Temptation and Power

June 29, 2015:

'In between' where Satana takes Reese to bait her into bigger and better things.

In Between


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Fade In…

There is a tug, a subtle sensation that is beneath the belly, the pressure that builds, a mixture between pleasure and pain. From there is where that thread pulled, and Reese could feel it in that soft inhale hovering just over her lips from those split in darkness.

But before the marionette's thread could be cut it all comes crashing to a halt. A taunt, a tease, a deliberate feel of that finger curling within in a beckoning motion to end it all, give in, become wracked in deaths throes and adore. Every. Minute.


A click of teeth in a feral snarl and it is severed, hooked fang and sinker, though the only thing Reese can still feel is a lull. Not everything is released, and there's still a pressure at the back of her skull not made by the handful of her hair or the claws that scrape just over scalp. Every word. Every syllable. Mother crooned. ~"You are connected and interwoven to so many threads, and you pull from one to give to another. So many lives you give and gift."~

A pause as she clutches the blind woman to her bosom, the feel of that lavaesque flesh eased and unprotected by the liquid and visceral attire. You did not need eyes to see that here it is empty, dark, and the warmth stuck to your flesh.

~"Take for you. For me. Have you ever even basked in a selfish comfort and felt the /rush/?"~ Once more lips taunted, fingers now coming to rest and grip upon Reese's profile, claws smooth along cheeks just below her prominent cheek bones ridge.

~"But if I keep at it your lights and ties will be…Cut."~ Promises and truths on temptations very breadst.


For a long time, Reese believed herself one of the oldest beings to currently walk the earth sight unseen. Paving the way through history by creating small ripples that do nothing to change the fact that she was -there-. Leaving a few broken souls in her wake and paying penance for one hundred years with the thought that if you keep to yourself the birds wouldn't come home to roost.

But everything does. It was a karmic circle. One good deed does not stop a bad turn, all it brings about was pain. And pleasure. But mostly pain.

But there was no need for her to scream in this place; her body spoke words that her lips were unable to convey. The slight twist. The hesitation of breath. Does she even need to breathe here? Where in the world were they?

She was always surrounded by darkness, but this darkness felt damning, and it felt wrong, especially pressed against supple skin where the thrum of a heartbeat would be. But were her ears clouded? Could she not hear the steady cadence..


To admit the words that were spoken within the back of her mind, or somewhere in this space.. it would go against her new credence to help. The pendulum that swings upon her own would become tainted. And everything else would be all for naut. But here? Secrets were kept. Secrets were told and kept to the four ears that linger here..

'Yes..' She thought. She's felt that need for so long.. to take lives, to fuel her own, to further her immortality. But the ley was a fount for her.

'Are you so sure?' Her thoughts ring out. 'I give and give and give, and when I have nothing I give.. can you promise me that the line, it'll fall?'

~"Ah. But you forget. Everything is tied."~ In saying as much Satana smiles, a sensation not seen, but it could be /felt/. Pleasures pain, equal in their tango, much like this duo. There is a heartbeat there, she is not dead, though in some failings and successes it was surely tried. ~"Let me show you."~

The grip that was a threatening tenderness hardens, even those claw tips can be felt violating the skin over defined cut of her asiatic heritage. But it was an anchor, because just as that burning sensation came with the break of flesh, lips crushed upon Reese's and at first it seemed suffocating.

Breath stolen, in fact being sucked away like a hard wind on a canyons crest where you are about to teeter…

Then that sensation again, that draw from the pit of Reese's insides, warm, inviting, working its way towards those sinners lips that promise… And in her head…

~"Use those lines, reach, and pull - or you will grow forever cold."~ A promise, one that can easily be felt backing as fatigue sets in, a light numbing sensation at the toes rising ever slowly upward along limbs.

'Like good and evil.' Reese thinks. 'But what falls in between? Is that were we are now? In between that place of good and evil? Or am I already..'

The sensation draws her back to arch, her blank eyes wide as she stares into the void, she was certainly being shown as lips covers hers and begins that internal pull. The whites of her eyes glow blue, shooting beams that reach the heavens, the glow from her mouth stifled to only go into one direction. And that direction was in.

It was almost like Yama-Uba, but worse. She could feel herself slipping, the bend at the knees forced with a limpness of her arms. Her hands, the skin and flesh surrounding her nearly wrinkles to show true age, bone and sinew nearly ripping the skin asunder until she begins to pull right back.

That light, the blue light in it's purity slowly grows dark, heated with a hint of red, the lifeline that lays within her slowly becoming tainted as she fights the losing battle; where in this place? Inhibitions and a desire to live no matter the cost take hold. And the cost was tantamount and grand.

~"Some call it the veil. Some call it purgatory. It doesn't matter. That is what I call it, because it doesn't, it's what you make of it like any other life or death…."~ The weakness is caught, Satana is not about to let her fall from her grip, not during this moment.

