Neverwhere Camping Trip

January 28, 2015:

Fenris, recovering in Neverwhere, finds himself suddenly hosting a camping trip. He doensn't mind.


A large primordial forest between worlds


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The Old Wolf doesn't always just drop in on people. Particularly not after the fight it had last night. Sometimes people are brought to him, usually via the agency of his portals. That is the case today. Fenris is laying on his flank in the primal forests of Neverwhere and had thought ot check in on a few people he knows and likes. First he reaches out to Misfit because the bouncing young woman always refracts his portals. At least this time, he can send one out to Kate on purpose and kill two birds with one stone. Where the other two wind up he has no clue, but he supposes he'll find out shortly.

The Old Wolf doesn't always just drop in on people. Particularly not after the fight it had last night. Sometimes people are brought to him, usually via the agency of his portals. That is the case today. Fenris is laying on his flank in the primal forests of Neverwhere and had thought ot check in on a few people he knows and likes. One of them is a certain redheaded bouncer but the damnable child refracts his portals and it all goes rather wrong, sending his Way's scattered across New York. He sighs. At least he was able to send one to Kate. The others? He's got no clue who he grabbed.

Kate Bishop is sulking. Sort of. Banished from the Triskelion - and after she fought to protect it, too! - she's gone back to her solitary vigils. Taking on muggers, drug dealers, and would-be rapists. Alone. Without anyone to tell her she's not professional enough about it. So when a portal pops up, she goes right through, walking up to the wolf and dropping down next to him. "Dating your mentor is not all it's cracked up to be," she announces.

Lunair is not sure wtf is up with the Triskelion, but she does know there was a pop tart pilfering (!) and that Lunair is not SHIELD but she totally helped dudes. Lunair's been in hiding, tired and on edge. There are twinges of guilt over it as others give up resources and get hurt for her sake. She likes being around Skaar, being in space. Some of the safe houses are pretty okay, and she remembers her promise to Jericho. At the moment she gets pulled in, or reaches through because wtf is that portal thing, Lunair was reading on rocketry. "Huh. Oh wow."

Pepper Potts was just returning to her office in the Maria Stark Foundation building from a board meeting when she finds herself in… a forest? What? But then she sees the large wolf lying nearby and spends only about two seconds standing there in surprise. Then she's hurrying over, heels in forest leaf litter be damned. The young woman sitting next to him gets a cursory glance. She figures the Old Wolf will introduce her soon enough. "Fenris? What's wrong?" She's never been pulled here before, so she's presuming the worst.

There is a soft whistling noise, which is very unusual really in the utter quiet of the forest. It gets louder. Louder. Louder. Somewhere up and to the right it seems. Thing about hobbit density old growth forests is no real good view of the sky.

Though the mystery does sort itself out with a cascade of really loud cracking noises, like treelimbs shattering. About two hundred yards to the right a dark, violelntly flailing in a pinwheel fashion, shape plummets hard into the ground kicking up a small pile of dirt with several very large branches following right on top.

Fenris looks up as Kate flops down, and then Pepper and Lunair arrive, and finally… the meteorite. Or whatever it is. Really large, bad-at-flying bird. He's expressions are normal, but he is, indeed, rather wounded. Open cuts on his flanks and legs, a trio of slices on the top of his muzzle and a lot of blood in his fur. It's… not real obvious until you get close, though. "Sorry to hear that Kate…" The Old Wolf says to what he's increasingly come to view as a younger one. "What happened?"

"Miss Potts, hello. Had a bit of a portal accident." Lunair gets a curious look, though not a hostile one, as does… the pile of branches.

"Stupid things." Kate frowns once she's close enough to see the wounds, reaching for Fenris' muzzle with absolutely no fear of the fact that it's full of sun-eating teeth. "What happened to you?" Her brows furrow as she takes in more of the cuts. "You didn't run into her again, did you?" She glances toward the others, but she's more worried about Fenris at the moment.

