Requiem for a Hero (The Memorial of Shift)

June 28, 2015:

Rachel Summers and members of the X-Men have arranged a memorial for Kwabena Odame, the mutant known as Shift. A wide variety of people show up to celebrate the life and death of this great hero (and sometimes Villain) including a god and his girlfriend Melody Kenway.

New York City

Mutant Town


NPCs: Daddy Lumba



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Fade In…

Early Evening, Mutant Town.

Word has been spread throughout the Mutant, Hero, Ghanaian and vigilante communities about the death of Kwabena Odame a.k.a. Shift through word of mouth mostly and those who have heard will know that some kind of memorial is taking place for him in Mutant Town.

Poor Rant, she probably just heard 'Shift & Mutant town'.

The memorial service is taking place outside of a Ghanaian bar named 'Daddy Lumba's' after a popular singer from Shift's homeland whom he was a fan of also.

There seems to be a large group of teens and kids who Shift had helped prior and a small portrait of the mutant, painting him in a positive light has been placed outside of the bar on a table surrounded by candles.

A pair of old women seem to be praying on the ground to the picture.

Bruce Banner parks his broken down car a few blocks away, leading Melody along with him. He's wearing the traditional black suit, although he's never particularly understood the tradition of getting dressed up for someone who surely won't care one way or the other. Respect, they say, but how does wardrobe contribute to respect one way or another? Absurd. But people behave in absurd ways all the time and he's just had to learn to accept it.

Bruce felt sorrow for Shift's death, although it wasn't deeply personal. He'd never gotten to know the man particularly well, and they'd lost touch in recent days due to…whatever it was that Shift was doing. But his friendship with Melody had lead to the two of them trying to track Kwabena down in the months leading to his death, obviously to no avail. And Melody's emotional connection with the man was obviously much greater than Bruce's. So, largely, he was here for her and, while he'd give a tip of the hat to the dead man, the deepest emotion Bruce might've felt was envy.

He wished for death often enough, after all.

Mikial is working security for the event, Partialy because he had worked with Shift in the past, albeit breifly, Shift may have saved his skin from some rounds. And quite frankly, to him, it was always sad when life was lost, and knowing the one who lost their live makes it hard to ignore, even if Spearhead didn't know the guy all that well. In fact, he was pretty sure they didn't even get to introductions, as it seemed to happen all too often…

Shift. Mutant-Town. Well that was looking up!


It was a somber thing, reading what she did. One would give praise to their google-fu and hacking skills but that day she wishes she had naut. Most of the morning was spent, really, her trying to find something to wear for such an occasion but all that she could put together was a black shirt and a pair of black slacks. And chucks. Her hair wasn't even done up right. She didn't have Roz' at her side to help, so it was straight and in a messy little ponytail, she just gave up. Her face was slightly pale, her head hung low as natural, though there was a tiny look of hope as she looked up towards Bruce.

"I know what's going to happen. We're going to get in there. And just when we're all about to leave after everyones had their chance to say something nice about Kwabena he's gonna come down in a pillar of smokey stuff like he does." She shuffles along slowly, the pit in her stomach. "He likes stuff like that. You wouldn't know it but he likes hearing good things about himself."

Brinley didn't know Shift, she knew of him… and its there representing X-Red. Standing near the back of the crowd, the brunette mutant scans the crowd, trying /not/ to feel the strong emotions that emanate. So far none of her other team mates have shown, which means they've been detained on other work.



Upcoming Memorial Service


I need to head to Mutant Town on Sunday. It's a memorial service for someone that both Corv and I ran into when we were getting started and settled in New York, right before I came to work for you. I promise I'll be careful and do what I can to keep a low profile, but it's important that I be there.


P.S.: I don't need a chaperone for this one, though I might need a lift to the general area?



Re: Upcoming Memorial Service


That sounds all right. Just ask JARVIS to arrange a car for you, and for Dmitri to drive you. And if you do ultimately feel like you'd do better with someone accompanying you, he should have no problem with that.

I'm having JARVIS set up a tablet for you to carry with you so you can give Dmitri a call if you need anything while you're out and about.

Be careful out there,


Jim Reha shares a rather convoluted relationship with the avian entity Corvinus and it has not gotten any easier in the past few months. When word reached him of the memorial service he immediately notified his boss, and made what plans he could to head to Mutant Town on short notice but in a relatively subtle fashion. Well, at least until he could find a nice alley to work through the shifting procedure.

Shift knew Corvinus when they met with cloak and dagger stylings to discuss the nature of Smooth eradication. The Corvinus even participated in the frenetic raid in Alliance, Ohio as part of that.

