Let There Be Darkness: Stagg Industries

June 30, 2015:

Two airships are targeted over Gotham. The Bats and Wonder Woman respond



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"This is a distress call, we are under——" FEED CUTS OUT. The police bands are lit up with attempted discovery to the source of this call but are unable to pinpoint the location. Gotham. Somewhere in Gotham is all they know. But where??

Thousands of feet above Gotham fires rage throughout the sky as a hatchway is blown open and an airship sails sideways through heavy above cloud currents. An airship with the word STAGG written across it. This being one of two such vessels, Alpha and Beta both Stagg Industries airships that routinely circle Gotham, the one with the attack being staged on it is Beta.

An exchange of gunfire opened up about three minutes ago and has been raging since, three attack craft that look highly similar to SHIELD gunships circle Beta tossing fire back and forth. The distress calls have been released from the Alpha Stagg airship that is currently adrift and sailing steadily away from the firefight. These calls have been patched through various emergency channels but due to Simon Staggs need for privacy certain bands are just not receiving. Direct assistance doesn't seem to be underway.

Below the fight the dark clouds of Gotham City flicker with fire that looks both ominous and beautiful as the airship battle rages on.

Scandal Savage's involvement is an easy one, the message "Prove yourself." Had been sent her way and a location on where to connect up with the elite mercenary unit Black Cell. Black Cell's last presence in Gotham resulted in failure when they tried to assassinate the Joker. An individual they severely underestimated along with a rather assorted interfering party that included the likes of Batman, Catwoman and Deathstroke.

The Fox lives in a world of magic and monsters. Which, amusingly enough, makes him kind of the wide eyed newbie when it comes to tech. In certain ways anyway. The things that people can accomplish with high technology are kind of magical in their own right.

Fortunately he doesn't take up much space. So he fits quite easily in the Batwing as it cuts through the air toward the trouble. No, he's not flying it. Don't be insane.

"Holy… hell…" The druid murmurs as he sees the gunship battle in progress. "What on earth are you planning on doing about that?"

"He has a plan."

He always has a plan.


Nightwing looks over towards Batman and nods slowly, for all the while looking confident, but inwardly a little bit concerned. So many things can go wrong high in the air it's not worth counting.

The former Boy Wonder does a quick look over his equipment—escrima sticks and grapnel gun, two staples of course. Smokes pellets, wing-dings (you read that right), plastiques, handcuffs, fog-spray, shock gauntlets, vibro chisel, and a small bottle. Filled with water. In case he's thirsty.

"He always has a plan."

'Prove Yourself'.

If Scandal ever deems to see that line again she'd shoot the first person walking down the street holding a bag of groceries and a little kit-n-kaboodle pup. Those were the types she disliked for the simple fact they held the stiff upper lip and an upturned nose towards the masses; even when she's deserving of that stature she still keeps her attitude about the lesser knowns to herself. It was only a job, and a job needed done.

The crew she aligned herself for the 'Proving Grounds' seemed cut and dry, men armed to the teeth with a smattering of lady tucked in, all butch and complete brawn, hair tucked in ponytails while hers remained a messy brown mopped that's due to be shaved on the side. Mask was pulled up, their position set, pistols tucked upon thighs and a rocker launcher upon the back. Hey, a girl might need to shoot something big and hard, why not rockets? Rockets get the job done and makes the statement of, 'I won.'

The rooftop of some errant warehouse was their perch, all standing behind as she cranes her neck to view the skyfire, lighting the dark sky reminiscint of stars, a gloved hand reaching back to tug the rocket launcher from her back, silent as she flings it towards the front to flip and arm with a quick easy press of the buttons.

'You know what I say about that haus.' One of the men say.
'What's that?'
'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'
'Man. Everyone says that shi—.'


Scandal approaches the ledge of the roof, launcher hitched upon her shoulder as she tilts backwards, her aim steady.. true.. "Grab my back."

One of the men approach, bracing himself off towards the left, back to back to keep her braced as she fires the rocket into the air, aiming for the Beta's turret that looks worse for wear. Easy pickings.. yeah. But that was alright with her. If proving herself is going to be this easy? Tch.

The rocket soars through the sky, a firework in progress, slamming hard into the already broken turret, adding fire and damage where not needed and hopefully? Lethal.