Lunair seems a little lost. Then suddenly, a - huh. "Hey, are you okay!?" That's directed at the falling - pile of - whomever that was! And then, poor Fenris. Her eyes widen. "Are you okay?" A big - wolfie? Not a doggy. Her attention is torn two ways, and the blank eyed woman is trying to pull herself together. "… hi Kate and - Miss Potts?" She looks positively baffled. Of all the people she expected to see here or there…

Pepper Potts visually takes stock of Fenris' injuries then looks back to … not see the door she came through to end up here. "Well, I /was/ going to try to find a first aid kit."

There is this wheeeze of a pained noise from yonder, then the branches start to shift and tumble away. Nyx almost makes it to her feet before falling over in the tangled pile of tree limbs with a thump. Something surely to be censored echoes through the forest followed by "What the hell hit me….. " the tone is that of utter confusion and a bit of a wheeze. On the second attempt to get upright she does better, levering a tree limb around to help herself up, then bracing against a tree trunk, looking around a bit wide eyed. Her poor jeans and hoodie are even more tastefully shredded, probably another lost cause once more. Oh look.. People.. and… a giant Wolf. Blinkity blink.

The concern of the others is… actually kind of touching. Most humans are too put off by his predatory nature to do more than back away slowly. Not that he blames them. He does look… er… rather imposing, especially like this. Even his fellow deities are often not fond of him. "I am not in undue pain, and I will recover. I had to fight a version of myself recently and it took a toll. Please, all come, sit and be welcome. Give me a moment…"

While Fenris is a wolf he is well familiar with old rules of hospitality and summmons some refreshments for the assembled. Nothing overly fancy. Just some clean, clear water in a large pitcher and some cheeses and fruits on a rustic wooden platter. And bread. "There. Kate, have you met Pepper Potts? Pepper this is Kate Bishop…" His gaze sweeps over the other two present. "I'm afraid I don't know you two. Come, though and sit. You've nothing to fear from me. The young wolf was just telling me of some troubles."

"We've met," Kate says with a small smile toward Pepper. "Maria Stark Foundation Christmas party?" Of course, Kate in full Hawkeye gear is…a little bit different. Then again, Pepper's pretty used to rich people who moonlight in the hero game. "This is Lunair," she introduces the mutant. "She does some interesting things with weapons. Creation. It's pretty crazy complicated, actually, if you try to think about it. And…that's Nyx. Nyx, this is Fenris. He's, uh. A Norse god. Hey, I met your dad," she adds, poking an elbow at the wolf. "He seems…complicated."

Lunair looks surprised by Nyx, but waves. She likely remembers, smiling politely. And to be fair to Fenris, humans do feel an affinity for the canine and lupine. Sometimes predators are fascinating and sympathetic. Lunair is more curious. They didn't let many fuzzy sorts into the hospital or lab, after all. Nevertheless, seeing someone hurt like that is pretty sad - be they fuzzy or not so much. She looks to Kate and Pepper. A polite nod and smile. "It's okay."

Lunair is a bit distracted by the group, but she's trying. "Nothing hit you. You hit it. Are you okay?" She asks Nyx.

Pepper Potts ahs and nods. "Yes, Ms. Bishop. Good to see you again." She then turns to smile and nod to Lunair, then look over at Nyx. She doesn't repeat the weapons-creator's question, though her expression is more than evident. She's apparently the easily concerned sort. But, Fenris said to sit and be welcome, so she considers for a moment before slipping off her heels (and loosing a good five or six inches of height)then settling down near the wolf. It's a logistical puzzle to sit on the ground while wearing a pencil skirt and avoid damaging said skirt. She should have worn trousers today.

Nyx walks over, plucking a bit of tree limb here and there off herself. She has numerous scrapes and seems to be trying to divest herself of much to many leaves and twigs. She finally just stops and shakes off like, well a dog. "I think so…. that didn't actually hurt as much as the rhino horn to the chest from that one jerk." she has actually met everyone here, though not Fenris in wolf form. No she got in his face at the clinic in a much different form. She finishes traversing the distance still weezing a bit. Some of the scrapes are already vanishing. Though so … yeah so did her eyebrow piercing just now. "Hi Kate… crazyarmorlady.. Ms Potts." eyes the wolf "Really large… wolf."

