Under Da Sea

January 15, 2015:

Rowan goes looking for seafood. And gets a bit more than he bargained for

New York Harbor


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Rowan is getting clams. And Urchins. And crabs. And lobsters. And all kinds of other sea life that he likes to eat. Because as good as surfacer food is, when it comes to just snacking and comfort food nothing beats raw urchin. It's also good to be stocked up in case Royalty comes to visit. Because that is a thing that has occasionally happened. It does, however, mean that there's a small sea dragon flitting about the Harbor picking up things off the bottom and this is not something the locals have gotten used to yet. Not alarmed by it anymore fortunately, but they always do stare.

Eliza can't help but find it curious as she's been wandering around. Her little drone is hovering about a hundred feet above the water, using the ultrasonics to get good 3-d maps of the dragon and the space it's moving in.

Nyx is standing on one of the docks squinting out at the dragon in the harbor. She seems to be just watching it, trying to decide if this is a problem or not. I mean on her list of things that may need a punching or a blasting, harbor dragons are pretty darn suspicious. For now though she is just chilling and watching. So far it does seem harmless.

Do you know what the number one issue in marriages is? Money. But Arthur is really just… just uncountably rich. Seriously. You couldn't count it. Not ever. It's stupid. But the /second/ biggest issue in marriage is spontinaity, a sense of the 'same ol same ol' weighing down an otherwise healthy relationship. Admitedly, Arthur and Mera don't often suffer from this issue either, what with the constant threat of aniliation by super monsters, invasions and assassination attempts from their own people and interdimensional water species, the whole 'hero' thing, I mean being bored isn't usually an issue either. Usually. But it's been slow awhile now, ever since the attack on the beach anyway. Now that Arthur's shoulder is mostly healed, the new pink scar tissue is still warm to the touch and sorta spungey, but otherwise he's fine, he's decided to be spontaneous.

Which is how, in a shelf made of steel and concrete jutting out into the bay, a perfect place for urchins to breed, Rowan The Toothless Dragon 'stumbles' his length reptilian self across a pair of royal armor clad types making out like teenages two drinks into the 'special punch' on prom night. This is also how Rowan learns of the scars that Mera's back carries for her, signs of her rather intense training period. See what happens when you go piddling about in the dark shadows? You ruin everything. Bad dragon. Bad. «He found us.» Arthur informs his wife as he looks up over her bare shoulder and through a curtain of her crimson hair floating idly in the current, «And now he's staring. I think we've shocked him. Should I call an eel? Maybe jolt him back to himself?» he asks as he holds up her suple scale armor so she can slip back into it. His own armow is just sort of hanging from his waist where it's been peeled back, and mirth is dancing in his eyes. He is as yet unaware that the dragon himself has an audience…

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Arthur is really really lucky that his wife had most of her bashfulness trained out of her at an early age, or getting busted making out would have been mortifying. «I don't think you need to involve an eel,» Mera notes while getting her scale armor fastened over her torso the way it ought to be, covering up those scars once again. "Rowan, how goes your day?" she asks of the sea dragon as if she and her husband had simply been sitting here watching TV or whatever the undersea equivalent is.

If Rowan could blush in this form, he probably would. Instead he is indeed just kind of staring. "Er. Well your majesties." Mera has asked Rowan to call her by name but he still feels that the greeting, at least, should be appropriately respectful. He's also slowly backing up. He may be a veteran of a thousand battles and no stranger to the fact that women can indeed wear less clothing than is customary in certain circumstances but this is the first time he's ever seen the Royal Couple being… a couple. Also, when you consider who he knew Arthur and Mera as, it's a little bit like shining a flashlight into a cave to see Slenderman makiing out with Bloody Mary. It's kind of not the way you think of those people.

"I was just thinking of you. Er. Um, not quite like that. Was thinking about feeding you." Nope. Not working. "Er… sorry. I'll, let you get back to… one another."

The transition from sea dragon to air dragon happens in the space it takes his comparatively small fifteen foot length to breath the water and the spray to die down. Now Nyx and Eliza have a flying dragon. One that just got out of the water in a hurry.

Eliza is surprised by the shift from water to air, the tiny drone buzzing away and lurking under the eaves of a nearby warehouse.

Nyx finds herself drawn to the drone for a while, staring at it with narrowed eyes. Probably some video blogger or youtuber though. Then she snaps her attention back to Rowan and squints at that suddenly ariel dragon. She lifts a hand and gauges the distance, and starts to track him with her hand out. She doesn't… do anything… but if the now flying dragon looks like it is about to attack NYC she will be doing something for certain. "I swear to god.. dragons… what the hell…." currently unaware of the smooching interruptus.

