Victor Takes Off

February 09, 2015:

STAR Labs has the technology, they can rebuild him… but what about the human element?

S.T.A.R. Labs, Metropolis

A global force in modern development, the Scientific and Technological
Advanced Research Laboratories is based off of the goal to pursue scientific
research without having any governmental or corporate ties.

S.T.A.R. was founded on offering more promising jobs to individuals within
the scientific community whom had felt under-appreciated and were not being
recognized for their successes. This has paid off over time, as S.T.A.R. has
since then branched out across the country then gone international. While
major facilities can be located in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan,
their central branch remain within Metropolis.


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Star labs the epicenter of technological advancement in metropolis where some of the greatest men and women of the current generation work around the clock doing their best to advance humanity one step at a time. Perfectly cut trees, sculpted into place with the greatest of care floor after floor filled with researchers and scientists working on some of the biggest advancements in generations.

Even two days after the accident the damage control crews have not quite cleaned some of the more excessive damage. A number of doors looking to have been ripped completely off of their hinges, windows smashed with men in orange jumpsuits trying to cover over even now the claw-marks from what all the news outlets have attributed to an explosion.


Pepper's always been in the habit of keeping up with current news. And, with so many of SI's resources currently being dedicated to helping Metropolis, she's been giving this town a little more attention of late. She heard about the football prodigy's accident and couldn't just leave it be. It took her a day or two, but then on one of her trips to the Big Apricot (seriously?), she made a side trip to S.T.A.R. Labs. En route, she made a brief detour to track down a particular EMT she remembers from several weeks back.

Leading the way into the advanced medical facility (currently being bolstered by one of the industrial grade SI clean energy generators), Pepper starts her visit by dropping in on the Administration part of the Labs. It's probably a good half hour, but when she emerges from the Admin office area, one of the head admin types is leading her toward the room of Victor Stone while the attending physicians and nurses scramble just a bit. The rumor mill following Pepper's path like flames chasing black powder repeatedly mentions something about fully paid, and the name Maria Stark comes up at least once.


Cameron Tenoaks, who also goes by the hero sobriquet 'Columbia' saw the news about the young soon - to -be professional, and wanted to help. She wasn't seeking the publicity, but… she was curious to see if she could help. Technically, the damage all came from one injury, which her power should handle, and if Victor was still alive, she could save him! Granted, he'd probably never play football again, but he'd have a quality of life that would be remarkably good from how serious the reported injuries were.

She arrives shortly after Pepper does, and a few of the folks that recognize her usher her through. She's still wearing her Metropolis Fire and Rescue paramedic outfit, the nametag 'Tenoaks' prominent over the left breast. The folks ushering her through, though… well, they don't know her reasons for being here, and in the classic collision of non-communication don't divulge the full particulars of Mr. Stone's case. Well, to be fair, they really can't, due to health insurance laws.

They thought she was coming to cheer the guy up…


Inside of the medical bay scientists run back and fourth working with advanced equipment Silas calling out over the chaos shouting for various tools to be brought to his side. There's no line of sight to poor victor but he's in there in the middle of the mass of people. However there is no sign of the number one female scientist working for star labs, Elinore Stone who by reputation alone should be the one leading the operation, and not Silas.

When Victor does come into view it's almost too horrific for words, missing both arms, and legs, there's barely anything left of the teenager. Only a small portion of his face is even partially free of the all encompassing burns scratches and bite marks covering the remains being kept alive by some of the latest technology star labs has to offer.


Pepper Potts thanks the administrator then steps gingerly into Victor's room. What she sees has her drawing in a brief gasp and — this she very much blames Tony for — has a song and its MTV music video now running through her head. If this young man starts bobbing his head in Morse code, she will in fact freak right the F out. BUT. She takes a deep breath and forces herself to move closer.


Nothing can quite take the wind out of Cameron's sails as the inability to do anything. The orange-haired woman enters the room and stares at the devastated young man with the clinical eye of a critical care certified EMT and immediately jumps to a conclusion that most any sane person would have.

How is he still alive? I… I couldn't save someone in that bad of a condition.

She forces herself to smile, though there's a certain grim-ness to it. That kind of smile that only those who have been through or trying to help others through a tragedy can manage.

She'll approach quietly, but takes great care to not disrupt the medical professionals and scientists hard at work.

The… how is he… what…?


Pepper Potts looks over as Cameron as she also steps closer. She remembers the medic from the building fire but was too busy to notice anything more unusual about the woman than her stature and her orange hair. She watches Victor for a moment longer, then asks Cameron in a library-worthy whisper, "Had you met him, before?" And after another pause, "I wish there was more I could do."


