The Thread, Part 6: Inspiracion

July 02, 2015:

Dick visits Kori for help with his case and to help him get his head right.

Starfire's Ship

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To say that it's been a rough day is an understatement.

A prisoner under the care of the GCPD is dead.

That prisoner, a man by the name of Perrin, was important not only because he himself was a killer, but because of what he knew about a larger conspiracy going on. Dick and Mills were so close to cracking the case and then boom. Nothing.

Frustration is running rampant.

Maybe he contacted her for help. Maybe he contacted her for some companionship given his difficult day. Dick's not sure. Either way he asked to come over and shoot the breeze with Kori.

As his bike comes to a rumbly stop outside her ship, he's not even sure if he should …knock?

Nightwing's bike will pull up in Queensland Park, right by the booths that have closed but an hour ago but this is where they had last met months ago and went their separate ways with little to no changes, just possibilities from past to present and future.

To knock? All he had to do was press the comm device, but Queensland Park is claimed ad protected rather posessively by the Outsiders and when Dick pulls up along the olde cobble road the particled beam strikes down before his bike in a sliver like it fell from a star, and then spreads in circumference, the small dots of white lights like trip gnats before Dick's eyes like one stood up too fast… And if you are not used to being ported, that is what your head feels like. Bike and man both appearing on the deck of the HMSS Starfire with K'ttn at the controls. A smaller version of Kori but with long red mohawked hair faling over one side of Tamaranean features, behind her stands Kori, righting from a lean that shows she was the one who pressed the button much to K'ttn's dismay.

"Dick." A voice soft, emphasising the question in emerald pupiless gaze, coming around the crescent shaped control boot full of monitors, panels, boards and tech she shares with Jericho… sometimes. When K'ttn feels like sharing.

"Food, drink, comfort in the lounge deck. Come." Kori states with a mild concern upon features nefore she turns from the control deck with the large Captains chair front and center to pass to the aft side and open doors with a light hiss. "Are you alright?"

Dick gives a nod, smile, and wave to K'ttn after taking a moment or two to center himself after the transportation. "That's something I'm never going to get used to," he mutters with a chuckle as he joins by Kori's side, slinking along next to her.

He gives a weary sigh.

"Been quite a day. Everything I've been working on for the past few weeks went down in a poof of gunsmoke tonight. Not sure how to pick up the pieces. Not even sure where to turn, really. My partner has about had it, even talked about quitting, the department is corrupt. I don't know who to trust, or why I even did this to begin with, and honestly, I'm just so tired."

K'ttn leans back in her chair and spins to the side as if she is looking away from Dick, but the visible profile can be seen around the edge of the high backed command chair, tawny skin a bit paler then the deeper orange hue of Kori's. Letting Dick go in first she steps in after him, the door hissing closed behind them. When she got his call for a visit she prepared and helped Orn fix suitable food and drink for him, one arm extending to gesture to the lounge chaise as well as any of the semi-circle couches nea the central platform of Pizza Rolls, fruits, veggies, mini tacos… Okay so she bought freeze food and put them in the oven. Orn does better. Kori wont admit it, but also wont risk Dick's stomach. They're trying to be friends again!

Walking beside him she reaches out as if to touch upon his shoulder in consolation, hesitates… And does so anyway. "There is no one?"

A light felinistic tilt of Kori's head with a slow blink of eyes. "Now you know that untrue Dick of the Grayson's. You know precisely why you did this. Because despite everything else, you believe otherwise." A flash of a smile to him and she takes a seat.

"Eat and do not accept defeat. Let me know specifics, maybe we can help?"

Nightwing doesn't flinch under her touch, but he isn't shy about going for the food either. Since he took this job he's been going nonstop, trying to fit sleep in when he can. It's wearing on him and this case, his first, is so much harder than he thought.

"Well, I mean, the smart thing to do would be to get Batman involved, right? I mean, that's probably what I should do." He takes some food into his mouth and plops down upon one of the couches. "Thanks for this, Kori."