The transition is a bit haphazard, unpracticed and not nearly as well-oiled as they might like.

With form settled and obsidian plumage aloft, the birdly entity slowly and quietly makes his way to the memorial site, walking because he's not sure about his flight capabilities as of yet.

Nate only saw Shift once. They went and together to blow up a secret base of an anti-mutant organization. He was sure he would see the African mutant again… and just learned he died.

Which was something to be expected. Super-heroes and vigilantes lead dangerous lives that often are very short. Nate learned that early on and tries to be philosophical about it, on his own way. Usually he wouldn't bother coming to the memorial service of a one-time comrade of arms, but as it happens, Nate knew Shift from before coming to this world. So it was a weird impulse that brought him here, for the memory of a man that was not really the man he knew years ago. Perhaps a little curiosity too.

He wears black, which means he telekinetically shifted the blue of his uniform to black five minutes ago. Just trying not to be rude.

Rachel Summers was here, although not out of some sort of disguise given the secrecy surrounding The Institute and The X-Men. A Dark Red bodysuit covers her body although it is barely visible against the black hooded cloak with ornate gold trim that covers her almost entire, leaving only pale skin and flame red hair visible from beneath the hood.

At the moment, she seems to be conversing with a dark skinned man in a black suit. Anyone who knew Shift would recognize who Rachel was speaking to, it was 'Daddy Lumba' himself. How Rachel had got him here was anyone's guess.

Spearhead and his fellow security pals spot a few drunken troublemakers ambling in from a near-by alleyway, but they look homeless and downtrodden and probably don't know anything about the memorial.

Moving up to the front of the small memorial that has been setup Rachel smiles from beneath the hood, "I want to thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate the life of Kwabena Odame whose codename was 'Shift'. I didn't know him that well, but I know he would have wanted us to celebrate, not mourn."

She gestures inside towards the bar, "After anyone who would like to has had a chance to say a ew words. Food, drinks and entertainment have all been paid for, I'm sure we can all agree that Shift liked to party." A pause, "I've also arranged for one of his favourite musicians, Ghana's own Daddy Lumba to join us tonight."

Daddy Lumba and a small band begin to play some soft gospel style music in the background for anyone who would like to speak in Shift's memory. Lumba also drains half a bottle of booze on the ground before taking a swig.

Bruce Banner heads quickly for the bar himself, patting Melody on the back, "You want anything?" he asks, although he doubts the alcohol will have much effect on her, given both her mood and the nanotech pumping through her system. It works well enough on him, so long as he keeps his temper, though, and helps him to do that. Luckily, Bruce is a mellow drunk.

He doesn't really know anyone here, other than her, and that's more or less how he likes it. Being recognized isn't good for his health - or the health of his immediate vicinity. For his part, he gets a whiskey on the rocks and keeps back from the crowd. Gladhanding isn't his forte and he's bad at muttering false platitudes in service to other people's sensibilities. He felt regret, yes, that he hadn't been able to find Shift before his death, but, at the same time, he wasn't sure what he could've done to prevent it. So, pay respects and move on.

Above New York, bright flashes of heat-lightning spark forward through distant clouds…

…moments later, a figure descends from the heavens his hands clasped behind his back.

The heels of Mighty Adam's boots hit the firmament and he paces forward. Pausing just behind the praying women he bows his head in a reverent fashion and pauses for a long count of ten.

Then, Adam looks upward and steps to the edge of the table where he places a thin white envelope marked 'TUESDAY' taking enough time to set it beneath one of the candles so that it does not blow away…

..and then he enters.

As friends and family are invited to speak he does neither. Instead lingering at the periphery —- as seems fitting, given their relationship.

Mikial spots the homeless drunks, he is about to gesture to one of his Cop buddies to come over, when a sudden, and powerfull migrane hits him. He grimaces. And then a voice low, and c oming from somewhere deep inside his head, "Kill……. KIIIIILLLLLLL!kill them, kill them all. hahahahha. Do it, Do it! DO IT!!!!"
Mikial strains against it and fights it back, "Barkly, watch them, make sure they don't cause any problems…" Meanwhile, Spearhead fights the voice that just cropped up. It has lessened from the oputburst, but it was definatly still there…

Public transportation is usually reasonably reliable, but it has finicky days. This, apparently, is one of them. A bus lurches and squeals to a stop not far from the location for the funeral, and Joshua disembarks. He adjusts his jacket while he looks behind him. When a blond appears in the cavernous doorway, he offers his hand to her. "We might not be too late, love," he tells her.