Silas notices the two women after a few moments of running about and shouting out orders. "Who let these two past quarantine?" He practically barks out, throwing his hands down somewhat exasperatedly, already in the middle of installing the bright chrome faceplate onto what's left of Victors face, the eye glowing a bright red once it's properly connected.

The running and chaos slows down for a few moments people holding pieces of advanced technology, from tools to pieces of the teenagers new robotic body. It is a noticeable pause before they get right back into their frantic movements, trying to keep up with a ticking clock.


Cameron glances to the CEO of Stark Industries — someone that Mom would have insisted she 'chat up' for her causes and for networking purposes — and then stares back at the machine more than man.


Well, Columbia is known for being a bit terse, especially in high-pressure social situations.

"If Mr. Stone is still —" She breaks off, because 'alive' isn't really the term that she think can be applied in this case, but there's no good alternate term. " — he's going to need support and resources."

The orange haired woman blinks at the scientist.

"Your staff?"

"Need help carrying stuff?"


Pepper Potts offers Cameron a hint of a smile followed by a level gaze aimed at the man who shouted in exasperation at their presence. "The latter is done. There's now a trust fund in his name with the Maria Stark Foundation to help cover his medical expenses for as long as it's necessary." Help is a relative term. The trust fund is able to about 94 of the young man's medical expenses.


Running a single hand down the front of his face the elder scientist motions for the two to help with the instillation of the few 'finishing touches', those being what would be needed for actual locomotion (ie. Arms, legs.) and things like the chrome over-plating, and power reactor, which despite it's bright red glow is surprisingly close in design to the arc reactor. For the time being though it seems no one has bothered to turn Victor or as he's listed on his medical chart 'Cyborg' not a single mention of his name placed on its surface.


Pepper Potts can only claim anything even vaguely resembling medical or electronics knowledge by exposure to Tony and his inventions — and his slightly reckless research methods — so she steps back out of the way to let the others finish doing… whatever it is they're doing. It kind of looks like they're grafting a version of Tony's armor directly onto the teen's body. Is that ethical?


Cameron isn't a mad scientist or a mad scientist's lab assistant. But she does see the premise of the parts, and though the techniques are somewhat alien, she's right there in the thick of it, helping out, and if there appears to be a point where a blood vessel bursts or something with the remaining fleshy-bod is about to go haywire, she'll attempt to place a hand on the remaining meat to try and stabilize it, and hopefully just do that. While she could heal an injury from a single source, there's been a lot of surgery done thus far… so it's more covering for nicks, slips, and cuts now.


The tactics in use are almost less Tony Stark, and more Obadiah Stane, as far as ethics are concerned. Most of the standard safety procedures having already been thrown completely to the wind just to try and save the boy's life. Silas begins passing around orders: Place this here. Apply pressure there, very much the micromanaging type on this whole operation. At the moment no one seems willing to ask the major question: Where is Elenore, and why isn't she working on her 'finest project'? The mutterings flowing through the crowd about how she hasn't been seen since the incident.

From the moment the glowing core is placed down into the chest piece the whole suit begins to glow a bright blue, humming, and hissing as the coolant works its magic coursing through the tubing. The robotic eye glows a bright neon red, flickering and floating computer screens whirring to life as systems are go, his heart rate suddenly spiking.


The orange - haired paramedic watches the reaction and places one hand on the freshly installed metal pieces, the other on the fleshy bits remaining. That spiking heart rate is usually a sign from her experience that there may be some sudden movement or the like, even if it's just a chest jumping or a head rocking.

"Slow. Calm. Easy."

Whether or not the words actually register anywhere is anyone's guess, but at least it's making Cameron feel a bit calmer?


Pepper Potts keeps watching from out of the way, having a vague idea what's going on, and it's more than a little unnerving. Tony had something similar to ONE of those pieces installed in his body.


Silas is rather jumpy, making quick movements to try and stabilize Victors heart rate. He slaps a fresh caffeine patch onto his arm after peeling the old one away throwing it into a big stock of used patches. From the looks he's been pulling all-nighters since the indecent that rendered the NFL star in this state. From the labels on some of this STAR tech it looks like Pepper may have found where the missing Stane Tech actually went after that series of events. At least some of it anyway.

Victors chest surges lightly Cameron able to hold the machine man down with relative ease as medication is fed right into his systems. Victor spasms for a bit as people crowd in applying medications and re-calibrations to his systems until he falls back still onto the table. His armor glowing a dull blue for a time as systems finish their calibration process.


