Bio-E and Physics

June 28, 2015:

Simmons goes to consult with Bobby about Bio-E, taking May with her…. what they discover is a bit of a surprise for biochemist and the icenerd

X-Red HQ - New York


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With the mysterious emails about the Aetherblade and Project Prometheus and Jemma has been able to piece together, she's decided to reach out to a physicist who might be able to help. One she's met fairly recently.

Having set up the meeting, she's requested a member of WAND attend with her… something tells her that this will end up in their purview before long.

"That's right Agent May" Simmons is explaining as they go through security at DCI and are ushered up to Bobby Drakes lab "this is related to that email we got a few weeks ago. The reports show that the energy appears in some people, but not everyone. I wanted to speak to Bo…. Mr Drake about it further." She's already sent him some briefing notes for the meeting.

Exiting the lift, Jemma pauses in the reception area "Dr Jemma Simmons and Agent May to see Mr Drake, please." in that typically british fashion of hers.

May nods to Simmons as she walks alongside the biochemist, looking more like a bodyguard type SHIELD Agent than anything else. She thinks she's met Drake before, but she's not positive. Either way, she'd letting Jemma take lead on this.

Bobby meets them at the door. He's in a labcoat and jeans and a confortable looking button up. Clearly dresscode in the DCI labs is 'comfortable.' "Hello Agent May. Agent Simmons…" He swallows and takes a deep breath. "Right, uh, come on in. We've been expecting you though… I was a bit surprised to get your call."

Simmons flushes slightly as Bobby meets them, it will show on the back of her neck. Dressed in a skirt suit, minus the labcoat she usually wears, typical wear in the SHIELD facility. "Bo…. Mr Drake, thank you for agreeing to meet with me." As Bobby seems to know who May is, she won't do the introduction "Did you get the briefing notes I sent over? I would value a second opinion." She's trying hard not to stutter and stammer… and doing a credible job of it.

May glances over at Simmons. Deep breath. This kid's an ally. Or he'd better be. She might be wearing a business-like outfit today instead of her usual dark on dark with ALL the concealed weapons, but that doesn't mean she won't defend Jemma if it becomes necessary.

Bobby coughs and nods, motioning for the pair to follow him as he opens the secure area of the lab and steps in. It's cool in here. A lot of the rooms are individually climate controlled and… well, it is a cryo lab. "Yeah I did. I understand there's some… classified… stuff? The e-mail wasn't that specific." He glances from Jemma to May. "So… what is it?"

Following Bobby in, Jemma shivers a little as the temperature change hits her and moves to one of the tables, where she lays her folder out. "Bio-E, um Bio-Etheric Energy. It seems to be a new form of energy that appears in a small percentage of the population." Turning to the report from Bainbridge, please don't ask how she got it, "This testing mentions that the energy reacts to certain metals like silver and platinum, and an unknown compound." She'll give Bobby time to read the report "I was wondering if you've seen anything similar in your work?"

May follows Jemma into the lab and moves to stand just inside the doorway. And if she finds the lab to be unusually cold, she doesn't show it. Though, really, did anyone expect her to? She's been following the biochemist's research into this bio-etheric energy, so she'll be listening attentively.

Bobby flips through some of the printouts he's got. "Uh, no, it hasn't. Though according to this they couldn't even detect it until they stumbled across it and then they found it in pretty much everyone. I'd be interested to see how it worked." He looks up. At least the problem is giving him something to concentrate on. "We've looked on and off into seeing if mutants generate an energy field similar to this but never found anything that wasn't specific to a particular mutant. Though… I wonder… have you built any of these devices?" And have they shown, perhaps, anything in relation to Jemma specifically. Just thinking about that makes his eyes swirl black and red briefly. May can see it quite clearly. Then he shakes his head as if clearing it.

As Bobby's eyes swirl, so do Jemma's, the red and black crawling through the depths, May will see it, but Jemma doesn't seem to realise it as she reaches for the next report.

"Fitz has built one, but we're hesitant to use it. This report shows an incredibly high mortality rate. Although it's a different variant on what Fitz built, nine subjects… with six dead and three so insane they were shot dead… is not something we want to risk." Flipping to the next page she points out some results "It's unlikely that you'll detect any in any meta-human, Bo… Mr Drake, according to these results."

May tenses a little at that, watching the both of them more intently. What did she just see? And because she KNOWS she just saw something, she speaks up. "Are there any visual manifestations of this energy you're both talking about?" She's probably interrupting, but right now she really doesn't care. She is THIS close to going old west gun slinger on these two with her ICER.

Bobby flips through the printout, blissfully unaware that May is inches from going for her gun. "Uh, well this stuff looks like someeone was trying to make it do stuff but on its own looks like its almost undetectable." He glances up at the senior Agent. A woman that someone named Darcey had once dubbed the 'Ninja Nanny'. "Why do you ask Agent?"

Jemma gets a sigh and a shake of his head and… there's that crawling energy in his eyes again. "You can call me Bobby, it's okay."

"Yes, I know. But Fitz can be rather stubborn about these things." Jemma points out some notes that Fitz has made "I can't say I blame him though…. Bobby" Moving slightly closer to Bobby as he gives her permission to use his name. "Not that we know of, Agent May" Simmons looks over to the Agent, rather absently, the energy answering Bobby's as they talk.

