Fury Asked Nicely

January 12, 2015:

SHIELD Director Fury asks Tony Stark to the Triskelion to officially request his help with restoring power to the city of Metropolis.

The Triskelion




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The Triskelion is a bit like a disturbed beehive just at the moment. Multiple terrorist attacks on the soil of the country hosting not only SHIELD Headquarters but the majority of it's funding certainly are a good way to generate a reaction. Fury is striding through the chaos just outside the Situation Room issuing a seemingly endless stream of orders and profanity.

"Curtis, I want the report on the Eastern Seaboard Power Grid in ten minutes. Jackson, someone get ahold of every field agent we have and push the latest threat assessment to them. Triplett! I'm expecting Tony Stark five minutes ago. Go find him, make sure he didn't get lost and take him up the priority elevator to my office. I'll be there. MOVE!"


So Tony has had some Terrorist problems to contend with of his very own, but when the lights went out in New York, it was him alone that still had internet connection! Booyah to being the King of all things Power!

He'd tweet about it… no, he DID tweet about it.

@IAMIRONMAN Bitches don't know about my pylons #thestruggleisreal

Maybe he was just trying to get SHIELDs attention? Either way, he must have because the call came in that he'd been summoned, not by the Deputy Director, but by Boss Hog himself. So what does he do?

He sends Pepper.

He's busy, damnit. There is a game of Rome Total War that has been calling his name ''all day''… Oh and petabytes of security code he has to not only go through, but rewrite. Some group broke into his Tower and nearly brought it to its knees.. He acts cavalier, but he never would have imagined that could happen.

Thankfully, Pepper is NOT going to let him dodge out of this and she, through careful Pepper manipulation (read: Pepper Stare), gets him dressed and moving towards the Triskelion.

"I don't want to be here, Pepper… you know that ri- Hey!" He recognizes a receptionist. "I've got an appointment this time…" winking and, because he's late, gets rushed to the Director's office. "So is it true he only has one eye?"


When Pepper heard that Fury had requested a meeting with Tony, she pushed as much of her work as possible off onto Cricket (she SO owes the girl a SERIOUS shopping spree when all of this settles back down) then spent most of the intervening time making sure Tony was showered, groomed, dressed, fed, and ready to face off against the SHIELD Director. Not once did she even consider letting him foist the meeting off on her.

Having honestly no idea why the meeting was requested, she keeps pace right alongside Tony, trying to mitigate their lateness as much as possible and offering apologetic smiles to everyone along the way. "I don't know, Tony, and it seems rude to ask."


Triplett is standing by. Right there in the Director's Office. What he's doing in here is probably not worth mentioning. Nor is it worth mentioning that he maybe had no hands in getting Stark there. He's got his quiet observant face on and he continues to stand by, ready and willing to move at a moment's notice to do something that the Director needs done. That's pretty much what he's here for. He's also here because there were like a billion terrorist attacks and somebody needs to be around to back up the Director should shit get real.


Fury is, as promised, waiting in his office when Tony arrives and honestly he doesn't care if Trip got him or not. Only that he's here. The one eyed man (yes, he really does have only one eye) is standing when they arrive, looking out the window at a New York skyline that is less… bright than it might otherwise might be. "Mister Stark, Miss Potts." He turns around and looks… mostly at Tony. Agent Triplett is left to his own devices for the moment. He's here for a reason, though. "Metropolis seems to have something of a power crisis. I seem to recall that Stark Industries made a splash in the renewable energy market… and given your activities I'm willing to bet that you've got some expertise in 'power politics'. So I'll be blunt. I've got a city with power issues in the middle of winter. What is it going to take to make you part of the solution?"


"I mean, if he only has one eye, won't it be obvious?" Tony queries, possibly to himself, possibly to the group of security that have no doubt been escorting him up the express path to Director Center. "Unless he's rocking a serious prosthesis…" Absent thought process. If all the terrorist acts bothers the billionaire, he's got the gall to not even appear remotely phased.

He is phased for the record.

He just knows that, at certain points in life, someone has to brush everything off as unimportant. Maybe it is a PR move on his part so that when he inevitably helps everyone assumes he was pressured into it.

Then they're there, walking into the office and, oh look he really only has one eye… As subtle as a blow torch, Tony reaches over and nudges Pepper with a childish grin. Until Fury speaks up and manages to command attention. Even from the usually flampant Stark.