Melody remains in the middle of the crowded bar, her head immediately shaking as she goes quiet once Rachel speaks and Bruce departs. She looked sorely out of place, her hands clutching together, twisting the skin upon her fingers so much that it hurts. She even starts tapping her foot, tears building within her eyes as she draws her hand upright to lightly chew upon her thumb. She didn't know of any of those people; but their lives were a separate part of something that was much more bigger.

Seeing Corvinus was a shock to her system, the large man of Black Adam was one as well. Part of her should at least feel a little bit comforted since he did have friends outside of herself.. herself..

Her hand lifts to lightly smack the heel of her palm against her temple, not once, but twice.. she couldn't stop the stupid tears from falling no matter how much she tried to think of something else. She was even whipping her head around to glance towards the door, maybe the ceiling.. could he be there? And why… why.. is someone going to say anything? Is anyone going to say anything?

"How come no ones saying anything..?" She murmurs in a quiet, pained voice. "Someone say something so he can come back.."

The blonde who is Lynwen steps out of the vehicle is dressed in red summer dress and is carrying large brown leather purse. Her hair has been braided and bound up with gold combs. Around her neck she wears a golden torque and on her arm she wears arm bands. She smiles at Joshua and holds his hand tightly. "Let us go then." Her accent is thick and is mix Nordic and welsh, a strange accent to many.

A few minutes late the door opens and Joshua and Lynwen walk into the estbalishment. She is still holding his hand.

The awkward looking avianoid strides slowly along with purpose, pausing briefly to reach into his right wing to pull something out with a slight exhalation of pain, then places an obsidian feather on the table, planting the removed plumage cautiously so as not to overpower any other offerings, yet compliment them in a way that befits the overall harmony of the ritual and the shrine. After a moment or two he'll move off to the side, and watch to see who if anyone steps up to speak. He's not sure about doing that himself at this juncture…

Looking sombre as Rachel intones her introduction, Brin still lingers at the back, and she looks sadder as the gospel starts playing. It seems…. fitting.

Perhaps she's remembering another memorial service, years ago, to commemorate the passing of her fellow Paragons…. This might not be the best setting for the brunette.

Looking up, Brin notes Black Adam but doesn't recognise him and lets her gaze float to the door and Joshua and Lynwen. Raising her hand in greeting, she invites the two to join her.

Nate looks around a couple times, recognizing only two or three of the present. There is Rachel, with a very odd attire that is probably drawing more attention than she wants. But Rachel is bad at avoiding attention. « Did you know him well? » He projects to the redhead.

Joshua pauses at the doorway and bows his head for a moment, perhaps as a tribute to the fallen hero. Then he glances around the surprisingly full room. Most are strangers to him, but he easily recognizes Brin, having met her several times, if only superficially. He looks to Lynwen and then leads her toward the place in the back of the room where the brunette is. He nods to her. "Traffic is a nuisance," he explains. "We're glad to see you again, although I wish that the circumstances wee better. Still …" He shrugs. "How much did we miss?"

"I do not know what Kwabena Odame meant to the people, here.." it is Mighty Adam who speaks his voice distinct and clear over the music that is being played in the background, "..but I know what he meant to me. I know what he means to Khandaq."

The tyrant moves forward his presence parting the crowd as he moves, "Nearly one week ago foul destiny threatened this planet. In the deserts of the ancient world a new-age horror sought punish a millions of innocent lives." Mid-way to the front of the crowd Adam merely stops and slowly turns as-of to regard them all, "His death was to preserve life. The lives of millions. The lives of my people. The lives of /your/ people."

"So often history obfuscates our greatest heroes. Those who give their lives so that the rest may fall to sleep and then awake with blissful ignorance of what /could have/ come to pass."

"Kwabena died so that the rest of us might live in ignorance. His sacrifice is so great — so unknown — that we gather here to honor only the small piece of his legacy that we know. On behalf of my people — I thank Kwabena for his sacrifice. His history shall not be forgoten."

Adam nods slightly there and gestures back towards the front of things. His piece said.

Bruce Banner returns to Melody's side, giving her a glass of water at any rate, whether she asked for it or not, taking a long sip of his own whiskey. He glances up as Black Adam starts speaking, vague memories of the man rising in the swirl of his memories, the haze of emerald…Hulk memories. He feels a lurch from the beast within him, a momentary flash of wrath that he quickly tamps down, disguising it as a cough as he feels a momentary pain in his chest.

"Not now…" he mutters to himself, closing his eyes until he manages to find his calm again. Stupid animal. No sense of perspective. "Well, there's at least one speech," he says softly to Melody, "But…" he says, then stops himself. If he makes Melody confront the truth that Shift is likely actually dead, she might break down and, frankly, he has no particular gift for comfort. He knows it will inevitably come, but he's not sure how to handle it. And who knows, maybe she's right. She knew the dead man better than he.

