Checking up on Kurt

June 29, 2015:

Rachel, Blink and Mana go to check up on Nightcrawler. Later joined by Wiccan and Ampere!



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Kurt Wagner lays in his hospital bed, his mid-section wrapped in bandages. He cracked a couple of ribs when Jean flung him agains the wall at the end of her ordeal, along with a mild concussion. He's mainly just staying to be monitored, to make sure he doesn't develop anymore concussion symptoms. The last thing he needs to do is pass out in the middle of a teleport or something like that. He's sipping on a milkshake, however, and has a book open on his lap, sitting up in bed in one of those hospital gowns.

Through the magic of comic book time (Don't ask the timeframe), Rachel had left not lon after the Shift Memorial on a red-eye flight to the Middle East to further investigate the United States involvement in the liberation of the country using the 'Sentinel Initiative'.

When she had returned state-side she was too tired to maintain illusions and fly back to the manor, she just wanted to rest.

A call was sent to Brinley to ask if she could pick her up and an hour or so later, with Rachel sleeping the whole way; they had arrived at the Institute.

"Thanks for the ride Mana." She smirks a little, "At least the place hasn't exploded since I left." Rachel remarks to Brinley, "Do you know Nightcrawler? He was hurt before I left, we should go check on him or something."

Leading the way to the med-bay she telepathically contacts Claire/Blink and asks, ~Have you gone to see Nightcrawler yet? He was hurt over the weekend. We're headed there now.~

Brinley was more than happy to pick Rachel up and as she follows the woman into the Institute she frowns "I haven't heard much about the weekend" she looks questioningly at her new friend "But I know Nightcrawler. I've been at the Institute since I was nine…. " She's not really had much chance to get to know Rachel, and Brins been away from the Institute for many years.

After the telepathic poke, Claire hasn't stopped to think that she actually managed to blink to the med-bay without a single stop on the way. Blink hovers outside Herr Wagner's door, frowning as she looks him over, fiddling with her sleeves. She's not privy to much of the X-Men business, the goings-on, more than the usual rumors that float around the school. She wonders aloud what's happened to him, talking to empty air.

When Rachel arrives at the med-bay she smiles at Blink who is there, sensing perhaps a little that the poor girl feels left out at what's going on around here. She couldn't help but feel that a lot of people were in the dark right now and the least she could do was light a candle.

"I'm not sure why anyone has said anything but there was an incident the other night in the medbay. I plan to make a report, I expected a senior team member to but you know.." Rachel smiles, "They're busy being senior members!"

"Phoenix was in a coma from some kind of Danger room malfunction. Some of us including Psylocke, Nightcrawler and Cyclops tried to help her. We got attacked by something calling itself Xorn and Phoenix woke up but Psylocke ended up in a coma and Nightcrawler was injured."

A blue-gold phoenix symbol flashes over her left eye and somewhere in the Institute, her tablet begins to float through the halls towards her.

Reaching into the med-bay to sense if Nightcrawler is awake she notes, "He's still asleep."

Noting that Rachel is using codenames, Brin nods to Claire "Hello again. You did really well in M-Town the other day, thanks for the help." Glancing curiously at Rachel, she cants her head "Psylockes's in a coma? What about Phoenix? It sounds like they've exchanged places." Waiting for Rachel to decide their next move, Brin settles back on her heels. Until recently, she hadn't spent much time in the Institute since she left.

Claire blanches, her skin dropping from that ruddy pink to much paler. "B-betsy?" she stammers, her eyes going wide. "No one told me," she whispers, anxiety making the young woman tremble. She'd wondered where she'd gone, but hadn't worried about her a bit. Until now. "Will she be ok?" she asks, suddenly very interested in her fingers tangling in the hole-ridden sleeves of her sweatshirt.

"It does almost seem that way Mana, but I'm not entirely sure if it's the same thing or some kind of psychic aftershock." Rachel shrugs her shoulders a little bit before smiling at Blink, "I'm sure she will be, she's tough an experienced. If anyone can pull through, it's her." Even if she was lying to Blink, the girl would never know!

Opening the door a little to peek inside at the sleeping Nightcrawler, she just opens it fully, "He has to wake up sometime right? Better with us in the room than alone."

Brin puts a hand on Claires shoulder, if the younger woman will let her, and offers a small smile "As Rachel says, she's strong and experienced." Looking to Rachel "Maybe someone could arrange for Claire to visit her?"

