Hunting and Tracking - Mercenary Style

June 25, 2015:

After the concert, Rose reveals she put a tracker on one who got out and is intent to hunt him. With help, apparently.

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It is not normal for Nate to get blindsided like this. He is a telepath and he is usually wary of his surroundings. But there were too many scared and angry people at the concert, and he made the mistake to try to use telepathy to hit the attackers without harming the surroundings.

Obviously it is still too hard for him to use telepathy during a battle and avoid being hit. Fortunately he has a very thick skull and only was unconscious a few minutes. He woke up with blood in his hair and a headache. One not cause by his powers for once. Going right back to the X-Men base in Westchester sounded like a good idea, so they did that. Nate has been fairly quiet except to ensure Rose that he was fine.

He is very angry, though. That usually makes him sullen.

Rose ripped one of the assaulters bandanas off his face. Literally. One hand grabbed the bandana to rip it off his face just before the cops around, in jerking him forward her stumbled into a fist.. Repeatedly.

Thus is the tedium to obtain a tourniquet to tie off around her upper thigh.

The ride back home was silent as Rose roared the Tomahawk back to Xavier's on instinct, bypassing the turnoff for their new house. But rolling up she stops the bike and turns in her seat to look back at Nate and shut the engine off idly.

"I put a tracker on one of them that managed to escape. I intend to hunt him down." Quiet words, but truthful ones. Her rage came out in bloody knuckles.
"Good idea," replies Nate, sliding off the bike. "These Purifiers are even crazier than the usual bunch of racist lunatics. There were willing to kill dozens of humans for each mutant killed," and they had no exist plan either. Nuts.

He heads straight into a restroom to apply water to her face and head. He feels a little dizzy, could be a concussion? Probably not, but he will watch for symptoms.

Lunair - apparently missed something. But she is there, at Xavier's today. Where she goes and what she gets up to is a mystery to most. She seems to prefer it that way. It's probably not even unusual stuff. But she's around when they come rolling up on a bike and blinks owlishly. Her eyes widen. "Hey! You guys? Are you okay?" There's concern evident, despite her usually neutral, blank face born of massive undersocialization. She watches Nate and possibly Rose follow into a restroom.

Sweeping off the bike she follows Nate and pauses by Lunair, nodding lightly, leaving Nate a moment.

"The Madison Square concert was attacked. They attempted to lock everyone in and mow us all down. Or those of us they found as mutants." A brief summary to the bloody mayhem, but it got the point home.

Old blood coated and cracked over the surface of her leather pants where a bat that had been laden in nails imbedded itself. Aside from that Rose seems fine, save that tense tone that foretells false evening. There's rage beneath it all. "I intend to go on a hunt tonight. If you wish to join me.."

Now Rose moves to the bathroom door and props it open with her boot, not peering it but calling for Nate. "You need to at least let us look at your head."

"Uh… I am fine," protests Nate. Then he glances to Rose's leg. "I'll check with the nurse when we go upstairs and… you gotta let her see your leg too." Because he is pretty sure she was going to try to avoid it. He would have too. Good thing they have each other.

He steps out and sees Lunair, offering the girl a strained smile. "It was a fun concert. For about ten minutes. How are you?"

Lunair blinks and frowns. "I see. I'm sorry. Are you guys hurt?" She asks. "Just be careful- I can help heal you up," Then a pause. She looks to Nate and frowns. "I am not the best with people but if it upset Rose enough to go on a hunt, it was either Bieber or something serious went down," She offers. "Otherwise, I think the nurse is still up. Someone got their foot good with a shovel while we were planting some ferns," She admits.

She is concerned, but not buying the fun concert story. "People tried to kill mutants at a concert? That's pretty bold. But I'll help as you like." Yesyes.

When Nate re-emerges and makes his insistence she scoffs, her hands flexing to and from fists at her sides, in order to stop the fidgeting she leans back against the wall.

"Help heal?" As much as she likes Lunair she knows little about her abilities other then what she has seen, a slight tilt of her head shows as much. "Him first. I worry for his bean sometimes." Those headaches… That virus…

A small smile at Luna's comment though on it possibly being Beiber. "No, I'd have mowed down his fans. Role reversal. I… don;t think I have upset anyone -that much- for them to want to lock me in that godforsaken kind of place."

Nate nods to Lunair, "in the middle of Manhattan. Terrorist style attack, but not even Hydra does this kind of suicide strike. There were at least a score of them." He paces, obviously still very angry. "It is not the first time. We already fought them a few days ago in Mutant Town. Iceman was there, remember? And one Spider-Man kind of guy that said he wasn't Spider-Man."

Lunair listens. She stifles a smile at Rose's comeback. Then she furrows her eyebrows. "Yeah, it's from a video game," She offers. Freaking Team Fortress 2 Medigun. Silly as it is, being able to heal someone with a gun is definitely handy. And she'll pull one out.

"I see. Well. You are both my friends, so I'll follow you." She is sympathetic and worried.

"Hate is definitely a blinding thing. Leave them to their hate. Eventually it consumes you." The final sentence from Rose has her words lowering in tone, moving it inward and lacking expression.

"Him first, please?" She asks Lunair with a faint smile. "Tracker, location point 6R4X."

While Lunair helps Nate, her milky white eye gains a faint glow with data scroll.

"Still moving. When he stops to rest, he'll wish he did not."

"Thank you." She says to Lunair, reaching over and poking Nate just at the temple, somehow managing not to hit a sore spot…maybe.

"Stop being so broody. We got work to do." And work… is what makes Rose tick at least.

"I am just angry, Rose. I'll feel better when those assholes are in the hospital, or the morgue," Nate sighs, and his eyes blur. "Damnit… I'll see the nurse right now. And you better come up in 10 minutes or I will get back to drag you there, Rosie." He limps off.

Lunair is quiet. She tilts her head. "Okay," She'll turn the Medigun on Nate, then. It's mostly to spare them rest and a trip to the nurse. Although, this worries her. Pause. "Um. Okay. Well, why don't you see the nurse and we'll regroup?" She asks. "I'll get my scooter ready and stuff."
Although, Lunair adds, "Or my bulletproofed car might be better."

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