Aquaman eyes Mera and he pouts for just a second as she slips the rest of the way back into the armor, «Crap.» he quips plaintively before pushing away from the shelf and plucking his trident up from where it rests. He watches Rowan go into the air and shakes his head, "Sometimes if feels like everyone I know can fly but me. Even Batman has that silly plane of his." and then he's headed for the surface. He doesn't suspect anyone up there gives a crap if he's running around bare breasted.

"But can he swim at any decent pace without the help of his machines?" Mera quips as she moves to follow Arthur toward the surface. The moment she breaks the surface, though, she frowns faintly and shakes her head. «Do you feel that?» she asks of her husband telepathically. «It's … like porpoise clicks, but without the actual sound.» She didn't think there would be an porpoises in this area this time of year. Even the Orca don't migrate around here.

Rowan is hovering at about thirty or forty feet above the surface of the water just… processing. At least here he's not likely to be immediately punched to the Pacific. After a few moments, unaware that Mera and Arthur haven't gone back to it, he flies over to - coincidentally - near where Nyx is standing and sets down, transforming into a muddy haired young man with a very perplexed look on his face.

Eliza is still not very good at not alarming people. It isnt' that she doesn't try it's more that she really hasn't figured it out yet. The sight of a blue-haired-blue-skinned Anime character climbing up through the ground in a shimmer blue sundress that i wholly innapropriate for New York in the winter abotu five feet away from Rowan and Nyx is… quite possibly alarming no matter just how freindly the smile on her face is.

Well Nyx is tracking the dragons descent towards near her and the city just holding her palm out towards it. Tracking… tracking… and now it is a disheveled young man. "Soo are you about to attack the docks.. if so It would be awesome if you give me some sort of.. rawr I am a dragon bent on destruction… though frankly you look like you've seen a monster yourself." she lowers her hand then snaps it back up pointing her palm at Eliza "What the hell… uh.. friend of yours… because really two on one wouldn't be very fair if this is some sort of invasion…" hey Namor is giving all sorts of sea creatures a bad name.

Aquaman clears the water in a fifteen foot sparkling explosions and lands relatively lightly, «I do. There are surface world technologies that use sound frequencies to high for their ears to hear. It's always been something of an annoyance, you learn to block it out, like the way the air tastes and the dirt smells. Block it out with all the other polution.» he blinks as the scene before him, "Huh." he says, just eyeing the wee blue girl who's only slightly more apporpriately dressed for the 'cold' then he is. He should put his armored tunic back on.

Mera leaves the water for the docks in a much less … splashy manner, a small pillar of cohesive water supporting her weight long enough for her to step lightly onto the pier before falling back into the harbor proper. She looks from muddy-haired Rowan to the young woman speaking a bit haltingly, and the Blue wearing Surfacer clothing. «Are you certain, Arthur? It is… it feels particularly deliberate, like a porpoise.» She's tilting her head, as if hearing something unpleasant.

Rowan did, in fact, see the blue skinned woman climb out of the ground. Which is not the strangest thing he's ever seen but also not the one he's expecting so he can perhaps be forgiven as he turns warily and reaches for his spear. He doesn't extend it yet but… this could go so ver badly…

"Invasion? Er… I live here." He glances over to Nyx.

Eliza smiles and waves. "Hi there…" she says, aparently not bothered by the motions to arm are any of it. There is an ultrasonic overtone that follows the rough amplitude curve of her speech, tho she's talking in the normal range around 400-1500hz. The ultrasonics are all 25khz+. "Invasion?" she asks, confused as well.

Nyx eyes Rowan and Eliza lowering her hands "So no invasion… good… OOOo hell." there are totally more people leaping out of the water and all she raises her hands again, both this time and takes a step back eyeing all four of the people who have shown up now near her dock. "Everyone is .. like coming in peace right… this aint no Namor sneak attack on the city right!?"

Aquaman winces a bit when Eliza speaks and then controls his face, his gaze falling on Nyx, "I am Arthur, King of Atlantis," he says to Nyx flatly, "and if I were invading, trust me child, you would /know/ it." he smirks, "Which is how you know I am not. See what I did there? Tricksy circular logic? Clever right?" and then he eyes Eliza, "Can you turn it down a bit please? The sonics in your tech are giving me a headache and I'd appreciate a repreieve." Rowan he ignores completely, though he supresses the random urge to dipsmooch his wife on the spot.