Batplane V3 is a modified Wayne Aviation Slipstream. A small corporate jet transformed in to a stealth fighter it has room enough to accommodate the Fox, Nightwing and even Wonder Woman.
Wayne Enterprises own 'blimp/airship' noticed the fighting as it broke out and of course the Bat-crowd was alerted. Nightwing and Wonder Woman present when Batman decided they were going airborn.
Kane's location tipped off by Oracle made him an easy enroute pick up. If Nightwing and the Fox don't know one another they just now met. "Admittedly, I don't have a plan at the moment. I'm /winging/ it." A light grin appears across the Bats features. He cracked a joke, even a bad one, Dick should be proud. "Princess, get ready, I need you to take out one of the assaulting gunships. Nightwing, Fox… " A sound escapes Batman as they ascend and roll, a flip that the larger than a Batwing vehicle manages in it's heavenward scream. Anyone without a safety belt on will get launched roughly. It takes a moment to register but an alert went off a half-second before the tumble was excuted. Missiles from the ground are being fired up and striking the side of the Stagg airship.
"As I was saying, Fox, Nightwing you will be dropped on the airship, Wonder Woman can join you once she is finished with her task. I'll deal with the ground units."
"Oracle, trace that attack and get me targets."

"Fair enough." The Fox pulls out a bone charm just in case this is more jumping and less landing. Once on there… well this'll be interesting. He's never worked with Nightwing but Oracle has mentioned him before and if he's in Bat's outfit he knows better than to understimate him.

Wonder Woman… now that's a name he does know. And he's seen her in action. It's a tiny bit terrifying, to be honest. In a good way.

Still terrifying though.

"Oh, well, that's reassuring."

Nightwing takes the roll in stride, remaining well fastened in. He removes his grapnel gun as Batman gives directions. "Get us in close and I can do the rest," he says confidently as he looks out at the airship ahead of them. "Does Oracle have any idea who's shooting? I wonder if their spots can be triangulated."

'We got that mutherfucker!'
'Load up another one!'
'Let's take that bitch down!'

The crew riled at the sight of the impending wreckage, Scandal dropping the remains of the rocket launcher upon the ground, drawing away from the roof's edge to clap the man upon the shoulder. "Thanks." She mutters through her mask, her hands immediately grasping each pesar in turn, making sure the metals remained upon her wrist as she flicks the mechanism on.. and off. Good, and in working order.

"We gave away our position." Scandal states, looking to each of them in turn, moving through the gathered crew as they begin to load their rifles, machine guns, any arsenal that they carried was at the ready. "I want two on my six. The rest of you fan out and provide cover where need be. Watch your backs. One goes down, leave 'em for the birds. We have a job to do and we're going to see it done."

"Two stay behind. Snipers at the ready. Shoot to kill, leave none alive."

'Aye aye Sir.'


'Ahem. Madam.'


In the Clocktower in Gotham, Oracle has already got traces running on the comms and is hacking into Staggs comms channels. No matter how quickly she works, it's never quite quick enough … and the Bats are in the air before the information starts filtering through.

"Working on it Batman." The redhead in the Clocktower has conferenced everyone in, so they'll all hear her. "I'll feed the data as soon as I can…." Just give her a few moments more.

It is not often that Wonder Woman is caught riding along, she is normally flying the stealth jet from the JL:A quarters, but it is also not normal that she is partaking in affairs in Gotham. The Bats are a protective lot, especially the one driving the Dark Jet like a Bat out of Hell. Or wa that a dodge, either way… Wonder Woman had been here for visiting, not business, but it is apparent she is ready anyway.

Peeling herself off the opposing wall of the aircraft, having been tossed from one side to the other (seatbelts are for humans!) the button up blouse that went to the trouser slacks is half off, having been in the process of shedding her human guise for the emblazoned and renown suit beneath.

"Pardon me." Diana murmurs to Kane and Nightwing as she rights herself and plants herself back in the chair after stopping trying to disrobe the right way and just rips the seams of the attire, shredding it to lay pooled at the floor of the jet, leaving her seated in the Wonder Woman suit. An appearance after her visit in Gotham was needed and she was dressed for it, but beneath civilian attire to have her move through this city without the look of suspicion, or the feel of treading on someone elses turf.

Throat clearing she leans back like none of that just happened, cerulean gaze set dead ahead.

The Beta airship is massive, one of the largest ever constructed almost double the size of the Alpha and a native to Gotham. It's been floating these skies for some time. It is also to no ones surprised armed with turrets and it's own security crew that is manning them. The assaulting gunships are large vessels in their own right but not the size of this mammoth of a floating fortress and lab.
The Batplane sweeps around wide and a side panel opens, "Princess, out." Batman's gruff voice calls back to the passenger compartment. Out means she is in direct leaping distance of one of the assaulting gunships. She will be able to make it. At least from the Dark Knights calculations, even if he is moving at high speeds. The Amazon is after all, an Amazon.
No time wasted and the Batplane is ascending again and twisting, that momentary opportunity for Diana is there and gone. Hopefully she takes it, a barrel roll is initiated and Batman without warning is careening towards the STAGG Beta airship. "Fox, Nightwing, out." Their stop. A larger option than Diana was given but they're also a lot less durable twenty feet away and elevated above the blasted open hull is two stories of airship innards. That would be their target. Stagg security personel are awaiting with weapons at the ready and from the turret fire its not likely they will great ANYONE with open arms.
"Oracle, what do you have for me?" Batman is about headed back to Gotham below cloud level, Scandal and her crew will be his targets.

