Seance On A Dark Evening

June 19, 2015:

Nineteenth Century New York and The Union investigate supernatural shenanigans

New York


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Friday evening…or is it Saturday morning…and Wanda has found a familiar bench to sit upon. The bench where she saw her first mark all those months ago. The guy she pickpocketed under the gaze of Nyx. "So long ago" she muses to herself…and a lot has changed since then. The Witch is dressed in black boots, black pants, black and scarlet corset and a scarlet jacket over the lot. Someone has been spending money on clothes.

Man life is fairly unfair. Nyx is still burning through clothes faster than she can manage. She hasn't managed to catch Pepper or Tony to apologize either so her funds are frozen. Not wanting to accidently shred or drop her hoodie she has chosen to walk her patrol of M-Town this evening. She trudges down the street. She does pause though when she feels you and your magic nearby, head popping up and eyes squinting.

At least it is summer now. No freezing in the snow. Thought the nights are hardly tropical, they are better than what she is used to. "Do you think she will come?" she asks the nothingness beside her before nodding at the 'answer'. "Yes…but I hope she will be here soon. Otherwise it will be too late." Despite the warmth, a shiver runs through Wanda's body.

Has…. some very good hearing these days thanks to Starks sensor-suit. Yum. Still Nyx sets off hearing that and heads right for Wanda "Hey Wanda!" trying to sound chipper.

"Nyx!!" Wanda gets quickly to her feet and rushes over to hug her friend. "Are you okay? I wanted to make you better again…like all those other people. I did not think it would get so…" Their time in Hell was not fun. "I need your help. Can you help me now, Nyx? No going bad again?"

Nyx hugs her friendly back tightly, a bit clingy perhaps, hiding her face against Wanda's shoulder. For the most part she has none of the cthonic in her, she has a slew of limbo in her thanks to ripping it out though. "I’m better I think.. well sort of … you helped Wanda." she blinks "What’s wrong?"

"I am glad that you are better. I am so sorry what I did" Wanda sighs, and she is. "But we have to save some people. If we don't save them now…then other people will not be able to be saved. Do you understand? Come on." She grabs Nyx's hand and heads for an alleyway - dark save for a flickering streetlight near the entrance.

Well of course Samantha doesn't understand at all. Still she has always gone with Wanda on these random adventures so she isn't about to not back her friend now. She lets her hand be taken and is led into the alley. She blinks adjusting to ultraviolet and other spectrums.

Wanda drags her friend deeper and deeper into the darkness. A darkness that seems to cause havoc with Nyx's other spectrums of vision. They still work…mostly…but they also go out of focus or look as if they are being interfered with. And Wanda is also leading her directly towards a wall. The witch doesn't seem to have too much inclination to stop either…and she walks straight through it, taking Nyx with her if possible.

Well Nyx will blink and turn off the enhanced sensory arrays cause damned magic. When she opens her eyes she is going right into the wall and doesn't stop keeping a hold of Wanda's hand. Of course she could go into a wall at flight speed and get back up so it isn't entirely worrisome. She does wince though by human reflex.

The first change noticed is the smell. The air is no longer filled with the odours of car exhaust but rather there is the faint smell of…horse manure? They are still walking in the alleyway but now heading towards the street as if they had turned around in the wall. The street is much darker now. It is gas lamps that illuminate the cobblestoned sidewalk now and the very few people on the street are dressed…like they came out of an Edwardian fashion catalogue. Thankfully, Wanda and Nyx are also dressed in this way - dresses with narrow hoops and everything. "Come along" Wanda urges her friend. "This way." She heads left once they are on the street.

Nyx looks down at her period specific outfit and fance. She blinks and ..well is a bit awkward she has never danced fancy a day in her life. "Uh.. Wanda did we go to another dimension or travel in time?" worried.

"I don't know" Wanda shrugs, "Does it matter?" The streets are becoming a bit better lit now, particularly as they head towards Broadway. No skyscrapers tower over them. No roar of engine or airplane. Not even horns from the river. Just the soft rumble of people talking and the occasional clip-clop of horses. "It's this way" she adds, turning into a side street.

Well Samantha is looking around "Well it um… does sort of.. I mean now I’m worried about messing up the future and us going back and Hydra having won the other day… or something.." she follows though.

"But that's why we have to be here" Wanda informs her friend. "We don't want the bad people to win…right?" A witch with chaos magic at heart would surely not doing anything crazy. They stop in front of a house and Wanda gestures at the dark building. "In there. That's where we have to be."

Sam looks up to the dark building. "Right… .well let’s get in there." she steps up to the door and checks to see if it opens. If it isn't well she does this subtle fast wrench and opens it with a >crack< and then gestures Wanda in.

The door was locked and when the pair slip inside there is the sound of people mumbling in one of the front rooms. Wanda sneaks her way to the door and peers through the crack…this door not having been shut. Six people sit around a table, illuminated only by a candle in the center. They all hold hands as an elderly woman asks the room - "Are you there? Can you show us a sign?" The other five at the table, three men and two women in their forties, are apprehensively looking around the room in case there is something to be heard or seen.

Samantha just sighs softly, gives her friends hand a squeeze and then looks to her with a … so what now … sort of look as she looks back to the gathering. Ready to leap into action but… what action… god she doesn’t want to mess up the past.

Wanda squeezes Nyx's hand in return before gesturing upwards with her head. She then slinks her way up the squeaky, creaking staircase - that will probably get the seance folk worked up about visitors. They reach the landing and Wanda frowns as she gestures to one of the closed doors. Quietly she moves forward, holding her breath as her hand reaches out to slowly turn the door knob. The door is pushed open and a chill fills the hallway. The room is dark, save for the glowing green…gas?…that swirls in the air above a small bed. In that bed is a young girl, sitting up and staring at the cloud before turning her gaze on her visitors. "Who are you?" she asks in a light voice.

