Incident At A Museum

June 11, 2015:

Some criminals attempt to rob a museum convoy but their luck is out.



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It's a small caravan, making its way directly from the cargo hangar of the airport, through the city to the museum's loading dock. Four really big SUVs, along with a half-dozen motorcycles, and all of them surround one big truck. It's not immediately obvious that it's an armored truck, as it doesn't quite match the standard lines. But it is. And whatever it's carrying, it has to be important.

How would one know that? Well, the size and quality of the escort could be a clue. Another one? Well, that might be the rapid appearance of green anti-gravity sleds, complete with masked and armored goons with energy weapons, who are now trying to close with said armored truck, and attempting to deal with the guards pouring out of all of those escort vehicles to defend it.

Wow, what a mess.

Wanda has this habit of finding trouble. It's a…gift? So even when she is just wandering happily down the street with her vampire on a pleasant summer night, of course it will take her past the chaos of an attempted museum robbery. She and chaos are good friends. "Should that be happening?" she asks Nighteyes as people start flying through the air and guards start pouring out. "This is not a good time to put on a show. Maybe it is a rehearsal?"

Rain often travels by motorcycle. It scares the mundane-folk a lot less. She also feels somewhat weird about the word mundane anymore. But today, she and her trenchcoat wearing orange tabby (he's even a little jowly) are riding broomstick in the air above traffic. It saves them time and gas, plus it's very eco-friendly. Rain doesn't even need her long duster coat now that the weather is warming up, but she does wear a long, light sort of sweater to avoid having bug bits mashed on. Both cat and witch have goggles, and the witch a bandana. She does not want to *eat* the bugs, either.

A magic GPS is resting on the not bristly part of the broom, since a map is horrifically impractical. Rain has a gift from fate, and is surreality. Weird things tend to happen. Some might call it touched by the wyrd. Nevertheless, there's a pause as the broomstick passes over. She quirks her eyebrows. Those are - definitely new. Time to get in lower and make sure, before the newtings start.

Nighteyes turns from staring down a man across the street who'd been frowning at her glowing red eyes. "Um. No..I do not think so." Those eyes narrow with suspicion. She doesn't know a lot of about cars but her keen vision can tell one of the caravan is different than the others. Then there's the antigravity sled and the flash of energy weapons. The vampire grins and kisses the top of Wanda's head. "This seems alarmingly normal compared to what we usually find." She might emphasis the "we" not wanting Wanda to think she's the one that finds all the trouble. "We should probably stop the ones attacking." Nighteyes comments.

Coming from the opposite direction, a tall blonde woman in jeans and a leather flight jacket stops to regard the situation as it unfolds, and shakes her head. "Seriously? I can't even get to the subway to head for the hotel without finding this madness?" The life and times of Carol Danvers. Clearly, she's going to have to do something about this.

The guards from the caravan of vehicles are not poorly armed and are well trained. But they are no match for energy weapons, and their body armor can't even begin to blunt the attacks levied against them. As such, their attackers in the anti-gravity sleds are making rapid work of their numbers, and it doesn't look like reinforcements are coming from the museum. At least not yet.

Once the guards have been disabled, four of the gravity sleds land on the roof of the armored truck, their pilots dismounting and working to attach mooring cables to the truck. Seems they intend to take the whole vehicle with them, rather than trying to penetrate the truck here and now.

Wanda smiles at Nighteye's kiss and attempt to deflect the cause of craziness - such a sweet gesture. The witch's fingers twitch and jerk as she draws sigils in the air that generate scarlet energy in the very air. Then she walks straight across the road towards the battle. She's never bothered with checking the traffic so there is much beeping of horns and cursing by drivers as she manages to get across unscathed.

"You shouldn't be doing that" Wanda calls out to the men on the gravity sleds as her hands weave about each other. And then a blast to one of the machines…not to destroy but to bestow a hex which makes it break down instantaneously. Reality warping to cause everything that could go wrong to do so. Wanda's power builds again and now there is a barrier between her and those ray guns.