The Fox glances to Nightwing, nods and takes a running start. Nightwing has a grappel gun. Pincess can fly (as she's demonstrating) and him? He's got a bird. Well, he doesn't until he leaps clear of the batwing. Twenty feet if a long jump. So he makes it in two, landing on the back of a ghostly, enormous hawk midway that swoops up to support him and leaping again for the opening. Please don't shoot him. "What the hell is on this thing anyway that's worth shooting at?" The druid asks of Nightwing and Oracle as he sails through the air a second time.

Nightwing does an acrobatic swandive, that turns into a somersault as he plummets down past. Black hair whipping every direction, frantically, as if they're the only part of his body that really appreciates the danger. Extending his arm, his thumb depresses upon a button at the edge of his palm and a light 'PFFT' emits as the hook flies high and true. Within moments he's punching the window of the airship with the hardened knuckles of his gloves, shattering it, and giving others who wish to join a way in.

When he's next to Fox again he shrugs. "Not sure, Foxxy Brown. When I'm out with the big guy, I just follow orders. Didn't one time when I was a kid and had to get a whole new uniform and schtick."

The Black Cell fans out, taking to the rooftops with their grappling guns, surrouding the area in a fan of militant style actions. Scandal keeps an eye upon the sky, her teeth grit as she spies the flight of the mobile, running at full speed to launch footing from roof's ledge to rooftop with a tuck and a roll to gain her ground. It was as if this city was hers, each footstep marking a path and practically pissing on the Bats claim on her.

But unlike The Spirit, this city does not scream for her.

"That's what I'm trying to work out, Fox" Oracles disembodied voice floats through the comms. "Stagg, the owner of those blimps is into biomedical research…. so exercise caution. We're not sure what he's carrying on board yet." More search results start appearing…. ah good…. "I do know where the attack is coming from though." The co-ordinates of Scandals location is sent to the Bats.

"Stop, calling me Princess." It's been a request for a while now. She has a name and a title, like everyone else here when in uniform. Princess is not one of them here and now, nor when anywhere else but on Embassy grounds.

Those words hang in the air long after her body is easily sucked out of the open door Batman pitched for her exit. No seatbelt and she is pulled free like a newspaper beneath a speeding semi-trailer's tires and into the wind. But she handles it just as easily. Her figure twists and spins in a tucked position, only to unfurl limbs and free fall for a moment just before she sets her own flight path and rockets towards the gunship in a dive that has one fist out thrust, leading the way to an entry that has her body hammering the side…

A large fist sized indentation with fingers poking though the metal, joined by its counterparts that pry it open like an expired can of soup, exposing the corridor and people (if any) within - as well as opening a hole sizeable enough for her to stage a takeover. Not too hostile, not yet.

Nightwing's entry is explosive as he punches through the thickened glass bubble of one turret. The man who was operating it tumbles back out of his seat to sprawl out on his back drawing up a sidearm, "Holy shit!". Less than a dozen feet away the Fox is also deposited in the opening. The inside of the airship looks like the inside of a building, this area midship is open hull with storage containers and more doors. The bow facing portion obviously heads towards the command centre and what appears to be more security personal. The aft portion of it is blocked by heavy vault doors LABS is lit up next to it. Which, probably answers the question of what lies back there.
The interior of Beta airship has been struck hard by the Black Cell assaulters, Stagg Industries men and women lie dead or dying around Nightwing and the Fox. What had remained of the security is manning turrets; although half a dozen are now arming up and preparing to give resistance to the first to individuals who have boarded their ship.
"Who the fuck are these guys!?" A burly man snarls, in his left hand is an electrified baton. Not unlike what Nightwing carries with such style. No armor on Stagg's men, a side arm that doesn't look to be abnormal or special, just basic 9mms and stun batons.

The real threat lies in what is coming up behind, a jacob's ladder of cables being fired off in to the side of the ship as a Black Cell gunship prepares to board following the two heroes. It almost makes it appear as though Fox and Nightwing are leading the raiding party.
The other gunship not so fortunate as Wonder Woman rams in to them, an unexpected alarm goes off and the flying vehicle lurches and comes around in a hard spin. Peeling open the hole does reveal a boarding party, men and women in armored up suits and what appears to be at the rear of it an exoskeleton.
"FUCK!" A woman in the front cries out, surprise on the Amazon's side but these soldiers are well trained and prepared, training takes over and a bullet is fired for Diana's face. "We're under attack!" Yelled towards the pilot. "I'm aware." A quick reply.