Mera would possibly take exception to that stray thought that crosses Arthur's mind, except that she's still wincing at something unheard by most everyone else. Maybe it's a good thing that she's still just standing there making faces. Because the alternative would be eliminating the annoying sound with extreme prejudice. "Namor. Hmph." Yes, she just openly scoffed.

Rowan being ignored is likely fine at the moment since he's trying to figure out which of the arsenal of pointy and or highly destructive weapons in his possession he needs to deploy, if any. "No… Namor's not invading. That's Arthur. King of Atlantis. And his wife." She's skeery. He does not add.

Eliza kicks the carrier up to 50kHz, almost certainly out of any biological hearing range. "This better?" she asks. "If not I'll have to switch to subtitles. Anyway, I'm Liz! Hello King Arthur…" she says then has to stop to keep herself from giggling.

Nyx slooowly lowers her hands now but keeps a steady eye on all three of you. "Right… good point. Also.." she squints "Aquaman… Arthur King of Atlantis. Okay not the other guy." she eyes Eliza though "Nyx." indicating herself. "I guess a pleasure to meet you all. Your .. um.. majesties." a careful smile to Arthur and Mera, like she isn't sure that is even how you do it.

Aquaman's ear cannot in fact hear pitches so high… in the air. In the water it would be a different story. As it is he lets out a slow sigh of approval, "Thank you. Was starting to echo in my sinus' like a bad migraine." he then smirks at her, "Get it out of your system, I've heard all the jokes you can muster. This is my queen, Mera." he finishes the introductions, "And this is our peeping tom, Rowan."

Mera also relaxes when that unheard sensation stops trying to drill into her brain. She nods a hello to Liz and Nyx as they introduce themselves and Arthur introduces her and himself in return. And she's at least able to keep a straight face as her husband pokes fun at Rowan. «Enough.» There's no real ire in her telepathic communication to Arthur. «You know he didn't mean to find us there.»

Rowan is becoming acclimated to surfacer slang but that one's over his head. "I've never been called Tom…" He murmurs as he relaxes a bit too and studies Nyx and Eliza. "Were you two expecting to be invaded? Should we also expect that?" Cause it'll get to them first, these being near Atlantis' territorial waters.

Eliza blinks. "So your name isn't Tom Rowan? And… Oh… Nyx! Yeah, I saw those videos. Awesome stuff. I was totally roffling. As for invasions… I wasn't expecting one. Should I? And… hmm. I suppose I should design a little sub. That might be cool, looking around under the water, never really done that…" she says as much to herself as anything.

Nyx's eyes widen at Eliza and a blush creeps up and she just… is silent and blushing now. Well it is better than someone bringing up that stupid Bugle and stupid Jamison. If there any any civilian she would like to particle beam talk about that one. Finally "right.. um… well if no invasion and all.. I should probably get back on my patrol." and die, of embarassment.

Aquaman just blinks and takes a single step back. Whoa. That is a /lot/ of slang in Young Girl Manner and like all grown men when he hears it it triggers that portion of his brain that causes things to glaze over at the edges. Danger Will Robinson, danger. "No," he says firmly, "no invasions."

Mera tilts her head as she regards Eliza, the little blue-skinned girl just prattling on about something that makes zero sense to her, even with Arthur's very strong assurance that they would not be the start of an invasion. «Arthur, I am going to see if I can collect some shellfish for supper. Do you have any preferences?»

Rowan looks over to Aquaman and then backs up, half of a mind to offer Mera some of the thing's he's collected and then… er… no. Maybe not. Maybe, er, later. After he did sort of interrupt the two of them and… ahem. He'll just… his house is over there, you see. "I should put mine away before they start to go…"

Eliza hmmms. "They should be fine at this ambient temperature for some hours…" she says. "Tho the ones here probably have unacceptable levels of PCB contamination from the plants upriver. The levels have gone down over time, but it's a slow process since like most halidadted carbon molecules, they are not readily consumed by bacteria…."

Nyx continues her retreat…. patrol… right patrol not retreat… having given her excuse. She backs away and then carefully turns a corner. She is heading off to either find some villain to punch, or think about her own crimes over some icecream at this rate.

Aquaman watches Nyx go, then offers a small smile to Eliza and Rowan, "She's right Rowan, you need to fish up coast if you wish for better tasting food. You should be able to taste that in the water this close to shore." cause it's kinda disgusting really. He slips an arm around his Queen's waist and then takes another step towards the peir's edge, "We're going to see to our own picinic if you'll excuse us…" he eyes the blue girl for a moment longer and makes a mental note, "You have a nice day miss," then he grins knowingly at Rowan, "you too Peeping Tom." wink, and then he's taking his wife off into the depths with him.

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