O'Captain my Captain

July 02, 2015:

Kurt, Jean, and Scott address matters with Rachel.

Jean's Office


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As the night falls down upon Xavier's, Jean is where she usually is. In her office. Sitting behind her desk staring into the laptop, parts of her fingers burn a bright red but there is no absense of skin this time. She's gotten a handle on this new fangled power, the power that slowly begins to coat her arms and draw along her shoulders, reading the news articles that span across the states and into the cloud where it'll be saved forever. The image upon the screen draws a faint frown to her lips, not to mention the quiet cry for help that she picked up like a shining beacon in the darkness.

Resist the urge. You are not stable yet.

She closes the laptop lid, her eyes drawing down towards her hands as she forces the glow of red back and away, shaking her fingers out as she lets out a faint sigh, pen snatched, paper grabbed, pen soon twiddled in between her fingers.

What to do. What to do.


There's no knock. Scott had finished his drink with Steve Rogers in the city, and promptly drove his flying sports car straight back to the Institute. When he walks through the door, there is a stalwart expression upon his face, which almost immediately melts when he lays eye upon Jean.

He opens his mouth as if to speak, but nothing comes out. After a moment or two, his lips press tightly together. He walks over toward the desk and claims a seat opposite Jean, the motion followed by a soft exhalation through his nostrils.



Jean glances up as soon as the door opens, watching Scott as he enters into the room. She remains still within her seat, not greeting him, but perhaps feeling the emotions leak from him as if they were her own. Once he settles down, she leans forward, her hand lifting to press to her lips to kiss and blow in his direction. She just didn't feel like getting up, perhaps it wasn't needed. The laptop was pushed aside, pen set upon the desk as she leans forward, jaw cradled by the cup her hands make, eyes at a faint squint.

"Talk to me."


Kurt Wagner finds himself coming in after Scott, having arrived in the wake of the X-men leader and had intended to check in on Jean. They hadn't talked since…well, since. And he wanted to re-assure her that he held no ill will, no hard feelings. She might know that, of course, given Kurt's nature, but he intended to make sure of it. And to makes ure that her recovery was continuing.

With Scott there, though, he pauses at the doorway, "Pardon, Jean, Scott, I did not mean to intrude…" he says.


The long silence continues, until Kurt joins them. The kiss blown from Jean does cause his blank expression to break, if only for a moment.

"No," he says, turning in his seat to motion for Kurt to join them. "Actually, I'm glad someone else is here. Glad it's you."

He waits for a moment, giving Kurt a chance to come in fully, before looking back toward the redhead. "There's a decision we need to make. I'm afraid this is one of the big ones. I just had a drink with Steve Rogers, in part because that asshole, Fury, isn't answering my calls."


For a moment, Jean thought that the no was for her. But glancing up towards Kurt, she gives him a little smile, gesturing towards the chair as Scott allows him to enter. "You're not intruding at all." She comments, then grows quiet.

Her gaze narrows briefly, knowing the talk she had with Scott about the others, and knowing that he intended to approach Fury, something nearly gets her blood to boil as she knows in the direction of where this is headed.

"Captain America..?" She questions. She knows, she doesn't have to guess. "Let me guess, the decision is about Rachel. Rachel. Grey." Her jaw tenses a little, her gaze gone towards the door as it slams shut and locks as soon as Kurt enters. It wasn't an angry slam, just one over-estimating the strength they put into that simple act.


Kurt Wagner puts his arms over his chest, although he's not exactly clad in the most intimidating gear, between his Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming" t-shirt and his sweatpants with the hole cut out for his tail. He is who he is. Still, he jumps over onto one of the unoccupied seats, settling to perch on the back of it and gripping with his feet as he cocks his head.

"Hauptman America? What could he have to say of such things?" he says. He, admittedly, isn't always up on all the latest news - to be fair, he's been in the hospital for a few days, only really getting back on his feet yesterday. And, even then, he prefers quiet times iwth his novels or his Bible to watching the news.


"During the nuclear threat, some months ago." Scott glances toward Kurt mentioning this, for the elf had not been present on that operation. "I made a deal with Fury. Since we were offering our help with an international crisis, he wouldn't pry. About us, our assets. It was the first step in having someone else on outside, other than ourselves."

Now, he turns back to Jean. "I sanctioned Rachel's actions. I didn't know how she planned to go about it in detail, but she wants to get involved diplomatically. To try and head off this Sentinel threat from an angle that doesn't involve war, fighting, death. Her actions are ultimately my responsibility. So, when the shit hit the fan? I called up Steve, because I trust him."

