Light V Darque

June 29, 2015:

Angelus and Darques minions fight … Mages and a daughter of christ turn up to fight them.

The Bronx - New York


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You would think the Angelus and the Darkness would stop falling for this trap. Especially since this is the third or fourth time the bretheren have pulled it.

Well, okay, they didn't so much fall for the trap as they did show up with slightly more than expected, bent on revenge.

Which is why there is now a three way battle taking place just outside of Yonkers between a dozen or so potent Angelus warriors, a small swarm of darklings and a small group of armed runners lead by a pair of the Bretheren. The one in charge seems to be a man in a black plague mask. And he's slinging quite a bit of magic around. Enough, certainly, that magical senses and ley line pendulums start buzzing with the sensation. Whereas others have been subtle this is pure taint. Even from a distance the amount of power, and the amount of death magic, flying around is qutie easily palpable.

Arriving with a soft 'pop' sound, near the battling group, the Mistress of Magic sighs and looks tired. "Not again." she murmurs as she thinks through her pendulum «This is Zee, Angelus and Darques people on site. There's about a dozen of the them. Just outside Yonkers. Holding position till I know who can be here.»

Repeating the information through the Titans teamspeak app, the Mistress of Magic settles in to wait for responses.

Hax is drawn by the presence of death magic. Seeking to learn more about this Darque and his forces, Hax sets up on a distant roof top watching the fight unfold. The battle seems more of less contained and with that he and AI are analyzing/studying the brethren specifically (their magic, tactics, everything).

A motorcycle roars up driven by a leather clad hardcore looking biker dude. Ryden unwraps an arm from the mans waist and drops off the bike onto the street, waving absently as the biker turns and heads back the way he came, clearly wanting nothing to do with this mess. Ryden unslings his usual travel pack and removes a book, the pages falling open. He's dressed in an illfitting pair of women's pink silky pajama shorts that leave very little to the imagination and nothing else. Not even shoes. It had been the closest article to hand and not even his when he felt the disturbance. The lorekeeper looks incredibly pissed off. He'd been busy. Very busy infact. And not even high dammit! A good time he was gonna remember for a change and now these bastards are…Ryden stops abruptly and stares. "Death magic?! They're flinging fucking death magic all over the street like…like its candy at a fucking parade?

What the hell.." Ryden just stands in horrified shock for a long moment.

Leaping over rooftops like an evangelical Batman, the Magdalena is on the way to the latest spiritual disturbance to disrupt this city. Cloak billowing out behind her she jumps down towards the street, using the fire escape balconies to swing her way to the street and the battle taking place. "Angels to me!!" she calls out as an order…though she's gotten used to being ignored. But someone had better tell her what is going on. The Spear of Destiny is drawn, glowing with Holy power and a hunger for abyssal souls.

There's a howl that echoes out over the small battlefield. One that makes all of the combatants freeze and the blood run cold. Zee may know who it is. A tall, lean man stalks forward out of the darkness, glittering blade in one hand and rod in the other. "Necromancers…" He half growls. "I might have known."

"Pagan Wolf Demon! Do not interfere with th-" The Angelus being gets cut off by an abrupt downdraft that slams it into the ground. Hard. The wolf god twirls his rod and eyes everyone else. "Well?"

The battle erupts once more. The necromancers turn to deal with this new (slightly terrifying threat) only to be set upon from behind by the darklings who are in turn set upon by angelus warriors. It's a mess. Zee, I need a banishment to clean this up. It'll have to be a big one. Fenris doesn't know the others are there.

Hax's AI does though. "Sir, I'm sensing arcane power spikes on incoming vectors."

Zee's picked up on the others arriving and just rolls her eyes as she thinks through the leyline to Fenris «Hax and Ryden are here. Not quite sure where. I'll work on that spell but be aware. I think I heard Magdalena as well.» She's not sure if Fenris knows who Magdalena is.

Taking what cover she can find, Zee draws her power to her, and her eyes glow neon blue. That's a lot of power she's gathering and she taps the leyline and will take whatever else she can find for this spell

«Banishment spell coming right up» If her tone through the leyline sounds a little resigned, it's because she's been here before and is expecting some form of backlash… that will hurt.