"Fenris." The wolf supplies. "Ah yes. Nyx. Named for my old friend. I remember that scent now." He nods, indicating that the young woman is welcome to sit as well. "Complicated is a good word for him Kate. Still, I'm quite happy to see that you seem none the worse for wear. Did you speak of anything of import?" The large black wolf stretches a bit.

"I trust everything is well with the rest of you?" Pepper he knows the best and the question is most directed at her, but Nyx and Lunair are asked as well. They're here. And people tend to gather around him for a reason. Even if the reason is he showed up in hteir office once wounded, or they seem to be a young wolf in an archer's body.

Or they fell out of the sky and hit every tree on the way down. Good thing Lunair didn't do that.

"Mostly I stroked his ego and kept talking until he had something else to do," Kate answers Fenris, unabashed. "And hey, no one died, so I'm counting that as a win." Bow at her side, she draws her knees up toward her chest, wrapping her arms around them. "I feel like I should be a little more concerned that that's become how I deal with scary people." She tips her chin up toward Lunair, turning a speculative look on her and Pepper. "So, you guys get the no amateurs allowed talk from SHIELD?"

Lunair is quiet for a bit. She blinks at Nyx, frowning. "What do you mean crazy?" Lunair has some problems, but is she crazy…? Hmmm. She looks to Fenris nd smiles. "Pleased to meet you. Ehm… well, things could be better," She rubs the back of her head. "But I think I went on a date." She's not sure. Oh, Luna. Then she considers Kate, "Maybe if we said hi to aliens and listened to them sometimes and stuff, there'd be less lasers." She tries, sometimes. But there's reasons Lunair isn't allowed to do the negotiating, even if she's managed to crazy her way to diplomacy at least once or twice.

Then a headtilt at Kate. She shakes her head. "I couldn't stay because I am not in the org, and also I have a small multimillion thingy on my head soooo… I uh. Move around a lot." For now.

"Hello, Nyx. That was a pretty impressive landing. Although, if you were trying to miss the ground, you might want to try again." She looks at Kate more consideringly. "I don't really have much interaction with anyone at SHIELD, and even then usually only by specific request from someone like Director Fury. Why? Does it have something to do with whatever happened there a few days ago?" She then seems amused by Lunair's not really knowing if she went on a date. This kid needs … something.

Nyx settles down heavy on the ground, another tiny wheeze she is trying to not make loud. "mmnf…" the scrape on her cheek heals and her punky industrial piercings in her right ear vanish. Well vanish is a not precisely the word, they look like they absorb melting into her skin. "Man SHIELD… those agents make me nervous.. they keep looking at me like I am a bug or something whenever I'm around… and that Jericho go too… not sure what their problem is." she blinks at Lunair "Sorry.. I meant it as a compliment from the time we fought crime together…"

"Ah, they're being… clannish again." Fenris nods. "No, I've not Kate, but then I don't often see them. The last talk I got from them was a 'stay away from our secrets or else' talk." While he's quite aware that mortals have grown dangerous and that, marshalled in great strength, they could possibly defeat him in open battle, he does still seem rather amused at the notion of being threatened in that manner.

"It is the nature of those who seek to keep secrets to hold in suspicion those they see as outside their own membership. I take it your mentor either agreed or could not prevent this 'talk'?" He quirks a brow over to Pepper. "Something occured there? My apologies, I've been rather busy."

Lunair gets a head-tilt in response and the wolf shifts a bit, proping himself up so that he can look over the group a little better. "You've a what now, child?" At least when he says child it's not patronizing. And to be fair everyone present is a child compared to him.

"Dunno," Kate says glumly to Pepper. "All I know is I'm apparently not welcome. And Clint's too busy doing damage control for whatever it was to even explain it to me. I was gonna go talk to him about it, but I got there and he had Natasha over. So here I am, trying to figure out if- I mean, is he cutting me out because he doesn't think I can handle it? Or did he only ever invite me along because he liked me? And also, that's a dumb thing to worry about. Because if it's SHIELD stuff, then I should just accept that I'm not a trained agent, so they don't want me in there. And if it's relationship stuff, I shouldn't be paranoid. Except at what point are you being a chump rather than being understanding and accepting?" She cuts herself off, looking to the others with her chin on her knees. "This…is probably not the crowd for this. Why are you not sure if it was a date?" she asks Lunair, quirking a brow.

