1854: Sedate Him

July 01, 2015:

Wanda takes Brinley back to 1854 and talks about Bobby (of course!)

1854 somewhere


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Fade In…

The call came in just after dawn. It was Wanda's voice on the phone…though it took her a few 'hello' before she realised it was working. "Brinley. You have to come now" she urges. "I need a doctor…a nurse…whatever you are. And you have to be ready in ten minutes. Don't tell anyone." A pause. "Yes, I told her that" she whispers urgently off to the side and then it hangs up. Or she drops it in a bin.

Ten minutes on the dot and Wanda is at the door and anxiously awaiting Brinley's appearance. "Come on…come on…we don't have time" she mumbles before laughing at something about what she said. When Brinley does appear her hand is immediately grabbed by Wanda. "You didn't tell anyone?"

Brins barely awake and has grabbed her field medical kit. No, she's not a doctor or a medic. But she's learned some field triage basics and… if worse comes to worse, she'll get Nick to come in and help her.

Brins certainly left a message as to where she's going… or who she'll be with at least and X-Red will be able to track her through her phone and comms unit.

Letting Wanda drag her along by her hand, Brin doesn't answer the question "Tell me what's up Wanda. Why do you need a medic?"

Wanda is almost skipping down the stairs as she drags Brinley along. Her free hand anxiously wriggling its fingers next to her head. "You have to see. You just have to see." Reaching the bottom of the stairs she then heads straight for the elevators. A flick of her hand and one opens up. "Almost there" she whispers before stepping inside…and still walking. It doesn't look like she is going to stop before she reaches the back wall. Nope. She's going right through it and taking Brinley with her.

"See …. " Brin blows out a breath "Oh alright I'll… wait Wanda, we …" the brunette begins to protest as Wanda aims right for that brick wall. "Wanda…. what are we doing?" Walking through walls might be a little difficult to trace for her X-Red team mates.

Brin doesn't even feel the wall as they pass through it. But then her senses are hit by all manner of sights, sounds and scents. Not all good. They are now standing on a small, grassy hill overlooking a valley filled with wounded and dead soldiers. The cold air should smell of the flowers to their right but instead it is the smell of blood and fear that taunts them. "Come on…we have to move quickly" Wanda insists, the witch now dressed as if out of a Cossack Catalogue - 1850 edition.

The witch turns to the left, away from the sounds of gunfire…and screams…at the far end of the valley. "The Union received information that the Watchmaker was here but, unfortunately, it was a trap." They head down the slope, the ground becoming dry earth beneath their feet. The numerous wounded are predominaely dressed in red and blue. They groan and reach for the women as they pass but they are obviously not what Wanda is interested in. "The General was hit by shrapnel" she explains, weaving through the bodies. "I think it is infected by…chaos energy."

Brin falters as they appear on the gnoll… "uhhhh…." she's truly coherent as she looks around. "When are we, Wanda?" When, not where… although the where will follow fairly soon. "Chaos energy…" Brin eyes Wanda… "Alright, take me to them." Brins pretty resigned to the weirdness… she's just going to go along.

"Why do all of you ask 'when'?" Wanda sighs before quirking a brow at the other woman. "I am quite worried about The Union's recruitment practices in those United States of yours." She slows down as they approach a small group around an elderly man propped up against a tree - that must be the General. His clothing looks slightly familiar…almost a Union Jack version of Captain America. And the group that stand around him…they also seem to be in costumes. One of them even looks like Bobby. Another like Nyx. "Medical help is here" she informs them, "You should all see if you can stop the machine before it reaches the harbour." That idea of Wanda's seems to meet with approval and soon they are running, flying or ice surfing their way off towards the haze of the ocean in the distance.

Wanda crouches down next to the General, peeling back an eyelid to show the red and black colours in the man's eye. "Chaos magic…the same kind I have but I am not responsible for this one. And as you know, the longer the infection the worse it is for everyone." A pause. "1854."

Fun fact… Brin had only seen that red and black swirl yesterday, when in a meeting with Bobby. "Chaos magic… that's what's wrong with Bobby" she murmurs. Watching as the others move off, the brunette turns her attention the General, beginning to check his vitals. She knows that much at least.

As Wanda gives the year, Brin turns her eyes to the woman… "18… 54…. well that would seem about right. Do you know who is responsible for this?"