"Good day." Lynwen says to Brin gently and with a warm smile. "Grid locke, never good." Then she looks to Joshua and says in Welsh, «I should speak, my Sunstone. Why are they not celebrating his life? He is with those he loved and has lost, they are feasting and celebrating his return. They should find joy that he is not in pain and no longer needs to fight or carry a torch. This is very different my love.» Lynwen switches back to English. "Brin lee correct?" she tests the woman's name out.

Melody turns quickly as the doors open, her shoulders lift.. but the hope died out within her as soon as the door shuts and the one person she expected to walk through wasn't there. But as Bruce returns, she takes the water, holding onto it with a shaky hand, the other brushing a bit of hair from her face as she steps aside once Adam begins to speak..

His speech was enthralling really, the way he commanded attention and she gave it easily, her eyes still darting around the room as her hand begins to shake so much that the water spills from the rim.. She even sniffs hard, wiping away at her face as she glances towards Bruce, her face scrunching up into something that's akin to a hint of anger.. "But.. but what? -BUT- what?" She raises her voice just a little, turning back towards Black Adam as she sniffs hard, wiping away at her cheeks. "Whatever.. I don't care. You don't know what you're talking about."

"~A little, but you know what he helped us with. I wish I could have done more for him.~" Rachel replies telepathically to Nate. Of course, in this situation she was sure most attention was on the majestic and charismatic Black Adam; a sight she did not expect to see in Mutant Town.

After Adam is done speaking, Rachel smiles and isn't sure how to follow up on something so eloquent but she tries anyways.

"When I arrived here, I was on a mission. Something dangerous and vital to the survival of the world, to prevent a terrible future from ever occurring." Rachel looks down sadly for a moment before continuing to speak.

"When I needed help, with no questions asked to help protect not only mutants, but the innocent people of this world; he didn't hesitate to say yes. He jumped at the opportunity, despite the fact that he could have died."

"If not for Kwabena, I don't know what would have happened with my mission. He was selfless and never willing to turn down someone in need. He won't be forgotten by me or anyone I meet."

Rachel steps away and moves over to speak to Black Adam, asking him, "Thank you for coming here today." Curiousity could not wait though, "How did it happen?"

The group of homeless men scream continue forward, one throwing an empty bottle at Spearhead and his cop friends.

Another man screams, "Fuck Shift!"

"Yeah! Screw Shift! We were rich! Bloody kings until he took us down and ended Smooth!"

The baffling bird listens to the Tyrant of Khandaq speak for a few moments. There's some nodding before he finds himself moving forwards to testify.

"I encountered Kwabena as he was working up methods to deal with a brutal substance that targeted mutants. Despite some initial awkwardness, we found Wisdom and then worked out a means to deal with the matter."

"But that was not Kwabena nor his love of Life. That was a duty he took on and drew others to the cause. No. His love of life was taking time out to do simple things and do them well and… live. Far too many people get lost in a Cause, a direction, and forget that they're human, too. This was the refreshing perspective that Kwabena brought. It wasn't all bright… but it wasn't all dark, either. And the fact that we're all here is a sign that yes, his love of life, no matter the form it took… it appealed to us to… do better."

"Thank you, Kwabena. May your sacrifice in the course of Wisdom be not in vain."

Jim takes a few steps back to allow others to speak, and to not bash anyone with his wings.

"Not much" Brin murmurs to Joshua, even as she nods to Nate… making him out in the crowd. He might recognise her mind reaching out to lightly touch his… not that she can more than sense emotion.

"Brinley" She pronouces the word together, not as two words with a small smile to Lynwen, looking past the woman to unruly homeless men. "Stay sharp, Joshua" she murmurs "Security should have that, but this is M-Town." Regardless of what her ability is, the young woman focusses on the group and tries to send thoughts of calm and reassurance to them.

Joshua nods to Lynwen. «"I agree about speaking. As for this, people have … different ways of dealing with this sort off thing, love,"» he explains in Welsh. «"Some do celebrate." Then he glances toward the front when Black Adam begins to speak. Instinctively, Joshua begins to translate for Lynwen. When the rowdies start to shout, he stops abruptly and peers in their direction. Then he shakes his head and returns his attention to Lynwen and the translation that she needs.

Lunair is quietly amidst the mourners, turning up a little late. Sadface. She's partially in disbelief, and partially just really sad. She's at least brought some flowers and a brownie or two. Hey, she can't pour a 40 for him. She's not old enough to buy booze. "You were a good pal." She's figuring out who is here, but … mostly… just kind of quietly sad. While her emoting skills are weak, her expression actually matches her mood. A small frown and downcast gaze.