May now visibly has her hand on her ICER. "Because you both need to look in a mirror. Right now." If either of them start acting unlike themselves, she'll dendrotoxin first, ask questions later.

Bobby frowns and puts a hand up, slowly, so that he can extrude a plate of ice and look in it. "Ah, Agent? Is something-" He glances down and cuts off, catching just the tail end of the black and red in the ice. And promptly drops it with a yelp. "Ack!"

"Agent May?" Simmons looks in the ice as Bobby extrudes it and gasps…. just as Bobby drops it. Looking at May and then Bobby questioningly "Both of us? How….. and what…." her eyes widen slightly, she's starting to put two and two together.

"Simmons, I can tell something's occurred to you. Share it, please. Now." May's hand is still on the ICER but she at least hasn't drawn it yet. And, since Bobby is likely the greater threat, her focus is primarily on him.

'Greater threat' in terms of power level probably. Well, maybe also training. Bobby's not sure what kind of training Simmons has. He does have a notion though, what Simmons might be thinking about. Or perhaps a missing part of that puzzle. "Wanda…" He mutters half to himself.

Simmons… blushes …. bright, bright, red and she looks to Bobby and back at May. Short of saying 'he did it'…. "I think… we've been infected by some sort of …." and then Bobby says Wanda's name "magical power." What she hasn't worked out that the effects of it for her are triggered by Bobby… yet.

Infected. By 'magical power'. May looks from one to the other, making note of exactly how much Simmons is blushing. She manages to refrain from asking something snarky about if they infected each other kissing, and focuses on the important things. "Who is Wanda? Is she responsible for this? And what other effects are you expecting?" Because the weird eyes is, well, weird. But it's harmless. If it indicates that they're about to explode or something, though…

"Uh, well… I'm fairly sure I black out. I don't seem to have seriously injured anyone yet. Beyond that, er… I'm not quite sure how to prhase it. Suppression of personality? Or… personality inversion? I may turn into a bit of a jerk…" Bobby mumbles. And he's usually fairly polite so admitting that is kind of embarassing.

"It's Wanda's fault yes… and then no it's not her fault. I'm fairly sure she's… dealing with some kind of personality inversion herself. She's tried to kill me before but when she did it seemed to almost be someone else."

Melinda May levels a LOOK at Jemma, clearly at the fact that she's only JUST NOW hearing that someone tried to kill her. "Where is this Wanda now? How do we get in contact with her?" Because it's reverse this, or remove Jemma from duty for being compromised. And possibly toss her in a holding cell until it's figured out. It's just a good thing that this happened here and not back at the Triskelion.

"Wanda tried to kill you, Bobby?" That surprises Jemma, moving closer to the icenerd, which might give May an indication of the type of effect it has on Jemma "I don't think you've been a jerk." but that blush is still there, at least it can't possibly get any worse.

Melinda May watches Jemma, her reaction to that news confirming her suspicion. Not that she has anything against Agents having lives, mind you. She'll just have to have a chat with Bobby, that's all. The kind of chat Jemma's parents can't currently do since they're in England. "If Wanda is compromised also, then locating her is even more important. Simmons. Is this going to affect your ability to do your job?" And you had better not lie.

"Three times." Bobby mutters. It's the sort of thing he'd take personally if… well stike that, he's taking it kind of personally. He likes Wanda… but she has tried to kill him three times. As for Jemma's ability to do her job. He hopes not.

What Bobby doesn't get is how Jemma got infected. He assumes she's run into Wanda at some point. Nyx got hit bad too.

"It hasn't so far, Agent May." Jemma indicates the files on the table. "And I don't see why it should." Blinking at Bobby "Three times? I hadn't seen Wanda in a long time, till yesterday." That will scotch Bobby's assumption that it was Wanda that infected her. "How do we find her?"

Melinda May stares at the two for a moment, then finally accepts Jemma's words as the sincere assessment they are. She steps toward them as the biochemist asks how they can find Wanda. She's suspecting that tracking down this Wanda individual is going to end up being her job.

Bobby shakes his head sadly. Damn it. Well that's… hell. "You don't. Well, I mean I'm sure someone can but I can't. I generally have to run into her. She's really good at disappearing. If you do find her, call me. I may be able to help."

"Not if she's trying to kill you… " Simmons shakes her head. Gathering her files, she's still blushing "If you think you can help me with this project, do let me know." Seems like the biochemist is suitably embarrassed and ready to head out.

Melinda May can tell that Jemma's ready to leave, and probably crawl under the dashboard of the car until she's feeling less mortified. But, for the moment, she waits patiently knowing they'll be departing soon enough.

"I'll uh… call y- your office soon." Bobby coughs and amends himself. "I may be able to help with this. I just need to sit down and try to digest some of it. Is uh… there anything else I can help with?"

"No, thank you Mr Drake" Simmons looks to Agent May, yeah… she's ready. And if anyone, anyone, breathes a word of this to Fitz…. The biochem heads out towards the reception area.

Hey. May has completely refrained from commenting on anything by this point. She can likely be trusted to not go gossiping to Fitz. She does, though, gives Bobby a look that silently indicates she's fully aware of what the two of them avoided mentioning, and if it proves problematic in any way, she will be back to have words with Mr. Drake. And then she's following Simmons back to the reception area.

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