That's odd. Rain blinks, frowning. Okay, then. She remembers Wanda and Nighteyes- at least, at minimum in passing. Captain blinks, too. His triangle nose wriggles a bit. "Well, let's - we don't really wanna do a battle cry, do we?" "No." "Right. And don't throw me at them." He's already been used as a weapon a few times, and really would prefer to avoid that this time. Rain takes a deep breath.

They're going to swoop in low, and newt at least one of the attackers. Bear form wouldn't do so great against energy weapons. Don't worry. They get better.

Nighteyes makes a couple of rude gestures at the drivers and draws a metal tube from her belt that extends into a bo staff. She leaps forward and slightly ahead of Wanda. She isn't worried about the energy rifles. She's fast and even if one managed to hit her, it would heal before long. The vampire reaches for one of her concealed daggers but pauses and then ducks to pick up a stone from the ground instead. She hurls the rock with blurring speed and violent force at one of the sleds. She repeats the action twice more in a matter of seconds and then runs out of available rocks. "Whatever is in there must be very important that they risk this now rather than when it is inside or was somewhere less populated." Nighteyes muses aloud.

The energy blasts are incredibly painful to any who can feel pain, and do moderate burning damage. Most of the guards who have been shot will likely survive, though some will have neurological deficits creep up. It's damned unpleasant.

The traffic that wasn't already in a terrible snarl over all of this gets worse as Wanda wanders out in the midst of the street. Then she causes one of the gravity sleds to spark, arc, and finally give up completely with smoke and some flame. The pilot growls annoyedly, and releases the couplings to the truck, kicking the sled off to the ground as he motions to one of the others to take its place. The other pilots turn their weapons on Wanda, since she has proven herself a danger, but her shield should - mostly - protect her. If her 'luck' holds out.
Out of the sky comes a broom, with a woman and a cat. And suddenly another pilot is turned into a newt. His sled careens out of control, and slams into a parked vehicle explosively. The fire department will need to be called.

The vampire's swift strikes dent the sled she targeted, and that draws fire on herself. Whether the shots are effective, they do keep coming. Whatever their reasons, these folks aren't giving up easily.

With a sparkling flare of golden light that courses down her body, the blonde in the bomber jacket gives way to Captain Marvel, her blue, red and gold costume one few can mistake as she launches into the air. "C'mon now, guys. Really? It's just not your night." Sparklefists lives up to her name, as she starts blasting at the sleds on the armored truck, then lands and finishes the job of dislodging and wrecking them. The blasts that strike her cause pain, and she flinches back, but their energy is also absorbed. She hasn't collapsed yet, at least.

Wanda focuses on her shield at first, wincing as the energies battle but then they slowly diminish and then cease. Peering upwards it seems that most of the first wave of goblin wannabes have been taken care of…or at least distracted by greater threats than her. 'Are you okay, Angel?" Wanda calls out to Nighteyes before frowning at a cat in danger…even if it looks cool doing it. And then there is a very sparkly person on the van…hopefully a good guy. Bad guys don't sparkle. Wanda runs over to one of the hurt guards. "Are you okay? What's going on?"

Nighteyes snarls and her fangs flash and gleam in the darkness. She hadn't been aiming to kill anyone but the second those guns are aimed at her lover this changes and she's suddenly there in front of the closest one with a gun throwing him off his sled and right into the path of another. The vampire swings her bo staff and knocks the remaining men off before turning off the power and misting her way back to Wanda's side. If the Witch hadn't just called her name she'd probably have dropped the staff and just started trying to rip people apart. "I want to kill them but am fine." Her eyes focus on Wanda, looking for any injury. "If they've harmed you.." She growls and her there's a flash as she throws a dagger at another of the sled operators. It's never a good idea to make a vampire angry, but these men don't seem to have been expecting one, or any of the others for that matter. They may have been well armed for the caravan's guards, the sudden arrival of the others, not so much.

Rain and Captain look quietly concerned. "Shit, sorry." They really need to newt more carefully. She'll try to pick shooters, rather than pilots. "Do you need healing?" She asks those below. She'll hopefully try to run a bit of crowd control. "We're okay," The cat offers. But they are definitely worried, moving away from fire turned their way.

