Mayday Mayday

July 01, 2015:

Another visit from the depths



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Fade In…

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is the SS Provance out of Metropolis. We are under attack by some kind of- A deep rumbling noise and the sound of shrieking metal momentarily drown out the voice. Oh God, just took three men. We need help out here. If anyone can hear us, send everything. Oh my God, it's coming bac- And then it cuts off in static.

Rowan was alerted by the usual channels about this rather unusual call out at sea… because he'd asked to be. Now he's winging his way eastward out of Metropolis Harbor as fast as his wings can carry him. He doesn't have to get very close to see what he's headed toward. About thirty miles out to sea, just out of sight of Metropolis, a something hundreds of meters tall and at least a hundred meters thick has risen up near a cargo container. Closer inspection reveals it to be a tentacle. A massive tentacle. Covered in smaller tentacles. What is it?

Rowan knows, or is afraid he knows. The Lord of the Deep is active once more.

Well Nyx picks it up on the various emergancy bands. She can actually hear them now thanks to the StarkTech not just get a hunch from her AI. She banks towards the ocean on her way towards Metrpopolis and puts on a burst of speed, cracking the sound barrier easily as she heads towards the coordinates on wings of pure energy.

Mera is travelling along with Ulani, unaware of the goings on closer to the surface. She isn't at all attuned to the minds of sealife the way Arthur is, but others who are better attuned are starting to raise alarms, and THAT she picks up on. She looks at Ulani with an expression of concern. ~There is something attacking a Surfacer vessel. Perhaps we should assist.~ It's not a question. It's a subtle way of telling the Blue envoy that Mera's going and she can either accompany her and help or wait here.

Ulani nods to Mera. Both women have a trident of The Tide assigned to them… and she glances over her shoulder. They may be need today. ~ Let me help… give me the co-ordinates… I'll port us there. ~~

Rowan dives in. He's an air dragon now. Six large, feathered wings and lightning rippling all over his form. Said lighting lances out and rips into the large main tentacle, tearing out chunks flesh and gouts of fluid. It barely scratches the surface. This thing is masive. The attack seems to get its attention though and it shifts, slightly away from the wounded ship, seeking new prey. Something black lances into the air and it takes Rowan a moment to realize that they're bone spikes. By the time the others arrive the ship is starting to list and the dragon is twirling through the air trying to not get hit by hypersonic bones.

With a sonic boom Nyx drops from the sky and flicks her wings out intercepting the bone spikes and disinigrating them on particle beam energy. "What the hell is this thing…." she calls over her shoulder at the dragon that seems ready to battle it.

Mera nods to Ulani and with a quick series of telepathic conversations alerts Atlantis to the threat and gets the coordinates for Ulani. She trusts the Envoy enough to get them there very efficiently.

Sure enough, mere moments later, the two women and their guards are within close eyeshot of the Surfacer ship that's starting to fail and the dragon fighting the giant tentacle. Just one tentacle. She promptly directs the Tide and Ulani to various tasks. Sorry, Ulani. ~ Help Warrior Rowan with keeping that tentacle away from the Surfacer vessel. Ulani, do what you can to help evacuate the Surfacers safely. ~

Mera herself winds up doing pretty much the same thing as last time: She creates a 'shield' between the tentacle and the SS Provance from cohesive water as well as underneath the ship to keep it from sinking further before the humans aboard can get to safety. It may seem like she's just floating there staring, but this requires a LOT of concentration.

Opening a hydraport, Ulani swoops through with Mera and the Tide and aims for the ship. Shaping water, she's lifted out of the sea to the edge of the ship in distress. Addressing the crew of the ship "Come with me… I will take you to safety." If they argue… well… let's not worry about that.

hose in the air have a view not afforded those in the water and on the ship. There's the dark shadow of the tentacle running under the water. And it goes on for miles. And miles. And vanishes out of sight and it's still going…

Several smaller tentacles uncurl and reach for Nyx, each of them hundreds of feet long while others bat and batter at there the water shield that Mera is maintaining. They're powerful. Very powerful. Any of them could crack the ship in half. And five or six of them are beating on that shield.

The crew of the ship kind of gawks at Ulani but at this point they're willing to take any way out. Any way at all.

"Bad news!" The dragon calls back. It's voice is deep but clear, like thunder out of the sky. Speaking of, several more thunderbolts stike it as it does its best to avoid yet more subtentacles, some of which are coming very close.