It's sort of a panging pain after the endorphins wear off from an injury. It's the truth. He's gone, and not just into hiding or deep cover.

Mikial would like to say a few words, the few he does have. However, That voice seems to get much louder any time he got close to the where he could, the voice practically /SCREAMED/ at him, and the intense migrane worsened.
Once again fighting back thevoice and migrane, he notices two people he remembered from a conflict not too long ago. He makes his way over to them, the couple now sitting next to a brunette. They hjad likely saved what was left of his life by being there to take out most of the waves of criminals that ensued that day, and he though, "I should get to know them, atleast I may be able to say something for a funeral then, Unlike here, where I know next to nothing about the man, unfortunately…" Before he makes it to them, he overhears the woman who seems to be quite close to the deceased, and the voice kicks up again, "There! suuuufffffferiiiiing! You could end it right now if you reeeealy wanted to……" He forces the obcene voice back with a mental /shove/ he is about to resume trying to introduce himself to the couple, when the bottle is thrown, the voice now over shadowing most of his thoughts, "KILL KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!" he manages to push it back yet again as he moves to go and tell the unruly assholes without any remorse…

Bruce Banner stays at the edge of the crowd and lights a cigarette, "You're right, I don't," he says to Melody. "I hope you're right. But wanting something, no matter how badly, doesn't make it so. Hope feels good, but it's a lie, most of the time," he says softly. What a softie that Banner is.

He gives Melody her distance, though, making sure not to brush shoulders with anyone or call attention to himself. He does hit the bar again, getting a refill on his whiskey, listening to the various speeches (and the occasional disruption). Controversy likely suited Shift as well as anything - much as the eulogies might pretend otherwise, Kwabena wasn't exactly universally beloved.

Bruce can relate to that.

Black Adam steps easily backward the throngs of humanity giving him no resistance as he withdraws from the center of the room..

As he moves he meets the eyes of the crowd his face somber, his countenance silent, except for Bruce Banner. Nearly undetectable to the rest of the crowd his dark eyes fixates for a half-breath upon the paranoid physicist and the corner of his mouth twitches slightly but never quite forms a smile.

It is Rachel's presence which genuinely distracts him though he smiles and places a hand upon her shoulder to move somewhat away from the center of things so that they might speak privately, "His sacrifice was made for the rest of us," Adam merely affirms what he has already spoken, "Your government placed many at mount Sinai, that day, and I cannot say what his purpose had originally been beyond knowing that his death prevented many others."

'Fuck Shift!'

The pointed tips of Mighty Adam's ears prick imperceptibly as preternatural hearing picks up on turmoil beyond.

"Thank you for allowing me here." Adam says with a cordial manner, "I have left a tribute upon the table outside. Please see that it is passed onto his estate."

Jim's speech was watched intently, she suddenly remembers him, back in Alliance. The bird, big as he was, unnerved her still. She felt a little warmed, glancing up towards the ceilings yet again, that little hope still there as she glances towards Bruce. Each time someone enters, leaves.. she sees smoke in the air with no result, she's crushed a little at a time.

"So what are you saying, Bruce?" She watches him walk away, prodding the beast as she follows. "You're saying that he's really dead and he's not going to come back?" She takes a shudder of a breath. "You don't know hope like I do Bruce. You don't even try to feel anything other than that… stupid.. emo thing you got going on." She starts to poke hard at his back, and her being a meta, was hard enough to nudge him at least.

"You don't try anything because you're not comfortable. You're not comfortable of the 'feels' you get when you do. And that's fine, I wasn't either. But I did it anyways. I loved Shift on purpose, Bruce! I loved him fiercely! Don't rain on my parade cause you're too .. to…" Her shoulders shudder as she breaks out into tears, a silent cry of pain. She couldn't stand there any longer, she at least had to check the outside of the bar to see if he would probably roll up on his bike. Yeah! That's it. His bike! He's on it right now to come to the rescue to let everyone.. her.. know he's okay!

She rushes outside, passing through the throng, the door burst open as she steps out to the group of naysayers. And it -crushes- her.

Nate nods in greeting to Brinley when she looks in his direction. His reaction to the mental scan is to reinforce his psychic shields, but they aren't very effective to empathy, so the young woman can sense some regret floating over a sea of contained anger.

Rachel response… really wasn't what he expected. Or maybe not what he wanted to hear. Not important anymore, he muses. No one else is saying anything about Shift. For shame. Then he will:

He steps forward. "I can't say I knew Shift well. We fought for the same cause one, and he was a brave and competent warrior. I got the impression he came from a dark life and was struggling to atone, and fighting to make the world a better place. I will remember him."