No time to respond to Diana' scomplaint about being called Princess, shes never bitched about it before. No doubt she is still mad about dinner being cancelled. Bruce deserves her ire right now. It is not unexpected.
"Thanks, Oracle" Batman responds to the Eye of Gotham before the hatch to the batplane snaps open, "Batplane controls are now yours, provide support where necessary." Remote access is handed over to Oracle as she now has complete control over the Batplane. The Caped Crusader himself is falling towards the earth like a bullet aimed directly at Scandal Savage and her assailants. It is not until he is several hundred feet above impact that the cape erupts out and catches him only to then burst off of him in to a parachute. One he will use to sail to ground level where he can confront the villain.

The Fox is in the process of drawing a sword off his back when he hears the demands of the nearby security guard. "Well we're not the people shooting at you. So why don't you let us help." Because seriously, still being shot at.

The whine of the engines from the gunship coming in to deposit the raiding party gets his attention and he moves to take cover. Not that there's much. Okay. This looks bad. Hopefully the security folks don't flip out.

Though it's kind of just another day in Gotham if they do.

He'd ask what Batman's doing. He'd ask what Wonder Woman's doing. Mostly because, you know, A-List heroes. He's kind of curious. He doesnt' get to see this stuff up close… ever. But right now the only thing on his mind, really, is what that gunship is doing. "Oracle, we've got incoming." His free hand goes down to a sawwed off at his side. He flips it open to check it. Yup. Two air crystals loaded. Probably kind of odd looking at it from the perspective of the guards or Nightwing but its closed in just a minute. The first one out of that gunship is getting a blast of wind right into a convenient sheared off bulkhead.

It takes a moment, but Nightwing is able to see some of the attackers coming for the airship. He tilts his head towards Fox as if to beckon him behind a bulkhead and prepare for a surprise attack. Allow them to come in and attack them from behind. But this happens just as Fox is talking to the security guard. But that's the sort of thing that's going to happen in a team up between two dudes who've never worked together.

So it's time for plan B. The bottleneck from ship to ship is as good as any so that will help them stem the tide so to speak. Nightwing's just worried about anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to fall off.

"Look alive, everyone."

He drops smoke pellets inside the entryway, hopefully shrouding the vision of those who approach, the security guard, but hopefully not Fox.

Grappling hook is produced and shot upon the extended figure of the building, the two Black Cell's following suit as she hitches herself upon the roof and swings right off. It was an easy glide, one that sends her sailing towards the street level, the lever soon unlatched and recoiled with a snap that'd break an untraineds wrist.

"Eyes peeled." She murmurs, glancing up towards the rooftop to make sure the ground crew has their cover. They were heading in a certain direction; yet the true modus operandi wasn't revealed to her just yet. "Maintain cover." She speaks into her own coms, her finger drawing up to lightly pull and tug to afix the mask upon her face, stopping for a moment with a slight turn of her chin as her eyes narrow to look towards the one upon her left.

Could she hear the descent of Batman? Practically see him? Scandal knows all to well to follow that intuition; the streets of Gotham were quiet this night and there was no appearance of the Bat. (Yet). Odd. Perhaps he was still busy in the sky…

Control of the Batplane? Great! The redhead in the Clocktower sighs… she's good with physical combat, strangely her airtime has been limited. But… she's not without some skill, let's hope it's enough. "Acknowledged, Batman."

Pulling the video feeds from the street and hacking into the security cameras in the area, Oracle finds the rooftops, including the one the Black Cell is sheltering on… locating the figures as they skulk across the rooftops… and the three figures that touch down on the ground. Information relayed to Batmans HUD, at least he won't be going in blind.

The comms burst from Scandal gets the wheelchair bound womans attention… can she tap into it and not give her presence away? Maybe, likely… she's going to try anyway.

For Nightwing, Fox and Wonder Woman, Oracle watches as they work through the ships… her program still running to try and get access to Staggs communications and operational systems.

The give of steel is like a scream of all its own. The caucophany was not one to bring in an entry unwarning, but the speed in which Wonder Woman entered is one that made it seem like a hot knife through butter, so when the woman on the gunship yels and opens fire Diana is already standing on the platform at the ready. Gunfire is met by a rapid rise of vambraces to cross in front of her face and body to ricochet them with the quick snaps outward towards the walls where they impale or flow through.

"Land you ship, and stop immdiately or I am /taking/ captains rights!" Apparently Wonder Woman knows of open seas and pirating terminology, but Themyscira is not as what all may think it is. It is only an Islan of Paradise if you fight for it to remain that way.

Darting forward one gunman is hefted up by his kevlar and launched to the one with skilled aim to have almost hit her face if it was not for the quick reaction of protected forearm, drawing it down as she pitched the body towards the others.

