Bad Omens (pt1): Crossing Paths, Crossing Swords

October 29, 2014:

Amazons clash with Hawkgirl in an attempt to reach their Earthly ambassador. Emits by Diarmuid.


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The clang of steel is unmistakable to a warrior like Wonder Woman. Even while in a city such as New York such things stand out, the continuous thundering of what could only be a rather impressive display of martial skill carries its sounds in a fight that sounds like it is at nowhere near an end.

It's a relatively nice New York City day with little to no wind and a chill that's not to the point of freezing bone. The two women Shayera has found herself squaring off against don't seem bothered by the temperature or climate one bit even as scantly clad in their Greco-Roman style armor plating. Both are tall, powerfully built and beautiful as they are deadly.

Spears and shields are thrown out in violent action as they thrust, parry, evade and lung in pursuit after the winged woman. "Valkyrie trash." One snarls in perfect English. This fight was not started by Hawkgirl but by the two Amazons who now lay in to her with the fervor of rabid animals. They'd been plain clothes only moments ago and as soon as the soaring woman had passed by they'd attacked. An assault that has lead in to an all out scrap that's trampled past two roads, up the side of a mono-rail, down it and in to the shores of the Hudson where they all now currently duel. Two against one are hardly fair odds but they learned one alone wasn't enough to handle their new nemesis.

Wonder Woman on the other hand was aware two of her sisters from the Island would be arriving today at Themsycira House but neither had shown yet. This was why. Thraso is known to be bold, combative and overzealous same with her blond companion Xanthippe. The two Amazonian warriors were rarely let out on errands for this very reason. They're kinda bitches and trouble follows them.

Standing on the stairs of the Themyscira House, Diana waits. It's an abnormal thing to have to do for her sisters. Their training on Paradise Island does not allow for off-schedule walks in the park, and as Diana looks up to the sun and its positioning she squints…

Upon the breeze the long strands of onyx brush against bared collar bone, sweeping up and back to join the mass that extends down her spine. On that breeze the sounds are carried, ones of familiar melee, not normal on the streets of New York. Well honed steel and massive collision of brute strength like upon and ancient battlefield.

Cerulean eyes snap in the direction this stems from, and as if preparing for war herself her arms come out at her sides like an extension to catch thrown weapons. What comes to her hands forms from her braces, an incandescent glow where in one hand a sword forms, and in the other a shield. Taking flight she seeks to find who dared to keep her sisters from their visit.

What she comes upon is both surprising and not at the same time…

There was a certain protectiveness when it comes to certain parts of yourself that .. according to most that dwell on this terra, are not supposed to be. Bullet piercing through the webbing that connects wings together is something that would keep her up most nights and mindful of paths taken around these people. It was just a chance diversion from path in the air that allowed the javelin to fly by with a whistle; quick judgement told it was thrown with strength that many of these Earth-peoples do not possess without supernatural means.

Newly favored Nth staff was used in this fight, three women deflecting blows against the other, damaging property with push, pulls, tugs, throws and swings.

The two were getting an upper hand with just one bo to fend, but with a quick twist and turn it disconnects into two rods which evens the playing field against two beauties.
Xanthippe lunges in with short spear and shield to slide in to a half-kneel. A crouched position that creates a table for Thraso to rollover in a spring forward with dual swords in a Dimachaeri or "bearing two knives" style. They're both talented warriors and have undergone the Amazonian training techniques that make them much more than human. Shayera is being put to a test.
"For the Glory of Gaea!" The darker skinned pale eyed Thraso cries out with her lethal swipes.

Around the dueling warrior women gawkers are beginning to stop and stand by the fence separating them from the land and across a small land-bridge, fortunately they're still only no more than knee deep in the Hudson. Both Amazonians seem unaware of Diana's presence.

Diana's descent is quick, but not like the swift brutality Shayera had once seen on their first meet, there has yet to be blood shed and the brutality has yet tpo meet its peak between them, though it on swift heels.

Landing the water of the Hudson splits in the slide, small waves in calf deep depths kick up into small waves as her shield is put in place to feel the weight of Shayera's assault with split staff, the metal her shield made from unwavering save vibrations against the Nth metal, a thing that will be inquired upon later, but as of right now her mind and other arm is holding her sword up and out to sweep the speak of Xanthippe aside, snapping the position downward in swift time to catch Thraso's assault upon bracers.