"So, there's this guy Perrin. We pick him up in the East End for shooting some guy execution style. Looks open and shut, I mean, they picked him up before I even got there."

He slumps a little on the couch, relaxing for the first time in a long while. "Turns out that he is some chief of staff for a Senator from Louisiana. So what's a punk doin' in Gotham when he works for a guy in Louisiana and lives in DC?"

"Well, a judge released him. I'm still not sure why. Went to scout his house and when we did, someone put a hit on him. We took him in, trying to get him in protective custody in exchange for cooperating with the investigation and then…" he falters in a sigh.

"Hughes, some dirty good for nothing cop blows his brains out. Then blows his own brains out. Right there in the cell."

Kori is not going for the food. She is watching and listening, once Dick claims a seat though the room seems to activate, the drop dome that seems to make metal walls suited for the ships shape peel away like large curtains and reveal the open space and stars around them, as well as Earth below, evident to pick out the Islands of Metropolis and the one they claim where he had arrived. Cloaked, but they can see it all…

"Sounds like the evident. One government against another? How much is known about your Hughes? Where is he from? His people?" Pausing and watching him she sits close, and slides the platter closer to him, also a glass of ice water poured and held out.

"Who can you trust to look for you, be at your back? Or do they want to close this off now? I would not be surprised. It sounds like politics and business matters where this Perrin was the goat." Goat, like what some people considered riches in exchage for loyalty. Others are cows. Let's not argue semantics!

"I think it's more internal. Something inside the government. The first dead guy was a smalltime drug dealer. Why that guy and Perrin are in the same room with a gun. Well, you just envision that as a different scenario, right? You'd think it'd be the other way around," Nightwing says, shaking his head.

"Hughes is…was…a scumbag. His dad was incarcerated and his mom floated." That's a nice way of saying that she hopped from man to man. "When he came in, Mills said it was one of those stories where a kid from the wrong side of the blocks was there to make good. Looks like Mills was wrong."

"Only people I really trust in that building is…Well, there's one. My partner Mills."

"Police work aside. /Work/ aside, Dick." Kori pauses and watches him, one leg crossing over the other with bare feet pressed to the ground, though utmost leg has toes pressed instead in that twist of limbs while elbow props upon bent knee. With chin held in hand Kori drums fingertips upon jawline and tilts her head. It almost can be seen as dreamy, but the words that come out are anything but. She is his friend, perhaps ignorant of many customs here, but before it all she was a warrior in many regards.

"Who can you trust and want by your side? You may have to take this into your own hands. You mentioned Batman. I have a database, quick travel, and friends I would trust with my life. Like you do Mills. Perhaps we can help if you consider me as well."

"You'd do that for me? I mean, you'd be willing to help?" Dick doesn't comment on any of her customs. He's traveled extensively, seen people from other lands with other mannerisms. Throw in that Kori is an alien, and he doesn't expect to understand them all. It's like talking to a girl from Spain. If Spain is light years away.

"I'd jump at the opportunity."

"You forget. We have been friends and you have never given me reason to doubt that change. Ever. Don't doubt me and what I would do for what is left of my people." Though Kori's people is a mixed race with only one other of her own, but blood and looks mean nothing anymore, it was comraderie. A small device is held in her hand, pulled from the thigh of purple boot lined in silver, the edge traced with fingertip an slowly her appearance shifted. Tawny sunset skin settling into a tanned human hue, green eyes bearing iris' and pupils, flecks of blue within, and her flame imbued hair solidifying into a flame red. No change in attire as the inducer does not apply that, she has to.

""Let me know when you would like Kori Anders to work at your side."

"Good point, Kori," Nightwing says with a smile as he finally stops eating. "I owe you. And I appreciate that friendship. You've always been so good to me. And thank you for tonight, by the way. I didn't realize how hungry I was. Didn't mean to embarass myself," Dick grins a bit before going for the water.