As the door to Nightcrawlers room is opened, Brin nods slowly "Well, if he's asleep and we sit and quietly talk to him, it might help to." She knows that when she was recuperating after the vicious attack on The Paragons that she had heard those in the room with her and she didn't feel quite so alone.

Claire still isn't used to being touched, as she jumps a bit when both women offer comfort. She doesn't pull away, eyes unseeing as she wonders and worries and frets, trying to find solace in the confidence both women seem to have in her mentor. At mentioning a visit, her head lifts and she looks back and forth between Brin and Rachel. "A visit? Please, yes, I'll do anything you need me to." Her hand grips the doorframe to Kurt's room, drawing herself in to it but so very distracted. "Is he in a coma too?" she bleats, wondering if he's worse off than he seems.

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"I'll do what I can to arrange it, there should be no issues, if there is I'll take the blame and let her do it anyways." Rachel smiled at Blink assuring she would get her visit one way or the other.

She makes her way into the room and sits down near the bed, rather intrusively deciding to peek into Nightcrawler's brain and see what's going on in there to amuse herself.

"He's not in a coma Blink, he's just asleep. He'll be awake soon, unless he's enjoying himself too much in that dream." Rachel would never tell what the dream was. (Hopefully Kurt told her)

"Sounds like a plan" Brin smiles as she moves into the room and takes up a chair near the corner. "It might help Betsy out too, but I'm not a doctor." Seeing Rachel look at Nightcrawler, the brunette gives a small shake of her head, she can guess what Rachel is up to. "If he's asleep, it's probably for the best. Sleep is one of the best healers." She'd slept for days after they'd made it back.

Blink follows Brin's example, pulling up a chair and sitting down, her shoulders sagging with worry, a frown on her elfin features. "So… wait. Something possessed the Danger Room?" she asks, ruffling her curls nervously.

Nate wanders into the medbay looking for a certain redhead and hears Blink's voice. Wait, what? "Ray? Hey, hello! Are we talking about Jean firebombing the Danger Room. Nothing possessed anything. It was just an experimental program that is still buggy." Also, Jean went crazy and other unimportant details. "How is Kurt?"

Rachel r

Rachel raises her eyebrows a little, "No. Not sure why Blink thinks that but we were discussing what happened on the weekend and why Nightcrawler was injured and Psylocke is in a coma." She smiles at her brother before looking back to the two girls not sure if they've all met.

Kurt Wagner slowly starts to stir, his golden eyes shining as his blue-black eyelids flutter. He glances up to see so many people in his room, a half-smile curling at the corner of his fanged mouth, "Mein Gott, with so many to welcome me, I would think I am almost in heaven, with so many angels to guide me," he says softly. He sits up a bit, wincing as his wrapped ribs twinge immediately, sending a shock of pain up along his bruised collarbone, "Ach, remind me that delving into the mind of an angry psychic is hazardous to my health. It will not stop me, but I can at least brace myself for hospital food," he says.

"Hello Nate" Brin speaks quietly from her place in the corner "I think she's referring to the thing called Xorn. Rachel mentioned it just now." As Kurt awakens, the brunette turns her attention to him "Well, I'm no angel, but welcome back."

Blink's eyes are huge at this point, new person that Brin calles 'Nate', a thing named Xorn, a possession (what?) of a very large room the illustrious X-Men use for training and… Kurt's awake! She jumps up, excited, rocking on the balls of her feet and she -almost- looks like she'd run over and hug her friend, but… bandages. So she clears her throat and sits back down in her chair, doing that thing where she runs her hand through her curls and makes them worse.

"Herr Wagner," she says, relief to see her other (unofficial) mentor. "You're not dead!" she bleats, excited. She rubs at her eyes. No she is not crying.

"Hello, Brin and… look who is awake, welcome back," Nate also spotted Blink. And it seems no one is going to introduce them. Or maybe he is supposed to know her. Fact is, he is pretty sure he saw her before, but it was long ago, so it was not in this world. "Xorn? Doesn't ring a bell," he comments to Brin. Inquiring glance to Rachel. "Anyway, I was looking for you because I heard you went to investigate some giant robots to Eurasia… er, I mean, the Middle-East."

Rachel's phone begins to ring and she raises a hand to the others smiling, "I'll be back in a few. Nice to see you wide awake again Nightcrawler." She answers the phone and steps outside the room for the moment.

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Wiccan arrives from OOC Land.