Unfortunately for Wanda, the guards are unconscious. But hey, bonus: not dead. Still, no answers forthcoming for the Scarlet Witch. But her chaos does seem to be working out for her, as more and more trouble keeps cropping up for these bastards attacking the caravan.

Nighteyes' attacks are swift, brutal, and quite efficient. By herself she removes nearly a quarter of the remaining attackers. But that just means the attention she wanted to divert from Wanda is now aimed at her, and thusly at Wanda who is right beside her. That might have been a tactical slip? Or a trap well laid. You decide!

The broom team of witch and cat manage to avoid most of the shots aimed their way, and that's a good thing; these guys trained for hitting men on the ground, not women on brooms in the air. But as long as they don't newt any more, there won't be more fiery balls of doom. That might be good. NYFD would surely appreciate it.

Captain Marvel, meanwhile, finishes trashing the sleds on the truck, which sets it free. Then she finds herself the target of concentrated fire from five more of the sleds - all but one of those left - as they drive her to her knees with the agony of those beams. Then? Then she grimaces, and her sparkling fists reach out, unleashing a broad torrent of golden photonic energy which rockets through those sleds … with destructive results. "That hurts, you jackasses!"

Wanda wonders why the men won't answer her. She can hear voices that aren't her usual ones trying to convince her the men are asleep. Asleep? At a time like this? "I'm fine" she manages to smile to Nighteyes before her presence draws fire. She /was/ fine. A blast sends Wanda sliding across the ground, jeans smoking and more of her flesh burned…this /always/ happens. The witch's powers instinctively kick in and a barrier of scarlet energy puts paid to anymore hits. The one she has hurts bad enough.

Nighteyes looks horrified. She's fast but so is an energy blast. The shield is protecting Wanda now but also keeping her out so she turns her rage on the man who just shot her lover. The vampire goes to mist and reappears right into front of him and tears the gun free of his hands flinging straight into the face of another either on purpose or lucky accident. There's a rather hard to describe sound and the guy falls onto the ground with his head facing his back and a stunned expression locked onto his face. It will be a good thing if all of the caravan's guards are actually down because Nighteyes doesn't look like she's really telling friend from foe anymore, just going after anyone still standing. The one thing she doesn't do is bite anyone, so she hasn't completely lost control.

Well, newting the pilots is out. Rain isn't one for killing in a fight if she can help it. There's a bit o quiet awe at people who can take energy blasts to the face or go all misty like everyone just got told there's no alcohol or refreshments at the wedding. The cat clings to the broomstick, his fur puffed out as they weave and dodge.

But what Rain has is the ability to cast spells. Sadly, there's no Bette Midler song numbers, but what there is, is a dude whose pants get set on fire.

Nighteyes' rather explosive response to a single blast hitting Wanda quickly finishes off the rest of the sleds and their personnel, if perhaps with far less restraint than had been shown previously. There likely are a few that won't survive this encounter, but maybe that's not all bad. They certainly weren't careful or pleasant with those they attacked, either.

The last of the shooters is mercifully spared burning pants by the simple expedient of being blasted unconscious by Captain Marvel, and then splashed with water to extinguish before serious burns set in.

"Well, OK. So, we've got things handled. Broom lady, did I hear you say something about healing? Maybe you could help out these guards, get them back up and about?" Carol inquires, still glowing, hovering in mid-air as she takes a close gander about, trying to make sure no more attackers are forthcoming. "Everybody else OK?"

"I'm fine" Wanda calls up to the hovering woman even as she tears off the bottom of her jeans to painfully wrap around her burn. "What was this all about?" she asks…anyone. "If they wanted what was in the truck then the museum people should get it inside. Where are they?" A pause. "Is the cat okay?"

Kitty! Clearly, Wanda has her priorities in order. Rain brings the broomstick in lower, and nods. "Yeah, we can take care of them. My magic's not the fastest, but." It's still faster than an ambulance and she can cast quietly, without having to wiggle about. She will look to the guards, and land. She lets Captain hop onto her shoulders.

"Unless you mean another cat, I'm fine," Captain replies in his rich, baritone voice tinged with a Gotham accent. At least in this city, the pigeons aren't carrying switch blades, right? Right.