Lunair's world is a strange one. She's playing catch up for years and missed a lot of early socialization. It's left her - interesting! Or something like that. What it is Lunair needs is hard to pin down. She looks to Nyx, ohing softly. "I see. That's okay." Smile. She doesn't comment on SHIELD, oddly enough. She looks to Fenris, and huhs. At his response to her, she looks uncertain. "It's kiiiiiind of a long story. But I am in hiding for now." She shrugs, looking a little uncertain. Fidget. And Lunair doesn't take it as patronizing.

Then poor Kate. Lunair looks sympathetic. "I see. I'm sorry. Maybe he was worried about you, or he legally can't," Lunair considers. "He seems to have a hard time reading people like I do," Frown. Though, it's likely an order of magnitude. Lunair really does have a problem. "It's not dumb." Then she looks thoughtful. "Ehm. Well." She turns red and fidgets. "… I guess it was."

Pepper Potts raises her eyebrows at Kate's grousing. She doesn't think she's met this 'Clint', so she can't really give much more than very vague advice. There is one thing she knows, though. "Maybe you should try talking with him in a neutral location? Because if he's worth investing your time and energy on, then he'll be willing to communicate with you and get your worries and doubts cleared up. If he's not willing, then…" She shrugs. "In the meantime, do you have a friend you could go spend time with?"

Nyx shifts around and settles in hugging her knees herself. "You can stay with me Kate if you want, until I get evicted at least. I mean its a studio in the Bronx but it isn't too bad and I don't have a lot of stuff in it at all."

"You're also welcome here." Fenris rumbles, though he figures the archeress knows. "Though for the next day or so it might be a bit boring here unless you care to explore the Neverwhere." He pauses and stretches. "Pepper is right though. Clint will talk to you if it's important to him, and if it's important to you then perhaps you should try." Fenris has never met Clint either, but he knows in general how at least he thinks a prospective partner should be treated.

What? You didn't think he's spent two thousand years as a batchelor, did you?

"Once I'm healed I'll be back to my usual tasks…" He sighs. "Something at which I would increasingly welcome help." He'd not ask anyone for it, but he is startign to see the need for people not named Fenris to cover things.

Fenris looks over at Lunair with a chuckle. "If it's hard, Lunair, you needn't try so hard. No one here will judge you, I think."

Kate flashes a brief smile toward Nyx. "Thanks, Nyx. Camping trip doesn't sound so bad, though. Tell Clint it's wilderness training or something. Though why I'd bother training so I can be told I'm not good enough, I don't know." Okay, so she's mostly okay with it. Sort of. "I'll talk to him eventually," she adds to Pepper and Lunair, wrinkling her nose. "I just…talking about it gets complicated. And then he gets weird about it. And mopey."

Lunair listens a moment, tilting her head. "Maybe he doesn't know how to handle it or feels under attack. Even if that is not the case at all," She offers. "You don't seem the type to be senselessly jealous. But Pepper and Fenris are right," She notes. She smiles at Nyx, "That's kind of you. And camping is fun, too," She remarks. "You're welcome to drop by my place, too. There's the roof top garden. It makes a good sniper nest." Oh, Lunair. Always so practical!

Ahem. She seems quietly amused at the idea of Fenris on a date. Does he bring flowers? Suns? Hmmm. "What's up?" Headtilt. Although, she's got plenty of problems of her own. Then a smile at Fenris. "Well… I don't know. He's really tall and grumpy sometimes, but he's nice to me and I'm okay with the dinosaur punching." … Lunair has such odd standards. At least she has simple desires? "And he's not afraid of me." To be fair, she really can be frightening. To distract herself, she looks to Kate. "Besides, I'm sure - maybe he's trying to handle this one well? Though, he's probably still grumpy after the thing…" Siiiiiight.

Pepper Potts nods her agreement with Fenris' wo… wait, what? Evicted? She looks at Nyx sharply for a moment, then reaches into the bag that was still on her shoulder, brandishing a pen and small notepad after a moment. "Nyx, would you mind giving me your address?"