The Black Cell mercs are heavily armored in ceramic-kevlar composite body armor, not even their mouths are visible beyond the pilot style oxygen masks each gun-for-hire wears. Their high powered assault weapons very visible however. With practiced ease the Black Cell mercs glide across the boarding cables the only mishap in boarding the Stagg Airship is the first man across ends up in a freefall out of the hull and towards Gotham City below.
Queue Wilhelm Scream.
Fortunate for both Fox and the Black Cell merc a parachute will deploy a hundred feet below the fighting and the man will land somewhere in the Gotham Harbor unscathed. One can say they did not come unprepaired. "We got smoke! Switch optics to infrared." An electronic inflected voice belts out from one of the boarding party.
The man about to shoot Nightwing drops aim and scrambles to his feet only to back up and join the rest of the Stagg security line. "What do we do!?" He inquires of the burly figure.
The man questioned looks confused, "I don't know."
"You heard him, look alive! Thats Nightwing. He's saved my niece once." A third Stagg sec officer exclaims.
"Listen to Merle, lets help the first two."
"Sure whatever just don't let anyone out of this room!" Burly yells. That yell is cut off as gunfire cuts in to him and ultimately through him. The hull of the airship lights up.
"Controlled bursts people. Take out all living targets just don't do any more damage to the airship. We need to secure the package and the data." That was chatter over the Black Cell comline, not something Fox or Nightwing are privvy to but Oracle has no doubt hacked their feed by now and Wonder Woman can actually hear their conversation, her senses are that honed.

The parachute flutters through the air landing near Scandal in a heap. The only sign that Batman has landed and is now stalking her crew like Gotham's apex predator that he is. Within ten seconds of his touchdown she has lost one squad member already. The Black Cell merc currently muffling into the Dark Knights forearm right now as he is choked in to unconsciousness, "Oracle, see if you can't get us in to their communications." Babs should know what comes next, it's routine for them, for the family. If she can't patch every member of the team in to it. Take it out. On the positive side she is also breaching Stagg security at the same time. Multi-tasker award for the Oracle.

The men and women aboard the gunship Diana have boarded pitch themselves in a mob at her with weapons drawn, close quarters combat, they're now using knives and don't seem to be swayed by her words. "Take her down!" Very audible. As punches, kicks, fists, energy crackling knives and clubs slice, slash, bludgeon and whack in to the Amazonian Princess. They may be of little consequence to her but something else is awakening, those two exoskeletons at the back of the gunship are lighting up and pulling themselves free of their restraints. "Stand aside. We got this." The first man demands of the others in the crew hull. An explosive sound and what can only be a missile is fired at Wonder Woman. Missile? No. It is actually the fist of the first robot and it is attached to a cable. It would appear she is going to have herself a fight and the canon fodder are scattering, many of them actually jumping from the airship and firing on thrusters and cables to take them back towards the airship. Those who cannot make it will simply descend to Gotham, mission failure on their end but that still gives extra threat incoming on Stagg's Beta Ship where Nightwing and Fox are now engaged.

There's something to be said about bringing a sword to a gunfight. On the one hand, outranged. Seriously. Nightwing looks like he's got experiene in that too. On the other hand…

Well how good is a gun really if you're too close to use it? The bullpup rifles the Black Cell mercs are using were good calls, they don't sacrifice power the way carbines do. They're still big long weapons though and not really the weapon of choice for CQB. And the Fox?

He's really good with his sword. Also he remembers that he's got a partner here. Not working alone. Not used to that. Rather than simply charging he'll wait for Nightwing to begin his attack before moving in to support him. His blade has a bit of reach after all.

That's not his only trick though. Trusting that Oracel, Bats and Wonder Woman have whatever is going on out there handled, the Fox recalls his Hawk to flarp and screech and harry… and drag one of the mercs out it can.

Nightwing pulls out the vibro blade and begins cutting away at some of the cables that attach the two ships, but he knows that he doesn't have a lot of time once the shooting starts. Three wing-dings soar through smoke towards the targets behind the aim of the heat vision lenses in Nightwing's mask. From there, he pulls into hand ot hand combat, looking to disarm men as quickly as possible.

The sickening sound of broken bone splintering through skin precedes the scream of the first man he meets. As the thug reaches to hold his arm, Nightwing puts him on his back with a sweep to the leg. Next man up aims his machine gun at the former Boy Wonder, but even as he pulls the trigger the end of the gun is pointed to the side, sending the window next to them shattering into a million pieces.

Nightwing slams his fist into the man's helmet, using his reinforced gloves, and finally rips the damn thing off, using it to knock the man out. Finally, a third man lining up to shoot him, gets the helm straight to the face as Nightwing throws it down the length of a hallway.

Stealth. A woman appreciates a good stealth attack, but Savages did things out in the open.

The first sign of her personal entourage swepted up within the thrall of the Bat draws her immediate ire, skipping back a few paces, fingers clenched against her palm as her pesars snap their blades into being. To cut and slash is an art, and this month the Batman would be put upon display.

The comms were easily broken through no doubt, and Oracle could possibly hear the command.


Her voice was crisp, sharp; many a man and mercenary respected and hated Batman alike, so the trigger happy ones were the first to break formation and fire.

Surely, their man would have been caught within the sway of bullets, but that was the price of doing business. The message said to prove yourself, and she was sure saving lives wasn't one of them.