Kurt Wagner is sitting back up in bed, cradling his wounded ribs with one arm and smiling at Blink's enthusiasm, "It takes more than being thrown into a wall to do me in. Believe me, I've had much worse. How is your teleportation coming?" he asks with interests, nodding to Brinley and the others as he distracts himself from the pain with company. He isn't -entirely- sure that everyone here is fully security approved, which might lead to a bit of kerfuffle later on, but, for the moment ,he's not particularly engaged in such things. "Xorn was…another part of Jean. I couldn't quite sort it out entirely and, frankly, it's not entirely my business to do so. The important thing is getting her back. Everything else can be worked out with Professor's help, hopefully."

Brin is. She grew up at the Institute and went ot X-Red after working with The Paragons.

"Don't look at me to explain it. I just picked Rachel up from the airport" Brin smiles at Nate and then listens as Kurt explains it.

"Seems like introductions are left to me, technically a visitor" The smile is warm and self-deprecating "Nate, this is Claire. She's recently come to the school, if I understand correctly. Bobby and I met her the other day. Claire, this is Nate." It's up to Nate now to add to that or gloss over it.

Checking her phone, she sighs a little "Given I was coming this way, I thought I might get on of the new X-Reds to drop by the Institute. They're a lecturer at the University - an expert in languages although they're not sure how long their tenure will be with all the anti-mutant sentiment." Brin glances at Kurt and then Nate, "I know they can't be down here, but to see the school… " It's now up to them what they do.

With a loud pop, and a swirl of blue light. A mass of clothing unfolds from nothing to form: Wiccan. He blinks suddenly at the amount of people quickly putting something behind his back as he looks around with a raised eyebrow, "Ummm. Hi. I was coming to check in on Nightcrawler. I didn't know he would have so many people…visiting. Am I interrupting?"

Blink's back is straight, eyes wide as she grins at Kurt. "It's going well. I've been all over the place," she laughs, her voice warbling a little as she tries to reign in her dumb emotions. "They just told me about Betsy. Rachel and Brin said they'd try to get me in to see her…"

Her green, effervescent eyes flick to Nate, her smile shy and small. "Hello," she chirps. "Nice to meet you, Nate. You can call me 'Blink' too, if you like, about half the people here d-"

Claire squawks in surprise, clapping a hand over her mouth to halt the noise the moment she recognizes Wiccan.

Don't as Nate about authorizations. He never reads the rules. "Claire, good to meet you," he offers a smile to the lavender-skinned girl and tsks at Rachel leaving. He came here to interrogate her, damn. "Are you good enough to come upstairs, Kurt? Because if some folks here are not authorized, it would be better to move out before someone come to yell at us."

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A soft, barely audible knock comes on the door from the hall outside. The door cracks slightly, enough to allow slate-grey eyes to peer into the room. The face is human, with short, dark brown hair, pale skin, and a generally lean figure. "Brinkley?" The intruder calls in a distinct English accent. "A guard escorted me after I explained that you were expecting me. I hope that there's no trouble."

As Wiccan arrives and Josh knocks on the door, Kurt lapses back to sleep. "I think…" she looks around the room, "We should leave him to sleep, it seems he needs it." Rising to greet the new team member, she throws a smile to Wiccan "Shall we all adjourn up to the common area? I'm sure the powers that be will be more comfortable with that." Opening the door, she'll wait to see if the others follow "Hello Josh, I'll do introductions in a minute."

Wiccan sighs softly seeing Kurt fall asleep. He moves to his side table and places a small plate of brownies. He sets them down and turns looking at the group. "Poor guy. He was nice to me when I arrived. I feel bad he is down. I think the brownies will make him happier." He moves towards the exit.

"You guys go ahead, I am going to hunt down Ray," states Nate. "I came to talk with her. I'll try to join you at the cafeteria later, Brin. But I am supposed to meet Scott later on, so don't wait for me." He heads out.

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Claire is obedient and follows without a word, trotting out quietly.

"Alright, Nate." Brin watches as the man walks away and leads the way to a common area. Before settling into a chair, she looks between the three remaining of the group "Well, I'm Brinley Myers. I was a student here and now a member of X-Red. I don't believe we've ever met." holding a hand out to Wiccan "This is one of our new team members over at X-Red. Joshua. But I'll let him introduce himself."

As he smiles, he moves to shake Brinley's hand. "My name is Wiccan. My real name is William Kaplan." He releases her hand, "I was once an X-men. I am from another dimension…and no I am not related to the Summers or Greys. My mother destroyed my universe to destroy all mutants. I was unable to stop her but I was able to get away…by accident." He looks over at Joshua and gives him a wave.