Wanda nods solemnly to Brinley's first realisation. "Yes…that is what is wrong with Bobby. And I am sorry that it happened but you need to fix it. I will try to help you both but it is rather stubborn. It does not like returning where it should." The witch is actually sounding rather…lucid…today.

The General is bleeding from a number of wounds all over his body. None of them look too life threatening in themselves but the accumulation can't be good. But that red and black look in his eyes…that seems to be behind the breathing that grows more rapid and the snorting anger that is building. "The Watchmaker" Wanda explains about who is responsible. "It is a long story and I hoped that your Union briefing would have explained a few more things…damn…we're going to have to try and get the taint out." She crouches down once more and places her hand on the top of the General's head. "Watch, Brinley. Remember. You need to give him a sedative…the strongest you have. The energy needs to be free of his consciousness…and sub-consciousness."

"I have to fix it?" Brin blows out a breath… she's a mutant, not magical and chaos energy… she just doesn't have. Brin takes a few moments to clean and dress the wounds that she can, with the meagre supplies that she's bought with her and then finds whatever sleeping pills she has in her kit and makes the General swallow them… "Give them a few minutes, Wanda." Why Brin has to watch and remember, she's got no idea, but watch and learn she intends to do ….. "Show me, Wanda what needs to be done."

"I will be there. I hope I will be" Wanda replies with a sweet smile. "I already told Boby that he can't do it alone but…" She purses her lips in worried thought. "I am not sure he /wants/ to be cured." Her hand remains on the General's head as the sleeping pills slowly take effect.

"And when he is being cured, you will have to watch to make sure he stays well. If he fights then he will need a doctor…or a nurse." A beat. "I should take you to meet Florence…" Wanda's eyes narrow. "I can feel it coming loose. Chaos does not like sleep, Brinley. It wants to play. It wants to always be active." Then her eyes close for a moment as she mutters softly to herself and when they reopen they glow red. "Make sure he does not die" she informs Brinley in a gravelly voice.

Wanda had better be there! Brins not sure she can do the job anyway. "Of course I'll be there for Bobby." She's already watching over him as it is and if Wanda can heal him, she'll be there for that.

Watching as Wanda takes the energy from the General into herself, Brin keeps a check on the man… before looking back to the Scarlet Witch "Make sure the General doesn't die? or Bobby or both?" Regardless, she will keep a watch on the General… she really can't let anyone be hurt.

"Both" Wanda admits quietly before her body starts to shake and spasm with the intake of chaos energy. "Hmmm…this feels familiar" she whispers, sweat forming on her brow. "Am I the only source of chaos magic in the universe?" she teases before there is a sudden last gasp and she pulls her hand away. "Thank goodness it was only shrapnel…but Bobby took a full blast." Wanda looks over at Brinley. "The General is well?" The man seems to be. His breathing returning to normal. He just needs to be bandaged.

Brin knew Bobby's condition was serious, just not quite how serious it was. As Wanda cleanses the General and speaks, she blanches a little. Finally, taking the last of the bandages from her field kit, the brunette mutant cleanses and wraps the wound.

"He's fine Wanda. Now tell me, what do I need to do for Bobby?"

"Be there for him. Find sedatives that you know will knock him out" Wanda explains earnestly. "We cannot let this linger, Brinley. He may have already infected others and then they will infect others. This could become an epidemic. So when you are out on patrol, keep your eyes open." She indicates her own eyes. "You will see the red and black." She glances up at the blue sky above, the sound of battle still echoing down the valley. "It is time for you to go, Brinley. Remember…this is /not/ a dream."

Brinley is woken by the ringing…or music…of her phone. When she answers it is Wanda's voice on the 'line'. "Brinley? Did I wake you? I am sorry…I do not know what I am doing with this phone." A long pause. "Hello?"

"Sedatives to knock Bobby out?" Wow that's a tall order… Bobby can change his body temperature to transmute a number of effects.

Sitting up in bed, woken by the ring tone, Brin looks down at her phone and Wanda's voice emanating from it. … it wasn't a dream, that's what Wanda said…..

"I think I pressed the wrong button" Wanda explains over the phone before hissing to the side, "I /am/ apologising." A beat. "I should let you get back to sleep, Brinley. Though maybe we can talk later? I am worried about Bobby and Nighteyes. I think Nick is mad at Nighteyes too."

"Nick is mad at Nighteyes?" Brin sighs as she lays back down, pulling the covers over her. "Alright Wanda, we'll talk a bit later… I just need a little more sleep…." she trails off as her eyes close and slumber overtakes her again.

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