Okay." Is all she really says. She does listen to him though, even if she wasn't actively looking towards him. "I'm not entirely sure of the nature of the partnership, but yes.. it is there." Her voice sounded almost.. bland. But she agrees with him whole-heartedly.

"Obviously, she's going to ask what type of information that you have for her, at least the nature before she decides how much to bring you. Since you really didn't offer up a price." She finally turns towards him then, and lets out a little sigh. Surely, Two-Face wasn't one for affection, so Melody would take it where she gets it. Which is, a lean of her head upon his shoulder. Deal with it. She hugged Batman and he dealt with that too.

"I know chances go bad, they always do. That's the way life works."


Two-Face looks at her for a long moment, the way one would look at a particularly insane poodle that suddenly ran up and started barking, demanding to be picked up. He stares at her for a moment and then the coin flicks again, a long moment in the air before he snatches it down and looks at his palm for a moment. He stares at the shiny face of the coin for a moment before he resumes speaking.

Six figures, middle. THe information is personal information, information of most value to the woman behind the cat. Information she won't be able to get from anywhere else and information she likesly doesn't want anyone else to have either."

"As for an exact amount…she's my partner. She should know me well enough to guess," he says. Plus, he'd like to make her guess. Sometimes he likes testing peoplel, measuring them. Or just getting them to jump through hoops for his amusement. The problem is, when people don't quite make it through the hoop, he usually puts them down. Hard.

"But they come back around again, too. It always balances," he says.


At least it was a look that she couldn't see. It probably would have made her cry.

"Personal information.." Yeah, that was the best kind. "I.. is it going to hurt her knowing this information?" She finally draws away, it was possibly the coin flip that made her do it, scooting at least a few paces away, just a touch out of arms reach. Though her arms are shorter compared to his. "She likes games though. I suppose she'll know the exact amount to make you angry or happy all the same. Depending on the importance of it all." She sniffs just a little, her hand lifting to wipe at her face. She was crying no doubt, but using the rain and the slight cold she will never get as a cover to wipe away the tears.

"You sound hopeful."


Two-Face shrugs, "It might. I don't particularly care if it does. We're not that kind of friends," he says, lighting another cigarette off the remnants of the first, tossing the filter to be carried off by the wind and the rain. "I'm not in the business of feelings. Feelings don't make money and feelings don't get things done. That's one of the reasons why I'm such a believer in justice. It's clean, cold and divorced of emotion. Things are what they are. You don't like it? Change it or deal with it."

He snorts softly, "I'm hopeful. I'm pessimistic. I'm happy. I'm sad. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm never just one thing, little girl."


Melody rubs at her face a little, then draws out a sigh. "Alright." She murmurs quietly, pushing herself to a stand, her legs already shaking from the chill of it all that rests against her skin. "I suppose I should take a page out of your book." She confesses a little, hands soon stuck within her pockets as she keeps her gaze down. "I used to be all of those things, and I noticed. But.. I think I need to get going. I'll deliver the message, yeah? Try to get her to you as soon as possible." She does hold out her arms though, waiting for a flip of the coin to see if he'll actually give her a hug, or she'll take one and be damned.


Two-Face moves to stand, rolling his coin along his knuckles and, for the moment, he just turns his body into her and lets her side-hug him. He could flip the coin, yes, but she's already gotten lucky twice. If she came up bad, he'd have to leave her with a reminder of just what bad luck could be. An ugly, ugly reminder.

So, instead, he accepts the affection that she offers, without the risk of giving any back in return. He tells himself he's just not breaking one of Selina's toys, making her mad at him. And maybe that's all there is to it. Maybe.

"Tell her. We can meet somewhere she feels safe, if she likes. I want her to be comfortable," he says, turning to walk back towards his stretch limo.


Melody wraps her arms around him, even if it was sidelong, a hug was still a hug and she gave it gladly. Her eyes burned just a little, drawing herself away, her back turned towards him as those hands sink within his pockets again. She does nod her head, remembering the stipulations that he set forth, not needing a pen and a pad to write all of this down.

"Alright. See you later Two-Face.." She murmurs quietly, her head hung low as she turns to make her way back to East End.

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