~~ hsinaB ehT sulegnA dnA srecnamorceN kcaB erehW yehT emoC morF ~~

Yeah that's a big spell…. she's really going to test out how far she can stretch…. With a force of will, the teen mage lets the spell loose….

Hax stares at the spikes in arcane power. He first sees Zee which causes him to smile. Then to Ryden (Think he saw this guy before). Finally his eyes fall onto Magdalena, but something is off.

"AI confirm that the magic source is that girl."

AI's focusing iris looks upon Magdelana and the spear. "No, sir. It would appear the magic is coming from the weapon she holds."

Hax is intersted. "Run a background analysis on that spear while your recording Darque's people. The angel-people and darklings are of little concern."

"Affirmative, sir."

Hax brings up his magic interface and beings working on a spell to help support Zee if necessary. Can't have her getting into too much trouble.

Ryden glances up and gapes at the Spear and the woman holding it. "Holy shit! How did that get…is she trying to command the angelus? Oh good luck with that girl." Then he senses Zee's spell and spots the God-Wolf. "Oh for..he should not be here in his state." Meanwhile the spells are still going on. Ryden makes his way towards Zee, he's pretty agile and fast when he's focused intstead of the usual klutz he appears to be. He ducks and dodges and hides his way to her side, all the while studying the situtation. He can guess these are more of Darque's men but why the darklings and angelus…unless. "Oh you gotta be kidding me.." "Zee, draw from me if you can. I have more power in me than I'm actually able to use. Or, I have a connection to it. You should be able to draw from that." Also it won't hurt him or drain him. So far so good. He'd like to have a few more drug free days dammit.

And there are the angels ignoring her again. Seriously, Magdalena really needs to chat with her ancestor about this chaos. A few whispered words of prayer before she is charging into the fray. Someone just flattened an angel and that is not acceptable…thankfully she has no idea it was Fenris. The others on the scene are noted as she moves into battle mode but as long as they stay out of the way she won't be stopping what she needs to do. And what she needs to do is take out the Darklings and the Necromancers. Magdalena is a blur of motion, the impaling spear sending anything demonic back into the abyss…though in the form of a melted sludge. She has spent her whole life training and she is fast, efficient and deadly…but never cocky with it (pride is a sin after all). Her combat is as much about turning her defence into a deadly strike rather than all out attack.

The Magdalena… and the Spear of Destiny. That's something that gets even the unruly Angelus' attention and they flock to her side. Well, most of them flock to her side. A couple of them move to engage Fenris who rather quickly demonstrates why he carries that rod around when he uses one as a bowling for necromancers ball. He doesn't hit them, they dive out of the way, but their casting is rather disrupted. Darklings surge back at the Magdalena. There's a lot of them. Maybe as many as a hundred though they are… small…

Zee can feel the Darklings and Angelus push back. They're fighting, damn it! Don't banish them. She may need more time… and borrowing that poer from Ryden might help as well.

And that's when Hax notices something. The one in the plague mask has started a spell. A curse, specifically. A luck curse. It's powerful, and sloppy. But it's going to rain down ridiculous hell on everyone in the area in about ten seconds.

Including him.

Of course they are pushing back, she expected this. Reaching out, she takes the power that Ryden offers and blends it fairly skillfully into her weave. If Wanda had been here, it would be easier… they've worked together before and Zee knows the Scarlet Witches energy. Rydens, she's still learning.

As Rydens power is absorbed, Zee's hair crackles and her eyes glow even brighter still. That's an awful lot of power that she's channelling as she chants the words of her spell over and over…

Hax realizing the imminent curse finishes his magic firewall spell.

"Oh, no you don't. I just changed into dry clothes thank you very much (referencing is bad luck teleport spell)"

Hax charges the spell with energy and executes the program, casting the firewall onto the plague masked caster. With any luck (ba-doom-kish!) this should make any attempts at casting his next spell fizzle or explode in his face.

"AI continue monitoring the spear. Place a priority analysis on the plague-masked mage. I want to see and know what he's doing."