Bruce Banner takes a deep breath as he feels Melody poking at his back, yelling at him. He closes his eyes and just tries to tune it out as best he can. She's in pain, in grief. If she needs to take it out on him, let her. It wasn't about him, it was about Shift. Shift's the one who died and, before he died, decided to leave the girl high and dry to pine away for him. Bruce feels a hint of anger, but swallows it hard. He can't lose control here.

When she turns and runs out, only to be confronted by the crowd, he follows and takes her wrist, "Come back inside, Melody," he says softly. In truth, he is hurt, to some degree, by her words and it shows in his face. He knows he's not normal. He can't be normal. He lost that luxury, if he ever had it. "I am what I am. I can't apologize for it, because I don't know how else to be. But you should be the one up there saying something. You're the one who loved him," he says, "Do that, at least, before you go."

Shift's estate? His next of kin? Rachel didn't even know who that was, she suddenly hoped very much that someone else was going to take care of those things or had she inadvertently volunteered by arranging this memorial?

"I wish I had answers I could share with you but I am glad that he was able to make a difference for so many." Rachel couldn't help but feel a little awed by Adam, should she curtsey, bow, kneel? She had no idea, "You honoured Shift with your presence here and if there is ever anything I can do to aid you. I will. My name is Rachel your majesty."

The swell of emotions in the area is felt by Rachel, it's a mixture of varying ranges and intensities but nothing like Melodies and the insanity in Spearhead's brain.

Sensing Brinley as well she reaches out telepathically, "~Do you know who that girl is?~" She sends Brinley a mental image of Melody before focussing in on Spearhead and doing some quick telepathic probing and purifying of the poor man's mind.

The other officer with Spearhead round up the drunks and drag them away. No doubt for a beating, Shift style.

Lynwen nods her head and offers a smile to Brinley, "Thank you." She says to her and then she looks back to Joshua and she listens, she nods her head a number of time and when the men begin to throw bottles she frowns. "Rude, we not do that even." She shakes her head. She goes back to listening to the exchange and the translation. She clutches her purse against her.

Joshua cotninues to translate for Lynwen, but when Brinley urges caution about the disruptive element, he glances toward them and then nods to the brunette. "We've … run into a few with similar sentiments," he answers in his smooth English accent. "Purifiers," he adds, although still keeping his voice low. After Adam ends his speech and another gives his tesitmony about Shift, Joshua resumes his task of translating for Lynwen. He briefly switches to English to urge, "Stay close in case they become more trouble."

Lunair is more an audience here, especially once she puts her flowers amongst the other offerings. It's an impressive turnout, and a part of her is glad. Shift meant a lot of things to a lot of people. There's a frown at the drunks, though. Sheesh.

Mikial, A.K.A. : Spearhead, Feels a new, sharp pain in his head, and clutches to a trash bin he was about to pass, and hangs on, trying his best not to let himself fall, the conflict between what ever the two entities in his head are causing a good amount of pain that proves very difficult to block out.
the pain stops, and he coughs, spits. In the trash, he sees what it was, a mass of something black. Uggh.
Maybe now he can say a few cwords?
Mikial makes his way to the front of the crowd, "I didn't know Shift that well, But, what I do know, is that he put others ahead of himself when thiongs got tough, he did the right thing, I got to see this in just one time of meeting him, And I don't believe I even knew hios name, and didn't get to untill I heard of this, his death and funeral. I don't know him nearly as well as most of you, but I wish I did…. Thank you…." He finishes, and walks to the sidelines.

Brin… doesn't know what to say. She's still remembering her own lost team mates and to speak for someone she didn't know? She just can't.

Nates regret and anger is felt, not processed as she watches him deliver his eulogy for the fallen man.

Rachels projection? Brin recognises her from the concert the other night but that's all «I've seen her around but don't know her or who she is. She has some ability. Not mutant though.»

"They aren't purifiers, they're smooth addicts." Brin murmurs to Joshua "Not sure if that's any better, though."

Melody was already long gone, the streetlights outside begin to flicker, some even shorting out until her wrist was grabbed. The stoney gaze she gives to the crowd was left with a turn as she was pulled back inside. To say something? About Shift? Everyone else had a turn and she was content to leave it be. To just say a few words would be admitting the fact that he's dead. She didn't want to do that.

Nate and Spearheads speech touched her though, and with a hesitant look towards Bruce she finally takes the turn to speak, dragging a slight stool to the front so that she could stand upon it and not feel so small.