"You need to lighten up on those, doctor. Too many in too short of a time…"

Her medical advice is cursory as she continues to hold the patient in place, a bit shocked that he was able to move as much as he was able to.

"Easy. Easy. Focus on me, okay. We're gonna get you back up in no time."

She'll watch the other medical professionals with a wary eye as the procedures continue. Their disposition… this is a lab project to them… he's not a patient…


Silas looks back over towards Cameron, a bit twitchy from being on the edge of caffeine overload. "I'm not losing him, just need to stay awake." The doctor muttering a bit, as he brings a small probe to the side of Victors head typing in a bit of code onto the keypad before the information is sent on. Finally Victors heart rate is completely stabilized some of the rushed nature of everything fading with it.

With victor stabilized one of the suit clad men whispers something about the project being too risky. "Maybe we should terminate, I'm not sure if this". The words driving Silas on to work harder the veins on his neck buldging as he tries to get Victor to wake back up, and come online.

With everything going on it's almost a surprise when victors human eye opens, darting about the room. His voice calling out "Wh-what happened?" Not sounding as much angry or even surprised just confused, though he hasn't exactly seen himself yet. "Where's Mom"


Pepper Potts straightens a little as she notices Cameron's wariness of the other medical professionals. That's unusual. And the supposed lead doctor's twitchiness concerns her even more. She misses the whispered comment, or there would be MUCH kvetching right this moment. But the final straw is when the young man wakes up and sounds confused. She pushes right past everyone to put her hand on the organic side of Victor's face, her thumb brushing across his cheekbone in a manner that's hopefully reassuring. "Shh, Victor, you're going to be okay. Just relax." Her eyes flick toward Dr. Twitchy, as if silently demanding an answer to the injured boy's question. Where is his mother?


The figure of Cameron looking down at Cyborg might be a bit of a shocker, then. Granted, she is a heroine in Metropolis and she's also a paramedic. This may or may not be a good thing.

Best to start with the simple questions that a paramedic might ask of a patient. "Can you feel your fingers?" She moves one hand to place it on the young man's chest and holds up her hand. "How many fingers am I holding up?" She keeps the whole hand displayed so Victor can count them. Perhaps between Cameron's standard questions and Pepper's concerned consideration they might be able to keep things calm. Last thing anyone needs right now is a rampaging cybernetic person who is just out of surgery.


With that question cutting in, Victor suddenly begins to freak out a bit "Oh god, I can't… anything, why can't I feel anything." Silas suddenly calling out loudly over the hustle and bustle as Victor starts thrashing somewhat in the panic. "Son, calm down, that's an order." A firm and very authoritative voice the caffeine having sparked a bit of anger as well as the people moving over towards the kill switch.

"Where's Mom, and why can't I feel my legs" Victor practically screams out Silas trying to help hold him down though Cameron seems more then capable of doing it herself.

"She's dead Victor, but that's not important, you're alive."


Wow. Great bedside manner there, Dr. Twitchy. Pepper's glare could likely cut diamond, but she opts to put her attention on the panicking young man instead, and for him, she's all calmness and reassurance. "Victor, shh, calm down. You'll be fine." She could offer lies to him about why he can't feel his legs, but she doesn't like lying. So she doesn't.


"Hang on. Easy. Easy. Easy."

Cameron shifts her position to make sure she's holding the young man securely. "Need you to slow down. Relax. I know it's—"

And then Silas makes the mention about Victor's mother being dead but that not being important.


It's probably the first time in a non - combat situation that anyone even remotely familiar with Cameron has ever seen her nearly lose her temper or swear, for that matter. And it's all directed at Silas.

"Victor. Please relax. We're trying to get you back on your feet, but you need to relax, okay? Slow down. Easy." She's back to business after her momentary outburst. Her patient is worth more than the project lead, in her own opinion. And Victor's HER PATIENT, since none of the others seem to be giving a damn.

Except Pepper, who isn't a medical professional…


"I don't come into your hospital and tell you how to console your child, don't come in here and tell me how to deal with mine." Silas almost screams his own heart rate increasing by the moment the caffeine combining with the stress. "He's a big enough boy to understand what'll happen if he doesn't get a hold of himself." Looking back over his shoulder to the men and women in suits, and the scientists hovering over the kill switch.