She continues that run backwards as three of the Cell's scale down from their high perches. She wanted to see the Bats in combat, for if there is one thing about Scandal? That eye is critical.

Patching the hacked Stagg security and Black Cell feeds through to the team, she's go access now to just about everything Stagg related on those Blimps.

Batman will hear the command to draw down and fire as Oracle sends the location of those about to fire to his HUD.

The Coastguard is despatched to start retrieving those who touch down in the water… Oracle will keep an eye on those apprehended.

"Control of the security systems on the airships achieved. Wonder Woman, Fox, Nightwing… get someone to the bridge to take over there… " or compel the pilot to comply, whatever works for them.

Wonder Woman was drawn into tight quarters with the closing in of the mob. Close quarters was embraced, but when it comes to projectiles and piercing weapons it is one to have with care.

Movements come in a rapidity that is a bllur and could be lost even to the normal human eye. Almost like the sudden twists and turns a rabid wolf makes when backed into the final quarter, the flash of fangs is the deflection of bullets with one arm while the other reaches up and grips the barrel of a rifle when she closes in, leaving it pressed against corseted chest emblazoned with the silver flash of metal hawk. The barrel is suddenly groaning like the hull of the ship, bent up and back to stare the gaping and bent barrel at the face of the owner. Gripping the curved and busted rifle she uses it like a horse shoe, throwing it with such force that it embds him across the hall and into opposing wall, captive by his throat where he can struggle to no avail. The others at this point with knives have managed to see the revelation, yes, Wonder Woman can bleed as a vibro blade opens up and sears along her hip, another slammed into her shoulder, but before withdrawl could be had Wonder Woman is spinning and grabbing one by the fist swinging him into the others to barrel them over.

Pose is had, almost hunched, arms at her sides but fists clenched beneath the flash of metal armguards that were no worse for all of the assault they got this night. One deep breath and she rigts as they scrable to their feet, pushing up her diadem and extending one arm to curl fingers in a 'bring it' motion. That is when they all jumped ship and one fine honed brow perks. No question needed though, her answer is had with the fire up of the exo skeletons and one grabbing her in a sudden expulsion of its 'appendage', bringing her in.

Looking up, the man inside only sees a smile, or is it a seething grin just before her legs kick up to wrap around the limb, wrenching to rip the arm that had captured her free with an agile twist of her body.

All that can be heard in response to Oracle is, "One. Moment." And what sounds to be a metal compactor with muffled yells on the other end.

Diana doesn't like to be poked.

Fox is correct in the FAMAS style bullpups being ill suited for CQB and the Black Cell seem to also be aware of this and upon realization their opponents are melee specialists many of the Cell switch to Karambit tactical knives and shock gauntlets. Their martial skills are noteworthy but fall short of Dick Grayson's acrobatic freeflow combat style and Kane Reynard's exemplary swordsmanship. Bit by struggling bit they are gaining the upper hand.
"They're too fast! Can't get a lock o-argh!"
"He broke my arm!"
"Man down, man down!"
"Concentrate fire!"
"Frag out!"
"No you idiot. No more explosives."
The distinctive sound of a grenade rolling across a hard deck audible and unmistakable. Where is it though?
Ejected survivors of Wonder Woman's attack on the other gunship soar through the air to latch on to the Beta airship crawling in like ants invading a beetle nest. They engage in combat with Nightwing and the Fox in droves. The sheer amount of numbers and the strength it requires to burst through their armor no doubt tiresome.

Three down. A batarang swings out wide and comes crashing down on a helmet of the man directly to Scandal's left. The crunch sound followed by a shrill scream, the Cell merc just lost an eyeball. Not a kill but crippling none the less and excruciatingly painful.
"This is my city. Get out." The voice thrown from behind, around, somewhere near. The Batman is man of many talents throwing the voice was something he learned from Zatana Zatara's father Zatara himself. A masterful magician and showman of the highest calibre.
"Final chance. Run now or I will break every one of you."

Oracle has broken through Stagg security now. Cycling through files she discovers a list of biological experimentations and flagged subjects, nothing that immediately stands out but most if not all of them are illegal. Experiments range from rodents to chimps and even humans. The list continues to cycle and grow. Stagg Industries is quite inhumane in it's practices. Yet this is not something the Bat-clan is unaware of. They have a sordid history with Simon Stagg. With control of the Stagg systems Oracle can likewise run through their surveillance feeds.
Exo A's arm rips free and the man's own human appendage underneath flails at the air, "Oh crap." In quick response the opposite arm lifts and extends out to coat the Amazon in a stream of flame. "Burn bitch!" The man inside yells.
Exo B shoves past through the fire and launches itself forward to tackle Wonder Woman through the flame burst and in to the forward portion of the crew hold. This of course tilts the entire gunship. The pilots skill tested as the titans battle inside of his bird. "I'm about to drop the entire crew container if you don't get her out of there!"