Ryden is letting Zee draw that power and watching. He eyes the plagued mage with worry then blinks up as he senses Hax. What? That's weird. The power Zee is pulling from him isn't the power he uses. It's still his, sort of but, hells thats too long a story to even think about. Still it shouldn't hurt anything if he does draw on his power now. That dark bastard needs to go. Ryden holds the book up to a blank page and aims it in the mage's direction. "Cmere you ugly masked asshole." Ryden reaches out with his power to draw the man into his book.

The Magdalena does her best to arrange 'her' troops tactically…while also fending off hordes of Darklings. If there is magic happening, or about to, she is too busy to notice. Magdalena and her Angelus cutting swathes of the evil ones down while also forming a defensive circle. If it is not her spear cutting them down, it is the numerous thrown weapons - crucifix knives, holy water grenades - that take out the demon spawn. She seems to have a /lot/ of weapons under that cloak. Occassionally an Angelus will fall, overwhelmed by numbers or pride, but there is no thought of giving up or retreat.

The combined power of Zee and Ryden pushes the banishment through. One instant there are battling Angelus and Darkness and necromancers… the next moment there's just necromancers. One of whom just staggered back as a fireball flew past his face. Without saying anything (a rarity for Darque's men) a black hole opens up at their feet and they rapidly sink into it leaving a very irritated looking Fenris staring at Magdalena… mostly because she might be dangerous. Zee and Ryden and that little guy who still smells kind of damp over there (yes, Fenris can smell Hax) aren't likely to attack him.

Zee sags a little as the banishment takes effect… ok, a lot… that was an awful lot of power for the young mage to channel. The look on her face as Darques people disappear is one of pure and utter frustration.

It's Fenris' body language though that causes her to pause and she blows out a breath before jogging over to him "Thank you Ryden. C'mon, Fenris doesn't know Magdalena…." and she really doesn't need this be any messier than it is. "Fenris… have you met Magdalena before?" The teen mage offers a wave to the woman before looking for Hax… she knows he's around here somewhere.

Hax looks at AI. "Did we get everthing?" AI cheerfully chimes, "Of course, sir. Video recording has been saved to your blank visual spell. All analytical findings on Darque's people and the spear have been re-directed to your information spell as well."

Hax seems pleased "Good." And without another word he takes one last look at the Fenris and the others. Geeze that wolf-god is scary. Better hop out before they figure out where I am. It's been a long day. On that last thought Hax brings out his hearthstone and teleports out of the scene.

Ryden watches the strange woman Zee named Magdalena with as much wariness as Fenris. That Spear is dangerous. No one should be wielding it in his opinion and if the woman is the usual sort…the lorekeeper sighs. This is just not his night and it had started out so well. He frowns at the empty pages. And the assholes got away. Ryden stuffs the book back into pack, carefully though. He doesn't seem to notice or just doesn't care about his state of undress. "I am really sick of these guys." The lorekeeper mutters while glancing aside to inspect Fenris for damage.

One second you're in a warzone and the next you're staring over an empty battlefield at a large glowing wolf. Magdalena breathes heavy from her exertions, twirling her spear before sliding it into the holster strapped to her back. She looks around at the complete lack of evidence of anything happening here before looking curiously to Fenris. "I don't suppose you are Jericho in another form?" she asks the creature since he was also a wolf…thing. A faint smile to Zatanna when she arrives. "Fenris? I suppose I shouldn't need to ask if he is /the/ Fenris. You seem to be attracting angels and demons again, Zatanna. And those other people in the masks. I hope you are well. There was also someone watching us. Did you see them?" Her eyes look over Ryden and she offers him a polite smile of greeting. "I see I am not the only one with an unusual costume."

Fenris shakes his head and puts his blade away. "That's not a name I've ever taken. Fenris will do nicely. Since that is my name. The one I was born with in fact. And who are you who comes weilding an ancient spear and commanding the Angelus?" Which is not exactly a character reference from where the god-wolf is standing. "Hello Zee, and Ryden and…" Fenris can feel the teleport spell go out. "Where does he think he's going?"