Oh crap, green gas. Nyx squints at it and then steps fully into the room. "Here to help." she really hopes she can manage to help. "I'm Nyx."

"Hello, Nyx" replies the little girl with a bounce in her voice. "Nyx is a funny name" she decides before throwing off her sheets and slipping from the bed. "My name is Julia and this…" She indicates the cloud, "…is Saint Peter. He came from Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is?"

Samantha nods lightly "I do of course know who Jesus is." she has crazy Christian parents. "St. Peter should be up at the gates of heaven though not here." she scans the cloud best she can.

The cloud registers as some kind of magical portal. Not chaos magic. Not even limbo magic. And then something starts to emerge. A shape of darkness, its form changing as it crawls forward through the glowing green.

Right, that would be when Nyx steps in and tries to snag the nice young lady by the waist .. of successful picking her up to step back with her "Wanda?"

Julia squeals in surprise as she is lifted into the air and dragged out of her room. "Let me go! I was going to see Jesus!!" She kicks her little feet in the air but it does no good against a superheroine. Wanda is staring at the green glob in the air, her fingers twitching and glowing scarlet. "Have you heard of the Union, Nyx?"

Nyx holds Julia behind her with one arm, she can throw semi trucks so this isn't too big a deal. "Nooope what is the union." she lifts her free hand and her arm shifts even as it starts to glow violently white, with faint traces of limbo black in the crackling energy.

"They are the superheroes of this time" Wanda explains. "Very secret. Not even in the history books much. I think I know why. I think they are us…" A creature bursts out of the green fog. Long, spindly hooked limbs sink into floor and walls to pull itself from the abyss. Row upon row of sharp metallic teeth line its giant maw as it roars at the pair. Its black carapace looks like armour glistening in the candle light.

Nyx mutters "Oh great so you are going to be time traveling us into the past to fight demons and crime and that is why no one ever figured out who this Union was?" she just sounds boggled. Of course she pulses a blast of Particle Beam right at the demon looing thing when it roars. Of course it is just a lance of pure excited molecular energy like a spaceship, laced with limbo magic making it a +1 particle beam.

The creature recoils from the blast, an inhuman squeal filling the air, so high pitched it hurts. It dodges to the side, its armoured body seared and burned by Nyx's ray. Wanda has no idea what her friend is saying about time travel but there is also a monster to deal with and a portal to close. The people downstairs must be enjoying their show to be ignoring all this. "I'll take her" Wanda explains, grabbing Julia and then throwing up a shield. Nyx can deal with anything.

Sam, aka Nyx, chipperly notes "Thanks" not having to babysit means she can confidently step forward and pop her wings, pure energy, white light, some traceries of red and black limbo energy but it stylistic. "Come one baby…" she lifts her other hand and fires a beam, then one from her right. Then well she fires both, leaves them on and sweeps her hands together in a slicing motion.

The demon leaps around the room as best it can to avoid the blasts. The furniture and walls are less agile and the house is being shredded by the beams. Wanda averts the girl's eyes as the rays finally start to hit the demon. It shrieks and cries as limbs start flying off the creature; blasted away by Nyx. It shudders, screeches and then leaps back into the green mist.

Sam doesn't feel too bad about the demolishing of the house.. well okay a little.. those beams are barely slowed by the construction of today probably taking off someone else’s roof even. "woops…" then she brings both hands together and blasts the mist but good. "Wanda .. can you shut this thing down luv.. it could be getting daddy."

Wanda gently lets go of Julia and steps forward. Ancient words seep softly from her lips as her eyes glow red and then scarlet energy emerges from her hands to overwhelm the green hued portal. There is a moment of conflict between the two but soon the portal is gone and Wanda is catching her breath and glancing around. "They need to stop their seance. That is what opens the doorways."

Nyx ohs and tucks her wings behind her now. Her dress is… not very intact anymore. "Right let me go have a word with them…" she really does look a bit like an angel with those wings. She glances at Julia "be good." then steps out of the room heading for the steps.

Wanda really should be worried when Nyx decides to solve things but…she has to look after Julia. Can't really put her back to bed when she has no bedroom. She follows Nyx…at a safe distance…carrying Julia with her.

Nyx just steps off the stairs and steps through to the parlor. She snaps her wings open with a snap of energy slicing through the air. "Cease this blasphemy!"

The people around the table gasp and scream as Nyx blasts through the door like the Angel of Death. Some hit the ground. Others cross themselves frantically. The old woman who is holding the seance is perhaps the most surprised.

Nyx points a glowing fist at the lady leading the seance "Never again." she points one fingertip at the candle in the middle of the table and incinerates it. "Wicked."

A pause…and then panic and screaming as the seance group run for the hills. Which means they only get as far as the couch to hide behind. Wanda releases Julia into the room before tapping Nyx on the shoulder - time to leave.

Samantha really may have enjoyed that much too much. She tucks her wings careful of Wanda's tapping hand and then nods to her friend and moves closer to follow.

The pair quickly head back into the street and back for the alley. They have to keep to the dark now with Nyx's almost nakedness. Thankfully Wanda has a way to make people look in the opposite direction when she needs them to. The alley looms up and Wanda glances around for a moment. "Shall we?"

Nyx wings are snapped off as soon as she gets out of the house, and she walks with you. Her top's back is just disintegrated, which is still scandalous. "Yes please!" she puts her hand in yours.

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