Shock gauntlets. The Fox is glad that he's mostly covered in leather and linen though it'd still be bad if one of them got a hi- OW! The druid grabs the offender's arm and spins him like a dance partner. Modern body armor is mostly concerned with joints and vitals but it's very, very uncommon for the back of the knee to be armored. Which is where he slices, reliving his attacker of the tendons in that leg and kicking him down. The next one he traps between his arm and a blade, swings him and launches him at Dick. "Nightwing! Catch!"


Crap. There's not really any time to do anything but duck back behind a bulkhead. "Oracle, open the door on level two near my location!" The less contained the area, the less chance that the explosive will shatter their eardrums from sheer concussive force.

As for Nightwing? The Fox grabs a charm out of his pouch and crushes it. Presuming he's in time, and Dick Grayson isn't immune or doesn't resist the Blessing, he'll find his skin his rough and pebly and dense as modern body armor. Bullet proof. Which is, sure, not grenade proof but if the man gets caught in the blast it may save him some pain.

If it works.

"What's the status on our A-Listers?" Meaning Wonder Woman and Batman. "You." He points to a guard. "We need to get to the bridge and get control of the airship back. Landing might be in order."

Nightwing times the thrown thug perfectly and meets the face with his foot in an expertly timed White Crane Kung Fu kick. No time to appreciate it, howevera familiar *tinktinktink* of a grenade means the acrobat must act quickly.

Dick launches himself into the air, right through Fox's blessing. He has no idea what that cloud of dust he just leaped through was as he goes up and over a partition, hoping that whatever is behind it is blast proof.

Sorcery. Tricks of the trade. Whatever it was it brought Scandal to a stand still, her arms laden about her sides, her chin lifted towards the rooftops where the screams all were heard.

'MY EYE! Mutherfucker took my EYE!'
'Holy shit!'
'Back up bitches don't step on it!'
'Augh lawd my eye!'
'Fuck you dude, kill him and split the cut.'

A few of the Cell were wise ones, they took to the back buildings to flee from the threat of the Dark Knight, all the while Scandal stood in the middle of the street that was presumably abandoned.

Her eyes close as she takes in a breath, chin lowering to press against the bone that crowns the middle of her chest. Her breathing slow, fingers slowly stretching against the Pesars, pointed downward to catch the current and the way the wind blows.


"Come out." T'was not an order, nor a request. Was a taunt as she remained with her eyes closed, one slowly opening to survey the darkness. Hands clasp against her thighs to smooth up the leather, caressing the holsters to flick free the pistols that lay in wait. They were removed, hung loosely at her sides, yet her finger upon the trigger was true.

Oracle is downloading everything she possibly can from the Stagg systems, to a separate segment of her network that is firewalled… more so stuff can get out, rather than in. Regardless of what the Bats know, information is power and who knows what they'll find. "Batmans on the ground. Wonder Womans on the other ship… she's got it in hand." There's a momentary pause and the door near Fox's location slides open… "That's done Fox."

Pulling Stagg's video surveillence up, the redhead peers at the screen, what is she looking at here….

The gun-ship is tilting and spinning, the shift in weight making it harder to maneuver and this is likely a very noticable aspect and why wonder Woman is not responding.

Wrenching the grip free of her from the disarticulated mech arm the belch of flame is rolled away from, the ends of hair singed in the closeness, though the blade that had been embedded in her shoulder now is pulled free to throw precisely into the barrel of the flame thrower, at least obstructing it. Quarter back sacked by the other mech has her latching legs around center mass, one arm reaching up, fingers drumming out s beat until she finds a purches, one grip that will hold their weight and as crew scatters amongst the melee she pulls up upon the framework, her spine bowing while the trapped mech between thighs is brought into the roof of the gunship, making and plugging a hole with its body.

Before she drops from her paralell span across the ceiling that lasso is already in her grip, loosed and capturing Mech A with the flare of golden light.

"Jump. Count to…" Ground is closer now that they spun. "Two. Open your parachute. Tell those upon the ground everything you know." Wonder Woman then pulls the lasso back fully into her grip as the giant mech turns and exits out the hole she made.

Lowering to the ground, her body languidly unfurls from that lateral cling to drop down, the wave of ebon mussed around features, the wound upon shoulder healing though a rivulet of blood falls down the contour of sinewed structure in her arm, tensing with the curl of fist around her lasso that is held to cross before her, winding up…

"Captain! This is no longer a parlay. I am taking over your ship."

Silence, and then that ship careens once again, the hull disengaging and dropping towards the ground, safety inflation expanding just before it impacts with a loud clatter. Inside. The crew, and their captain freed of his jacket.

Upon the airship, Diana is now piloting it wearing the captains decorated jacket and hat as well as with his bent and broken rifle lain before her upon the dash. "I will call her the geráki."

Better call her Captain now.