Blink opts for avoiding folks, for now, too worried about Betsy to really focus. As such, it's easy for her to slip around a corner and -blink- away.

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Joshua nods and nudges the door so that it will open further to allow them to exit, although he remains outside. He follows them to the common area, and when Brinley settles into a chair, he inclines his head to Wiccan. "I'm Joshua Cornwall. I'm a visiting professor at Empire State Universeity. I recently agreed to join X-men Red, and to help wherever I can," he explains modsestly. "When I was in school, my classmates called me Ampere. I hadn't thought about that in years, but it still seems to fit."

Rachel would have returned to the med-bay but she had sensed some departures and relocations had taken place. Since Brinley was her guest, that's where she placed her priority and made her way back towards her, "Sorry about that, it was a phone call about my recent trip." She leaves it at that, "Nice to see you both again." She nods in Wiccan and Ampere's direction.

"William… Wiccan… whichever you prefer. Codename: Mana" Brins a fairly reserved type and speaks quietly. With Rachels return, Brin breaths a small sigh of relief and the mention of the trip gets a raised eyebrow. She's dying to hear what happened.

"Your mother destroyed your dimension?" Brin shakes her head "To destroy the mutants? That sounds like a bit of a tale…." If he can and wants to share, she'll listen with interest. "So Joshua, what do you think of what you've seen here so far?"

Wiccan smiles softly, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I should get back to my studying. I have a test for Ororo on history. She seems to get grumpy when you don't do well." He looks over at Rachel and smiles giving her a wave. "Always a pleasure Ms. Summers." He gives Joshua a two fingered wave before he raises his hands up in a single clap and says loudly, "Room!"

With a loud pop and a flash of blue light, Wiccan is gone in a swirl of light.

"It's quite impressive," Joshua answers with a nod to Brinley. "Obviously, I haven't seen the Danger room in action, but from what I've heard, no one will for a bit." He glances to Wiccan and nods in agreement with Brinley's comment. "I'm sure that many of us have some problems with family. Such things must be a constant in the universe. I hope that you'll find peace here." He looks to Rachel when she enters the room and be inclines his head before he looks to Brinley and offers, "If you need to discuss something in private, I'll be glad to take my leave."

"No, it is fine, truly. I wouldn't wish to make you leave, anything we're going to discuss no matter how secret would eventually reach your ears anyways." Rachel offered a friendly smile towards Joshua before leaning against the wall and asking Brinley curiously, "Do you have any contacts at the Russian and Chinese embassies?"

It was clear, Rachel was up to something and she hadn't even yet shared the results of her trip to Bahrain.

"I'm not sure you got proper introductions yesterday. Rachel, this is Joshua… and so on." Brin smiles gently. "Sorry for ducking out on you, yesterday, Rachel." She'll leave that there, it hadn't been a great afternoon for her. Nodding to Wiccan as he leaves, she turns her attention to Rachel, making sure Joshua is in the circle of the conversation "Of course. I manage clients for X-Red. I've got contacts at the embassies and in some companies here and in country. Why?"

When Rachel assures him that he is welcome to stay, Joshua inclines his head to Brinley and notes, "I'm sure that you've accumulated a reasonable dossier on my skills and such. I'm new, but if I can help in any way, I will," he offers. "No task is too small."

"Nice to meet you under better circumstances Joshua than yesterday evening." Rachel extends a hand towards the man, "You're welcome to help out in any way you can. Have you been keeping up on the recent conflict in the middle east? If not, I can bring you up to speed."

Rachel began to tap her tablet before looking back to Brinley, "The Russians and Chinese aren't happy with what the United States is doing, they are our quickest route to securing allies to prevent the storm that is coming. If I can meet with someone in the embassies, we can convince them, without powers." She's clear on this, "To try and get us a meeting with someone with more clout. My next step is trying to speak to the United Nations."

It was a far cry from Rachel's former Modus Operandi which included nuking a research facility and entire island.

"I'm barely across it" Brins seen briefing documents but that's about it and with everything happening here, it's hard to keep up. Looking to Joshua, it's clear that she would like to hear it from Rachel.

"So, you want to meet with officials from Russia and China, countries who aren't happy with …. oh, hang on. Russia and China aren't happy about what, exactly?" Brin can't help but feel she's missed something vital. "I can certainly tap my contacts and get us a meeting." Clearly, she intends to be there "And doing anything that makes us appear… more normal… is a good idea."