"Shift.. helped me." She started, clearing her throat and wiping at her face, she even sniffs hard to appear a little bit more presentable. "He didn't have to. First time I knew of him I tried to have him killed. But he helped me anyways. And.. and he changed my life in so many.. many ways.." She lowers her head, wiping at her eyes again as she glances at the ceiling.

"God. This is so stupid. SHIFT! Stop this stupid nonsense and get back here now!"

And she waits. But lord knows, she might be waiting forever..

"SH…Kwab.. Sh..SHIFT! Stop it. STOP THIS! STOP THIS SHIFT AND COME HOME!" The glass of water she once held was slammed to the ground in a fit of small anger, a slight misstep sends her tumbling from the stool she stood upon and right upon her ass.

"Oh god.. oh god he's dead! Oh god someone help me he's dead!"

Mikial, Now free of the entity trying to have him kill the inoccents here, sees The greiving Woman fall, and begins to move to help her up from her fall, and whatever else may be needed, Sometimes, in times like this, all someone needs is a hug, or a shoulder to cry on and let it all go. As he moves close, he thinks to whoever may have cured him, "~Thank you!~"

Bruce Banner moves up when Melody loses herself, offering his hand silently to help her up. He doesn't offer words, because he has no words to give. She's going to have to feel what she feels and only time will make it better. In the meantime, if she needs to yell at him, well, then he'll just have to find a way to take it. He's not going to be giving any speeches. Shift was a mercenary and mercenaries die. He raises an eyebrow to Spearhead, though, as the stranger leaps up as well. Another sentimentalist.

"I think, perhaps, it's time to go." he says gently.

"Smooth, I know that name. Do not cleanse them, it does not go well." Lynwen says in response to Brin. She looks back to Joshua and nods her head. She lets go of his hand steps away. She strides over to where Melody is. Her red dress a bight stains against the bleak backdrop. A nod of her head is offered to Burce. Reaching Melody she places a hand on her shoulder, opening with her free hand she opens her purse. From it she takes out a bottle of whiskey. "Dead but celebrate, he no hurt, he no sick, he is feasts with those whom he lost." Her words are carefully chosen. "You need to live and" She pauses searching for the word and carefully says, "celebrate so he can continue to live here on this earth." Her accent is thick. "Take this, drink laugh, send to the next world."

Joshua frowns when Brinly answers, identifying the hecklers as Smooth addicts. Between eulogies, he answers. "I didn't mean that those were Purifiers, only that we dealt with some Purifiers not long ago. Either sort can bring trouble, especially here." He returns to his duty, translating for Lynwen until the woman, unknown to him, begins to suffer from some breakdown. He glances to Brinley. "Excuse me," he offers. Leaving Lynwen and Brinley, he starts toward Melody. When Lynwen pushes past him, he murmurs to her, "I'm here if you need me, love."

"It is the very least that I could do," Adam responds, "Rachel." With his naked hand he reaches outward clasping her just below the elbow in a familiar gesture meant to stymie whatever confusion she might have about the appropriate diplomatic response before him.

"I thank you for arranging this tribute," he says releasing her arm, "Out of respect for Kwabena. If there is anything that I can do for you /or yours/ then you need only seek an audience."

He bows his head there and withdraws a step obviously excusing himself before turning and heading for the door..

Outside, Mighty Adam emerges from the establishment behind the small number of officers and before the arrangement of homeless protestors. Inhaling slowly he folds his arms so that they cross before the golden lightning which slashes his chest and he glares callously over their mass.

"I am far from the worst thing within," he says lifting off of the ground with certain arrogance giving the group a cruel smirk, "Knowing this, what hope do you truly believe that you have?"

Adam ascends then, departing.

If she could put the sadness and grief into a box, lock it away and seal it tight, she would. But once it was opened, like Pandora's doo-dad, all of it was released into the world to let it be. Even as Spearhead lifts her up, she clings to him for the life she once knew with Shift, crying hard into his shoulder, trading places as Bruce approaches to transfer all of that hurt towards him. Sans punching, yelling, and kicking. All tears, right upon his suit jacket.

Lynwen's approach has her stopping, the hand upon her shoulder draws her to turn to face the woman, her shaky hands reaching out for the bottle of liquor as she takes those words to hard. But those words break her; visible within the mind and body for any who chooses to read, a negative feedback for the ages that turns her into a wreck once more. The bottle was then held close to her chest as she gives a hesitant nod towards the woman. "I..I.. wi-.." The only words she manages to squeeze out from choked emotions. She was done, so done with this world.