Nighteyes had been heading toward Carol at the mention of healing the guards but then she seems to realize the woman meant the caravan people and not the attackers. She also hears Wanda and speeds to her side. She laughs a bit at the question about the cat and gently touches her shoulder. "I am so sorry, my love. That was careless of me. I am still so used to fighting alone." Nighteyes gently gathers Wanda into her arms and stands. "I will carry you." She glares around at the otehrs. "And kill the rest of them if you want."

Not yet aware that Nighteyes is a vampire, Captain Marvel responds to her threat as she would one from any hero: "We don't kill the fallen and helpless. And we try not to kill those we have to fight. Try to remember that any of them could be someone compelled, or worse yet controlled or manipulated." Not that Carol is betting that's true, here, but anything's possible.

With Rain's help, a few of the guards are awakened, if wobbly, and they start taking charge of everything immediately, just as one would expect.

Carol lands from the van and makes her way over to greet everyone. "Glad we could all help out." She offers her hand to each in turn, trying to make friends.

Rain is quiet, and will stay healing guards here and there. She smiles politely, and shyly shakes Carol's hand back. "Thanks. I go by Rain, and this is Captain, my cat." "Pleased to meet you," He offers. He seems quietly amused, and well mannered. His tail flicks, a sign he's at ease and amused by all the goings on. She looks to Wanda, too, curious.

Nighteyes carefully cradles Wanda in her arms and glances over at Carol. "I am grateful for your help but any person foolish or careless enough to attack me and mine risks death. I am not beholden to your mortal laws." Glowing red eyes turn to Captain and some of the anger fades from the vampire's expression. "I know someone who would like to meet you." She glances down at the witch in her arms. "He would behave, love." She hurries to assure before her eyes go to Rain and then Carol. "I am called Nighteyes. My lady is named Wanda." She finally looks towards the armored car. "We would know what is in there that was worth so much risk."

Wanda frowns slightly at Nighteyes. "Angel…we don't kill. Killing is a waste. And some laws are just fine for everyone." A smile now before a quick kiss to the vampire's cheek. Then a whisper - "And less with the 'my lady'" she giggles. "Pleased to meet you" she smiles up at Carol, happy to shake her hand. "I am a bit burned though…like when the angels attacked me. Though they weren't really angels."

Nighteyes blinks a little, trying to wrap her mind around this. The same laws for everyone? That's pretty much the opposite of what vampires believe. She's different than most of her kind but still one of them. "I…will try." She eyes Wanda's jean wrapped burn with a guilty frown. She can't promise. She doesn't even remember actually killing the guy who shot her. It had been an instinctive reaction. "I am glad to meet you too, yes." She seems to think for a moment and then whispers back. "I will think of something else to call you then."

Nighteyes looks distracted for a moment, where had that phrase come from anyway. It is rather old fashioned. Yet she'd said it without thinking. Strange, but something to consider later.

Rain doesn't edge in on their conversation. She and Captain are tending to the guards. Okay, well, Captain is a cat and is currently getting scritches. It's a kind of therapy to adore a cat, right?

"Angel…do you think you can take me to see Brinley?" Wanda asks Nighteyes softly, "She will be able to fix my leg. I think the sparkly woman and the witch can take care of things. Wow…a real witch. And with a cat? How incredible is that!" She has met Rain before but things get cloudy in Wanda's head so she may as well be meeting her for the first time.

Nighteyes smiles. "Yes, of course. I would take you to Nick but I am not sure he would be there. Work has been busy for him of late. I know where to find Brinley." She nods to the other two women. "I hope we meet again and I am sorry to leave you with this, but Wanda needs healing." Nighteyes turns and begins running back towards the street. Not quite at full speed, she doesn't want to jar Wanda around and hurt her more but still pretty fast. If there's no cabs in sight she'll "borrow" a car again. She really needs to learn to drive properly…or other people need to learn how to get out of her way.

Rain and Captain seem happy to smile and wave. And help round the guards up and heal them. "The pleasure was all ours. It was nice to see you. If you need healing or anything, just let us know - otherwise we can take care of the poor saps here," She offers. Wait - oh. Never mind. Rain looks quietly amused, not offended.

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