Well Nyx nods to Lunair and Kate really "No problem.. pass it on or something like that. Also sorry about your boyfriend Kate… and work..well not your work.. I mean your .. that just sounds complicated.." she tilts her head "uhm yeah.. well.. that is kind of what happens when you stop paying rent really. Guy who was paying me to learn how to fight crime kinda vanished off the face of the earth and … clothes even from target .. get expensive." she looks down at her shredded hoodie. Oh right she fights crime in jeans and a Hoodie. Pretty much everyone has seen those viral youtube clips if the playcount is any regard, those horribly embarrassing ones. Or those damn Bugle writeup, curse you Jamison. "But I guess… I mean…" she rattles off a neighborhood address in a sketchy part of the Bronx.

Pepper's endless generousity makes Fenris smile. Because he has no doubt that Nyx's issues are about to have a solution presented, and not a purely charity one eiher. Pepper's an expert at giving people work they can do and compensating people well for it. "She'll take care of you." He assures Nyx. "She's good people." Says the sun eating monster of legend.

"Kate, as always, trust your judgement in this matter. You've a good head on your shoulders and I don't think I've seen you fail to use it yet." Even when she gets panicked or emotional… like when Damien died. She just doesn't seem to lose her head. "And come see me if you need to. I'm not hard to find." And he generally knows when someone's looking for him. "Shall I be by later to continue our lessons or do you need some time?"

Lunair's running commentary… makes Fenris make a note to do a youtube search on her later.

"Later? Hey, you invited me to come camping here in Nevernever Land," Kate reminds Fenris, smile flickering. "I'm going to stop back at the apartment and pick some stuff up, and then I'm coming back. I've got enough sleeping bags to go around if other people want to join in," she adds with tip of her chin toward Nyx and Lunair. "Besides, someone's got to make sure you heal up properly." Also, Clint won't be here. "Hey," she adds quietly as Pepper gets Nyx's address. "You know you can always call if you've come on hard times, right?"

Aw. The exchange between Pepper and Nyx does warrant a smile. "Er, you can have some of my clothes if you want. Or raid the fridge sometimes. I don't really live in one place anymore," She considers. Although, does Nyx really wanna become a ruffle or frillmonster? Maybe even the rare ribbonmonster variant? It's a potentially terrifying thought, depending on one's sense of fashion. But velociraptors used frills to intimidate their opponents, as did Sid Meier's Pirates (More frills=more power!), so that's good enough for Lunair. Also she gets her sense of fashion from the internet.

She is listening as much as speaking, which gives her an oddly blank neutral resting face. It's not one of thoughtfulness, it's one of someone who doesn't really seem to express properly. "I could bring some marshmallows or something. It might be fun," A faint smile. She's trying. As for Lunair on youtube, she's one of the more secretive power having types. But the nudity ray video of Hawkeye, the Twerk Mafia or Exploding Tiddlywink Cars is probably up somewhere. She really does seem to deal well in throwing a battlefield into complete chaos at a whim. And there's a distinctly catlike fondness of batting an opponent around before finishing them off or leaving them to carry that weight.

Pepper Potts jots Nyx's address down, her eyebrows drawing together slightly as her mental map places the location more or less. She then turns to a blank page, jots a few more things down, and then tears out that page to offer to Nyx. "Like Kate said, you can always call. I'm usually fairly easy to find." She then smiles as Kate and Lunair both plan to hang out here with Fenris. That eases one of her concerns immediately. "I wish I could join the camp out, but I'll need to get back to the office. I don't have the luxury of being able to disappear any time I like."

Nyx accepts the paper and looks it over then carefully folds it into a hoodie pocket. "Thank you." she then looks to Kate. "I… yeah I know." but she has some pride maybe. "It isn't like is going to change though. I don't have any skills for anything but destroying things or families." There is a real deep undercurrent there, its a miserable note like she is burying something. "Hell Kate.. .if SHIELD and stuff doesn't even like you it isn't like anyone is going to hire me to fight crime. Your amazing."

Fenris smiles at Kate and nods. If she wants to camp out she's welcome for however long. He'll be up himself in a day or perhaps two and there's plenty to poke around or talk about until then. Lunair gets a nod too. She is, of course, quite welcome.