She leans against Bruce again, seeking aid in her walk, her knees a little weak as she stammers out so quietly. "I.. I wan.. want to go with.. him.. I don't want to be here…"

Bruce Banner lets Melody lean onto his shoulder, putting his arm around her, awkwardly at first, but with greater assurance. Try to be a human being, Bruce, at least this once. "I know. When I lost my mother…" he says, hesitating for a moment. He doesn't talk about this. Not to anyone. Not ever. "When she was murdered…all I wanted to do was die and be with her. But that's not what she would have wanted. And it's not what he would want of you. I didn't know him well, but I know he fought to keep people alive. That includes you," he says.

He starts to help guide Melody from the center of attention, nodding to the others who've come to her aid. "Come on, I'll order a pizza at the lab and you can play that video game you like with the squids playing paintball." he says.

Lunair is mourning, but her mourning is quiet and subdued. She doesn't know how. But she's left her flowers and she's not sure what happens next. Shift isn't popping up like Hell's ferret. People are - losing it, as it were. But she's going to shuffle out. "Thanks for being my friend, Shift." He was her friend, even in light of the kidnapping attempts. And that's all. There's a subdued, even sad feeling like the greys of a rainy day stripping out the color from a city. And Lunair goes forth.

Rachel has dealt with aliens, gods and cosmic beings but still her experience with Black Adam had left her a little bit humbled. She waves to the departing God and definitely knows when the dark days come, she will be seeking an audience with him first and foremost.

She wanted to help Melody Kenway out, but she really didn't know how. Comforting others wasn't her strongpoint.

Instead she moved to the table, finding the envelope that Adam had left for Shift's estate and brings it to her, "His Majesty Black Adam left this for Shift's estate. I think you're the closest thing to family he has, you should have it." She had no idea what it was, but if anyone should have it; it was Rant.

Mikial allows himself to be clung to, and used as a stepping stone to that other fella she came with, evedently a close friend. He gives the man a nodd, as if to say, 'be carefull, she needs all the support she can get…' he then remembers his own losses, his wife, infant son, both brutally mauled and murdered…… He still would make good on his vow of vengence……

The avianoid tilts his head as Melody has a social breakdown. He was about to offer some horribly bad trivial comment when Bruce hits the argument he was trying to formulate. There is very little he can offer this point beyond what he has already said, though he does take note of who is present and forces himself to remember who was here, so if they are encountered in the future he can greet them appropriately.

Why am I so detatched? Coping mechanism?

He'll keep out of the way of folks departing or arriving, not interfering with private moments.

Spearhead says, "And I didn't go Postal!!!! :D"

With a nod of her head Lynwen steps away from the ground and she heads out the door quietly. As she does so she gives a look to the bums that is challenging, and they do not throw anything at her. Something in her gaze or her look has them moving away from her.

"I see." Brin murmurs as the couple move off to comfort Rant, looking lost and alone for a moment. With a sad smile, she heads out the door and down the street. She wishes Rant well, she really does but right now, she needs some mental space.

Mikial turns and goes to where his Cop friends are, and catches a glass bottle intended for his head. With out a word, he grabs the man who threw it, and takes him into an alley, out of sight. the sound of glass breaking and the sound of flesh being pounded on. Quiet. And Mikial re-amerges, grabbing another offender… Rinse, lather, repeat….

It was hard for her to listen to everyone and everything.. all the words were something she's heard at various funerals she's been to. Never would she thought that they would be spared for her. Even if they weren't hollow, they felt it at that moment, and even as she heads to the door, stopped by Rachel, she looked towards her with a hint of sadness.

"Black Adam?" Rant questions, a deep frown crawling upon her features, her glossy eyes planted upon the envelope as she hesitantly takes it from Rachel's hand. She had no idea what was in it.. but she was going to put it to good use. "Thank you Ma'am.. and.. thank you for.." She gestures around, she was done talking. Maybe in a week or so.. she could begin to clean out Shift's things and send them to her place for sorting. The worst part of it all..

Rachel slips her number into Rant's pants and lets the other girl deal with her grief, "You're welcome. Contact me anytime."

Rachel makes her way towards Brinley, smiling fondly at the other woman, "Brinley, you'll have to introduce me to your friends under better circumstances." She nods politely to Joshua and Lynwen, "I'm Rachel and I am very late for a flight. Thank you for coming though and for your words."

When Lynwen pushes past him, heading with singleminded purpose toward the door, Joshua frowns and bites his bottom lip. he glances toward Melody and sees that several others are helping her to cope with her grief. On his way, he spots Brin heading for the door as well. He recognizes that look, and quickens his stride to catch up with her, and he calls, just loudly enough for her to hear, "Brinley? Is something wrong?"

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