"I'm a simple man, with simple needs… All you really had to do was ask." Seriously, it's a little surprising right? "I said I would help SHIELD, I just keep getting left off the inter-company memo list…" Quirky frown.


Pepper Potts offers Agent Triplett a smile as she and Tony enter Fury's office, and the nudge from Tony earns him a brief glare. Really, Tony? But she smooths her features back to professionally calm when the Director speaks up, and as he mentions the catastrophic power loss in Metropolis, she promptly pulls her tablet to tap at the screen, sending a quick message to JARVIS asking him for the status of any and all generators ready for shipping and installation. She knows it's going to take the poor AI longer than usual to crunch that request, so she holds her tablet against her chest with both hands and looks toward Fury again politely. Paying attention. Really.


Nodding is the order of the day. There are deals between Fury and Stark being made so Triplett doesn't have anything to say or add. He's here in a supportive capacity, much like Ms. Potts. She gets a smile back even as he continues to stand at rapt attention. He's a soldier and a spy, after all. He's got to be ready to kick some ass or staple some papers at a moment's notice. Stark's antics also get a pretty visible smirk. What? The dude's funny.


Fury is a proud man. Arrogant probably wouldn't be too far a stretch. He knows what he can do and damn sure doesn't mind reminding people if it gets the job done. However, at his core, Nick Fury cares first and foremost about two things: His Agents and the Mission. Right now that mission is Metropolis. "We'll bring that up at our next policy review." Leaving Stark off the memos is sometimes purposeful but not always. The man's a genius and sort of a patriot. Not that he'd tell anyone.

"Agent Triplett, there's some scotch in my cabinet. Get it please."

He eyes Stark and Pepper as he waits for that scotch. On his desk are a pair of glasses. Yes, he knows Pepper doesn't drink. Or likely doesn't anyway. "Mister Stark, on behalf of SHIELD I formally request that you aid us in restoring power and proper order to Metropolis. And, official bullshit aside, I'd personally appreciate very much not having to worry about a million people freezing to death in the next big winter storm."


Tony is a prick. Arrogant is without a doubt, but at his core he too cares. It isn't the same things as Fury and he generally doesn't agree with SHIELD policy on… just about anything. It has been his duty, or at the very least he has made it appear to be his duty, to buck their rules and regulations at every possible point of contention. Like he's personally made it his very mission to put a monkey wrench in their working flagship.

Then again, he appreciate the necessity of their cause, if not the way they go about it. Because Tony Stark, IS, a patriot.

He will never ever say so.

Unless it could be used as a pickup line… actually he's done that. So yeah, that's a fact.

"Then on behalf of Stark Industries it would be my pleasure to do so."

Glancing up at Triplett, snapping a few times, "This guy, what's his name…" Then Fury, jerking his head in the agents direction, "I want him on my personal detail. He gets me." Pause, "Obviously I'm going to need transports. Stark Tower is in shambles, so I have to reallocate resources from one of my external locations." The list grows, demand ahoy! How often do you get to get a bucket list of needs from the Director of SHIELD himself?! Christ, people, this is like Christmas.


Pepper Potts glances back down at her tablet, then holds it for Tony to look at as well. "We have about thirty large industrial generators and just shy of one hundred and fifty smaller generators ready to be placed and installed immediately, Director." There's one other line on Pepper's tablet for Tony to read: 'One full size Arc Reactor - estimated completion: 36.45 hours, slated for installation at Stark Tower', but Pepper doesn't mention that aloud. That would be Tony's decision and his alone.

"The larger ones are suitable for providing electricity to critical locations in the city, hospitals and the like," Pepper explains for Fury. "The smaller ones can likely handle residential requirements, so long as people aren't being extravagant. No Griswold-level holiday lights or similar."


Triplett is back with the Scotch just in time for there to be snapping in his direction. He raises an eyebrow but doesn't seem to be offended or anything. He's too busy setting glasses and the liquor down on Fury's desk. Trip must've cleared a space out in anticipation of Stark showing up and saying yes. Because the alcohol is in no danger of getting lost in the mountains of paperwork.

"I can keep Mr. Stark alive, sir, if that's what you want." Trip speaks to the director because he's not too sure about whether or not he gets Tony. He does. But he's wanting to make sure that Fury is okay with this kind of deal.