Another comline. "Status report, Seigar?"
"Heavy resistance, sir."
"The Batman?"
"No. Here is footage from one of our helmet cams."
"Ah the Batman's prodigal son and the Flying Fox."
"Flying Fox, sir?"
"According to Birdwatcher's report that is what he has dubbed him."
"Stupid name."
"We're also having severe technical issues and it's reported they dropped a woman or a gorilla or something in Warship Charlie. How should we proceed?"
"The Oracle no doubt. Gorilla? What? Nevermind. Withdraw but leave Scandal Savage and her crew. She failed. We have no more use for failures. Even if she is his child."
"And the package?"
"Leave it, we have most of the data already. Little do the Bats, Birds and Pests of Gotham know but they are only aiding in their eventual doom by standing in our way. We have the facilities to stop what is coming but in their insufferable bravado they proceed to blunder about and endanger all of the world. We will proceed with Sivana's plan, cease operations on Stagg Industries."
"Yessir.. To the Light!"
"To the Light indeed." Communication end.

"All Black Cell operatives cease fire and disengage! Cease fire and disengage!"
"You heard the man. Everyone pull out." As the grenade goes off the hull erupts further obliterating the lower floor of the Beta airship. It's gone. Just completely gone and with it so are a handful of Stagg security personel and several Black Cell who haven't retreated back to the gunship which is detaching cables and peeling away from the combat. Dick and Kane are left to figure out a method on staying attached otherwise with the fallen they will likewise plummet the thousands of feet to Gotham below. Salvation may come in the form of an open doorway that inhales much of the concussive blast yet also opens up to the heavily secured lab section of the airship. Oracle just in time.

What Oracle is looking at is footage of containment cells inside of the lab section of the airship, within those cells are humans and what appear to be aliens? Yes, aliens, parademons to be exact. Dissected. Most of them dead others laid open and possibly still alive, their innards strung out and on display. Each one operated on differently. The humans likewise mirroring the parademons in condition. A list of logs is attached and downloaded as well majority titled: Anomalous Biology subjects J-M.

Scandal's Black Cell reserves are also subject to the message of retreat. Scandal herself excluded - one could consider that job end. The Dark Knight makes himself known as the retreat is undertaken his shadowy form landing opposite of Scandal. No cape, just a tall muscular man in armored plating, black cowl and those devil pointed ears. A snarl fitted to his lips, "Try me." The blaze in the heavens still raging as even as the firefight is ceasing.

One gunship with smoke trailing behind it beating off through the storm above towards the Gotham Harbor and away from the city. That would be Diana's ship now. The Amazon's piloting abilities will be tested as she steers the rapid descending vessel away from it's overhead course towards Cobble Hill. Hopefully she can land it even with it's electrical damage - the chimes and alerts creating their own song.

The Fox offers Dick a hand up. "We need to get this thing on the ground." He murmurs. This is really out of his area of expertise so he'll let Nightwing and Oracle lead the charge on this one. It doesn't look as if there's going to be any further trouble from Black Cell and nothing futher 'odd' about the encounter. Well, unless you count the horse sized ghostly hawk that's flying along side the main cabin of Airship Beta.

"I'll stick with you until we're out of danger. Until then, your show." Sounds like the A-Listers have it all handled outside.

"Yeah I—"

But the floor gives way to the wreckage and Nightwing slips down and out of the airship disappearing into the night.

He hurtles downward at exceptional speeds, spinning in place. And for a moment it looks as if Nightwing is about to be a stain upon the sidewalk. But for all the danger, his face doesn't show any concern. Instead, he holds his legs and arms in, gaining speed, as he shoots across the sky and tackles into one of the falling Black Cell members, totally catching the thug off guard.


Nightwing punches him into unconsciousness before he can even react. It's gonna be a rough landing; these things weren't made for two, but Dick will be kind enough to try and not have the man break his legs upon impact.

And everything goes black. There was no longer a buzz within her ear as she sees at least one or two Black Cell members filter off without her. Oh well, most jobs, whether win or lose? Are better off worked alone. But once the Dark Knight appears; Scandal stands her ground. Where people would take a step back to keep all of him within their vision, the other eye opens and she regards him in kind. Hands are lifted, guns hung loosely from her finger tips, her gaze narrow and pointed as she quickly sheathes them.


Head leans to the side to crack her neck, losening sinew and cartiledge for play. "Oh, I shall."

"Check in, please." Oracles voice cuts in across the comms. Given Fox's words and Nightwings departure, the redhead takes control of the second airship. Hey, it's just like a video game isn't it? Turning it in the direction of Wonder Womans airship…. she'll land it, or crash it (preferably not), somewhere safe.

The Batplane, which has been circling for the time being, is turned in Batmans direction…. she'll send it to him for extraction. Fox, has his own methods of escape.

"Batman, I'll send the data I have to the Batcomputer. We need to talk and soon."

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