"Still, Magdalena, still" Zee offers the woman a smile and rolls her eyes at Ryden. "So are we, Ryden" she murmurs… "He's not going anywhere, Fenris… he has to stop doing that." Today, she's ready for Hax's antics…. if a little tapped. Drawing deep, her eyes glowing once more, Zee intercepts Hax's teleport out

~~gnirB xaH oT eM ~~

Keeping her mind clear of the way she might like to see him bought to her, Zee focusses on bringing the other mage to her side.

Ryden kind of stares for a few moments. He'd actually been reconsidering putting the book away and half expecting the woman to charge forward shouting some "I won't suffer a witch to live nonsense. Instead she's polite and he's a little caught off guard. He glances down, costume? "Oh. These underwear aren't mine. Just the first thing I saw when I felt this mess. He looks up at the now empty roof and snorts. "Lad's got sense." He mutters in response to Fenris's question. "Anyone would aftering getting a look at us."

Hax is yoinked back to the scene. Although he doesn't land precisely where Zee wanted. Instead he teleports back-to-back with Mag. He looks confused. Looking back at his stone "The hell?" and upon taking in his surroundings again he senses Zee's magic at work. Rude.

Upon feeling someone directly behind him he backs away now facing the others. Oh. Damn. Wolf-god rage.

"Um, er Miss Zatanna, uh, w-why am I back?"

"I am the Magdalena" The woman introduces herself with a slight bow of the head towards Fenris. "Descendent of Christ and instrument of the Lord" she adds. Fenris is a pagan after all and may not know the story. "The spear is that which killed my ancestor and spilled the blood that runs in my veins. It is mine by birthright…and while I am worthy to bear it." She smiles at Zatanna. "I am calm. I am always calm." Then a quirk of a brow at the pink pants. "I hate to think where you were that only offered those to wear…but it is none of my business."

People suddenly appearing behind an armed warrior who has just been in battle…not good. Magdalena whirls around and draws a sword that is now pointed directly at Hax's chest. "He is with you, Zatanna?"

Poor Hax is teleported right in front of Fenris' Not-Quite-Death-Glare. A glare that only deepens as Magdalena reacts… well actually like a warrior in a warzone. "Perhaps he simply didn't like your shorts." The god-wolf says with a sidelong look to Ryden.

"If you will kindly not kill the magus, miss? Zee, this is a man who's showed up with you before. Do you know him at all?"

Ryden frowns and closes the still open connection to his power suddenly. "Zee. That is rude. The man helped, he wasn't with those assholes.." Then Magdalena is holding a sword on the poor fellow and Ryden is striding forward to stand in front of Hax. The sword just touching his chest. "Put that away." He's already filed the information she just gave away, suspecting she'll be trouble at some point but so long as she drops the damn sword, right now things seem alright. Ryden glares back Fen when he speaks. "Nobody likes my clothes. I get no repspect. When did clothing become so fucking important anyway. This dude hasn't done anything and you all need to calm down." So maybe Ry thinks the guy isn't bad looking too. Doubts he leans in his direction but damn, the man aided the crazy battle and didn't split til it was over and this all seems unecesarry to the lorekeeper.

"With me?" Zee looks at Magdalena "Nooooo, not exactly my taste." Her tastes run to something more serious and mature. Zee hadn't even touched Rydens magic. Looking at the older mage, Zee's eyes flash a little and takes a deep breath, holding the temper that she rarely ever shows.

"Well, Fenris, it depends on the definition of know. I've spoken with him once and he's appeared a few times when there's been trouble. But I'm not sure I could say that I really know him."

Hax looks at the sword and takes the tip of his finger and pushes it slightly to the side.

He looks at Ryden and barely contains a snicker. "G-got lucky, eh?"

And with that he turns back to Zee and Fenris. "Um, so, h-how can I help y-you?" he doesn't summon a hot-key but mentally readies to do so if Fenris decides to send this all sideways.

Fenris twirls his blade once and then it seems to shrink, into a necklace which he replaces around his neck. His gale rod likewise goes into 'holster' at his side. "Well you keep turning up. Rather like the proverbial bad penny. I don't htink you're with the necromancers… but these are my hunting grounds." Even know. "These two magi I know…" He gestures to Ryden and Zee. "But who the hell are you?"