"Sisters, she is an ally. Let's not do this." Diana speaks assuredly despite the position she is currently forced between.

Part staff swipes sideways towards the double swords Thraso holds. The connecting metals create sparks that were brief for a sharp and swift turn was soon met with Nth upon the Shield of Diana. Her teeth were grit through it all, weapon pressed down hard to test the strength of the Princess, her words drawing her to press further just to see.

There was almost a moment where she protested with 'They started it', but something upon her hip began to buzz and speak in whispers…

"Hey, I just met you.. and this is crazy.."

The ungodly racket that came from her hip causes her to finally withdraw, her wings snapping straight and arching itself in such a way that it sends her backwards to gain distance. "What is that horrid.." Metals were soon placed underneath arm, her hand patting herself down as the phone is retrieved and… tossed away into the water. She didn't know how to use it, nor did she try to figure it out. She considered it a trinket, something she could 'Under the Sea' once she returned back home. A wall of trash from other worlds.

"I figured they were yours." Shayera finally spoke, chin lifted in defiance. "If they move towards me again I will not spare the rod."
"Princess!" Thraso calls out in surprise as her blades are caught. Xanthi withdraws her spear quickly but keeps the weapon in a set position rested upon shield pointed tip aimed for Shayera Hol.
Thraso does not let up her weapons despite the appearance of Diana, "She is an enemy, be out of my way so that we may slay her and ler her corpse bloat in this disgusting river."
"Please, spare not the rod, we welcome the challenge." The busty blonde with the birthmark on her chin smirks at Shayera, clapping shield on spear.
The thinner darker woman presses once more against Diana's hold as if testing her before relenting and stepping back to stand beside her companion, "Stay your tongue winged whore, you were merely sport."

Snap snap snap. YouTube just got about a dozen uploaded videos of Xena style battle in the Hudson River.

Shayera and Thraso both press, testing, and Diana sees it for what it is amongst warriors. A test upon the one who seeks for a truce, if only but momentary, which Dina is no fool of her kind - warriors. She knows this is not over. It may stew and brew for minutes or years, if Shayera sticks around this will occur again. 'Valkyries' do not mix well with Amazons. (Racist!)

The sound from Shayera does make it all freeze comically for the moment as the water sloshes with the righting of her stance to let blade and shield come to rest at her sides, both alight and then, gone. "You three speak with venom on similar words and ideals. See the irony." A small quirk of a smile on Diana's lips before it is just as quickly gone.

"What is it you have come to tell me?" As she inquires she steps out from between them, extending that trust for business before /fun/.

"Misplaced venom… " Xanthi relents, "If she is a friend of yours she is a friend of ours" Looking at Shayera the blond grins, "You're an exceptional fighter… "
Thraso snorts not being so friendly as Xanthippe and turns her blades sheathing them. A sneer falling across her dark features before she looks towards the bridge, "Continue to stare and I will make garments of your pockmarked skin!" This is met with wide-eyes and surprise from the civilians who had gathered. "These people, they're like mewling sheep."
The blond clears her throat then straightens up, speaking to Diana, now respectfully ignoring Shayera, "Your mother sends word you are to seek out her friend, a woman of the Patriarch's World named Thelma Tall. She knows of a place called Eveland, your mother wishes you to go there. We are to accompany you in this adventure. She said Themyscira House should have means of which to find this Tall woman."

Thraso adds in, "There is unease and bad omens. It was foretold you would need aid… perhaps… " The pale grey eyes of the darker woman rest upon Shayera, "This one should come as well if she is sturdy enough."

Thraso's comment to the gathering humans earns her a look of scorn from Diana, one that gets her a few clipped words that eminate off the surrounding cracked surfaces and can also reach the ears of the civilians. "Stand. Down."

Reassuring or not it seemed like words that belonged in ceasing an arena fight, garnering bloodthirsty warriors attention. Which is what exactly is needed here and now.

Xanthippe now gets her attention, the shift of her gaze held steady for a moment as she takes it in and dips her chin slowly in a sign of full acknowledgement. Turning and treading from the waters onto the broken crete and sand edges she turns back to now take in Shayera once more with Thraso's words.

"She is sturdy enough." Though the rest that needs /honing/ in Diana's opinion will be approached in time, or not at all.

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