He leans forward then, folding his hands. "He wants Rachel to turn herself in. Face the music, see what good we can make of this. Whether she decides to or not, someone will have to answer for her actions, or this is all going to turn sideways on us."


Jean sighs just a little, leaning a little sideways within her chair, rocking back and forth at a slow and steady cadence in tune with her breath. Her lips twist, eyes narrow ever so slightly. "She was noble in her thoughts. Both of you were." She glances to Kurt for a moment, a look of hesitation given, then draws down upon Scott with a sad gaze. "We should have went with her, to make sure that everything had went smoothly." She pushes back the chair then stands, her fingers digging into her hair to scratch an errant itch within her scalp.

"I'm.. mixed at this point. On one hand, I feel that she should do right and turn herself in. Plead her case and face the music. But on the other?" Her little pace stops, right in the middle of the floor. "We take care of our own. And she's our daughter, Scott. She might not have come from us directly, here.. in this time. But she's ours."

She pinches the bridge of her nose, her hand placed upon her hip which was soon cocked. "But you're right. Someone has to answer for this, yes. And I wish no harm upon her, she doesn't deserve this." She frowns a touch, "I can only see a few solutions to this madness. We cut ties with everything associated with what they've gleamed from the press and go dark until this blows over, hide her. Something else is bound to gain their attention or.." And this time, her look is grave. "I go in her stead."


Kurt Wagner shakes his head, "While I always appreciate the martyr's instinct, Jean, that should not be an option. This is a matter for the two of you, yes, but it is also a matter for the X-Men. There are those who can stand behind Rachel openly and should. I will do so myself, should it come to it. I have come too far to have any fear of the public. But you sacrificing yourself for her will only answer injustice with injustice…" he sighs.
"And yes…there is a price to be paid, and perhaps Rachel must face the costs of her actions, however dear. If we proclaim ourselves exempt from justice, a tribe apart…then we are, in some ways, giving into Magneto. Telling him he was right all along, because we do not trust humans anymore than he does and we will only live peacefully with them so long as we get our way…" he sighs.

"I say all of this knowing that none of these decisions are truly mine…and none of them are easy."


Worry etches across Scott's face in observing Jean's response. "We should have," he agrees. "But we didn't."

What Kurt says about Magneto is right on target. He looks toward the man with a smile, surprisingly warm given the nature of things. "If we hide now, what are we saying? That we are afraid? That we are dangerous? We've come too far for that. What happened in Bahrain…" He looks back to Jean. "It was terrible. Metahuman terrorists slaughtering innocent people; robots slaughtering them in retaliation. If we don't stand up and show a different side, then we might be ushering in the future Rachel is trying to prevent from happening."

He shakes his head, a decisive nature coming over him. "If Rachel goes, I will go with her. I made the call and sent her in. Not you, Jean. But if she doesn't want to go?" A pause. "I will go anyway. As I said, it was my call."

He looks then toward Kurt. "We are going to need to re-form Blue Team, at least for now. I'd like you to be responsible for them. And Jean?" He turns back to her, smiling in a bittersweet manner. "You will lead the X-Men until this is all over with."


Jean gives Kurt an incredulous look. "Martyr's instinct? What the deuce, dude?" She shakes her head completely, red locks threatening to fly against the backdrop of the bookcase. It was clear that his words stung her, which causes her to take a seat at her desk again, her teeth clenched in holding back what she truly wanted to say. To do. She was holding herself back a lot.

"I wasn't saying that she didn't need to pay the toll, Kurt. That we all didn't. But she's broken, Scott. I don't know if she could handle what they may try to deal and dole to her."

But she remains quiet, her gaze turned and pointed to the wall, a little bit of that fiery, red-headed anger burning through her bones so much that her eyes bleed red with a hint of the cosmos leaking forth. She shakes her head, her hands thrown up, she didn't like this one bit. Part of her wanted to take Rachel and run, shelter her from the world. She already felt like a failure even though she had no hand in her upbringing.

In her minds eye; she could see herself tearing the office apart, breaking the walls down in a fit of anger but in reality, she remained in her chair, blinking away the unearthly glow, settling within her spot as her gaze falls towards the ceiling, her elbows perched upon the desk, face soon buried within her hands. "I had a hand in this too, you know." She mutters quietly, then looks up to both of the men, her gaze soon hardened, even though tears began to build within her eyes.

"I want to see her before anything happens." She says finally, her quiet agreement to Scott's words. "And god help us all if you both are treated unfairly and unjust, Scott. For the whole of X-Men will reign down on their doorstep and I will not stop them."

"The Captain will go down with her ship or not at all."

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