With a deeep sigh and a puffft of breath puffing her cheeks out the young woman with the energy wings will shake her head "Stupid monsters…." with that out of the way Nyx will start to drift up away from the tentacles and her forearms both start to glow a deep white, shot through with veins of black and red. Aiming her arms down at the ocean beams of light blaze forward and she leaves it on full power as she starts to drag her arms back and forth. She intends to weedeater these bitches.

Mera doesn't realize a powered Surfacer is here, so when the beams of light blaze into the water, she startles, then winces as her cohesive water force fields suffer momentarily before she bolsters them again with a grimace. ~ What is causing that? ~ If so much as ONE of her or Ulani's guards is injured by those beams, she will be … angry. Rowan at the very least knows the implication of that.

Glancing around, Ulani spies Nyx and relays the picture of what she's seeing to Mera. "Hey You!" The Blue Envoy calls to the woman with the energy wings "We're here to help, avoid friendly fire." beat ~//A Surfacer, Your Majesty. I'm trying to make contact. Please give me a moment //~

If Nyx doesn't heed her, Ulani is already shaping water to send towards Nyx to get her attention.

Holding her hand out to the crew, the female Blue creates a separate platform that will accomodate a rough half dozen surfacers…. once it's full, it will move towards land.

Rowan follows those rays of light in, breathing lightning all over the exposed skin of the thing. Clearly it hurts. There's an echo of power that's heard as much in the mind as with the ears and the thing starts to draw back. Not before it turns to slap down at Mera though. Literally the entire trunk falls into the water right at Mera and then, hit her or no, starts to withdraw away southward at shocking speed.

The crew is huddling on the water. This is out of myth. Legend. All they can do is hope to survive.

Nyx does hear Ulani, she is .. well she has excellent senses these days "Ah… right." she squints and targets the tentacle much more… severely. Pulsing blasts instead of just lancing the light ever which way. Vaporizing the water though as she encourages it to withdraw faster.. at the speed of light really.. though it isn't lasers per say.

Mera sends an sensation of acknowledgement to Ulani at her attempts to contact the Surfacer helping fend off the tentacle, then again turning her attention toward keeping that ship afl

Abrupt impacts underwater don't quite make the same sound that they do in air, but getting hit square on by a giant tentacle still HURTS. Mera is most definitely stunned by it, for at least the next few moments. And her cohesive water 'field' that was keeping the SS Provance afloat? Abruptly gone.

Ulanis vaguely acknowledges Mera as she ferries the surfacers to land. That many ships crew will require multiple trips or multiple platforms and the Blue Envoy can't split her attention… if she's away that Mera is down? She doesn't show it… the Tide though? They move in to assist her.

Rowan comes down in a hover. The Tide are eyeing him suspiciously and who can really blame them. He's not only a foriegner but an outworlder as well. He eyes them back for a moment before giving Queen Mera a midair bow. "Your Majesta. I assume that's Envoy Ulani over there. Thank you for coming. That was… it wasn't it? The Lord of the Deep once more." Why was it attacking a surface ship? He's curious… but he'll wait for Ulani to catch up as it were.

Mera does recover from be swatted by the giant tentacle, and the Tide are there to make sure she's okay. Doesn't do anything to hide the blossoming bruise that covers her left shoulder and part of her face. ~ We need to notify Arthur before another attack happens. ~ As to why it went after this particular ship, she has no idea.

Once the Surfacers are ferried to safety, Ulani moves to meet with Rowan and Mera. ~ We should, Your Majesty ~ Ulani sends mentally.

When she reaches the pair… "Greetings, Rowan. What happens here?"

Rowan nods slowly. "I think, if you've rescued the crew, we leave. Quickly." The Blue warrior reverts out of dragon form and splashes into the water. "Do you need me to accompany the two of you?" He's not sure what he can provide, but the Lord of the Deep is a threat to all the underwater people… and apparently a threat to the surface people as well. He needs to talk to people who've encountered this thing and ask what it wanted beyond simple mayhem. It has to have a purpouse. It has to.

Mera refrains from nodding, she's pretty sure it'd be a bad idea right now. "We should go, then. Now." And yes, Rowan, please accompany them. It's going to be bad enough when Arthur sees that something actually hit her hard enough to leave a mark, but when they tell him it was that Lord of the Deep thing again? Yeah. Not gonna be pretty. "We should also find a way to thank the Surfacer that assisted." She's fairly certain that those beams of light were a major reason that the tentacle withdrew so quickly.

Ulani's ready to leave as she joins Rowan and Mera "Where to, Your Majesty" She's got a report to lodge and quickly… but if Mera wants a direct hop to Atlantis, the Blue Envoy can do that. "With me, Rowan" She's not even aware she's doing it, reverting to her military training…

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