Victor is trying to stay calm, trying his damndest but when his dad mentions knowing what will happen he looks down towards his own chest, seeing the extent of the modifications. "Oh god," His face going a bit pale as he looks over at the other two, his robotic eye focusing and focusing. "What am I?" His arms suddenly ripping out of the heavy metal bolts holding him into place, knocking his father and a few of the other scientists back into each other before they can hit that one little button. "What did you do to me!"


Cameron wants to slap the ever-living crap out of Silas right now. Did that shred of human debris just hint that the boy was abused? She tries to hold on to Victor, though in the back part of her brain there's the momentary thought of letting the kid go to town on his old man. Mother not important??!

She takes a moment to assess the situation, and the button that everyone seems to be watching. "Potts. Get it."

"He saved you." The orange-haired woman resists the urge to make any references to popular figures fictional or not at the moment. "Need you to calm down. Slow."

Because she really doesn't want to try the brute-force sedation method so soon after he was being worked on…


Pepper Potts throws herself toward that button and puts herself between it and the scientists. "Do you REALLY want to get on my bad side here?" She's also just pulled her phone out of her bag and is holding it up, one tap on the screen away from placing a phone call. "I would very much appreciate it if everyone in here were to just calm down."


Victor is still thrashing but with things as they are would anyone else do better. "Saved me, calm down? I look like a freak!" He looks at his own hand turning it around trying to get a hold of himself, as he stutters somewhat. "I'm tired of just being an experiment to you people, I'm not just a toy." He screams out the men and women in suits backing up against the far wall stopping their phone dialing as Pepper mentions getting on her bad side.

Thankfully for victor no one is going after that kill switch with the high powered CEO blocking them. They really don't want to get on her bad-side and definitely not on the bad side of Cameron.

Silas on the other hand doesn't seem nearly as phased by the situation trying to get in closer. "Lishen shesh right we all jusht nesh to calm down. Ish nofing we cank work pasht" His face drooping down to one side as he speaks, his speech week and slurred. Victors face turning angry once more.


"Someone get a doctor in here! NOW!"

If that's not a stroke, it's a seizure, or any of a number of things that could be heralds of far worse things. Cameron glances to the man on the table, then to his apparent father. "You're not an experiment. You're a person, just like anyone else."

And with that she jumps over towards Silas and begins examining him. "Silas. Silas… I need you to sit down. Slowly. You're suffering cranial trauma."

Which, in a way, he is.

There is a window of opportunity there, as the paramedic works to try and diagnose / stabilize the arrogant scientist…


Pepper Potts watches all of this in growing horror, even as she continues to stand in the way of this switch, whatever it does. But, when Cameron is the ONLY person in the room that moves to help Silas, she barks at the others in a tone that even Tony has likely never heard from her. "Go get help, you idiots!"


No one seems to be going to get help, until Pepper makes her demands the majority of them still in shock until that point. The reason may stem from the high valued target who's just taken his chance to bust out of the 8 inch thick metal straps, as well as the leather straps and several million dollars of equipment. A sudden blast of bright blue energy explodes from his hands destroying the ceiling almost completely.

"Vishter, you have to shay, pleash you're not finished" Called out from Silas as he tries to push past Cameron, failing completely to do anything other then strain himself further, bits of ceiling falling down around them.

"Well I'm done with you, stay out of my life" Victor suddenly rocketing up into the sky with a large burst of energy crashing out and destroying all of the monitors, and knocking Silas flat on his back into a siezure.


Under normal circumstances, holding someone who has a seizure is the WORST thing you can do, or at least on the list of 'don'ts'. However, given the severity, Cameron takes the chance to try and mitigate some of the damage while holding onto the scientist until the episode passes. And like with Victor, the tone is professional, yet with a lot warmer bedside manner than Silas by a far margin.

"Silas. Relax. It's going to be okay. Take deep breaths. Relax. Help is on the way. We'll find Victor."

That is her focus until a proper team arrives to take care of Silas… right now she's with the patient, making sure that he doesn't die on her watch…


Pepper Potts gasps in surprise and throws her arms up to protect her face from the pieces of ceiling, and then once the dust settles she looks up at the hole and then at all of the scientists. "Well? Why are you all still standing here? GO. GET. HELP!"


People are running alright but it's almost impossible to tell if it's just to get help, to get back up to catch Victor, to save their own skins or all of the above. Silas' seizure continues for some time before dying off a bit his consciousness barely there, with his face drooped heavily, as he tries and fails to speak just making incoherent sounds. From the fact that all of the electronics in the room seem to have died there looks to have been some sort of EMP set off the moment he jumped, and he did jump like crazy.

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