He chuckles a bit at her change; the technology never ceases to amaze him.

"Well, I might need Starfire, too."

"I have seen your Gotham. I will not fully fit in there and be able to help you as you need if I wander openly as who I really am." The inducer is swept over again and she returns to her true self, the shorter red hair flowing back down along her spine to spill around her seated position.

"You have a way to contact me. Use it. I will be by your side in any position you get yourself in. I would like to meet this Mills friend of yours. Of all the people you work with and beside he is the only you trust, and then you come to me? What language did you teach him, hm?" A small smile, the laughter held back, in fact masked by her own glass of water coming to her lips while she looks out the open view window to the vastness of space.

"You are welcome here any time, and we have plenty of space as well as a quarters if you wish to actually rest for once. Eat, stay, perhaps even meet my crew." A small wiggle of fingers when she sets the glass down grinning.

"I can't wait to tell them I get to be a police!"

"No, you're right," Nightwing replies with a nod. "I just don't like the idea of you needing to obscure what you really look like. I guess it's like playing dress up." As she talks about meeting Mills, Dick's head tilts to the side. "Well, he doesn't know I'm me. I mean, he knows Dick Grayson, but not Nightwing. So we'd have to dress you up. I could tell him you're a friend of mine." Pause. He thinks of her accent. "From Interpol."

"It really is beautiful up here," he says as he looks out the view port. "I'll definitely come back. Besides, you have pizza rolls."

"Maybe on a night you are more rested and better fed I will let you try Orn's cuisine. He watches the human shows and tries to learn. The lady who drinks all that wine she cooks with, tought him nothing… Besides he is an angry drunk." Kori's words now lighten, almost a whisper so as not to let on she is telling the crews secrets, even behind a closed door and in privacy. "I hope you have a tough stomach and I will stick more pizza rolls. Lian loves them too."

"So do I go buy my own police outfit? They have them at this costume store but I dont think I have ever seen a lady police wearing a skirt like that.." Pause, Kori's eyes flick back to Dick. "Interpol?" Letting that question linger she rises and steals the last few mini tacos and pizza rolls when Dick has stated he is sufficiently full.

"Is there anywhere you would like me to begin to look for anything on these men?" Anticipation is the least of it. Not only is Kori getting to experience a different side of justice and helping this world, but she gets to do so with her long time friend, one she has missed and it showswhen she settles to just relax and smile when he looks outside the windows. Her memory may have been spotty upon return, but there are some things you can't forget.

"If Orn is cooking, I'll be trying," Nightwing replies with a bit of a chuckle as he leans back upon the sofa. "I'm not sure who you're talking about, on the T.V. I mean. I can't remember a time when I've had the opportunity to sit and watch. Sounds like a show I'd watch, though."

He can't help but laugh as he slowly shakes his head, "No, you can just wear a suit. Like Scully, if you've ever seen the X-Files." Then the young detective begins to redden, "I'm not sure that police uniform is one you'd want to wear." But he's sure some boys down at the precinct would be fans.

His brain is so scrambled right now from lack of sleep, he's not really sure where to start. "Tell you what, we'll meet up in a few days and come up with a game plan. I need to finish looking into Hughes…"

And then it hits him.

"Can you keep watch on Hughes' mom?"

Dick's reddening gets a tilt of Kori's head and a smile that flashes white against deep purple stained lips, then her own cheeks rouge. Oh. Looking down and away for a moment she sips her water, emptying it really and then setting the glass aside. "I will look up Scully, as well as… Hughes' full name so I can triangulate coordiantes. I will keep 24 hour surveillance on her home. Miss Hughes will not float under our watch."

Though the looks and waves of exhaustion that come and go over him get the return of concern to her face. "I can port you back to your driveway, unless you wish to stay here, you need good rest and I almost should insist."

But as she turns back to him a final time, Nightwing's head is lolled back upon the sofa, and he is out like a light.

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