Fury eyes Trip for a moment and then Stark and then Trip again and nods. "Done. Agent Triplett effective immediately you will base yourself out of Stark Tower and assist him with whatever he requires. You will also handle SHIELD coordination for that area. If Barton or May or Hill need something, I want you to be ready with whatever they need from a cup of coffee to a requisition for a Helicarrier."

Now the one eyed man turns his attention fully to Stark and Potts. "Write me up a request for everything you're going to need before you leave and I'll get it headed your way. Provided you don't ask for a nuclear arsenal, I'll see to it that you don't have to deal with the red tape." If he does want a nuclear arsenal he may have to explain why to Fury. Possibly with Fitz and Simmons in the room so he doesn't get talked around.


Tony takes the tablet and nods to Pepper's assessment, "Once I've got a chance to look at the power grid, I can come up with a permanent solution. It'll take me a few hours to get all the necessary equipment together." That being said, "Then a few days work down in the tunnels getting it all run to a central location. Depending on how quickly you want the city back in 'operational status as normal' or whatever color coded level of awareness we're working with now…" Because he's not on the memo list, see? This is why it's important to keep people abreast of inter-departmental developments!

"Excellent! Welcome aboard Agent… uh Agent." Pepper will handle that because Pepper is good at requesting things. Tony just tells her what he needs and she puts it in better language than a kid running down the aisles of a Toys'R'Us screaming 'mine, mine, mine'.

Now, here's the thing. There's scotch on that table and Tony suddenly develops a look. It's sort of not unlike a man watching a peep show and worried his quarter is about to run out. His hand drags across his mouth and he tries, quite furiously I might add, to look away.

When he manages to do so, it's down at the tablet. "Stark Tower is a no go. We'll set up at one of the subsidiary buildings in Metropolis." Punching in various calculations that are all very mumbo jumboish and probably only serve to distract him from the scotch. "No reason for a nuclear arsenal, besides I already have one." Glancing up, "I'm kidding, nuclear is so last season…" Grinning, forced, alcohol. mmmm… Look at the tablet.


Pepper Potts blinks and raises a hand. "Ah, Director Fury. About Stark Tower. It's … currently undergoing renovation." She glances at Tony, sees what is making him comes THIS close to squirming, and gives Triplett a tiny headshake no with a pointed look at the scotch. Thankfully it doesn't seem that any of the beverage has been poured yet. "I'll have the installation instructions forwarded, Director, as I know that we don't have nearly enough staffing to handle installing all of those generators simultaneously."


"I'll send you all the staff you need." Fury waves his hand. "I'll steal engineers from the goddamn army if I have to. This takes priority." That seems to be settled. At least in his mind. He's used to things going the way he directs them. He is, after all, Nicholas J. Fury. "Is there anything else?"


Secretly, he is quite thankful that Pepper has stepped in to save him the unfortunate embarrassment of drinking that scotch straight from the bottle. The very last thing he needs is that kind of thing hanging over his head when he's trying to be altruistic. "I'm sure you've got all kinds of super secret spy business to get to. The shaking without the stirring and all that." The tablet is held back out to Pepper and he slips his now empty hands into the pockets of his slacks.

"So, we'll just see our way out." Grinning and turning on his heels to look on his accompaniment. "Pepper will have you a list of all the things and personale. I'll be in Metropolis just as soon as I can get my equipment." Diggin' all up in their power grid. Like a boss.


Pepper Potts takes her tablet back and tucks it away into her shoulder bag then smiles politely to Trip and Director Fury. Just as Tony reaches the door she thinks of one last thing. "Oh. Shall we handle the press on this, Director, or would you rather do it?"


"Ordinary procedure is to kick it over to the PR team but if I recall correctly the team at Stark has a lot of experience at… deflecting." They do cover for Tony after all. Nick sits down and pours himself that scotch. "You handle it, Miss Potts. You're more than capable."


Things like press go right over Tony's head. He's already retreated into his thoughts, likely putting all kinds of figures together on how to best utilize the available equipment to provide the most power until he can correct whatever damage has been done to the grid. His fingers wiggle absently, adding to his calculations, unaware that things are being discussed! Important things to his image!

Because his ain't pretty.

That's why they have an entire team dedicated to fixing it! They get paid quite a bit for it too. It is, after all, a full time job.

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