"I'll drop by later when I'm able Pepper. We'll need to talk soon, I think."

Nyx's despairing rant gets a canted head and a bit of a frown. "Nyx… coming from someone who is literally fated to destroy the world and whose power is largely destructive, let me tell you for a certainty that there is always something you can do. What's happened. I think, perhaps, that's more than simply a bad week talking, mmm?"

Leave it to Fenris to get a little pack-alpha in this setting. Instinct probably.

"SHIELD doesn't like me because I don't take orders and I talk to people," Kate says ruefully to Nyx as she stands. "And for what it's worth, aside from the talking to people, I don't have so many not beating people up skills, either." Brushing herself off, she turns a brief smile on Fenris. "Can you drop me and whoever else wants to do some packing back at the apartment? We'll pull some stuff together and come back for a sleepover."

Lunair listens as much as she speaks. She smiles and nods to Fenris, although Nyx's comments make her frown a little. "That sounds pretty rough," She considers. "But I don't think fate is set in stone. I mean, technically I'm really more a murderweapon than anything heroic…" She rubs the back of her head. Finding out you're essentially a HYDRA project is a bit jarring. Really, no one wants to be paper mache'd. Nevertheless, she seems sympathetic.

Lunair ohs softly at Kate. "It's tough. Once you start fighting, it's hard to go back to a not fighting life," She admits. "Sort of like dogs that fight. Other dogs are afraid of them, but - they want to be loved like every other dog." She shrugs. "Sure, I can bring some stuff. I have a lantern, marshmallows and sticks…" She's PREPARED. And Pepper gets a sot 'oh'. "It has pluses and minuses," She admits.

Nyx looks at Fenris, yeah right in the eyes "My week isn't as bad as those kids in M-Town…. but yeah.. you are right. Power can be really dangerous." she looks to Kate "I'll help. I'm good at carrying stuff. Do you think you could help me with my aiming, I'm really having trouble .. I mean it is just point and shoot but the bad guys move a lot.." she slinks up to her feet, ready to help Kate if nothing else. Also trying hard to ask for help, which seems to be hard for her too.

Fenris cants his head and finally nods. "Ah yes… the vergeance. I heard. You were the one who dealt with that…" There are… some benefits to being a god. "If it helps, or makes you feel better, I sent her on." Her soul, he means. Sent it off so it wouldn't linger and fester. It's better on the other side anyway. "Stay and rest with Kate and Lunair and I, Nyx." She seems ready to do that anyway. "You may find the change of perspective relaxing."

Fenris opens a Way to Kate's apartment. Yes, he has the place's location memorized. What? The archer makes an impression. And opening portals is easy enough even laying back like this. "Pepper, do you need to return back to your work? I do apologise for plucking you out."

Be right back," Kate announces, reaching over to ruffle behind Fenris' ear before stepping through the portal.

Lunair pauses. "But do let me know if you'd like clothes or to go shopping," She nods and smiles. "You can - My name is Lunair." Yes, there we go. "And yeah, it'll be fun. I can bring some stuff." She offers. She will join the traveling to pick up things, quietly. "Thanks, it'll be fun."

Pepper Potts says, "I do, yes," Pepper says while moving to stand. Again, damn this pencil skirt. But, she makes it to her feet though is likely far from graceful about doing so (maybe lessons about how traditional geisha were able to sit and stand in their kimonos would help), and brushes off her skirt while stepping back into her shoes. "You do know where the Maria Stark Foundation is, I hope? Stark Tower is still undergoing repairs." She picks her bag up and shoulders it. "Since I don't get to join the sleepover, will you allow me to supply dinner at least?" She's already plotting in her mind, and if they say yes, she can and will send a full duffel bag of new clothes hopefully close enough to Nyx's size that she'll be able to wear them."

"I think that'd be appreciated. Anything I get to eat is likely to be fruit or very rare meat." The Old Wolf smiles over at Pepper. He can keep a portal open for her too to arrange what she needs. This is nice. He hasn't actually ever really had guests over in the Neverwhere before but now that it's happening he finds he certainly doesn't object.

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