Expectations awry, she desired it to go one way and be easier, but she did it the easy way. She did it the way Satana would have, and against her lips now she can feel pillows of venomous flesh thin in the smile, that graze of quartet of canines and the tease of tips of tongue against lips, words are murmured against the meet while Reese can feel that sensation in reverse. Instead of feeling the pleasure being drawn from her like a climactic finale it instead is building, rising energy and drive.

Life needs energy, and that very threat now twines, the wings of the moth bursting between their lips in ethereal light and then wrapping like a cocoon for Reese to swallow down whole, but once there, once touching upon soul and forcefully drank it spreads outward, wings forcefully opening, pushing Reese's sensitivities wide and searching for those lifelines that she traverses to send out nourishment, finding those near death in the vicinity and /pulling/ for her.

A spell cast, the first taste had. Where touch and light gave life, it's vampiric twist of pleasure melded between them in sinuously entropic.

~"It's yours."~

'And I made nothing of mine..'

Those were possibly the only final, singular thoughts she had as untainted Reese. There was obvious hesitation there, perhaps.. mayhaps.. the thought was to nip everything in the bud and pull from the one who's lips were against hers, but even then.. that was a dangerous game to play. Reese was no killer, she led those to do horrors upon themselves and fixed them right after for her amusement. She became a testament to sin by convincing those with sweet words that if you do this.. I will save you.

A twisted hero, blind. The skin that she wore was just a mask that hid the whore.

And it was almost akin to what she felt then what she feels now; like falling into a sea that grips and raises a being from perdition. The overwhelming glory that was both sinful and blasphemous. The taste of wings upon her tongue that was forced down her gullet, providing itself to be a dim light that casts upon her belly. The old scar that rests upon the middle of her chest in the days, months ago slowly stitches, the eyes a red glow as the lines that connects those to that 'place' light against the ceiling in a series of ventricle veins in which soon draw down like a moth to her personal flame.

The kiss was forcibly broken, her mouth open wide, her chest deflating soon as a deep inhale is taken. It would be a glorious sight, how all of those ribbons of moths manifest to sink down and flutter in its descent…

"This is the house.." Satana states when their lips part and there is so many electrical charges, the room is fluttering with those parasitic moths, ethereal in the outlines of emination - lifeforce taken and released to dance around them like living lanterns, simply waiting, but when Reese finally opens her minds eye to the area a fog rises from their feet where they stand in a reflective surface of dark waters, only to ankle height, and like lights string above them those lines spark a path, a network dotted with the moving 'stars' of what they have stolen along those lines.

"That we built. Foundation is set, the rest is up to you." An extended roll of finger and it draws along Reese's jawline, so serene, so sure, promising. The one hand that touches and adores, the other takes and ravages, claws stabbing through a moths wing, skewering through the gauzy glow to bring it to her lips - raveled around serpentine tongue and swallowed into the pits of sweet agony.

"Where you give, you can but take, and now, we keep eachother fed so." A curl of one corner of ebon lips, fingertips leaving her after a trace of her emanating and magical aura. "But red looks so much /hotter/ on you."

The invigorating taste of the moth gave birth to eyes that finally allows her to see; to see the lines etched and drawn into the house of where they were, to see the beat and red flow within Satana's veins. Everything was shrouded by it, that heat. The heat that burns along the area and sets her skin to a crawl that she so enjoys. She inhales, allowing that hitch of breath to draw forward, her shoulders slumping as she takes a step within the water.

"This is ours." She finally etches out, her jaw clenching as she feels the claws upon her chin. A small little light flutters at her peripheral, and it was soon caught and supped by her new.. Mentor? Eyes watch cooly as the light within the moth is snuffed out, her own hand striking out to lightly poke another that hovers between the balance.

"I give." She nearly lets the moth go.. to fly back to its host.
"I take." She snatches it again from the air, then mashes the metaphorical insect against cool lips as her eyes flutter with a delight that made the depths of white glow /red/.

There was a grin slightly placed as she chews, placated; everything felt ..so…much..better..

Plenty was left unsaid, but Satana only gave what was necessary, the rest… Was up for Reese's interpretation, and to discover. The devil's due is had, as well as the unspoken bargain of weights and measures. They were tied in a life or death matter, Satana could draw from Reese, pull through her those lives, force entropy, and Reese could do the same as well. A cycle, one of life or death for all parties involved but some things were just better left unsaid.

"All /gods/ do it. You," The words that leave lips come out like a dulcet purr, a sound that even soothes the gap between them without touch, but that warmth is omnipresent, like a serpentine embrace of coils about Reese, the stroke of skin on skin just before the /squeeze/.

There it was. The embrace, a real thing that wrought Reese to Satana's bosom once more and the air around them shifted, opening, but where they stood only differed in surroundings, those ether-moths still danced around them. "Giveth life. Therefore, you can take it away."

Releasing Reese, they are back in the graveyard now, and very much slipped from between.

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