Ryden looks like he'll intervene if Fenris decides to attack the stranger but for the moment he's just standing to the side and he sighs morosely. "I was about to." He looks around at the now empty area. The trio in his room are probably long gone. "He helped. That masked guy was about to set off a spell that would have seriously fucked things up. Even for himself. Morons." Ryden shakes his head. "Dude stopped it somehow." He jerks a thumb at Hax. Ryden had been very aware during this battle. Partly due to a bunch of caffeine and some herbal energy suppliments. Which have now been wasted. Yay. Ryden sighs again then looks aside at Hax. Is he another Homi Magi? Possible. "Not everyone knows about you, ya know Fenris. I didn't, but well, I had been…gone."

"It's just Zee, Hax." The teen mage reminds the young man, taking a position beside Fenris. If he had wanted to attack, he would have and there'd be nothing they could have done about it. "Thank you for the assistance tonight. I know you did something, I was pretty focussed on banishing the Angelus, but felt your spell go off."

Peering intently at Hax, she frowns "What's your bloodline? You know that I'm a Zatara." The comments about getting lucky? Zee treats them like she would any other frat-boy prank, she ignores them.

Hax looks confused. "Bloodline? I-I'm just Normand Shanks. I am a rune scribe b-by trade. My m-master, uh, taught me as h-he was taught."

Hax doesn't say more than that, although anyone with a supernatural sense of lie detecting will know that while he's not telling a lie he is in fact hiding something.

"I c-came to research the, um, death magic I felt. I have s-seen a lot of it lately."

"Mmmmhmmmm." Fenris sounds not unlike Tom Berringer in a particular war movie. No, not that one, the other one. "Well you're either very brave, or very foolish or both. Still, I'm satisfied for now that you're not going to be a problem."

The god-wolf's attention turns to Zee and Ryden. "I'm going to follow up on them and see if I can figure out where they went. I've got a notion I won't like the answer. Mean time, you two play nice with Mister Shanks here." As for people not knowing about him… that's rather the point.

Fenris turns and opens a Way, then steps through it.

Ryden sort of grins at the view of Fen's rear as he leaves. "Yeah, yeah. Becareful. You know where I am if you need help." He calls after the God-Wolf before turning back to Hax. He isn't using any supernatural means of lie detecting. He's just really good at reading people. He wouldn't be all that forthcoming in this situation himself. "Relax. We aren't out to get ya. Thanks for doing, what you did. That guy meant serious trouble. I'm a Homi-Magi. So is Zee. Those guys, " Ryden gestured around. "I'm sure are related to the ones you've seen before. They belong to very bad, very evil creature who is out sucking all the energy, magic and life force from anything he can find. You need to be careful, they notice you, they'll come for you too."

Zee smirks a little as Hax stammers and stutters. "I'd prefer to come with you Fenris." she calls as the Wolf-God leaves… she's not going to rest till Darque is a thing of the past. "If you want to know more about these guys, Hax. Come find me, I'll share what I know. I've been tracking them, with Fenris and others, for months."

Hax nods and waves Zee goodbye. Turning to Ryden's pink underwear

"That must have a funny story attached to it."

Ryden watches Zee leave and shakes his head before turning back with a bit of a dejected expression. "Ah, first piece of clothing I saw on my way out of the door. I felt this shit going down and was on my way here as fast I could get. Everyone is probably gone now." And he didn't really use any magic and has no excuse to use any drugs. "Mm..maybe I'll just find a bar to spend the rest of the night in." He eyes himself. "Shit. Not like this. Hotel it is then. Dude, you got a place to stay?" Ryden looks up with the question.

Hax laughs. And holds up his hearthstone. "I was on my way home. We can find you something suitable. I hope you like khakis and dress shirts" he snickers.

He offers a fist bump "Bro-teleport."

Ryden grins and fistbumps. "I'll wear just about anything." He lowers his voice in a whisper. "Partly just because it drives people nuts." While thats true, its not the whole truth. He really doesn't have the time, inclination or free brain space to worry over clothes of all things. "Sounds good to me and better than what I usually got."

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