Joshua steps forward and shakes Rachel's hand briskly. "A pleasure," he answers. "The memorial was not an ideal venue for introductions," he agrees. He answers Brin's look with an almost imperceptible nod. "I have no 'inside information, if that's what you want," he admits. "Certainly, I know that both Russia and China are powerful nations, formidable allies and equally difficult enemies, even separately. Together …" He shakes his head. "I don't want to think about how much havoc that could create. My own resources are small, but I am at your disposal."

"That would be amazing and let me explain a little more." Rachel looks around for a chair and takes a seat before setting her tablet down on the table, anyone familiar with technology would be able to tell; it was years ahead of the current technology just by looks.

"Well, a few months ago metahumans from Qurac invaded the US allied nation of Bahrain and nobody really did anything, this was just after the Justice League: Avengers Initiative failed to stop the assassination of the President and one of their own demonstrated an overwhelming show of force." Rachel taps the tablet a few times and directs it towards Brinley and Joshua to read if they want to find the news stories, "Recently, the US authorized and deployed something called The Sentinel Protocol to liberate Bahrain."

A pause from the young woman as she looks between the pair of you, "That's where I just was, do either of you know anything about Sentinels, even rumors?"

The news of the Sentinels has been kept very quiet amongst the X-Men. Even the rumours aren't all that explicit. "Cyclops mentioned that some of our time displaced members had seen things… didn't mention anything specific, but I'm assuming it's all related?"

Joshua reaches for the tablet but offers it to Brinley so that she might have first opportunity to examine the articles. When Rachel asks about the Sentinels, he frowns and shakes his head. "Until quite recently, I have labored in academic obscurity. I am unaware of any 'Sentinels.' I know that the nation of Bahrain derives much of its economy from processing petrol, and for that reason it would be a likely target for anyone wishing to disrupt supplies of fuel to the industrialized nations." He looks specifically to Rachel. "I will hazard a guess that these, 'Sentinel program' is … something … highly sensitive, and therefore potentially dangerous."

"Somewhat. When I originally arrived in this timeline, it was to prevent the existence of my future. In my future, The Sentinels wipe out most mutants and metahumans and anyone who stands with them in any capacity." Rachel doesn't sound pleased, "I thought we had stopped the precursor to the Sentinel program, ending it for good. It lead to the elimination of /my/ future, but somehow the Sentinels have still managed to be built and that is not good news. Violence won't accomplish much in our current situation, we will need real support and allies to stop this."

She nods to Joshua, "It's more dangerous than anything you've ever seen or encountered in your entire life, without a doubt. It's the extinction event for our kind if we don't handle it properly."

Rachel frowns a little, "I should probably go and work on compiling what I saw in Bahrain for Cyclops and everyone else."

Brins seen the reports on the tablet and lets Joshua take them. Nodding as Rachel explains, Brin blows out a breath. "Depends on which theory of time you subscribe to, but I've always believed there are multiple paths. One event can change or eliminate something… so it affected your future, but not ours." she shrugs a little. "And I agree, violence doesn't accomplish much but there are those who would act in our name. It …. worries… me."

"Tell me what you need, and I'll see if X-Red can help. Joshua is keen to assist, I know that and the others… if we have to fight we will but I think most of us would prefer not to."

Joshua nods and takes the tablet. While Brinley offers assurances to Rachel, he flicks though the articles to gain highlights of the material. He nods when Brinley hints that a cunning approach might serve better than one of violence. "I will do what I can to help. Violence often begets violence, and it usually does not change minds and hearts in the long run."

"For now, just getting me in touch with the Ambassadors assigned to the embassies. Anything else we can figure out down the road." Rachel smiles and lets them go through the tablet, "I need a bit of time though, I'm still exhausted from the trip."

And that might be their cue to leave. Brins got a few more things to organise. Nodding slowly as she rises, she glances to Joshua "I need to be going, did you want a lift?" Looking to Rachel "I'll get my contacts in order and we'll set up a time. Slowly, we will do this."

Joshua takes a slow breath and nods. "As I said, I will do all that I can to help," he repeats. Standing, he offers the tablet to Rachel. Then he nods to Brinley. "I would appreciate that very much," he agrees. "I am sure that you already have considered this, but I think that we should ensure that we have strong alliances with other organizations that will support our cause," he suggests.

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